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Cassiel Download

Posted: June 29, 2014 in special

Thanks to a lovely simmer’s request, I now have Cassiel up and available for download on the sims 3 site.

Cassiel (2)




His lifetime wish is alchemy artisan. I think, I probably should have written it down, or actually remembered.

Cassiel (4)

He has his CC hair, and skin, however with a scan completed, none of it is infected, or bad. And clothing from a range of EP’s.

Cassiel (3)

If anyone has any other sims that they want uploaded, I would be happy to do so as per request 🙂


Authors notes.

In honor of the first phase of larka’s story being completed, and the fact that I have ignored many opportunities for specials in the past (Valentines, easter, 30, 000 view special to name a few), I thought photograph a little lyric special to the song, Because of You, by Kelly Clarkson. Which I feel sums up the relationship between Vivian and Larka perfectly, and gives you a little insight into the characters. 



because of you

because of you (5)

I will not make the same mistakes that you did

because of you (11)

I will not let myself
Cause my heart so much misery

because of you (10)
I will not break the way you did,
You fell so hard

because of you (12)

I’ve learned the hard way
To never let it get that far

because of you (2)

because of you (3)

because of you (4)

Because of you

because of you (13)

I never stray too far from the sidewalk

because of you (14)

Because of you
I learned to play on the safe side so I don’t get hurt

because of you (16)

because of you (17)

Because of you
I find it hard to trust not only me, but everyone around me

because of you (15)

Because of you
I am afraid

because of you (18)

I lose my way
And it’s not too long before you point it out

because of you (19)

I cannot cry
Because I know that’s weakness in your eyes

because of you (20)

I’m forced to fake
A smile, a laugh everyday of my life

because of you (7)

My heart can’t possibly break
When it wasn’t even whole to start with

because of you (21)

Because of you
I never stray too far from the sidewalk

because of you (23)

Because of you
I learned to play on the safe side so I don’t get hurt

because of you (22)

Because of you
I find it hard to trust not only me, but everyone around me

because of you (24)

Because of you
I am afraid

because of you (25)

I watched you die
I heard you cry every night in your sleep

because of you (26)

I was so young
You should have known better than to lean on me

because of you (27)

You never thought of anyone else
You just saw your pain

because of you (9)

And now I cry in the middle of the night
For the same damn thing

because of you (34)

Because of you
I never stray too far from the sidewalk

because of you (33)

Because of you
I learned to play on the safe side so I don’t get hurt

because of you (6)

Because of you
I try my hardest just to forget everything

because of you (28)

Because of you
I don’t know how to let anyone else in

because of you (30)

Because of you
I’m ashamed of my life because it’s empty

because of you (35)

Because of you
I am afraid

because of you (31)

Because of you

because of you (32)

Because of you

Super sorry for the delay in this chapter. With the holiday season here, I’ve been a little distracted. That and past me seems to think it’s funny to delete CC and sets that I need so future/present me has to do more work when photographing scenes. So things might look a little bit different, but it shouldn’t matter too much.

Anyway, I hope you all have a safe and wonderful holidays. Happy holidays, merry Christmas, happy hannukah, and anything else I could be forgetting since it’s well past midnight right now.


2013 christmas

Silence. As my mind drifts back to consciousness, that’s all there is. For a moment, the soft fall of snow across the forest floor, and winter’s icy touch creeps through the walls, and I shiver. Cocooning myself tightly in the warmth of my blankets. I can’t help the irrational movement of my heart skipping a beat as my mind dances over the date and it’s implication. December twenty-fifth. Christmas day. God help us all…

I can hear the footsteps in the hall now, the soft pitter patter hurrying across the old wood, nagging tentatively against my ear drums. Arkin was very much awake, and the painful excitement bursting through the labs in mere seconds forces my eyes shut once again. It was too early for this. God, it was always too early for this, for him, and today was certainly no exception, perhaps, it would indeed meet my expectations and crumble them in a thousand broken pieces.

2013 christmas (2)

A slight groan passes my lips as the door is torn open, and a heavy weight cast across my body. His knees cut ceremoniously to close to my body, entrapping my ribs, and body under his weight, giggles softly rumbling in his throat. “Aleksi! Aleksi! Are you awake?!” From beneath closed eyes, I can sense his ghostly red eyes are trained on me, brightened, and exuberant with a kind of childlike innocence. “Aleksi? Wake up! Guess what day it is! I bet you’re just pretending!”

“No, I’m asleep…” Growling, I struggle to reach an arm to his chest, pushing him off me in a gentle, yet forceful move. His hand grips mine tightly, as he struggles for balance. How a vampire of two thousand year could shake like a leaf in the northern wind from a little tap is beyond me.

“You can be such a brat sometimes.” Opening one eye precariously, he sticks his tongue out at me in an act of childish defiance.  Still crouched over top of me, like a domesticated cat eyeing up it’s freshly laid out bowl of fresh meat. “Besides, it’s 12.04, I’m actually a little bit late to this party-“

2013 christmas (3)

“Arkin, there’s no party…” Sighing, I manage to grip the bridge of my nose. If I didn’t actually grow to tolerate the man over our time together, if I didn’t actually like him, begrudgingly at times, then I might really hate him sometimes. Like waking me up at exactly 12.04 on Christmas day by jumping on top of me. “Go back to bed… Please?” My voice has a sharp edge of exasperation to it. Yes, we were creatures of the night, vampires, but there was no reason that we had to add nocturnal to the list.

“But Santaa… I’ll miss him.” Arkin whines, whines like a child who wants to stay up all night to catch a glimpse of the old fairy tale. “And I’ve been a good boy all year.” The look in his eyes changes somewhat, I note. The way he voices the word ‘good,’ it’s almost serious. Sincere. Like he needed it.

“To be fair.” A soft, serene voice sings through the darkness. “He did give you a few minutes head start.” Raveena… I barely have anytime to think at all, before I manage to shove Arkin off of me and to the floor. Soon enough her brilliant violet eyes are locked in on me, offering me a silent look of sympathy. The curves of her feminine face, the dazzling smile painted upon her perfect, porcelain skin leaves me half breathless. “Four to be exact.”

2013 christmas (4)

“Ravee!!” Arkin squirms off the ground in a flash of white, despite the initial struggle to find his feet, soon he finds himself at her side. Don’t stare to long… One or two seconds at the very most, but no longer to sneak just one look at her striking features. She already had the upper hand of being able to detect my heart, and breathing rate. Perhaps she could even smell the desperation to be acknowledged dripping from every one of my pores. “Lucky I have you, or the kid might actually bum me out a little bit. I think, now my calculations might not be one hundred percent, but, I’m sure I might have enough holiday spirit for the both of us.” I recoil almost instantly by the closeness of their touch, his hands glide across her back, and she smiles softly his way.

If it wasn’t for the soft giggles radiating her core, amplified with my supernatural hearing, then I might of been a little worried, or reactive to Arkin’s words. But alas, her, Raveena, it went against every fiber in my being to try to ignore the sweet sound upon her lips, but how could I? It was contagious, and the type of sound that could make your worries fade into oblivion the second the first giggle rang out. Even worries about what my master had planned for the merry date.

2013 christmas (5)

“You wanna take my place for today?” I sigh, once again left alone to my thoughts. Nightmare takes my place on the bed, softly whining, his right ear twitching at the very sound. The head coated with dense black fur droops, and the way that his lips curve almost look as though he’s laughing at me. “I’ll take that as a no then…”


“Santa came! Santa came! Santa came!” Arkin’s high pitched squeals echo, and rumble through the thin walls. Seeming ever thinner with each bellow of his happy, sing song voice. There were kids, actual kids that I had seen that weren’t even a fraction as excited as Arkin was. Shrugging on an old shirt, I breathe in deeply, fastening a jacket against my slender body. It was my first Christmas away from home, from my parents. And a part of me missed it.

2013 christmas (6)

“Looks who’s finally gracing us with his presence.” Arkin’s face curves into a wide brimmed smile. In spite of myself, as Raveena’s back turns, I find myself locked into place. Like a statue formed in stone. Even if just for a moment, a light blush creeps over my cheeks, and I curse under my breath.

“Yeah… We have a tree..? Inside the house?” I breathe out in a shaky voice. Allowing just enough uncertainty into my voice to distract from the awkward tension clutching around my chest. My eyes fall on the bland, over sized pine taking up space inside the room. A variety of mismatched boxes, coated generously in coloured paper sits underneath.

“How else would our man in red know where to put the gifts? For growing up inside a mortal home, you do not seem quite well versed in your own traditions.” He sighs in response, his eyes blinking back at me expectantly. I pause thoughtfully, counting the seconds between our words, trying to plan out my next statement. For one, it definitely wasn’t a Christmas tree, it was devoid of any decoration. And two, he had either learnt sarcasm, or he actually believed in what the date signified.

