Generation 5


5.13 (7)

Narrated by Larka Godwinn

Larka was born, torn between both worlds. With one foot firmly in the ground, and the other kicking and screaming to stay in the sun. Larka’s earliest memories depict a coldness of her subconscious, a cruel darkness calling to her in the night, as she grew older so did her strength of will to stay in the world of the living. Her episodes grew less frequent, however, the strength and awareness within these dark pages grows within her. Can she learn to harness the cold truth of death echoing within her mind, or will she succumb to it’s dark desires? In a world ravaged by war and bloodshed, can she find a way to save those that she loves?

Chapter 5.12 (4)

Chapter 1 Shadows in the dark
Chapter 2Untitled
Chapter 3The other world
Chapter 4Training grounds
Chapter 5 Bounty hunters
Chapter 6Fang of the plains
Chapter 7 Freeze
Chapter 8 Enter Ravenwood
Chapter 9.1 In my hour of dying, part one
Chapter 9.2 – In my hour of dying, part two
Chapter 10Library of hunters
Chapter 11Burying the past
Chapter 12 windows to the soul
Chapter 13 Burning temptations
Chapter 14The blood of an enemy
Chapter 15The dead can’t talk
Chapter 16  Dead memories
Chapter 17 All the right memories
Chapter 18 The fallacy of moving on
Chapter 19A slow fall to the bottom
Chapter 20   Getting clean, part 1
Getting clean, part 2

Gen 5 family photo (2)


Gen 5 family photo

Generation songs

Because of youKelly Clarkson

Razors edge – William Control

Pour me – Hollywood Undead

because of you (5)

5.9.2 (5)





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