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Screenshot-18Time seemed to stop completely. Seconds felt like hours, and hours an eternity. Almost as though the hour glass itself had been broken. Lucian was a wreck. He wasn’t aware how long he had been sitting there in that same spot since… Since she had left and said her final goodbyes. Since his life had been smashed into a thousand and one different pieces. There was nothing he could say or do to bring her back. There was no need for time and its implications anymore. Vivian was gone and time had run out for them.

Lucian groans and buries his face into his hands. He had confessed to her his true feelings, that he loved her, that he needed her and she had still walked away. Seventeen years of devoting his life to her and what for? Vivian didn’t care, she didn’t love him.

Except he knew, deep down, that it wasn’t true. Lucian sighs, realizing that at this very moment that she could be a hundred miles away or she could still be there. At home, just as devastated as him, or packing her bags, or even waiting for the taxi. It was a long shot, but what was he doing? Siting and dwelling on his confusion while the love of his life just up and left him in the night.

The young Lycan growls to himself impatiently as he gets to his feet. If there was a chance that she was still there, he had to take it didn’t he? He knew that if he didn’t go now, then he’d regret it for the rest of his life. And Vivian, she was not someone he was willing to regret.

As he arrived at the house, his heart was in his chest and he felt weak. The suspense was killing him. Lucian couldn’t bear the thought that she may not be there anymore, and that it could be final. Trudging up the stairs he felt the nervous pit in his stomach deepen, and worry on every inch of his face.

As he reached the door, a part of him wish that he didn’t have to open it. That if he didn’t open it, then he wouldn’t have to relive his torture again. Vivian is gone…


Lucian opens the door, surveying the room in silence. All her clothes, her personal belongings were gone. It was like she was never here. And it felt like a swift kick to the gut. It shouldn’t be like this. She should be here, sitting on the bed doing her homework, or reading a book. and then when she spotted him, a quick smile would cover her face. And every inch of her body would light up. Then she’d throw the book down, and throw herself into his arms.

Things should be different, she should still be here. With him.

It didn’t make sense.

Strolling over to the bed, he sits down and thinks. He doesn’t want to but he can’t stop it. The flood of memories came back to him one after the other. Blinding his vision, til tears had misted over, and he was blind to the outside would. Everything he felt for her lingered at his fingertips, longing to touch her smooth, porcelain skin again. In his mind, he could hear her sweet, soft giggle echo throughout the room.

“Son, you’re late home.” Lucians eyes snap open to see his father watching him from the door way.


“I’m sorry, dad.” Lucian swallows roughly, regaining composure of his voice, and his face. He smiles at him weakly, but it doesn’t reach his eyes. “Did Vivian make it home all right?”

“Yeah, a few hours ago, but you missed her.” Huttser responds with a loud yawn, stretching his arms out wide. “She came home and asked to borrow the car.”

“And you let her go?” Lucian’s teeth clench angrily til they more than hurt. “You let her just walk out of here?”

“Well, yeah, she sa-“

“At 9pm at night, when she can’t even drive?” Cutting in, his voice drops to a low monotone.

“Yeah…” Huttser says slowly, his face turning a strange shade of red.

“This is your fault, isn’t it?” Lucian stands up from the bed in one fluid motion. His mind was weak with confusion and paranoia, but he was starting to piece it all together. “You’re the reason… Vivian left, because of you…”

“Son, I’m sor-“


“You do not get to use that word!” Lucian growls fiercely at his father. All the venom that he could find in his body, coating every word. Standing face to face with him, he continues getting louder. “You would have let me believe that it was my fault that she left, and that I wasn’t good enough. I loved her, and you told her to leave?!? She wasn’t just some girl that you could order around!”

“Lucian!” Huttser’s voice bellows, loudly over his hysterical son. “I did what I had to do. You have a responsibility to this pack, and you would have just thrown it all away for her. For some mutant vampire offspring. She is not Lycan, son, It goes against pack law for you to choose a non-Lycan. As alpha of this pack, you need to have standards! How could any wolf justify standing beside their enemy? She is not just vampire blood, but she is rebel blood! When they come for her, would you led this pack to the slaughter?”

“Don’t… Don’t try to justify this!” He snarls, exposing his fangs in an obvious sign of defiance and challenge. “I don’t care about some law made by the first wolves, god knows how long ago. I am not some slave to their rules! I love her, end of story! I would die for her if it came down to it!”


“Play the fool then, kid.” Huttser steps closer, towering over the smaller man. “And you’ll have nothing. No pack to stand beside you, and to run with you on a full moon. You go against pack law, and that’s it. I forbid you from seeing her again or you’ll lose us too.”

“Oh, you forbid me?!? Guess what? I’m not five fucking years old anymore!” Lucian slaps the old mans hand away from him, narrowing his eyes. He always feared this man, it was his father, why wouldn’t he? Except right now, he feared only one thing, and his father was definitely not it. “You don’t get to choose who I love.”

“If you want to be a part of this family, you’ll shut you’re mouth and do as your told.” He responds coldly. He wasn’t in the mood for games or his sons stubbornness  In his own mind, he had done the right thing, and even if he was angry right now, he would see the truth in due time.


“And maybe that’s the whole problem! This family!” Lucian snarls defiantly. “Disown me then, I don’t need your shit. If you want to control me, then I’m better off alone!”


