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Super sorry for the delay in this chapter. With the holiday season here, I’ve been a little distracted. That and past me seems to think it’s funny to delete CC and sets that I need so future/present me has to do more work when photographing scenes. So things might look a little bit different, but it shouldn’t matter too much.

Anyway, I hope you all have a safe and wonderful holidays. Happy holidays, merry Christmas, happy hannukah, and anything else I could be forgetting since it’s well past midnight right now.


2013 christmas

Silence. As my mind drifts back to consciousness, that’s all there is. For a moment, the soft fall of snow across the forest floor, and winter’s icy touch creeps through the walls, and I shiver. Cocooning myself tightly in the warmth of my blankets. I can’t help the irrational movement of my heart skipping a beat as my mind dances over the date and it’s implication. December twenty-fifth. Christmas day. God help us all…

I can hear the footsteps in the hall now, the soft pitter patter hurrying across the old wood, nagging tentatively against my ear drums. Arkin was very much awake, and the painful excitement bursting through the labs in mere seconds forces my eyes shut once again. It was too early for this. God, it was always too early for this, for him, and today was certainly no exception, perhaps, it would indeed meet my expectations and crumble them in a thousand broken pieces.

2013 christmas (2)

A slight groan passes my lips as the door is torn open, and a heavy weight cast across my body. His knees cut ceremoniously to close to my body, entrapping my ribs, and body under his weight, giggles softly rumbling in his throat. “Aleksi! Aleksi! Are you awake?!” From beneath closed eyes, I can sense his ghostly red eyes are trained on me, brightened, and exuberant with a kind of childlike innocence. “Aleksi? Wake up! Guess what day it is! I bet you’re just pretending!”

“No, I’m asleep…” Growling, I struggle to reach an arm to his chest, pushing him off me in a gentle, yet forceful move. His hand grips mine tightly, as he struggles for balance. How a vampire of two thousand year could shake like a leaf in the northern wind from a little tap is beyond me.

“You can be such a brat sometimes.” Opening one eye precariously, he sticks his tongue out at me in an act of childish defiance.  Still crouched over top of me, like a domesticated cat eyeing up it’s freshly laid out bowl of fresh meat. “Besides, it’s 12.04, I’m actually a little bit late to this party-“

2013 christmas (3)

“Arkin, there’s no party…” Sighing, I manage to grip the bridge of my nose. If I didn’t actually grow to tolerate the man over our time together, if I didn’t actually like him, begrudgingly at times, then I might really hate him sometimes. Like waking me up at exactly 12.04 on Christmas day by jumping on top of me. “Go back to bed… Please?” My voice has a sharp edge of exasperation to it. Yes, we were creatures of the night, vampires, but there was no reason that we had to add nocturnal to the list.

“But Santaa… I’ll miss him.” Arkin whines, whines like a child who wants to stay up all night to catch a glimpse of the old fairy tale. “And I’ve been a good boy all year.” The look in his eyes changes somewhat, I note. The way he voices the word ‘good,’ it’s almost serious. Sincere. Like he needed it.

“To be fair.” A soft, serene voice sings through the darkness. “He did give you a few minutes head start.” Raveena… I barely have anytime to think at all, before I manage to shove Arkin off of me and to the floor. Soon enough her brilliant violet eyes are locked in on me, offering me a silent look of sympathy. The curves of her feminine face, the dazzling smile painted upon her perfect, porcelain skin leaves me half breathless. “Four to be exact.”

2013 christmas (4)

“Ravee!!” Arkin squirms off the ground in a flash of white, despite the initial struggle to find his feet, soon he finds himself at her side. Don’t stare to long… One or two seconds at the very most, but no longer to sneak just one look at her striking features. She already had the upper hand of being able to detect my heart, and breathing rate. Perhaps she could even smell the desperation to be acknowledged dripping from every one of my pores. “Lucky I have you, or the kid might actually bum me out a little bit. I think, now my calculations might not be one hundred percent, but, I’m sure I might have enough holiday spirit for the both of us.” I recoil almost instantly by the closeness of their touch, his hands glide across her back, and she smiles softly his way.

If it wasn’t for the soft giggles radiating her core, amplified with my supernatural hearing, then I might of been a little worried, or reactive to Arkin’s words. But alas, her, Raveena, it went against every fiber in my being to try to ignore the sweet sound upon her lips, but how could I? It was contagious, and the type of sound that could make your worries fade into oblivion the second the first giggle rang out. Even worries about what my master had planned for the merry date.