2013 christmas (7)

“It’s been a while since I’ve celebrated such a tradition.” Raveena blushes sweetly at me. Running a hand through her dark violet locks, nervously, she captures a painted lip between her teeth. Biting down distractedly. “I can’t help but feel that I’ve forgotten something. Although, I’m sure that it’s the thought that counts after all.”

“It seems to have worked.” I respond lamely, sinking into the couch with a brooding look upon my face. My eyes glued to the floor as I try to remove the image of her from my head, and still my now racing heart. The effect that she had over me was starting to become troublesome. No one had ever done this to me, of course I didn’t know enough pretty girls for it to be a viable observation, but my thoughts still held.

“Look it’s been a whole year since this last happened, can we please just open the presents now?” Arkin breaks the silence. His eyes almost forming the perfect puppy dog look. I feel myself nodding absent mindedly in response. And that’s all that it takes before he’s upon the tree, tearing apart each box with carefully trained precision. Paper floats around the room in a flurry of white. “!!”

2013 christmas (8)

“Thank you.” I whisper under my breath to Raveena as he finally seems distracted. I’m sure that even a fire couldn’t tear Arkin away from those gifts. I doubt he’d even notice the alarm over the constant giggles rumbling in his throat. “I don’t know how you set this up without Arkin figuring it out, and causing a scene, but you did it.”

“Who said it was me.” She raises an eyebrow in mock questioning towards me. A soft smile playing on her lips, curving them into a delicate, thoughtful smirk. “It’s the one holiday that he seems to enjoy. Which is surprising, even to me, since the rest of them seem to unnerve him to the very core. But Arkin has done a lot for me, he is very precious, so if I can ease his pain for even a single day each year, then I’ll find a way to bring this legend to life. Even if the santa our time was a little crueler than now.”

My stomach does a painful flip towards her words, precious? To her? But I swallow the uncertainty with a weak smile. Each word was spoken with love for the old vampire, the paper flying through the air was a testament of that. Yet somehow, I partly understood the meaning. I hadn’t been here long, not at his side, yet I had already learnt so much from the erratic enigma that was Arkin. Perhaps one day, this could be my gift to him. A shabby tree, surrounded by poorly wrapped gifts, with the people I love.

2013 christmas (9)

“I’m sorry that you’re not with your family this year, Aleksi.” Ravee says quietly, sitting uncomfortably close to me. Perhaps picking up on my drop in mood. Her voice, her breath, a trickle of air across my neck. I can’t bring myself to look upon her face, for knowing that it will cause a blush to creep into my pale cheeks.

“This year, I think I’m with people who are just as important. I’m still spending it with those that I love, and hold dear to me.” Fumbling behind my back, I draw out a small box, wrapped in shimmering lilac paper. Despite my rather bold words, her returning smile holds my nerves at bay. “And as long as that is true, then the destination is not important.”



“Arkin, I promised that I’d find a way to bring you home…  I still hold that promise dear to my heart. If there’s a way, I’ll find it… I couldn’t bring Ravee home either, I’m sorry. I couldn’t protect either one of you, I failed her, and I failed you. I’m still carrying that guilt around with me everyday. And right now it seems I can’t get memories of this place out of my head. It must be that time of year again. The one that you loved so dearly. Perhaps, one day, I’ll find the joy in it once again. I’ll find you…”

Halloween special

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Halloween, that time of year is upon us again, when the ghouls come out to play. This year the Ravenwood legacy celebrates with a special, involving one of my favourites, that  just so happens to be ridiculously cute *cough cough* only me? Either way, this is set a little bit before generation two and with some familiar faces in it too. This is not just a random chapter, some of the small details do lead on into generation five, and lots of photos, yay! Who doesn’t love photos. 

The song featured in this special is halloween by the Misfits. But has been covered by other bands and artists (AFI, wiL Francis, Alkaline trio etc). 

Happy halloween guys, stay spooky and stay safe 🙂 



Bonfires burning bright 
Pumpkin faces in the night
I remember halloween 


Dead cats hanging from poles
Little dead are out in groves
I remember halloween 



“Oh god, it’s happening again!” A voice cries out from behind closed curtains. Armies of the dead, the damned and the broken haunted the streets. Ghoulish giggles, and blood curdling screams reach up to the pristine full moon, and echoes, like it’s radiance back to earth and the beyond. Blood stained youth, carrying masks of the dead. “But… How? I thought I had more time.”


The door bell rings, and silence. He pauses, every muscle in his pale body freezing to the very sound. With hell knocking on his very door, what could he do, and how could he survive? Another ring. Another knock. And the hopeless fear still ensues.

The soft pitter patter of a heart beat relentlessly beats at the door. Be brave, for mother, he thinks with a groan, slowly inching towards the door. How bad could it truly be? Pulling off the lock, and turning the key, his hand shivers against the cool metal door handle, wobbling slightly, he manages to open it, with full view of the neighborhood.

And the creature…


Such a horrid creature…

“Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh” Arkin’s scream erupts throughout the entire house. Shaking it, corner from corner. Along with his own trembling bones, and terrified mind. The host, and child was a devil worshiper! Worshiping the very worst kind of evil spirit in the world.


“Trick or treat!” The beasts snarls, with a toothy grin. Two more stalking down the path that led to the very door that he stood. The creature’s teeth gleaming back at him, in the dim light from inside. It’s whiskers curve with it’s cruel smile, as it waits. Waits for him to let his guard down, so that it could pounce.

“Be back to your corner of hell, demon spawn!” Arkin hisses, slamming the door shut. The fear rising to his throat, and turning his voice to a strangled, hysteric sound. “Mother!! Mother, help!” Struggling with lock, he counts the days since they had risen up from the very depths of hell. Three hundred and sixty five days, not a day sooner, or less. And every year they came. Like clockwork.


“Cut it with all the blasted screaming, Arkin, we’ve guests in these halls tonight.” Snapping around the instant that her voice called out through the house, terror seizes him again. Painted ghouls, and leather pants, silk as fine as cobwebs. Someone was screaming, the sound pierced his ear drums painfully. Who was screaming? Was it him? “Child! Merely camouflage for the ritual tonight. Asmodeus and Azazel have offered their assistance in the blood rite. Arkin! Hush!”

“A… Are you sure that it’s… It’s them?” Arkin’s voice is a mere whisper, as he breathes in the air around him, taking in all the scents in the room. His eyes not one leaving either one of the strange men. Studying their faces with brave curiosity.

“Positive!” Morrigan taps her foot impatiently, somewhat embarrassed of her son’s behavior. He was a nuisance at the best of times, and this particular date set her tolerance for him at an all time low. Human children ran through town, like bloodhounds on the hunt, for anything to stuff their fat little faces with. Her face turns into a sneer, innocent blood was the sweetest, and they were easy pickings tonight. “You need to blend in if you wish to be safe, go get ready, so we can begin.”



Brown leafed vertigo
Where skeletal life is known
I remember halloween 


This day anything goes
Burning bodies hanging from poles
I remember halloween 



“What on earth are you supposed to be, boy?” Asmodeus growls, as Arkin skips down the stairs and into the living room. A brown hat tops his head, with a fake beard dusting off his chin. The fluffiness of the fur tickling his bare chest. “You’re meant to be scary, you won’t scare anyone off with that. It’s patheti-“


“I’m a gnome!” Arkin says cheerfully, despite the aggression steaming from the dark haired vampire. “And you won’t want ma  to hear you talk like that. Besides, gnomes are scary! Terrifying actaully! They live in the basement and trees, and they want to steal my teeth! And-“

“I don’t care, truly, Arkky boy.” His golden eyes narrow in on his supposed leader. Studying the vacant face, and lost look in his eyes. It sent waves of anger down his spine, this was his superior, and Arkin was nothing more than an overgrown child. Of course he hadn’t always been as such. “I just hope your scary enough to scare away the bunnies.” Scoffing, Asmodeus grits his teeth together.

“Well gnomes are scary, I almost peed a little getting the damned costume on. I almost wish vampires didn’t have a reflection, although a floating gnome head could be scarier…” Arkin rambles, his eyes a light with livid curiosity and fear. But he knew that this man was strong, his mother wouldn’t leave him alone with someone who couldn’t be trusted. “But you’re not scary… I mean, a little when you’re angry, but-“


“I’m not trying to hide, if they want a fight, they’ll have one.” With a roll of his eyes, Asmodeus smirks. It seemed rather ridiculous to tell a grown man stories of hallow’s end like it were true, but it did bring some amusement. They weren’t really demons, just child, running free in the streets. But Morrigan was using that fear for her own sick desires. And he’d play the game if need be. “But you know what I heard?” As Arkin leans in, his smirk grows wider. “I hear that gnomes love vampire teeth, and something they love even more, not many people know of course, because by the time they find out, it’s too late, but red eyes.”