“No. You better hope to god that I find her, or else.” He threatens quietly, and without another word, he sets off back outside. he didn’t know where she planned to go or anything like that. But there were only two ways out of town, and he had to guess right.

He ran along the main road, sniffing the air, hoping for any sign of her passing, any at all. Passing the bend, he hits an indescribable scene.

A car wrecked.

The strong scent of blood wafting from the scene.

And something else entirely…




A vampire….

Lucian instinctively growls defensively as the hairs on the back of his neck stood up. The creature appeared as if out of the shadows themselves. Leering into the car, and growling. Slowly reaching in and pulling  out Vivian’s bleeding and broken body.

Once she’s out, it sinks it’s fangs into it’s wrist. Spilling it’s blood and allowing her unconscious body to feed. To allow her dying body to recover.


Lucian’s first and only reaction to fend off the villain. He snarls, but within a second the beast is upon him.


“Sit down!” The impatient vampire growls at Lucian just inches from his face. The boy flinches, of what he knew of vampires, they were killers. And this one was filled with anger and rage.  Against him it seemed.

“Balt, calm down.” The second vampire speaks in a soothing voice to his counterpart which only seems to anger him more. His hand touches the his back gently. Upon the touch, the aggressive, shaggy haired beast straightens up in the blink of an eye with a loud growl.

“I will not calm down.” He hisses back turning his aggression on his partner. His jaw clenches tightly as he stalks away. “She could have died. Tyhmä vitun pentu!”

“And she is alive!” He responds raising his voice. “You brought him back here for a reason and surely that wasn’t to kill him.”

“Painu helvettiin!” Barring his death, a low growl escapes his lips. But without another word he disappears from site. Cursing and muttering under his breath.

“W… Wh.. Who are you?” Lucian stammers watching the vampire intently. Any sudden movements and he’d turn into his wolf form.


“I apologize for Balt’s… Hostility. If you knew him at all you’d understand.” He smiles at him kindly trying to comfort him. “My name is Phineas, you must be… Lucian? I presume. Alpha to be of Blackwater.” His voice changes to somewhat sarcastic as he addresses the wolf.

“What do you want from me? And Vivian  What did he do to her?” Lucian states coldly. Hiding the worry he felt at the moment. If he escaped he might be able to take one of the vampires, if that at all. The angry one, Balt, had years on Phineas, that much was obvious, and there was a clear bond there.

“Baltezhar gave her his blood to heal her injuries. And an ambulance was called so she’ll wake up in a warm safe environment, away from all of this. She was unconscious when Balt got there so she won’t remember a thing.” Phineas explains still not taking his eyes off of the prisoner. “As for you, a conversation is required at the moment. No more than that, if I have my way. You will not be harmed.”

“Why does he care about whether some girl lives or does?” Lucian frowns. The angry one had a connection to her in some way.

“Tell me, do you know of Vivian’s parents?” He ignores the previous response and asks another question. “And state the truth of what you know. You are leader of that tribe are you not, so I do not count you to be an idiot. So don’t try and play dumb with me.”


The wolf thinks for a second. His brow furrowing as worry line cross his youthful face. It somehow seemed like betrayal to Viv, even though she wasn’t here. But these men might want something from her. After a moments deliberation. “Raveena Corvinus: Born 1537, progeny of Asmodeus Dragomir. Aleksi Godwinn: Maker unknown, date of rebirth, unknown.”

“I wonder, does she know that you know this?” Baltezhar enters the room again, still fired up but somewhat controlled. Phineas shoots him a worried glance, but Balt ignores it. “Tell me about them, boy.”

“I…” Lucian goes to argue, but decides not too. He didn’t know how this was relevant to anything, but decided not to annoy the already angry vampire. “Under the command of the now excommunicated Prince Arkin, Raveena and Aleksi were working on a blood substitute. When the vampire council learnt of this, they raided the lab. Arkin and Aleksi were taken hostage, where they were tortured, and Raveena escaped. After the birth of two somewhat human children, she was recaptured, and sentenced to death alongside Aleksi. Rumor says he escaped at the start of the vampire civil war.”

“Rumor says?” Baltezhar questions, eyeing him curiously. But his face soon drops again. “It is good to see that Elizabeth’s legacy still flourishes…”

“Elizabeth? Wh-“

“How do you think that a rebel leader, the supposed catalyst for world war V, Aleksi has no known maker, no know date of creation?” Phineas responds with a small smile. “Because he had none.”

“And hybrid theories are nothing but a rumor.” Lucian counters without looking at either vampire.


“There is a rumor that Raveena bore children to Aleksi, and that they themselves were cured of vampirism from the womb. And that Aleksi Godwinn, icon of the rebel movement escaped with his life. That the Blackwater wolf pack launched the attack on the council, under the rule of Azazel himself, and that Huttser Vorhes alpha and commander is favored by the pure blood himself so much so that he will not touch his land.” Baltezhar explains in a slight mocking tone. “These are all rumors, yet everyone in this room knows them to be true. And my son, Aleksi, was born half human, half vampire.”

“Your son…?” Lucian mouths out slowly…. He could feel the heat burn in his cheeks. Vivian’s grandfather….

