Generation 3


Aleksi Godwinn

Growing up was hard for Aleksi. His father being a vampire, and his mother human. He was neither one of them, completely alone. Aleksi always hated what he was, and when he was offered a job to study and help create a blood substitute he hesitantly agreed. The job would be dangerous, with many risks and rebellious vampires not wanting salvation. But despite it all, Aleksi wants to feel the sun on his face, and a future where he doesn’t need to feed off the living to survive. But will the vampire council allow it to happen?

Table of Contents

Prologue – To follow in the footsteps of a madman

Chapter 1 – The prophecy 

Chapter 2  Post truama 

Chapter 3 – First taste of blood

Chapter 4 Tough love

Chapter 5 Throw the first punch

Chapter 6 – Love and control

Chapter 7 A field of death

Chapter 8 Moving into the lab

Chapter 9 – The mad scientist

Chapter 10 – Resisting complusion

Chapter 11 Growing up

Chapter 12 – Dreamscape

Chapter 13 – Admitting true feelings 

Chapter 14 Cruel intentions 

Chapter 15 – Captured 

Chapter 16 – Meeting the council 

Chapter 17 Interrogations

Chapter 18 Premonition wolf

Chapter 19 The last sunrise

Chapter 20 Battle scars

Chapter 21 Safety first

Chapter 22 Saying goodbye

Generation songs

The cure – Darling Violetta
Battle for the sun – Placebo 
Beauty and the freak – Sonic syndicate
Under the covers – Spill Canvas
Stare at the sun – Thrice 








Arkin (CC)

Arkin (CC free)





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