2013 christmas (5)

“You wanna take my place for today?” I sigh, once again left alone to my thoughts. Nightmare takes my place on the bed, softly whining, his right ear twitching at the very sound. The head coated with dense black fur droops, and the way that his lips curve almost look as though he’s laughing at me. “I’ll take that as a no then…”


“Santa came! Santa came! Santa came!” Arkin’s high pitched squeals echo, and rumble through the thin walls. Seeming ever thinner with each bellow of his happy, sing song voice. There were kids, actual kids that I had seen that weren’t even a fraction as excited as Arkin was. Shrugging on an old shirt, I breathe in deeply, fastening a jacket against my slender body. It was my first Christmas away from home, from my parents. And a part of me missed it.

2013 christmas (6)

“Looks who’s finally gracing us with his presence.” Arkin’s face curves into a wide brimmed smile. In spite of myself, as Raveena’s back turns, I find myself locked into place. Like a statue formed in stone. Even if just for a moment, a light blush creeps over my cheeks, and I curse under my breath.

“Yeah… We have a tree..? Inside the house?” I breathe out in a shaky voice. Allowing just enough uncertainty into my voice to distract from the awkward tension clutching around my chest. My eyes fall on the bland, over sized pine taking up space inside the room. A variety of mismatched boxes, coated generously in coloured paper sits underneath.

“How else would our man in red know where to put the gifts? For growing up inside a mortal home, you do not seem quite well versed in your own traditions.” He sighs in response, his eyes blinking back at me expectantly. I pause thoughtfully, counting the seconds between our words, trying to plan out my next statement. For one, it definitely wasn’t a Christmas tree, it was devoid of any decoration. And two, he had either learnt sarcasm, or he actually believed in what the date signified.

2013 christmas (7)

“It’s been a while since I’ve celebrated such a tradition.” Raveena blushes sweetly at me. Running a hand through her dark violet locks, nervously, she captures a painted lip between her teeth. Biting down distractedly. “I can’t help but feel that I’ve forgotten something. Although, I’m sure that it’s the thought that counts after all.”

“It seems to have worked.” I respond lamely, sinking into the couch with a brooding look upon my face. My eyes glued to the floor as I try to remove the image of her from my head, and still my now racing heart. The effect that she had over me was starting to become troublesome. No one had ever done this to me, of course I didn’t know enough pretty girls for it to be a viable observation, but my thoughts still held.

“Look it’s been a whole year since this last happened, can we please just open the presents now?” Arkin breaks the silence. His eyes almost forming the perfect puppy dog look. I feel myself nodding absent mindedly in response. And that’s all that it takes before he’s upon the tree, tearing apart each box with carefully trained precision. Paper floats around the room in a flurry of white. “!!”

2013 christmas (8)

“Thank you.” I whisper under my breath to Raveena as he finally seems distracted. I’m sure that even a fire couldn’t tear Arkin away from those gifts. I doubt he’d even notice the alarm over the constant giggles rumbling in his throat. “I don’t know how you set this up without Arkin figuring it out, and causing a scene, but you did it.”

“Who said it was me.” She raises an eyebrow in mock questioning towards me. A soft smile playing on her lips, curving them into a delicate, thoughtful smirk. “It’s the one holiday that he seems to enjoy. Which is surprising, even to me, since the rest of them seem to unnerve him to the very core. But Arkin has done a lot for me, he is very precious, so if I can ease his pain for even a single day each year, then I’ll find a way to bring this legend to life. Even if the santa our time was a little crueler than now.”

My stomach does a painful flip towards her words, precious? To her? But I swallow the uncertainty with a weak smile. Each word was spoken with love for the old vampire, the paper flying through the air was a testament of that. Yet somehow, I partly understood the meaning. I hadn’t been here long, not at his side, yet I had already learnt so much from the erratic enigma that was Arkin. Perhaps one day, this could be my gift to him. A shabby tree, surrounded by poorly wrapped gifts, with the people I love.

2013 christmas (9)

“I’m sorry that you’re not with your family this year, Aleksi.” Ravee says quietly, sitting uncomfortably close to me. Perhaps picking up on my drop in mood. Her voice, her breath, a trickle of air across my neck. I can’t bring myself to look upon her face, for knowing that it will cause a blush to creep into my pale cheeks.