“Does that answer you’re question as to why I would save her life?” Balt growls and frowns again. “My granddaughters life. Now you know who I am, and why you should be scared.”

“Balt, calm down.” Phineas states quickly. “You detest us, child?”

“This war has taken everything from me. I do not detest you, but…” She’s gone, she’s never coming back, because of what she is. Because my father fears the vampires coming for her. “I’ve lost so much.”

“You’re not the only one to lose something. You’re whole species, human and wolf alike. Oh woe is me. ” Phin sighs, sounding bored by the subject.


“Before the war I had a loving wife, a beautiful home, friends, family, a good job. And then it happened. And I lost absolutely everything, as did some humans.” Phin groans. “When Asmodeus launched attack on Ravenwood, they slaughtered everyone, man, woman and child, everyone. No one was spared. When they got to my house, it was too late. My… My wife… I only lived because I was a vampire, and he deemed it punishment to let me live. But… They killed her in front of me. Made me watch while they killed the love of my life.”

“And that’s the day that people became aware of vampiric presence in the world. And it is not the true face of vampire they see. The ones that are hurting just as much as the people they show on the tv, the ones who are fighting to protect those who can’t protect themselves. That day, in that instant, Asmodeus became the face of vampire.” Baltezhar shakes his head and falls to the ground. “The man who would slaughter an entire town because of one rebel was born there and an old history with hunters. The face of vampire, what everyone sees is a killer.”

“How does this affect me?” Lucian says, thinking about the answer himself.


“You are to be alpha one day, yes?” Baltezhar asks, poking at the fire slowly. “You do not understand vampires because you’re daddy didn’t. But you sympathize with them. The vampire civil war does not look to end anytime soon, but… The rebellion is slowly building up its ranks, and doing what they can. Politics is not an easy thing, especially when someone has no influence. But you have a whole town, and one pack to another, you’ve got the wolves.”

“You want me to-“

“I’m not asking anything of you, it’s just… I need to know that you’re not going to start a war that you won’t fight in like you’re father. War is at your door step, and it’s getting closer, stronger, more violent. You cannot ignore this fight.” Balt continues. “It’s coming to you, and your people.”

“Then we’ll fight. I’m not father, I do not care about traditional wolf laws that state this is not my fight.” Lucian growls out to the surprise of the vampires. “If it’s a fight they want, then it’s a fight they’ll get.”

“I just thought that we owed it to you to warn you. Times are tough for everyone, but the south has remained relatively intact. And I’m afraid that it’s coming to an end. There’s talks, whispers, all of it.” Phin talks now. “Since you’ve been watching over Vivian for so long, and it is clear that she would feel something if you were to be harmed.”



“Who is she?” Lucian asks quietly, watching the vampire known as Baltezhar tuck a woman into bed, and kiss her forehead softly. The vampire turns around to face him, a sad look in his eyes.

“My wife…” He whispers. “She’s… Sick.”

“Why don’t you give her your blood then?” Lucian pries without realizing it.

“There must be a limit to my power. When she first started getting sick, I would give her my blood and she’d be fine for a while. But as time went on, it just… Stopped working.” He sits on the edge of the bed and watches the rise and fall of her shuddering breath.

“I.. I’m sorry.”

“Both of us are cursed because of what we are. I will live long enough to see my wife die a little more each day and not be able to fix it. She’ll forget who I am, and that I am a vampire. She’s kicked me out many times before because her husband is as old as she is, and I’m an impostor. I will love long enough to suffer lifetimes of pain and suffering. And you..” Balt whispers sadly. “You can’t be with the one you love. Cursed to walk alone.”

“Except you could just turn her-“

“No! She… She wanted to live her life as a human. Just because I’m afraid to be alone, doesn’t mean i should take away that choice from her. Besides it might not work. Her mind could be fixed, and she’ll live forever, as an old woman. And she’d hate me for taking her mortality away. And if I did… She still might not remember who I am. Then she’ll be cursed to an eternity of being like this. Not knowing who she is, and…”


“I do not intend to be like my father and hide in the south forever, Balt.” Lucian quickly changes the subject. “The wolves, my pack, we will fight when the times comes. I know that… I know that Vivian would want me to do the right thing. And I’m sorry about why she was in the car in the first place-“

“When I gave her my blood, I saw things, she showed me things. And… Don’t be sorry. Viv, she reminds me a lot of myself actually. She only left to protect you, just know that. It wasn’t because she didn’t love you, or she didn’t care. If that was truly how she felt she would have stayed. She loves you…”

“I don’t know what I’m supposed to do…”

“I didn’t turn Connie because she didn’t wish it to be so. But she’s a ticking time bomb, with not much time left.” Balt whispers slowly. “Vivian  chose to leave, because in some way she thought that it would protect you. So let her go, you never know, she could come back home one day.”

“And until then?”

“War is imminent. Make sure you’re fighting for the right side.”


Chapter 3.10

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I glare at the wall angrily. Arkin and Raveena were keeping secrets again. But as Nightmare jumps onto the bed, and nuzzles into me with a low whining sound, I know there’s no point being angry anymore. They would never tell me, not unless they wanted to. I rub Nightmare’s ears, and under his chin. “What do you think is going on in there?” Nightmare barks in response, his tongue falling out of his mouth happily.

I hear the door outside my room open, and I run to question whoever’s footsteps I can hear.