“W.. W… What?!” Arkin cowers, his voice in a slight tremble, as his eyes face the mirror, regretting the moment that he chose his disguise. Maybe they wouldn’t know that it was him. I mean, he could pass for one of the soldiers of the garden killers. “Th.. the ritual… We need to start it soon. Or… Or they’ll come for me…. Oh god…. What if they come for me… My teeth, my beautiful teeth.”

In the reflection of the mirror, a dark and ghostly silhouette appears, choking back a sob, Arkin realizes that it is only his mother. “Your right, my boy, we should begin, the moon is up, and the blood is ready.” Morrigan purrs sweetly, clasping his cheeks between the palms of her hands. “Your ready, child. The night is calling to us.”


Halloween, halloween, halloween, halloween 


In the streets, and out in the open, the demons roamed freely, and without a care. Squealing loudly with the joys of the hunt. Arkin’s eyes were shifty, scanning side to side on each side of the road. Nervous gulps were taken each time that his eyes met another.


Maybe it would be the little super villain skipping down the path that would strike first. Perhaps the tiger, face full of stripes, and skin bared for all the world to see. Her friend with bright pink wings, flapping in the wind. Light specks of rain touched his cheeks, and dripped into the fur edging his chin, weighing it down.

Could he run fast enough if they realized he wasn’t really a gnome? Arkin didn’t know a lot about tigers, but he had seen them on the discovery channel, and they were deadly killers. Keeping his head down, he stumbled down the suburban path. Hearing the reassuring steps of his comrades near him.

But each step was calculating, and they were on the hunt. Breathing in the cold air around them, and watching each mortal with keen interest. Of course Asmodeus was the first to split from the group, with a dark smile creeping over his face. “I rather like the smell of this house, new born baby just has that… Indescribable flavour, innocent almost, my favourite.”


“Arkin, would you join u-“

“I… Uhh…” Arkin interrupts hastily. The memory of the first time that this date had happened, and the fear that it had brought him, that it always brought him. The high priestess that had stood at his mother’s side, and told him, without a blood sacrifice, by mortal hearts, then those creatures would not rest. But it made his heart grow sick with the idea of spilling blood, not just blood, but death. By his hand. “Not this house…”

“Are you sure, Arkky, I mean, there’s still a few loose rabbit’s out there.” Asmodeus’ face grows cold, arrogance dripping off of every word. Yet he didn’t care if his so called Prince couldn’t take a life, for tonight, he would take many, and rejoice in it’s euphoria.

“Well…” Azazel sighs, his white hair dripping every so slightly underneath the large top hat. “After you, brother. I’d not let this night go to waste. Morrigan, are you coming, or baby sitting?”


With the gritting of her sharp, razor teeth, she replies coldly. “Newborns don’t interest me, go on ahead, and I’ll….” And she pauses, not quite realizing what to say. Her heart had grown colder and colder over the years for her son, and his weakened state of mind. But she lived in hope, that he would return to her one day. And the fierce killer she had raised would come back. “I’ll show the boy the joy of the hunt  again.”

“As you wish, my queen.” Bowing his white head down in respect, Asmodeus knocks of the door. Suddenly feeling a thousand years younger, and as though their veins were full of adrenaline, they wait. Steps towards the door, and their anticipation grows with each second.

“Trick or treat, might you let us in for a bite to eat?” Asmodeus purrs, his eyes locking in on the woman, her eyes looking weary, and her hair dirty.



Candy apples and razor blades
Little dead are soon in graves
I remember halloween 


This day anything goes
Burning bodies hanging from poles
I remember 



“I’m sorry, mother…” Arkin finally mumbles, the night drawing to a close, less and less creatures on the streets. Retreating back to their homes for another year. “I’m not brave like you, or strong like Asmodeus… And I’m sorry… But I’m trying, and obviously I do not wish for those vile things to take over our world…”

“Try harder then. I do not see what the problem is.” Morrigan snaps, before calming her frayed nerves. It was dawning on one in the morning, and still, he had not chosen a target. Not even one. At her wits end, her glare could kill. “I raised you better than this, you are vampire, Arkin, you are a killer. Whether you like it or not, it is what you are. Deep in your veins. I am a killer, your father was a killer, you damned daughter is a killer-


“And perhaps I should have raised her better.” There were brief moments, Morrigan thought, no matter how fleeting, that Arkin would regain the stature he once had. That the look in his eyes grew fierce, and his voice was one that could command armies. But behind his fear, and confusion, she could see the bitter loneliness that the years had left him with. With a slight cough, he slowly steps out of the cold water in the fountain, standing before his mother’s deadly gaze. “I’ll end this night, and take a… A life… I don’t wish to deal with Lucifer’s Princess’ or bat jerk for a year…”

“Good.” Morrigan growls sharply. A part of her was tormented, that her son was so broken, perhaps beyond repair. Yet he was at least, going to take one life tonight. Once a year, that was the only chance she had to bring back his tenacity, unless they started dressing up on Easter, or Christmas… Afterall he did have a deep rooted hatred for the man in red. But every life he took, every drop of blood, she liked to think helped to awaken the long since gone god of death inside of him. “Now go. And don’t dare come back until you finish this.”

And so he did, staying off the main roads to avoid the hordes of the dead, he followed the scent of the breeze. The scent was recognizable, as it would be one hundred miles away. Coming death. There she sat, on an old stone bench, surrounded by the buried dead, at least he had hoped that they would stay buried.


“What are you doing here?” Arkin asks, his voice shivering. The scent of death wafting up from the musty ground made his insides weak. And this woman, with faded hair, and wrinkles covering her weathered face was brave enough to sit. Has she lived a long, happy life? He thought briefly, while watching the ground for any signs of movement. This night, on hallow’s end, asked for a sacrifice, but it never stated who. He’d rather one close to the final abyss, than one so young as the other’s preyed on.

“I’m here visiting with my husband.” She replies with a kind smile, her eyes studying him closely, yet not afraid of him. Or his glowing eyes, or gnome costume.

“I don’t see your husband, it’s just us here.” Arkin states bluntly, not picking up the tone of her voice, or the way that her eyes seemed to droop at the mention of it. “Where is he?”


“I like to think a happier place.” Her smile weakens, yet doesn’t fade completely. “Maybe a kingdom in the stars, with all our friends, and family, where on day I’ll join him.” Her fingers curl around the aged wedding ring left on her finger, and her mind goes to another place, where he lived forever.

“Do you wish to join him-“

“I did not imagine a god of death would come to me dressed as well…” Her voice drifts off with a soft chuckle and a knowing look. On her wedding day she had been young, and beautiful, and so alive. Yet now, time did as time always will, it took her memories, and her youth, it stole the colour of her hair, and the smoothness of her face. “Life truly is full of many surprises isn’t it, vampire?”

“Perhaps, more for you than I.” The fact that she had seen through his disguise had not startled him. Over the years, few humans had known him for what he was. And in a town where legends grew, such as Moonlight Falls, it was not surprising some still knew the tales.


“I’m ready.” She whispers, taking his hand.


Halloween, halloween, halloween, halloween
Halloween, halloween, halloween, halloween


Author’s notes

So sorry about the delay with this special. But alas we have arrived at the 20,00 view special (a little over as I was meant to publish this last week). But I want to say a huge thank you to all of you for reading this legacy and for all the lovely comments (and sticking with me for so long).

Secondly, I moved another vampire from Bridgeport into the house for a scene. Now, I’ve always loved Vladimir Schlick, and he was the first one I found, so naturally  I picked him. However, I didn’t even think about his name at the time I was taking photos… So it’s a little awkward having two Vladimir’s in one scene. But just ignore it, I just refer to him by his surname instead.



Raggedly my breath comes out in shuddered gasps as the cold air fills my lungs. The dark night air falls all around us, with only the moon’s silhouette to light up the frozen snow beneath our bodies. Lining up against the fence we stare back at each other fearfully. The sounds of gunshot’s echo through the mountains to the sides of us. Bullets colliding forcefully into the old stone fence. “How many?” Shiloh slowly inches her head out from behind the stone to peak a glance. Narrowly missing an almost well aimed head shot.

“Be careful!” The Lycan kneeling in front of her growls. Jasper looks at her, widening his eyes, and scanning her for signs of injury. And looking back at him, a small hopeless half smile appears. And this is hopeless. I frown and my eyes dart to Vivian, the gun in her hand trembling as the hollow look on her face deepens.

Fingers tightening on my own weapon, I slowly glance across the court yard. My head poking out slightly from our barrier. “About eight or nine in the tree line…” I growl in frustration. There was too many. I could count. I could do the maths. Jasper was injured, and he couldn’t even turn fully. Vivian could hardly shoot, and I didn’t want her to have to. Which left me and Shiloh against, how many? “Three armored SUV’s, and god knows how many inside… And where I can’t see…” A helicopter flies over us, a bright light fixtured onto the bottom to watch the grounds for escapees.