“This year, I think I’m with people who are just as important. I’m still spending it with those that I love, and hold dear to me.” Fumbling behind my back, I draw out a small box, wrapped in shimmering lilac paper. Despite my rather bold words, her returning smile holds my nerves at bay. “And as long as that is true, then the destination is not important.”



“Arkin, I promised that I’d find a way to bring you home…  I still hold that promise dear to my heart. If there’s a way, I’ll find it… I couldn’t bring Ravee home either, I’m sorry. I couldn’t protect either one of you, I failed her, and I failed you. I’m still carrying that guilt around with me everyday. And right now it seems I can’t get memories of this place out of my head. It must be that time of year again. The one that you loved so dearly. Perhaps, one day, I’ll find the joy in it once again. I’ll find you…”


Chapter 3.22

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I sigh getting to my feet, breathing in the strong scents of the incoming summer. Days were longer, nights shorter. I walk through the moonlit forest without knowing my destination. Just enjoying the sense of freedom that lacked in my imprisonment. The grass under my feet. The warm, fresh air on my skin as I speed up into a brisk walk and finally exert my muscles to their full potential by sprinting. It’s almost like my muscles know the path I’m taking. It isn’t a conscious decision. I don’t want to think right now. Instead I focus on the feeling of my flight. Of the speed, and the wind. All the sounds that surround me.

My speed drops as I begin recognize the woods that surround me. And the all too familiar path up to the now abandoned building full of broken, haunting memories. I come to a halt as I stalk up the path. Regretting every foot step. Except I can’t turn back now. My heart thuds painfully in my chest as the building comes into full view.


The vines and ivy grow just as wild as it was left. The overgrown flora surround the building, giving off a strong sense of isolation and desolation. As I ascend the steps, my hand traces along the contours of the old building. The ghosts that haunt the building call to me. Telling me to go on.

“You’re here….” The voices call to me.Some familiar some not. They only murmur louder as I open the door and step inside.

“Your not real…” I growl back, feeling the hairs on my arms an the back of my neck stand up as a cold chill runs down my spine. Books fall off the shelf around me causing me to jump. “It’s not real…” I whisper quietly reassuring myself. “None of it is.”


“Maybe I’m not…” An all to familiar voice whispers. As I turn my head, I see him… “But you’re still here, are you not?”

“You’re not real!” I growl a little louder, trying to rid myself of the apparition.

“You left me behind.” It purrs feigning hurt. My heart quickens as it steps closer. “You left me to rot away! After all I did for you, and you just left me to die, and rot, like some animal. Did I mean so little?”

“Stop it!” My voice cracks a slight high not as I survey the area for escape. “Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Your not real!” I back up slowly, carefully. Trying not to trip up over the discarded items lying all over the floor. Instead I back right into another object.


“He’s not, but I am!” A low, rough voice growls into my ear. My heart drops as its claws graze across my neck. I can’t speak, I can’t move, I’m frozen with fear. “Have you checked the children?”


When my eyes open, I’m already on my feet, sprinting to where they are. Have you checked the children? No. It couldn’t be him. Asmodeus couldn’t have found me. My heart aches with an erratic, frantic beat. It seemed stupid to believe wholeheartedly in a dream. It’s only a dream. Except my dreams had a habit of coming true in some form of another. It’s only a dream. Keep telling yourself that..


I trip falling into the door way, without thinking of anything but their safety, I rip the door open, revealing the blazing afternoon sun. A rough growl escapes my lips as I fall back to the wall and out of the scorching, hot way.

Despite a few deep breaths, my heart will still not hush. The loud, forceful pumps against my heavy chest beat frantic as though the danger has still not passed. I groan, resigned to my fate to reside in the shadows, while they walked in the sun.

The boy’s loud childish giggles echo all the way inside, along with his footfall as he runs clumsily away from his sister. She screams after him in delight. “Wafey! Wafey! Imma gon getchu!” A weak smile forms on my lips as I sit shakily in the dark room listening in on them. They were safe, and happy, more than I could ever ask for. More than they could possibly ever ask for with me, and while the twins raged war within vampire hierarchy.


“Viiiiii!!! Viiii! Nooo, noo ahhh!” The boy screams as his sister reaches him and they fall to the ground giggling. “Nawt chur cookeh….” He grumbles, as she takes her victory. “Ma cookeh…”

“Bhut, wafey me halfs, chu halfs?” I half smirk at their relationship. They weren’t alone. Not while they had each other. They weren’t alone…. They’d be okay, I think reliving the relationship between my mother and uncle Phin. They were twins, and despite everything,  the fights, the battles, they always had each other’s backs. They would have fought tooth and nail to keep each other safe. Everything was going to be okay.