“Arkin!” I call out, as he looks at me darkly. “What’s going on? Who is she?”

“She’s a gift.” He mutter’s trying to look for an escape. I grab his arm and pull him back to me. He’s not getting away so easily. “From the council.”

“A… Gift?” I question, looking around nervously. The council… My heart quickly rises as I feel a knot of fear in my belly. Why would they send a human? Did she have a message? “Why? What’s wrong with her? She’s so… Empty, void…”

“She’s under very heavy compulsion.” He mutters, looking down at his watch anxiously. “Who are we to question the motives of the council. They’re very old, and powerful, and they like drama.”

“Shouldn’t we help her? I mean there is still a person in there right?” My voice is shaky, and panicked. I feel tears prick at my eyes. What if the council came right now? “Arkin?” I say his name as he spaces out ignoring my questions.

“I… No… We can’t… She’ll- No.. They’ll be upset.” He cowers quite clearly afraid. His eye’s dart from one corner of the room to the next, as though he is being watched. “I… I have to go.”

“Where?” I grab his arm again, but he resists with a flick of his wrist. He looks pale, even more so than usual, deathly pale. “Are you coming back? Arkin? What’s going on?” I scream as he walks away. I stand there shocked, this was much more than keeping a few secrets. Arkin is petrified.

I rip the door open that they were all hiding in. As the door opens, Raveena is at the door to meet me. The strange girl sitting on a seat, not moving a muscle. “It’s not what you think.” Ravee says hurriedly.

“Tell me what’s going on!” I growl, as she back away. My heart is beating strongly and steadily against the walls of my chest. My throat is tight, wrapped in anger. “Now!”

“Aleksi… I’m sorry.” She closes her eyes before composing herself with her signature smile. “Arkin is just overreacting. You know, being Arkin.” She tries to play down the situation, but I know that it isn’t true. “The council was always going to be checking in on us. I think it just took him by surprise. He’s gotten very stir crazy, thirsty and frustrated over the months.”


“He’ll be fine once he feels the fresh air on his face, and feeds.” I glare at her as she interrupts me. “Don’t worry.”

“And the girl? Why won’t Arkin help her?” Question still very obvious in my voice, despite the anger.

“She is very deeply under the influence of someone’s control.” Raveena explains, still forcing a smile. “Even if we were able to help her resist their power, I don’t know if she would ever be the same again.” My eyes narrow in on her, and she continues. “The vampire’s are not known to be nice to their human stock, and compulsion messes with someone’s mind, sometimes permanently. She is very far gone, and who’s to say she can handle remembering their atrocities to her.”

“So you’re just going to leave her like this?” My voice raises even though I don’t mean it. “She’s still human. And somewhere in there, it doesn’t matter how far, she’s in there trapped.”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t go against Arkin.” She mumbles. “Even if you hate us for it, we cannot go against the council’s wishes either. We are vampire, and there are member’s who even can even control Arkin. You are hybrid… You do not fall under the same jurisdiction, even if you are a member.” She motions her head back to the motionless girl. “I have to get back to work.”

After she leaves I walk over to the girl and kneel down in front of her. My eyes drift up to her’s, trying desperately to find her, to feel her. There’s nothing. Only the slow, steady beating of her heart, and vacant stare. My hand reaches up and rests over her palm. The connection is stronger with contact. But still nothing.

“I know that you’re in there.” I whisper still keeping eye contact with her. “I want to help you, but you have to give me something. Let me know that you’re in there. Please.”

I let go of her hand after a few more minutes, with a loud sigh. “I want to help you, but to not feel anything… I know there’s time that I’ve wanted that more than anything. And I’m sure that there are things you don’t want to feel, or remember. But… There are things worth feeling, worth remembering.” I ramble, sitting directly opposite her. “Like the feeling of a pretty girl smiling at you. Even if they don’t feel the same way, just the way your heart races, and the butterfly’s in your gut. I guess it would be boy in your case… Or girl, I don’t judge. But… What I’m trying to say is, there are things in life you want to feel. And I don’t know if you can even hear me… But it’s human, and natural, and-” My voice cuts out as I feel a small spike of protest, and fear.

I half smiling, grabbing both of her hands in mine. She’s in there, fighting, no matter how how many layers of torment she is trapped under. Then it hits me, I actually don’t know how to reverse it. I lift her up, and drag her behind me to my room. Once in there, I sit her down, and begin looking through my dozens of books detailing vampires. I flip through the pages quickly, searching for any relevant information pertaining to compulsion. I find a verse and read it out loud.

“Compulsion can not be undone, or reversed. However, leaves off of the verbena flower, the ash of a white oak, or any anti-vampire momento can be of use to resist the act. Powerful shamans, and fae can attempt reversals in victims who are buried very deep within themselves. This is in fact, not true reversal, but freeing the victim of the plague.”

I sigh disheartened, reading further down the page. I didn’t have a ‘shaman’ or ‘fae’ at my disposal. It’s just me and I know that their is a girl inside this empty shell. A scared, lonely, tortured girl who didn’t deserve to be forgotten just because it wasn’t going to be easy. Or the safest option.