“So what now?” Vivian squeaks at us. My twin’s eyes darting between all of us. Hopelessly. And I think carefully about it. If there was any chance at all of escape, it would have to be planned out. Something we didn’t have a lot of time for. Come morning this place would be up in flames to hide the truth of what happened her tonight. Vampires didn’t use guns, and these men were most definitely human. Of which have a terrible habit of hiding things that they’ve done from everyone else.


“Make a stand-”

“No Jasper, are you crazy?” Shiloh hisses at Jasper. And in the pitch of her voice, I can hear the words ‘I love you, don’t leave me‘ to him.  “We’d die before we even pulled the trigger.”

“Well are you saying that we should just sit here and wait for death to come?” As much as I don’t want to admit it, he has a point. But it’s not just something that we could pull off. Escaping into the darkness with no where to go. We’d freeze to death before we found solitude. “Look, I’ll make a distraction, lead them on a wild goose chase. And you, darling, all of you, you need to run.”

“No! No way!” The woman moves closer to him, kneeling in front of him. “Whatever we do, we do together.” Her hand touches his cheek lightly before she pulls away sharply. The sound of dogs hungrily pulling at their leashes grows closer.

“That’s not an option that I’d feel comfortable with either.” Vivian says, this time with a bit more life in her voice. But as they argue, I turn to look back across the yard, and the men approaching the house. I close my left eye and focus on his head. It was an awkward position to try and shoot in. And I couldn’t afford to miss. Bang! The noise fills my ear drums as the grown man slumps to the ground and brings everyone’s attention back to the situation.


As I prepare to take another shot. A vampire tears the front door open. Blood covering his pale, thin body, as his eyes fill with hunger and rage. And through the night, his growl hauntingly stalks the air. Moving forward, stumbling in the snow as he does so, a bullet tears apart the skin and exposing the flesh in his stomach. The vampire’s eyes drop to the bleeding wound, and he hisses in response. Taking off like the wind in their direction. A banshee on a mission, except that it’s cut short. A bullet on a journey of destruction pierces his heart, and goes out the other side and into the wall. Turning him to ash on impact.

I eye up the men in the tree line and their cruel faces. Badges clipped to the pocket of a few of them. And even though I can’t read what it says, I know exactly who they are. And what they’re here for. “We need to get out of here.” The Vampire Defense Force. The humans were fighting back… “These guys, they’re not taking prisoners by the looks of it.”

And as I say it, the men shoot in response. The sounds of gunfire once again lighting up the night. And every shot had to be calculated exactly to reach it’s mark. We didn’t have the luxury of ammo to miss. Every bullet counted as we return fire, and hide to dodge their bullets.


Jasper slowly inches out beside the barrier, to take a shot and that’s when they seize the opportunity. And marksmen like precision would be his end. Feeling a lump in my throat I look down at him in shock as his body falls the the ground, only to be cradled against his lovers arms. “No! Jasper!” She screams over all the sounds surrounding us. Tears flowing as she sobs, pleading for him to wake up. But we already know that he’s gone. “Please…. Don’t die on me…” Jasper… Pushing aside the guilt and loss biting at the corners of my mind, I move back into position.

Vivian depletes all of her ammo first, and then me. My eyes dart around us, but with each passing second, our enemies get closer. And we’re surrounded. Maybe we could try and make a break for it… No, we’d be lifeless on the ground before we even made it off the property. Surrender? Beg?


Before I can even finish off my train of thought, a bullet pierces through the walls of my chest. Blood begins to fill up my lungs within seconds.  Coughing, I struggle for breath. The wound burnt like fire and ice combined. Searing in painful anguish. “I’m so sorry, Vivian…” I whisper roughly. The back of my singlet already mats with blood. And I can’t stop it. As I look into her green eyes, spitting out blood and shuddering against the cold, I see a vision of an old memory. My father leaning over my crib and telling me to protect her. And I can’t. I couldn’t save her.

“Don’t be.” She whispers softly, feigning a smile that would haunt me to my death. She was terrified, and she knew, she knew that it was over. And that smile amplified it times a million. My body grows numb and not due to the cold, but because of the warmth leaving my body. Shiloh’s sobs grow silent, as do the dogs, and guns. “It’s okay, we’re gonna be ok-”


“Drop your weapons…” Is all I hear as she’s dragged away from me.

And she’s gone…

And I’m gone…


“I don’t want you to go…” Her voice is soft like a whisper as I roll over and softly stroke her chin. The corners of her face form into a half hearted small smile as she opens her golden eyes to look at me. The smooth cotton of our sheets slides across my skin, as she wriggles closer to me.


“I know…” My fingers slowly trail to her long dark hair, tangling myself in the locks to pull her lips to mine. The sun shines through the window, lighting up our small bedroom, and illuminating her sun kissed skin. “But I need too…”

“Dog fights are one thing. I mean…” Slighty frowning, I smile at the face she pulls while she thinks. “I know you’ll always come home to me afterwards. But I couldn’t bear it if you didn’t come home at all. I trust you will. Cause I’m always waiting for you to… But war…? Rafe…?” Her eyes bore into mine. I understand. I know what she is and will say, and I agree. But I have to get her back. It’s the only way to bring my sister home.  “War is… Barbaric. Unsavory. And those vampires?  They don’t care about you. Not like I do. It’s war and to them, you’re just another body to bury along with the other hundred thousand they’d so carelessly give up for their stupid blood fest.”


“As long as that door is open then I will ALWAYS be coming home. To you. To us. As long as you still want me and then even if you make it damn clear you don’t, Ange, you will always be my home. Time, distance and bloody circumstance will never change that.” I state firmly, and softly at the same time. There was absolutely no way that I could forget about this girl. No way in hell I ever could just get over her. If there was a way home, to her, then I’d take it in a heart beat.

“You say that now, but when my tummy swells, and I get gigantic like an elephant you won’t be saying that?” Wiggling her eye brows at me, I can tell that she is trying to rid herself of the thought I might not make it back. Her eyes tell me as much. Her hand glides down to her stomach and cups it protectively with a sweet smile. She was beautiful. Even more so when she smiled like that.


“You make it impossible for me not too. Honestly if you could see yourself through my eyes… You’d never doubt yourself again.” My lips press against hers again. As I pull her against me and into a tight hug. Days that we spent like this made me never want to leave her side again. “I love you.”

“I love you too…” Angie looks up at me. “Please, don’t go…”



Mind numbing cold…

That’s all that there is. And darkness. Pitch black darkness, and the cold. My mind is a blank slate slowly coming back to life. I feel like white noise is infiltrating my consciousness. Like a thousand buzzing bees, vibrating in unison. And like I’ve just ascended from the depths of the ocean, the breath I take rises my chest from the stone beneath me. Filling my lung til the point the pressure is too much, and I cough, rattling my entire body.


Mumbling soon fills my ears. Almost as though whispers in a different language than my own. And I groan, trying to ease the pressure in my chest. My eyes try to open but the darkness hold me down in it’s tight embrace. “…Ill him…” Voices. “Wha… Mean n….” I struggle to make out the words, the sounds that they make. “..Aid kil…. And wh… Ou d…. Unde….”

Who are they? Where am I? Breathing heavily, I focus on trying to get my senses back. Except everywhere is numb. Where there once was warmth, and laughter, and serenity, was this heavy weight on my chest. A burning in my lungs. Struggling to find the way out, I think back to the last thing that I had seen. Snow… White, cold snow. Not pure white, no, blood, and lots of it. And what’s that sound? I groan again, a sharp pain at the sides of my head. Dogs barking… Growling… And banging… No… Gunshots… Someone was shot, was it me? I remember the blood, the excruciating pain. And… And… “Viv…” I mumble, as if to call out to her.


“E’s wa….Ing… At do w…. Ow..?” One of the voices growls in an obviously angry tone. Shallow, ragged breaths pass through my lips. My muscles tense and tremor against each other. My eyes slowly begin to flicker, revealing a blurry, white world. The brightness blinding me momentarily. “Vla… Mir we ca… Eave him ima…. Zel will thi… Be smar…”

“Like I said Schl….. Ou will do what I s…. Hen I say it, unders….” The second voice snaps at the first. His words still barely legible, yet they were starting to make more sense. My eyes slowly begin to focus on the dimly lit room, and the dark, dirty bricks. “I don’t car… Hat Azazel wants him fo… T is his fault that she is gone, tell m… Here is she? I told her to wait in the room and then he convinc…. Her to leave. My human is gone now! Because of him-“

“Sir, if I may, but if she had stayed inside the ro… Hen she would have died in that room.” The first voice states blankly. “Better her ou… On the streets than another dead body-“


“Do no speak about my Vivian like that!” The thick accent nags at my mind. I knew that voice. But the fog hides him away. And the pain in my lungs with each breath is like a knife being stabbed into to me. “She is… Ot dead, and she’s definitely not just roaming the streets. Hiding, perhaps, but she will retu… N to me, it is in her nature to come back to me. Do not be mistaken about that, Schlick.”