But maybe I was just trying to justify my thoughts, and soon to be actions. Make it all sound right, and just, and fair. Not a cruel, selfish act done in the name of “love”. They were my children, and my blood. Maybe I was just scared. Scared of being a father, and taking responsibility. Scared of being all they have in this world. And maybe I am. But fear isn’t going to keep them safe.

I know what I have to do.


As night descends I watch over them with determination, and sorrow. The rise of their little chests, up, down, and repeat. The soft humming of their breaths, in and out. The soothing beat of their tiny hearts. This is how it’s meant to be, safe, and happy. Living for today, not over my shoulder. A weak smile touches upon my lips, they could live that story. They would never have to fear the monsters in the dark, or what lurked in the shadows of the night. They could be safe.


My gaze focuses in on Rafe as he mumbles something incoherently under his breath whilst deep in sleep. He was going to be a trouble maker. Something in the way he smiled, and the glint in his eyes made it obvious. And maybe I was just saying it as a father, but he was going to grow up and steal all the ladies heart if they weren’t careful. My hand slowly traces along his tiny, bare arm, making my throat burn and ache, but my heart feel oddly at ease.

“I know I’m not going to be there to watch you grow up, kiddo.” I whisper almost silently. “But I want you to know that I do love you, and me leaving… It isn’t done out of malice or me not wanting to be your dad. I need you to be safe, it’s all I want for you. And you’re mom, she isn’t here to protect you no more, or to tell me what the right thing to do is. And I miss her so much. But this… It has to be the right decision.” My voice falters slightly, as he re-positions slightly. I wait in silence for a moment, making sure he still sleeps. “Can you do me favor? Can you protect her? With all you have, and all you’ve got. She’s your sister, and you’re the man of the house.”


I slowly creep forward and peer down into Vivian’s crib. She looks so sweet and angelic, as she softly snores. There was so much of Ravee in her. She was going to be beautiful. I sniffle quietly, as I try blinking away the tears forming. I didn’t know how hard this was going to be. If I felt I didn’t have to, I wouldn’t say goodbye. I’d learn to to be the father they deserved. But I didn’t get the happy ending I deserved.

But neither did Ravee, or Arkin, or the countless vampires who would have to fight the war. They needed someone to grant them justice. Although finding Arkin and bringing him home, wasn’t ever going to be the easy choice. The resistance needs someone, they need hope. We all need a little hope.

Vivian tosses and turns in her sleep, snapping me out of my thoughts. I watch her worried that she may wake. Her toes curl, and she breathes deeply, yawning loudly. Her eye lashes batter sweetly as she pouts at me.


Before she can make a sound, my hand rushes to comfort her. As our skin touches, I feel a burst of emotion through my core, telling me that everything will be okay. The connection as our embrace lasts, only grows stronger. Father and daughter. Cut from the same stone. Even with my absence, the connection was still strong, and obvious. And that was always going to be there. I would always be able to find my way home. To her, to Rafe.


“Hewrow?” She mumbles tiredly as she rubs her eyes.

“Hey baby..” I mumble softly, watching her reaction. “Go back to sleep.”


I kiss her forehead softly, as my hand gently cups the back of her head. “I’m going to be back one day, I promise. But right now, an old friend of mine needs me. And this is the only way to protect you. But one day, it’ll be safe for me to come back to you. And when that day comes, nothing could ever stand in the way of me being the best father to you and Rafe. Nothing.” I pause, less than an inch from where I kissed a moment before. “Now sleep easy, cause I love you, and I’m coming home one day.”

She eyes me sweetly as her head falls back into her pillow as rest comes easy. Even though she wouldn’t remember me by the time the sun rose high in the sky tomorrow, and I was long gone, it gave me comfort. “Seepeh tim…” She mumbles falling into a deeper sleep. “Nuh nye pa….”


Author’s note.

So this is the end of generation 3, sadly 😦

The next chapter will be the prologue of the fourth generation. I am happy to admit that I am excited to write for it, and the new story teller, and poll winner. Whoever that may be, I did drop a few obvious hints for you guys 😉 

Chapter 3.21

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All my tired, aching muscles freeze as the tantalizing smell hits me like a freight train. From one moment I feel free, and now, all I can focus on is the hunger. The painful, all consuming hunger. The two children, look up at me with fascination, but all I see, all I feel is their pulse. The thud of their mortal hearts. My throat aches with protest as I statuesquely stay firm in my position not daring to move an inch for fear of slaughtering everyone in arms reach of me.