“Supernatural beings who the walk the borderlands between the mortal and occult world have been known to wield certain powers over vampires. Hence why the fae and shaman kind are often used in rituals of protection. Certain types of vampire sub-species can often bridge the two worlds together. The lapsi varjot for instance, and vampire children, this may inlcude, but does not pertain to only pure bloods…. Rituals and spells are strongest when including a blood bond.”

“Would it work?” I mumble to myself. Vampire children, not pertaining to pure bloods. Were hybrids included in this summery? Mortal and immortal? “I’m not exactly sure how this works.” I take a seat next to her on the bed. All I know is that I don’t want Arkin coming home and taking her away.

Using my fingernail I cut my hand, and then into hers. I squeeze her hand, letting our blood meet. My eyes close, and I try to ignore her blood. Instead I focus on her heart beat, and her emptiness. Tugging at the barrier her mind has put up. Surprisingly, my hand does not heal, as I expect it would, and I can almost feel, almost see the hard wall locking her inside. As minutes pass unsuccessfully by, I take a deep breath, clearing my mind until it’s just us. Small trickles of emotion leak out as though water from a tap that isn’t completely twisted shut. Our heart beats sync together as our blood is bonded and our ties are established.

I start to get flashes of images before my closed eyes. A woman. A very evil, cruel, sadistic woman. I’m just a child but she hunts me down. Feasting on my blood and innocence. I cry out, whimpering in reality as I feel my flesh being torn. I’m older now, locked away in a dark, cold room. The icy pavement beneath my bare feet, and the chills I get when my master opens the door. I follow her to a room of thirsty vampire’s with the other’s. And they attack, the depraved beasts despite our screams of terror. I lock eyes with the woman from before, a sick, twisted smile forms on her face as another drains me of blood.

The flood of images stop in an instant. Almost as quickly as they started. My heart is racing out of my chest, and tears glisten down my cheeks. I look down at our sweaty palms, trembling as I hold her hand in mine. Next my gaze is to her. Her face is much the same as mine, grimacing with sad, soft tears streaming down her face. My hand instinctively moves to wipe away her tears as I get off the bed and stand before her.

“It’s okay.” I whisper. But with each movement I make, she flinches, as does her swift heart. “I’m not going to hurt you.”

“Th.. th… That’s w.. What you all s.. s… Say.” She stutters, her entire body trembling as her hand escapes my grasp. I slowly remove my hand from her cheek and look away ashamed. From all I had seen, she had every reason to be afraid. Although I understood the danger of the council, and vampires alike, I never grasped the complexities. They were a story, a myth. Something like the boogeyman, who is feared by children afraid of looking under their beds, but despite all the horror and anguish is just a shadow in the back of your mind. But I’ve seen them, and felt them, and they are much, much more than just a scary story crossing your mind when you’re alone and afraid.

“I’m not going to let them hurt you, I promise.” I state forcefully. I’m surprised by my own humanity, and compassion. I take her hand and place it over my heart, trying to prove to her that I am not the same monster she fears or thinks that I am. “Do not fear me. I am a friend. Someone you can trust.”

“Wh… What are you?” she mumbles, still afraid. Confusion and fear still very evident in her eyes…


“Arkin!” I jump up surprised as Arkin finally returns home the next day. “Where we’re you?”

“Hunting, and working on a plan b.” he yawns stretching his arms high above his head.

“Plan B?”a cheeky smile appears on his face, almost instantly.

“Among other things.” his answer is ambiguous, offering no clear answer at all.

“What was earlier all about, and don’t say nothing.” I inquire again, hoping to be more successful. “And plan B? What’s going on?”

“I think that the fewer people who know about plan B, the better.” he explains half-hearterdly. “And do not worry yourself with such trivial things.”

“If it’s so trivial, why can’t I know?” I glare at him, feeling the anger begin to boil in my veins again. He grinds his teeth together tightly. “I… I saw a… Woman.” I frown, not wanting to indulge him in why or how I know. But instead of questions, his entire body freezes as though his ice is running through his veins. “I’m sorry, I had to free her.” I protest apologetically, while still holding my ground. But he still refuses to speak. “Arkin!”

“Don’t eat the girl…” he sighs deeply, still brooding. “And no more phone calls to your family, it doesn’t matter the amount of encryption the phones offer. It’s not safe anymore.” my entire body clenches. Just a moment ago, there was nothing to worry about, and now… “I have to get back to work.”

“Arkin, please tell me. I don’t plan to leave, no matter what.” I beg, as he leaves. “If that’s what your afraid of, don’t be. Whatever happens I’m here, and this does affect me.”

“It’s not immediate, the threat that is. I just… I don’t like her watching over me. And I don’t want you or your family in anymore danger because of it. I promised, and I will stick to my word.” His voice is flat and monotone, as he looks back briefly. “The less you know the better. Watch yourself around the girl… I really have to get back to work.”


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I don’t know how many days had passed since that night. It didn’t matter, I just stayed curled up in bed. Most of it was from the horror of the night. But a large part of it was Baltezhar rejecting me. I felt like an idiot, throwing myself at him. If I were him, I would have said no too. But a part of me knew there was more to the story. He was here constantly, as well as Phineas. I can’t do this to Phin anymore. I have to get up, I have to try.

I yawn loudly, searching the room, for familiar faces. Phineas and I are alone. I sigh, it was for the best that Baltezhar wasn’t here.