“Well, from the rational view point, my lord, she is gon…” The voice retorts without any signs of remorse or complacence. Why were they talking about her like this? What happened to you, Vivian? “Just gone, and where? Perhaps that is why you are so defensive, sir, maybe you’re worried that she doesn’t want to come home afteral-“

“If I were you I would not finish that statement, child.” It snaps, interrupting his partner again. Anger seething into his voice. “I’ve no qualms about ending your existence, especially one so inso… nt. Do not think I wouldn’t do it. I’ve no need to explain myself to you, she will return to me, and as for him, letting my human out, his use to me is no more.”


“What are you suggesting? And please take into account Azazel’s ruling with whatever it is that you are thinking.” Goose bumps form over my pale, and blood soaked skin. The coldness in the room seeming to deepen with their words, and hostility.

“Do you think I care about Azazel’s ruling? If I can’t have my human, then he sure as hell can’t have his.” The voice purrs with hints of revenge lathered in. Almost the statement I mightn’t of said as a child if someone had broken one of my toy cars. “And when she does return to me, knowing her twin died to protect her, she’ll be upset, and grieving, and who better to come to than I?”

“And a child with his blood is a rare breed, and after claiming the girl without first consent from your maker, you’re already on slippery ground, my lord.” The voice of reason. Yet I suppose that reason does not matter when the person in power will not listen, nor take advice.

“It’s a pity the boy died in the ambush then. Bled out before anyone could find him.” My eyes loosely focus in on his face. The bluish grey hair, atop the pale, ghostly skin. And his eyes a strange shade of paranoia and delusion. Something in him had changed, or perhaps I’d never seen it. “And it’d be good for you to remember that story.”


“Why the girl, why now?” The other man asks coldly. And I shiver with a chill running down my spine. Vladimir wanted me dead, and why? Because I had tried to save his human. Did the sick fuck actually think that by killing me she would go running back into his arms? She was stronger than that.. She had to be… Except where was she? The lengths that my memory would allow me to go, was up to the gun shot, and then… Waking up. “Her blood is potent, yes, but what else draws you to her. She’s not especially smart, nor more than averagely beautiful, nor even interesting. Why would such a human hold your affections so dearly?”

“She is with child-“

“And with human mothers, vampire embryo’s are typically aborted without the first few months. Conception is uncommon, but carrying full term is almost unheard of, especially with hybrids, sir.” The dark haired creature almost snorts as it speaks. The strong air of arrogance as almost all vampires carried evident with his tone. “So I do not understand what you hope to accomplish.”


“Vampires will rule this world, by end of this war we will all be royalty.” Is his response as he lifts his hands up to stop the second man from speaking. “Purebloods will be kings of a new world. But Aleksi survived the sun when he was sentenced to death, and he was a hybrid. If my child has his blood, then I can use it. And if I can day walk, who will rule then?”

“I should tell Azazel about this madnes-“

“I’m more than twice your age. And if I even think, even for a moment, that you will turn against me, then I will turn you to ash before you can even raise a fang against me.” Shivering, I feel the entire atmosphere of the room drop. Vladimir was old, strong, and the dangerous thing about all of it was that he was mad. Crazily so. And it didn’t matter how stupid, impossible or delusional his plan was, he was the one with the power, and the charisma to make a convincing tale from his lies. If Vivian was pregnant, then she had to stay the hell away from him. Even if she wasn’t, if she was lost, or on the streets, then I pray to god, with my last wish that she can break the hold that he has over her. “Now, that we have come to an understanding, and I do not care how, but he is gone.”

“But sir-“

“Gone!” Vladimir hisses at him, getting uncomfortably close to the vampire again. Baring his fangs, his tongue traces up one of his razor like fangs and he smirks. “Now I must prepare myself or the grieving stage. When Vivian comes back, which she will, then things will need to be arranged. So be ahead with it.” She won’t return to you… On my dying breath she won’t come home to you….


Slowly and hesitantly, the dark haired vampire starts to move. A cold hand covers my face, my mouth and nose in particular, and blocks off my air ways. And in that instant I snap to reality, my adrenaline fueling the struggle. Except despite all of my protests, he doesn’t budge an inch. My heart races in my throat.

And within seconds my head starts to thump, painfully demanding air.

But I can’t break his grip…


The world starts to return to it’s blurry state as he continues with his terrible pressure…

Anger flames in his eyes, burning with hunger, with nothing resembling remorse…

My struggles useless, and pitiful. The vampire’s grip too strong…

And I can’t break free….


Finally my head lops over, my body twitching, and my lungs aching as they try to find breath…

And the last thing that I see is Vladimir…

Smirking back victoriously at me…

And it’s gone…

And I’m gone…



Walking down the small brick path, I take a deep breath. The scent of Spring was on the air, wild flowers were in bloom, and fresh strawberries was on the breeze. Smiling, my eyes focus on the door to the small cottage. The warm sun shining brightly down on the beautiful scene that I was accompanied by. Birds singing and a child’s laughter echo’s.


I was home.


I swing the door open and walk into the familiar kitchen, to where a beautiful girl, with raven black hair and lips as red as roses sings. Leaning over the table, she tousles the hair of a young boy, colouring in a page, with his tongue poking out of his mouth. Concentration and joy clearly evident in his face.

Making a rumble in my throat, I smile as their faces look up and fall on me. Shock, surprise and relief all cover their faces. And for the briefest instant, no one moves a muscle.


“Daddy!” The boy finally screams colliding into me forcefully. Wrapping his tiny arms around my waist, and hugging me with everything he has.

“Rafe…” My Angie whispers, her mouth wide with surprise. After a few seconds, her face finally begins to curve into a large, brimming smile. tears streaming down her face. “It’s you, it’s really you, you’re home!”


“I always said I would make it back home to you.” I close the gap between us, and pull her into my arms for the first time in at least a year. I had visited her on occasion, but those hugs were different. Those embraces were sad, and hopeful all at the same time, knowing I’d be pulled away once again. But now nothing could ever make me leave her arms again. “I’m home Ange, this time for good.”


Author’s notes

So I am super sorry about the time that it took to get this chapter posted. And I do want to clarify some of the stuff briefly mentioned but not made entirely clear.

1. After Vivian left town, Rafe tried to find her and couldn’t. During her absence of two years, him and Angelique (who was in chapter 4.3), started getting serious. They had already been in an on and off relationship for a few years, but it actually became more than sex to them both. He was going to give up his plan to enlist with Azazel’s army. However, when Vladimir came to collect him, and Rafe refused, Vladimir made a deal with him that he would find Vivian for him if he joined his army.

2.  Vladimir was going to use Rafe’s death to get closer to Vivian. However, he believed she was going to be home within a few days, and as time drew out, he believed that someone might find out about what he had done. When Vivian finally arrived back in Bridgeport, obviously pregnant, Vlad was second guessing telling her that he had died. The stress might affect the baby, and he was lonely. When Vivian lost the baby it sent him into further into madness, losing his chances of procreating, and the fact that it is rare for it to happen at all. Seeing Aleksi without any signs of injury from the sun, proved to him that hybrids could unlock the secrets of day walking. The paranoia made him believe that not talking about him at all was the best option.

3.  The vampire who killed Rafe was hired by Azazel to watch over Vladimir, and to report back to him with his findings. And Azazel is aware of everything that happened that night.

4.  Rafe was a soldier, so he was able to go back home to his wife and son a few times over the years. But being able to go home, and stay home was something that he (obviously) really did want. So, I decided to be somewhat nice for once and give him a sorta happy ending. If Rafe was made the heir, then this would have been the final chapter for his generation. His death would have been more relevant to his story and not Vivian’s, but going home, that would have been his send off. His last goodbye. 


“Hey, smile for me love.” I smile softly at her, as her hand instinctively moves to pull her top back down over the large scar covering the majority of the right side of her rib cage. Rayne’s delicate eyes flicker for a moment as my hand softly closes over her own. “When you look at the scar, what do you see?”

Pursing her lips together, her eyes slowly drift down her chest, and stomach, finally resting over the scar hidden beneath the thin pink cotton and soft flesh. A deep look of prevailing sadness tugging at the corners of her mouth, causing my own face to frown in automatic response. “I… I see the worst time in my life. I see the flames engulf the house, my parents lifeless on the floor inside. I see those red eyes trained on my own, the blood dripping from her cruel face.” For a moment a wave of relief washes over her, because, for one, that vampire had been taken care of. And because a kind stranger had driven her away that dark night all those years ago. “I see all the years that I cried myself to sleep, wishing, just wishing they’d come back to me… And when I look down at it, I see weakness, and the fact that I lived and they burnt inside that home of ours.”


