Generation 4


Narrated by Vivian

Vivian’s story begins at the tender age of eight, in the fields outside of her childhood home. Roaming the wilderness til dark with the pack master’s son, and the man who took her into his home when she was born’s son, Lucian. They tell stories of the night and what could lurk out there. But before the full moon can rise, they’re both sent back home, were she isn’t allowed to see him again until the sun is high in the sky. The two remain close, even when both of their occult natures are shown: His lycanthropy, and her vampirism. However, when tensions in the pack, and the fragile nature of human/occult politics run high, Vivian takes it on herself to push herself beyond her comfort zone to ease the conflict for the better.

because of you (17)

Prologue – Story telling
Chapter 1Six years later
Chapter 2Smeared lipstick
Chapter 3 – Revelations, part 1
Chapter 4 – Revelations, part 2
Chapter 5 A few needed answers
Chapter 6 The procurer
Chapter 7 Aim for the stars
Chapter 8 The forgotten stage
Chapter 9 Love or loss
Chapter 10 The face of vampire
Chapter 11 Appaloosa Plains
Chapter 12 Regrets
Chapter 13.1 Truth and lies, part 1
Chapter 13.2  Truth and lies, part 2
Chapter 14 The detectives
Chapter 15Bridgeport
Chapter 16The consequences of speaking up
Chapter 17Biting fate
Chapter 18Betrayals
Chapter 19Bang Bang
Chapter 20.1The V.D.F., part 1
Chapter 20.2 –  The V.D.F., part 2
Chapter 21Finding a way back
Chapter 22Political alliances
Chapter 23Losing faith
Chapter 24Compelling memories
Chapter 25A wedding to remember
Chapter 26.1 The dark side, part 1
Chapter 26.2 The dark side, part 2
Chapter 27Fighting for you
Chapter 28The brink of war
Chapter 29Lunacy rising
Chapter 30March of war
Chapter 31War under the stars
Chapter 32 Waking up
Chapter 33 – Walk the line 
Chapter 34 – Hell hath no fury 
Chapter 35 – Executions and promises 


Generation songs

All hail the heartbreaker – The spill canvas
Carefully – Me vs Myself
Wake up – Coheed and Cambria
Dear mr president – PINK!








Chapter 4.34 (14)

because of you (12)

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