“Connie!” Phineas almost screams as I lean up in bed. He rushes to my side with a worried look on his face. “What’s wrong? You’ve been in bed for days, not talking, barely even moving. What happened?”

“Nothing. Nothing.” I mumble. “I’m sorry.”

“It wasn’t nothing… Look at yourself, covered in bruises, head to toe… Who was it?” He begs with me for answers. I don’t know how to respond. I was lured out into the middle of nowhere, almost raped, then Baltezhar killed someone and I threw myself at him. He could never know. I was too ashamed.

“No one. Okay? I’m fine.” I try to smile, but he sees right through it. Gently touching my bruised cheek.

“It was Baltezhar wasn’t it?” He spits through his teeth.

“NO!” I yelp trying to calm him.

“Because he knows what happened but he won’t tell me either. Why is everyone keeping secrets?” He moans.


“Look, Connie, your my twin. I hate not knowing, and what I hate even more is knowing that someone hurt you.” He continues, but I have to look down. Phineas had been angry enough at me for letting Baltezhar drink my blood.

“Whoever it was, and I’m not saying it was anyone, is gone Phineas. Just drop it.” I reply uncomfortably. “I don’t want to talk about it. I’m sorry.”

“I’m not trying to make you upset. I’m sorry, I won’t bring it up again. I’ll trust you.” He whispers. The door opens and Baltezhar walks in casually.

“Get out!” He says to Phineas.

“But why?”

“I said OUT!” he growls playfully.


Before I can do anything Baltezhar pulls me off the bed and into a hug.

“Go away.” I growl mortified. Blushing embarrassed by the sudden touch.

“Shut up and hug me.” He sighs shaking his head.

“I… I’m sorry.” I whisper. “For… Everything.”

“No, I should be the one apologizing.” He pulls away. “I feel like half the problem that night was me.”


“Don’t go just yet… We need to talk.” I reply shakily. I couldn’t be about to say this.

“Talk?” He frowns. “Nothing good ever happens when people say that.” I try to smile through my nerves.

“Baltezhar, I was in a bad place that night. But.. I meant everything I did. It wasn’t very good timing on my part, but it was all me.” I blush awkwardly, trying to force more words from my lips. “I think I always knew how I felt about you, but it was easier to deny them. But I can’t. Not anymore, and it hurt like hell when you pushed me away. So I’m going to say this. I… I think that I l… Love you, but I know that we can never be together. You made that very clear.” I finish on a frown, trying to keep my composure.

“I…” He goes to speak but I stop him.

“No… I know what your going to say so don’t. You don’t feel that way, I get it.” I reply. “You don’t have to keep protecting me from the truth.”

“If you think the reason that we’re not… It’s not because I don’t love you. And that’s not fair for me to say to you.” His face darkens as he speaks.

“It’s Elvira isn’t it… You still love her.” I run towards the door. I had heard enough. Though I hadn’t expected him to choose me, I still wasn’t willing to hear the truth. As I reach the door, He gently pushes me to the wall, lightly kissing me.


My heart almost explodes as his lips touch gently press against mine. I respond kissing him back urgently, hungrily.


It isn’t long until we’re losing control. Giving into our deepest passions.

Something in the way he kissed me told me he was saying goodbye.



“Your month is up, it’s time to go Baltezhar.” Elvira growls possessively. “Your mine”

“Promise me that you will call off your minions and leave them alone…” Balt asks nervously. He didn’t want to leave, but he needed them, he needed her to be safe.

“I will do as I wish, and I think it’s time you learnt who your superior is.” Her growl deepens, getting angry.

“Then I’m not going anywhere with you. Don’t be a fool, the only reason I would ever go is to protect them.” He snaps, before trying to control himself. It wasn’t safe to play with fire.


“You FOOL!” She shrieks. “You’ve gone and fallen in love with the human…”

“No..” Baltezhar lies but to no avail.

“I let you run away, so that you could realize how much you needed me. I let you throw away nearly 60 YEARS together! And you replace ME! You Replace me with a god damn HUMAN?” Her voice gets louder by the second. “I gave you a month to realize that you were wrong and to cut all ties with them. Not only do you ignore those orders, but you chose a human…”

“No, Elvira I choose you. Lets just go. Run away together.” He whispers. “We can do what you always wanted. Have a child? We never have to come back here. Just you and me. Please!”

“On your knees!” She hisses pointing at him. “I command you, ON YOUR KNEES!’ He clenches his teeth together in pain, trying to resist. His whole body shakes under the force of her domain.


“I hope to god, your pathetic little human is going to give herself to me easily. Because the time is ticking and you will stay here until I have her heart.” She spits venomously at him, threateningly. “I hope she has enough sense to let you live. Dawn’s fast approaching darling.”

“No… Please! Just take what you will from me. She isn’t a part of this.” He pleads trying to escape her iron like will.

“Trust me, Balt. If you survive the night, then I will spend the rest of eternity making you suffer for this.” She turns away, vanishing into the night. Baltezhar silently screams in his mind for Phineas to protect her. He didn’t care if he lost his own life, but she had to be protected.



“Open the god damn DOOR!” A voice screams from outside. I get up, running downstairs. It’s Elvira. “YOU!” She glares at me.

“Leave this place.” Phineas growls from behind me, letting a loud rumble escape.