“Rayne…” I whisper softly, cupping her face in my hands. Her long blonde hair, curling between the spaces between my fingers. The look in her eyes changes, and begs me to stop talking. “You know what I see when I look at that scar?” Shaking her head without a word, a nervous half smile plays on her lips. “I see one of the strongest people that I know, a girl who went through hell and back, and still finds a way to smile. When I look at that scar, I see you Rayne, not for what that night took away from you, but for who you’ve become in spite of it. I see the most beautiful girl, my eyes have ever laid eyes upon.”

My hand pulls her away, and holds it against the bed, as I move to kiss her stomach softly. Her light giggle fills the room, immediately bringing a smile back to my face as my eyes move to meet hers again. A rough restraint still burning in her alluring pink eyes. “You have to say that.” Her voice is almost playful as she says it with a sigh. “You’re my husband.”


“I don’t have to say anything, that’s where you’re wrong.” I grin at her, and pin both her arms down, so I can kiss her deeply. And as I do so, I feel her heart begin to accelerate as she kisses me back. And my senses immediately stand on edge, as she pulls me closer to her, the blood rushing to her cheeks and staining them red. After all this time, I still had the power to make her blush with my touch. “You’re as beautiful as the day I first meet you, if not more. I’ve seen and met hundreds of people, and darling, it’s still you.”

Another soft giggle radiates her core, as her eyes search mine. “Tell me, how did I get so lucky to get you in my life?” A swell of my unbeating heart, and burst through my core, as I smile at her. It had been twenty three years since we had first met, and there hadn’t been a single day that she didn’t find a way to make me smile, or that I did not think of her. For nineteen years we had been together in wedded bliss, and she was the one decision that I could never regret.

“Luck of the draw I guess.” I smirk at her, a hint of playfulness in my voice, as I kiss her a final time. A car door slams from outside, and within an instant I’m at the window, looking down. “Willa’s home.” I still remembered the day that we had brought her home from the orphanage, and the instant she had turned our lives upside down. We couldn’t have children of our own, but we loved her like our own flesh and blood.


“And who is that insolent boy, with his tongue down our daughters throat?” A hint of anger touches my voice, as her quiet chuckles rise up through the night and to the window. All I could see was some boy, sex driven hormones biting the air as she curls her body around his. The hint of desire as both of their hearts pump the blood to their reddened cheeks, and their breaths deepen.


“That would be Markus, her boyfriend.” Rayne’s nonchalant voice breaks me out of my train of thought as my eyes are trained on them both. “Don’t frown so much, Phin, he’s a actually a really nice guy, and Willa seems to like him a lot.” I groan slightly, feigning a grumpy face as I look at her unimpressed. My wife giggles again, wrapping her arm around my waist. “Would you rather her be locked up in here all hours, and have no social life at all?”


“Actually yes.” I smirk at her, as she groans. “I’d rather her be one of those teenage girls who just sits at home looking at videos of cats on the internet, so I don’t have to worry about her kissing boys til she’s at least thirty.” Rayne slaps me lightly, snuggling into my body for warmth.

“She’s seventeen, and she’s switched on too, she’s not going to do anything stupid.” Gently kissing her warm forehead, I look down out the window again and frown. I wanted her to be happy, and… Despite this… Boy… I wanted her to have a life of a typical teenage girl. And she’d never brought anyone home before, even if it was just for a moonlit kiss goodnight. Yes, I wanted to punch him for even touching her, but she was happy. And that’s all I could ever ask for.

“I guess I just still see her as my… Baby girl…” I state slowly, as she finally beams up at me. Rolling my eyes at her cheesy grin, I continue. “She might be ready to start her life, but she will always be my baby. I still see her as the little tyke running through these halls causing terror, and running to meet me at the door when I’d get back from work. She’s ready to move forward with her life, but I’m not.”


“She loves you, and she won’t ever stop being your baby girl.” Throwing an arm around my neck, she pulls me closer to her. Golden locks flipping as she does so, and glimmering in the light. “It hasn’t been easy on her you know, she can’t say too much to her friends about you, or bring many of them home. And I know how proud she is to have you as her dad, but theirs certain complications.” Her voice changes as she says those sentences. Complications, being my vampirism, not that she’d say that out loud. What does daddy do for a living? He hunts down and kills bad vampires. “But… Maybe we could have Markus over for dinner one night, and the two of you could meet?”


“As long as you don’t compel him to tell you his entire life story and all the gory details?” Raising an eye brow at me, she smirks from behind her long locks. And in response I feign a surprised look, as if I’d ever do that… “Willa, come here honey!” Calling out, we here foot steps up the stairs and down the hall.


How many days has it been my love? How many eons have passed you by? Twelve months. Fifty two weeks. Three hundred and sixty five days. Eight thousand, seven hundred and sixty five hours. Since they took my love away.


Are you still here with me? Do you forgive me? For it is my life that continues. With every millisecond without you in my life that locks me in it’s prison. And my punishment, your face and your giggles dancing across my memories so absolute. Your face, and your scream, twirling across the dance floor, the same song every night.



A terrible scream fills the air. And both girls jump, their eyes filling with fear, as the blood curdling terror fills the night. My ears strain as I try to listen for the cause. My nose scenting the air for the culprit. I can feel the racing hearts in the room even as the noise turns to a strangled sound before it is cut off completely.

“Stay in here, I’m taking a look.” I state, my voice turning to a cold monotone. I wouldn’t have to fear the outside darkness, immortality stained my blood. But I felt the uncertainty in my veins, something was off about it, and I didn’t know what it was yet, but it put doubt into my mind.

“No… It’s probably just some kids playing around.” Rayne muses, trying to pretend that she was feeling braver than she actually was. And I wished I could believe her, but the scent of blood was already filling my nostrils. And with each passing seconds, more and more screams filled the night.

“Stay in here!” I order, before taking off downstairs.


Vampires… Two of them stood at my door, barring their teeth, blood covering their faces. But I knew that out there in the dark, where the sounds of the screams were, more of them were attacking. A low growl pierces the night through my partly open mouth. Both of their faces snap to mine, as they begin circling me, trying to seem intimidating. But I hold my ground with another fierce growl rumbling from deep within my throat.

“These lands are taken.” I state coldly. Old vampires were honor bound to their traditions, and I knew that was a way to prevent any more lives being taken. But in the pit of my stomach, their was a deep worry forming. Vampires never hunted openly in covens this large, nor did they lay waste to a town so openly. “You’ve no right to my blood.”

“No right?! No right?” The dark haired vampire scoffs, as his accomplice hisses into my ear from behind me. But I am not afraid for myself, or my life. Only that my family might be harmed. But I don’t give them the satisfaction. This town was my source of blood, and that was it, and that’s all they could know it as. “Things are changing my boy.”


“What’s the boss say about vampires?” The light haired vampire questions still trying to growl into my ear. Boss? And I feel the knot in my stomach tighten. And I knew, in that moment, that they planned to destroy everything and everyone that they could find. Muscles tensing, I try to focus on Rayne and Willa’s pulse from inside. The racing erratic beats, do nothing to calm me though.

“Kill him too.” It hisses with a cruel smile forming on it’s pale red lips. A sinister laughs cuts the through the cold air like a knife as both of the vampires look around frantically. The blood staining their skin, and pupils, giving them both a wild danger to them. Growling, I snap at the air as I’m forced to my knees. My eyes lock with this man, as we both size each other up. I would die, if that meant that my family was left in the house, forgotten.


“Burn it!” The inhuman growl barks the order, as his accomplice walks towards the house, a match in hand. “Burn all of it!” Almost in unison, both start bellowing with an almost maniacal laugh. My jaw grits together in frustration. If they were forced out of the house, then there was no way that they could survive til dawn. These vampires dripped with age, and blood lust, and the painful realization hits me, no survivors. This wasn’t an attack based off of thirst.

This was a massacre.

Footsteps towards the door. My muscles tense violently. The dark haired vampire opens the door, and moves to take a step inside. My heart sinks. They’ll know. They’ll know that they’re in there. An annoyed growl escapes his lips, as he can’t step past the barrier that locked us out without permission.


“If I even think that you’re going to move, I’ll blow your heart in half!” Rayne barks, slamming the door behind her. Fingers in the trigger of her handgun, the wooden bullets pointed steadily at the left side of his chest. Her eyes move to mine for the briefest second before darting back to the vampire in front of her.

“If you kill me, another will take my place, and another, and another.” A cruel laugh passes his lips, as Rayne frowns deeply. My eyes study him for any indication that he was going to attack. “But nothing you can do will stop this, child. This is the end for you humans.” There’s a flicker beneath her heavy eye lashes, the soft pink grows dark for a moment, as she pulls the trigger without a second of hesitation.

And as I feel her muscle contract, I leap up at the second vampire, catching his throat between my teeth, and my hand plunges into his chest. Fingers curling around his heart, and for a moment I make him squirm before I squeeze my hand together, and crushing his only vital organ that provided him with life. And to ash they both turn, and I feel him turn to dust around my arm.


