Generation 1

Narrated by Elizabeth Godwinn


Chapter 1 –  A world and a half away

Chapter 2 – Morning blues

Chapter 3 – A ring and stork

Chapter 4 – Love and Marriage

Chapter 5 – The rereturn

Chapter 6 – All I ever wanted

Chapter 7 – A second chance at love

Chapter 8 – Birthday blues

Chapter 9 – Crowning glory

Chapter 10 – Spellbound

Chapter 11 – Closure

Chapter 12 – The beginning of the end

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth is an over emotional, artistic, family oriented, ambitious, hopeless romantic. She dreams of raising five children. She grew up in the town of Starlight shores to an emotionally detached mother, and a busy, workaholic father. She was once engaged to a William Blake, who treated her badly and broke her heart. She moved to Ravenwood to escape the life she felt was a dead end. Once there she married Kendrik Etheridge and had his child, Ethel. However this relationship was rocky. Which soon fell apart when William found her and Kendrik moved to Paris without her. She later went on to marry and have four children to William: Sybil, Katherine, Constance and Phineas. She was a famous painter.


Generation songs

Replace you – Silverstien 
Bright lights – Placebo
Again I go unnoticed – Dashboard confessional
Perfect – Simple plan 
You give me hope – Between the trees


  1. Colorist40 says:

    Why would she go back to the man who broke her heart. Well seems like things worked out though. But only time will tell.

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