“After I’m done bleeding her dry, I’m going to tear your heart out boy.” She threatens not once taking her eyes off me.

“Where’s Baltezhar?” He replies, not backing down.

“Preparing to meet the sun. Now let me in!” She hisses lunging at the invisible barrier protecting us.  Meet the sun…


“Leave” Phineas growls again, obviously shaken at his makers absence.

“You dirty little whore!” She howls turning her attention solely to me. “He’s a married man. He’s MINE!”

“He doesn’t love you.” I try to explain to her.

“And you think he could love you? Ha” She scoffs, laughing at me. “A human. A pathetic, little human. Child, don’t embarrass yourself. Did he tell you he loved you? Did you honestly believe him. He want’s someone like me. Who he’s not going to break. Did he tell you, he’s leaving with me. That is if you don’t kill him first.”

“If I don’t kill him…” I mumble confused.

“I told him to wait outside my house until I was finished with you.” She growls, threatening me. “So get out here so I can rip your throat out!”

“Connie, don’t listen to her. She wouldn’t actually kill him. Besides the sun is rising. She’ll have to leave.” Phineas says to me.


“You think just because dawn is coming I’m going to leave you alone? I can come back again tomorrow and the next day. Besides I don’t need an invitation if there’s no house. This is me being reasonable. You don’t want me coming back, I’ll tear this house apart brick by brick. And then I’ll kill everyone inside.” She threatens angrily. I get to my feet taking a step towards the door.

“No, Connie are you crazy?” He growls at me pulling me away.

“Phineas, she’ll kill everyone. You, Balt, our parents… I’m not going to let you all die for me.” I whisper, begging him to understand.

“It’s not happening.” He says stubbornly.

“I came to terms with your Vampirism, Phineas. I accepted the fact that you ended your mortal life. So even if you don’t understand this, please, let me make my own mind up.” I mumble hugging him.

“Very touching. But I don’t have all night.” Elvira moans.

“Please, we can fight.” He whispers still not letting me go.

“She’s a pure blood, Phin. A very old, very pissed off pure blood. We’ve already lost.” I argue as he reluctantly lets me go. It was the truth.


As soon as I pass through the door, Elvira greets me with a viscous slap, almost knocking me out. Phineas growls mournfully from inside the house, wanting so badly to rescue me. I turn to him one last time.

“I’m sorry, brother. I failed.” I sob through my tears as Elvira lunges for my throat.

Her hands are cold, powerful, trapping me in her death lock. Squeezing the life out of me. She attacks ravenously tearing at my throat. I’m so cold. Except there is warmth. Flowing down my neck, and onto the pavement below. I shake violently, as my vision fades out. The last thing I see is the silhouette of a man…


The next day I set to work repairing the damage that had been done to the backyard after Ethel’s break down. Poor girl I thought. In a way it reminded me of my own childhood. My father was never there either. But I didn’t have Wil like she does. He looks out for her in a way I couldn’t possibly imagine. Wil loves her like his own. And I try my hardest to be a better mother than mine was. If they have a problem, I want them to be able to come to me with it. To trust that it will be okay in the end, because I say it will.


Phineas and Constance were growing up so fast. They loved to play with the blocks together and talk in toddler talk for hours. Gurgling, giggling and squealing. Out of all my children they were the closest. They brought out the best in each other, and Phineas was a great brother. Connie liked to be alone, but by her brothers side she was fearless. I hoped as they grew up and had lives of their own, they would still be this close. Family is more important than anything.


Ethel was still mourning the reality of her father. She often went to the park and just sat there alone. Talking to herself as she did.

“Baldric… I really wish you were here… Like really here… Some days I could really use a hug from someone who really understands…” She sighed as she felt his presence appear. It comforted her deeply. “I’ll end the curse for you. I promise…”


True to his promise, Wil did return for Kendrik. I was worried for him though. I didn’t want him to get in trouble for defending our honor. For defending our daughter.

“I see you came back, as you said you would. Now what?” Kendrik said in an anxious tone as William entered the house.

“Now I make sure you understand exactly what I meant. Through whatever force I find necessary.” He took a step towards Kendrik, who retreated to another room.

“I know I messed up, you don’t think I know that? Please, just leave me. I learned my lesson. It’ll never happen again.” Kendrik’s stammered out, pleading with the angry man before him. Wil cocked his head to the side and smiled with an evil glint in his eyes. He wanted to do bad things to this man.

“I’m awful sorry, I don’t give out second chances to little girls who have proved themselves unworthy.” Wil advanced on him.


Wil raised his hand and with a powerful amount of force, connected with Kendrik’s cheek. Kendrik took a step backwards, holding his already red cheek. Cowering… Waiting for the next blow. Waiting to be punished. It never came, William waited for him to recover.

“Now, Kendrik,do you think me an unreasonable man?” He said in a patronizing tone as he inspected his nails, looking bored.

“If you c..c…come back, I’ll c… the p..p..police on you.” Kendrik threatened, whimpering as he did so.

“Are you threatening me now Kenny? How very unbecoming of you.” William’s focus was once again brought back to the coward before him. “But… If I have to come back. I’ll not be so satisfied as I am now. I’ll be back for blood. Yours in fact.” He simply stated as he walked himself to the door. “I hope I don’t have to come back. For your sake.”