If I told you I loved you, and I never let go, would you have stayed? If our last kiss goodbye never was to end, nor out last faded glimpse of each others fearful eyes? Last embraces said without the words, without the explanation of everything that my life meant with us together as a family. Nothing but a simple ‘I love you, don’t be afraid, I’m sorry.’


You were afraid, and I couldn’t protect you. I couldn’t save the lives of the only thing anchoring me to my sanity and world. Happiness and love, that was once what our life meant. And now it’s a faded memory to be relived over and over. To see your smile, only moments before your screams filled the night. Can you forgive me for what I can’t forgive?



Even as both Rayne and Willa shoot me a hundred questions, I fade out the sounds of their voices. My ear’s move past the forceful beating of their hearts. Instead I strain to hear each petrified scream as the life is sucked out of them. Every clumsy step across the roads, and grass as someone runs for safety. I focus on their heart beats, or lack there of. I breathe in deeply once again, picking up the different scents in the air. The thick, suffocating smoke starting to stain the already black sky. The heavy blood from each member of this town. And then, them…

“Phin!” Rayne repeats to me for the up tenth time, and my eyes meet hers finally. “Who are they? Why here, why today?” Willa clings to her trying unsuccessfully to mask her fear. But it burdened the air, and I could smell it dripping out of every one of her pores. We had sheltered her from this life for so long, and now, it was knocking on our door.

“Dad, what’s happening?” She mumbles to me, her eye brows pushing together, and marring her delicate forehead with soft wrinkles. And their eyes burn with confusion as they search mine for the answers that I just didn’t have.


“The council is the only thing that I can think of with this much power, and influence.” I reply shortly, pressing my arms against my bare chest as I think. The pressure heavy in the air, was weighing me down. Like ten tonnes across my sternum. If I was human, I probably would have found it hard to breath. “Even the rebels who have never followed suit of the authority would never go this this far. But… If it’s the council, and they’re here, right now, then, that means… Aleksi, and Arkin are gone.”

My eyes drop from theirs in that moment. I didn’t know exactly what this meant, but it burnt in my mind. The council had been an omnipresent threat since Elvira had been killed. And now, yet again they had popped their heads back up again. And once again, my family was in danger. My mind races to where they all were. Balt and Connie were in Starlight shores, they were safe, for now. Ethel was in Paris… But Sybil and Katherine… My stomach forms a tight knot again.

“They’re planning to burn the entire town to ash. I don’t even think that they care if they don’t get out in time.” I continue gruffly. Watching both of their beautiful faces contort. And I could see by the look in Rayne’s eyes that she knew exactly what this meant. The corner’s of her face droop down, as she pulls our daughter closer to her side.


Footsteps appear on the porch and my eyes dart to the nearest window, where two other vampire’s stare looking through at us. A cold expressionless face covering both of their features. A cold bleakness burns in their eyes as they continue to stare. “Let us in, and it’ll all be over that much sooner.” One of them hisses to me. A finger tracing the wooden frame of the window.

Instead of a response I growl at them, and stumble forward so that my eyes meet theirs with dark intentions. “Never.” As long as we were in here, then they couldn’t get to us. It seemed a foolish idea, but it was Rayne’s name on the deed, and permission would be the only thing allowing them entry.

“Have it your way.” The second vampire replies without emotion. And in his hand is a small glass bottle, with a cloth overflowing where the cap should be. Oil. A small smirk appears on their face as they light it up, and toss it through the window with a loud bang. And flames immediately eat away at the room, and everything in it’s path. “We don’t need permission, if no house stands. And how long can you last before you’re forced out?”


Your tears were my burden, your sacrifice my loss. You needed someone to hold you close to them, and to shield you from the cold, harsh night. I needed to be that person. I was supposed to protect you, and I was supposed to keep you safe. That was my holy oath taken, until death do us part.


And on the first day my child, I promised you a world that you’ll never have. And now you’re shattered into a thousand tiny pieces, and sprinkled across the solar system. Taking your place among the stars, and lighting up my dark path I’m taking.  You shine the brightest, but I’m afraid that I’ll never find home again.



Thick, black smoke quickly burns and stains the air around us. Choking sounds from behind me sob, and bring my mind to life. This house was meant to be our salvation, not our grave. Tasting the air, my eyes burn with fury, as I stalk forward. We had to get out… That much was clear. But where would we go? How would we escape?

All around me I can hear the foot fall of creatures with no heart beat stalking the night. And the crackle of the flames as they get closer and closer to us. Choking the life out of those two woman behind me who meant my absolute world. And the fire creeps forward, without remorse, without favour towards us. It was cruel and unforgiving. And with each passing breath, it got closer and closer.

“I love you-“

“No, don’t say that!” Willa screams over the fire and my voice, her face scrunches up as tears stream down her face. Rayne frowns, still not saying a word. But I could tell by the look on her face that she was thinking. My daughter sobs, her eyes searching ours.


“Phin…” Rayne says finally. “If you love me, and the life we have created together, then you need to take Willa on your back, and run as far away from here as you can.” My hand softly touches her cheek, but she turns away from me, a sob catching in her throat. “And I will… I can buy you both some time.”

“Absolutely not, I will not leave you.” I hiss at her, feeling my own emotions catching in my throat. Her hand wraps around my waist as her gaze turns pleading, and I know that she won’t take no for an answer. But I can’t leave her. My wife, the love of my existence. All the memories that I hold of her flash dance across my mind, as she stares at me sadly. “And I won’t, I can’t leave you here to die alone, Rayne… I… I can’t…”

“I… I know…” Her voice is barely audible as a tear falls down her cheek. I wipe it away, and choke back my own emotions. I couldn’t let either of them know I scared I was. But those vampires stalking the outside of the house. The flames eating away at us inside. I couldn’t lose either of them… “But what’s the alternative? All of us die?” A morbid, frustrated smile plays on her lips, before they start to quiver. “Phin, darling, for me. For our daughter. Please, you have to save her…”


I can’t even think, even as she throws her body against mine, and captures my lips hungrily with her own. I can’t think, I can’t move. How can I put into words everything that this woman means to me? How could I sum up our entire life together in just one last kiss, taken decades too early? The smell of smoke intoxicating our nostrils, and the heat of the flame dangerously close. This wasn’t how it was supposed to end. This wasn’t how we were supposed to end…

“I… I love you.” I choke out huskily, as she pulls away far to early for my liking. The taste of her lips lingers on my own for a few more seconds before she escapes my arms, with a mournful smile. Her hand in mine, slowly pulls away.


“Mum… Don’t do this…” Her strangled sob cries. Pleading with her to stay. She was too young to lose a mother. To young to experience anything but love and laughs, the happiest of times. “You and dad go… I… I’ll s… Stay…” Rayne collects her in her arms, gripping onto her tightly. The ultimate sacrifice, giving your life, for a child, for a loved one.

“Take care of your father for me.” Stepping forward, I wrap them both in my arms for one last time. Kissing each of their foreheads softly. Biting back the tears stinging in my eyes. “I.. I love you b.. Both so much-“

“I will run faster than you can imagine, and after I take her somewhere safe, then I will be back for you.” I growl to them both, and to myself. Promising us all that we would be reunited. I needed to hear it myself. That I would be back for her. That there would be someone to come back for. “So, don’t do anything stupid, my love, I will be right back.”


Punish me, make me remember. Immortality spent alone. Force me to relive the torture I put you through. Hurt me, so that I may feel an ounce of the pain that I should. Let me suffer, so that your memory can be upheld. They wouldn’t let me burn with you, so allow my stone cold heart to suffer this insanity.


This fate would always have befallen us, my survival and your life lost. But a life lost before you got to live, and taste all that life has to offer. And the rest of this town, every man, woman and child… Gone… While I, the solitary ghost to stalk these plains alone. These parts are full of them. Confused, scared, and alone. A faded memory of a war torn town.



They had come out of nowhere. They had seen us before we even had a chance to react.


“Run!” The words left my lips before I even knew what was happening. I had barely left the boundary of our home before they were on me. Holding me back, while they attacked. And she ran, my Willa ran as fast as her legs could take her away, while I tried to buy her time. But how much could I give to her? In the dark, I could see them lurking, and stalking their prey. The screams climbing into the sky.


My child’s screams fill the air, but I can’t help her. Not when I can’t even help myself. Not from the vicious onslaught of fists, and furious feet, teeth and claws. Hyped up on the blood of their victims, and the blood of this town, this creature is too strong. The gift of age burning from within his muscle as they continue to pound at me.


And as I’m forced to the ground, a familiar heart beat grows near, and makes my heart sick. Rayne… They had her, they had my wife, they had my child…

And I can’t fight back…

“Kill them both, but leave him alive, make him watch!” It hisses viciously over me, taking my bruised, and beaten face in it’s cold hands. And my eyes meet both of theirs with a deep sadness. I try to struggle, but within an instant his hand is in my chest. Fingers around my heart. Stopping the struggle in an instant.

“I’m sorry…” I sob, as Rayne half smiles at me with a tearful nod. My daughters face is dark, as her eyes stare into mine. The pain in my chest is excruciating, even as I try to move closer to them but am prevented from doing so. “Don’t be afraid…”


Can you forgive me? Can you kiss away my pain just one last time? Rayne, Willa, I failed you, I failed this town. They came in the night, and they took your life away from me. And I was weak, and I was foolish. If there was something I could have done, then I’d do it. And I’d do it a thousand times over.

“I love you…” My voice is husky from lack of sleep, and nourishment. How can I live while you sleep in the cold, musty dirt? How can I live without you? “I’m… I’m so sorry… I… I sh… Should have done someth… Thing… Oh god, Rayne, darling, I’m so sorry… I couldn’t prot.. Tect her… I couldn’t protect you…”


The twin graves that stand side by side in the dirt, seem to stare up at me longingly, and I them. I could never again rest my tired head against the warmth of your body, or hold you tight in a nightmare. My life, diminished in the night, a year ago today.

“Love can you ever forgive me…?”

Balt and connie 1

I’d like to ask Connie and Balt how hard it was to know that she’d die while he stayed behind and lived. =3
from – Angel


Connie – I… I was always scared for it. You know, when I was old, and grey, and wrinkly… And when I looked like his grandmother, instead of his wife. That thought alone terrified me. But facing my mortality… It was easier to deal with when I was younger, at least it wasn’t so obvious and right in your face.  And Balt, you always put on the brave face for me, and when we were together, I really did believe I could live forever… But I always struggled, Balt, I never told you, cause I didn’t want you to worry, but, it’s always been so, so hard knowing that you’d live forever, and I’d be no more than just a blimp passing through your countless lives… I know that what we have… What we had, was real… But…


Balt –  What we have is real, Constance, every single second of my non existence. Elvira, Arkin, the council, none of it matters, not really, it’s always going to be you. And you’re an idiot for thinking so foolishly and believing it otherwise. But as for you question… I guess… Kuolema on tervetullut vierailija… I mean… Err… You can’t even begin to fathom losing the only thing you’ve ever loved more than yourself, aside from Aleksi of course, and then… Living every day til the end of time with that guilt. Did I do enough? Does she know that I loved her? Was there anything I should have done differently? I knew… I always knew… But nothing really prepares you… It’s killed me every single day since I fell for her. And it’ll hurt every single day after… You kill me Connie, you really do…

Aleksi and Vivian 1

Question for Aleksi: Are you actively trying to protect Viv?
from – Anonymous Miss


Aleksi – You have no idea what it’s like, and how hard I’m trying, you possibly won’t til you have a child of your own. Your whole world gets turned on it’s head, and suddenly, the things you thought were important, aren’t anymore. If I didn’t think it was such a threat for me to be in her life, for me to know her, then… Things would be different. But for now, I’m watching from the shadows, and doing the best I can. Moving my father near Blackwater, was a savior. I don’t really want to imagine what would have happened if he weren’t there when she crashed that night. And… And Nightmare (looks down at the wolf), he’s a lot more subtle than I am. She trusts wolves more than vampires anyway… But, it’s hard when she is purposely putting herself in danger, and especially in the political side of things. Too much attention and it’s… She needs to get out. And I need to send a messenger to drill that into her.

Elizabeth 1

For Elizabeth: How hard was it getting through the roughest patches in your life and what impact did it leave on you until death and even now that you’re in limbo?
From – wendyd4rling


Elizabeth – I can honestly say, that some of my roughest patches left me feeling black and blue all over. Like I just wanted to curl up into a ball and never come out. Leaving Starlight shores was probably one of the hardest, if not the hardest part of my life. After Wil had left me crying night after night, broken hearted I had turned to my mother who seemed to be completely oblivious to my pain, I had to leave. For a few years after that, I considered tucking my tail between my legs and running back home. Living through my parents, I wanted my children to have it better, and to see that happiness was possible, no matter how bad a day you were having. And love, even with Wil again, that love triumphs all. I hope my kids saw that, and know that they are worth loving. And worth the time of day, which I didn’t growing up… I think after enduring Kendrik for so long, and then falling straight back to Wil’s arms, I wanted them to understand that sometimes, even if it goes against better judgement, and you don’t know what’ll happen next, to just follow your heart. A lot of the stuff though, it’s still there, in my heart. I think that’s why I saw my mother’s past, maybe it was something to help me move on, to the next life.


And the last one for either Azazel, Aleski, Balt or all three if you want to ask all of them: It’s obvious that war is fueling, if not already escalated to that point, but what is your prediction for the end of it? Will it lead to the equally of humans and vampires alike or do you see it leaning in another direction?
From – wendyd4rling


Azazel – Equality? Please, that pathetic excuse for a vampire, Aleksi, couldn’t win a game of battleship, much less a war. He’s no threat. He’s… A pest, but definitely not a threat. Now Asmodeus, he is much to thick headed to know how to fight logically. He’s a brute, and he outnumbers us at this point. But his men are new and untrained, acting on pure blood lust. My men are smart, well trained, and well equipped. The end of this war will see me victor. After that, the humans will not coexist, or be our slaves, but once again, free for all, within reason. Like hunting season, or a fishing limit, I suppose. We will walk freely among this world though. And we will sit at the top of the food chain where we belong. As kings. King Azazel, sounds quite fitting, doesn’t it?


Aleski – It’s very hard to say where the war will take us at this point. We’re outnumbered, and outgunned. But, we’re fighting for a real future. For everyone. Not just vampires, but lycans and humans as well. And people are slowly coming around to it. Thanks to Asmodeus, for scaring people into thinking that’s what they have to do to be safe. I don’t like it much. I don’t think I’m much of a leader, but until Arkin returns to his place, then I’m all we’ve got. And of course the twins will keep each other distracted enough for us to do some real damage. And hopefully, it’s enough. But of course we do have a few secret weapons up our sleeve, such as the humans slowly coming to realize that they can’t fight this war alone. Mainstream support could swing us into a better future. Because if we don’t, then I see bad, bad things happening.


Balt – Unlike my son, I do not think that the humans will willingly fight beside us, but against all vampires in a vain attempt to save themselves. I think that we could have a fourth member joining this war. And against two, very old, three thousand year old pure bloods, two supernatural armies that outnumber his, and the possibility of Queen Morrigan joining back into the war. It’s not looking good. She and Asmodeus would share the same ideals on human slavery, but she’d kill him before she’d join him. And Azazel would buckle under her might without a fight. Right now… We need a miracle… And I don’t think Arkin will be coming back around this time to help…


How’d you get the idea for Ravenwood in the first place?
From – xMusiczNotesx


The idea came about six months before I actually started this blog. I had started been looking up something for the sims, and came across the Legacy challenge. Wanting to find out more, I googled sims 3 legacy and came across a few blogs. I absolutely fell in love with the idea of writing one, since writing had always been something I loved to do, and these people had done it so well, so I started a story on my laptop. But that laptop was the worst thing I have ever seen, played, or heard of, which made playing for longer than twenty minutes impossible, and I couldn’t handle CC or poses. I think I wrote about 10 chapters, and about a million ideas for it, but in the end, apart from some pictures and chapters nothing came of it. After I created my town, and getting involved in the sims 3 forums, I remembered that idea from ages ago. At that point I had a brand new, six month old laptop, and decided to give it a go.

In the original version, Elizabeth moved from Bridgeport to Sunset Valley in an almost identical manner. Once there she has a very similar start, falling in love very quickly with a local and getting pregnant. However, when Wil returned he was a vampire (I had planned it that it took three days for a human to fully become a vampire and he was only on day two). They spent the night together, and planned to talk about their relationship the following night. Except he never showed, because he had finally become a full vampire and was scared to be around her. Elizabeth thought it was a sign and would then stay with her local man. However he would get a job taking him to Paris for two years and she’d stay behind with the babies. While he was away, she had twins to Wil, a boy and a girl, with the boy being a vampire. I actually don’t think that I got further than that, but when I started this legacy, I based it off of that idea. As for the rest of it, being a chronic insomniac and only getting about two hours sleep for most of this story has produced some weird ideas that probably didn’t sound as good as they did in my head. But a lot of it comes from my own personality.

I’m a cynic, a romantic and I love tragedy. My poor characters. I do love them, not that you could tell.



I do want to say a huge, huge thank you to all of you, from the bottom of my heart.


Over one year ago, I started this blog, and here we still are. One year later. Still going strong.


For all the stories we’ve shared, and the characters we’ve lost. And all those still to pass.


Thank you all for sticking with me this long, none of us would be here without your continual support ❤