That night something very special happened. Ethel was finally able to make her promise to Baldric true, as she gave him an elixir to free him from his curse. I of course saw nothing of it. Only that in one moment my daughter was talking to herself, and then the next a beautiful man stood in front of my Ethel. I can only assume, it was a friend from school. Hopefully, she would be okay. Stop crying over her father, and talking to imaginary fiends. Move on with her life. I wanted to stop being so worried for her.


“Baldric…. You’re here… You’re really here.” Ethel sobbed with tears in her eyes, as she saw her friend before her. He was finally human.

“Ethel, you did it. You actually did it.” The young man hugged her tightly grateful for what she had done for him. “Thank you. Thank you so much. I’ll be eternally grateful to you.”


The next day was Sybil and Katherine’s birthday. I baked two large cakes, and we all celebrated. First was Sybil, who for the party had dressed as a princess. My husband and I cheered on our daughters together. Happy that they were growing up. Sybil was beautiful. She retained her long curly hair from her childhood, and her sweet nature. She wants to be a doctor. I’m so proud and I know she can make that dream come true.


Next was Katherine, who had only just rolled out of bed. She closed her eyes, made a wish, and blew out her candles. Triggering the transition to begin. We watched in wonder as she transformed into another beautiful teenager. Only time would tell what she had in store for her future. But I knew, whatever it was, she would be great.


That afternoon, Wil and I took some time out to ourselves. Five children was a lot of work. We took a walk to the bistro and browsed through the book store, before finally arriving at the park. We both had a lot to say.

“The time will soon be here that you need to decide the future of this family.” Wil stated, reminding me of the future. “Phineas and Constance will be children soon, and we’re not going to be around forever. It might be to soon now, but we should at least start thinking about it, darling.” He was right. The birthdays today had reminding me that the clock was ticking. There were many things I still wanted to do. Family dinners, paint, grandchildren. But first I had to declare an heir.


“We should buy a burial plot, so we can all be together in the afterlife.” I mused out loud. Wil nodded. “I love all of my children and I want the best for each and everyone of them. Choosing an heir to my legacy will not be easy as you may think.” This was going to be an incredibly hard decision. But I still had time to figure it all out before I needed to declare anything.

“Well then, just remember you don’t have to do it alone.” He kissed me and took me hand as we left the park.

“I’m not going to be visited by any policemen with a warrant for your arrest am I?” I joked and we left hand in hand.


Despite his evil nature, Baldric has a strange innocence about him, that Ethel had never encountered before. Life was a gift to him. The colors more vibrant. The songs the birds sang, more beautiful than words could say. The taste of a spring peach more succulent, more sweet. The smell of the flowers, the touch of a pretty girls hand. Each day was a gift. He didn’t waste his life, on sadness or  worrying about people who didn’t care. He was special. And Ethel couldn’t help but smile or become weak around him.


After a makeover, to get him out of his strange doll clothes, Ethel felt more giddy around him. He would be joining her class at school, and live with her as an “exchange” student. But little did they know about his unique origins. He was her little secret.


Baldric grabbed her hand and pulled her behind him. Ethel’s heart skipped a beat. She tried to hide the way she felt, but it was chemistry. It was tangible. He was her best friend, she wanted to show him the world. To be as special to him as he was to her.

My daughter was completely smitten by this odd boy. He made her happy, he made her smile. Because of him, she forgot about the drama with her father almost completely.


They arrived at the park and like children, played on the playground. Giggling, laughing. They couldn’t wipe the smiles off their faces. It was obvious to everyone but to each other how they felt.


At home, I played with Constance. Tickling her and brushing her pretty blonde hair. As a toddler, she lived in the present. It was refreshing.

“You don’t care about tomorrow do you?” I smiled, beaming down at her.

“No, mamma.” She squealed “Today hasn’t ended yet”

She was so smart for her age. Even though she probably didn’t understand what she was saying, she knew exactly what to say. I wondered what her life had to offer. What she would later grow up to become. I didn’t care, as long as she was happy.


Sybil was working hard to make her dreams come true. She spent a great deal of time in the basement inside her lab. Experimenting, and crafting strange potions. Hoping and praying the she might create a potion to win her a great prize and grant her admittance into medical school. It was her dream.


My daughters other friend invited himself over that night. However, judging by the sad look on his face, Ethel didn’t want to see him. She was too captivated by Baldric to care.

“Now’s not really a good time Bryan. I’m busy.” Ethel complained distracted.

“But we both helped to free him. And i wanted to see you…” Bryan replied hurt.

“We’ll be at school tomorrow” She sighed, completely oblivious to his feelings. “But right now, there’s just so much I want to show him.” Barely finishing her sentence, she runs back upstairs excitedly.


“Don’t pine after my sister.” Katherine said as she approached the heartbroken boy. “She’s a fickle girl, and she has a new plaything. Don’t waste your time.”

“What are you talking about?” Bryan replied blushing.

“It’s completely obvious… To everyone… But her.” Katherine replied with a smile. He sighed. “Don’t be sad. You could do MUCH better than my sister.” She said comforting him.


“You’re her sister?” He said shocked.

“I think we meet once, a few years ago. I’m Katherine.” She flashed him another smile.


And soon it was my charming toddlers turn to transition into children. The time for declaring an heir would soon be upon me.