The red haired child’s violet eyes hold me in place. Except despite my good intentions the scent alone weighs heavily on my mind. My mother had been like heroin to a vampire’s senses, pure Ecstasy, except she was not even one tenth of the strength of the children. My breath comes out slow and ragged as I struggle to contain my thirst.

“Wh… What are they?” I growl through my tightly clenched teeth. The force hurts my jaw, but I only bite down harder. “Who’s?” my eyes blink back the tears of anguish already forming as I know the answer to the question I have just asked.


“Congratulations, you’re a father.” Huttser says unenthusiastically as he surveys my body language intently. Possibly watching me to see if I would make a move on the two youngsters gurgling happily together on the floor.

“How….? They’re… Human… More so than me, and I’m a half blood…” I whisper, focusing in on their heart beats with mixed emotions. The man was right to watch me so suspiciously. I could so easily turn against them. But they’re a part of me, and I’m a part of them. I can feel our bond with every beat of their pulse.

“I dare say it was that blasted cure that your master was working on.” He says bluntly as Salamae smiles encouragingly at me from beside him.

“It wasn’t a cure… It was a blood substitute.” I respond flatly. Arkin, my master, was gone. And never coming back… No don’t think like that. “How did you know about that, or him?”


“How naive as to think that we weren’t aware of the progress you were making. Arkin had been looking out for you, even before you knew his name, or that he was watching over you. Nightmare…” He says tenderly saying the dog’s name with reverence. “Our wolf-brother, was a present. Although… I’m not so sure that you could give away another person just like that… I mean, sure he was in wolf form, but still…” Huttser frowns as though bemused as he tries to wrap his head around the thought. Instead of answering the question, he had however, just created more. “And don’t be foolish, you weren’t enlisted to create a blood substitute. It was a cure, it was always a cure.”


“Why would something meant to sustain life be so volatile?” He interrupts, raising an eyebrow knowingly. I had never actually thought about it properly. All the anti vampire ingredients couldn’t possibly be used to sustain us. My body had spent months at war with it’s self after eating the fruit because of the sheer amount of it. My cheeks flush with embarrassment as I look away in frustration.


“He only ever wanted to protect you, and a blood substitute was a lot safer than a cure.” Salamae finally speaks. “He was a good pretender, and an even better liar. I think that even he fooled himself into believing that it was all going to be okay in the end… And maybe it will be…  But right now we can not dwell on the past, you’re a father now. And one of the lone survivors of the resistance. What you do now changes everything.”

“I have one question…” I frown feeling the memories of my past threaten to tear me apart. ‘Why me? Why was I involved? Why did I survive, and she… And she didn’t? Why me?” By the time I pause, I’m yelling.


“Why not?” Huttser shrugs. “You’re a hybrid, you walk between your two worlds, mortal and immortal. And that too me would be a pretty good reason to want you to work on a cure. To be a part of the resistance  And it’s also a lot easier to protect someone when you know exactly where they are and what they’re doing. And why did you survive?” He scoffs loudly, as though annoyed by the question. “The only reason you lived, and you both didn’t turn to ash, is because you ARE human and your vampirism was burnt alive out in that sun. It’ll return in time, maybe not fully, but it will return to you.” His voice drops again quietly as he continues, almost soft and sympathetic. “Why is it so hard for you to accept that you ARE alive, and that it isn’t some sick joke that you were chosen? Next you’ll be asking why the sky is blue, or why the grass is green. You’re alive, boy, and you’re all they’ve got left. So shape up, or ship out. The choice is yours, but by god, you had better make the right one.”

“Huttser-” Salamae goes to speak in a soft voice, but he cuts her off.

“Don’t even dare think about telling me to soften up. I love you to death Mae, but this has gone on long enough. I’ve left him well enough alone the past few months to mope about, just like you told me too. And yeah, I get it, he’s hurting, but we all are. We all lost someone that day.” His brows push together as he wills us both to understand his point of view. I watch her stunned by my own lecture. “I can’t bare to watch this anymore. The resistance is scattered, and these kids need a father. He doesn’t just get to grieve like a normal person, too much is at stake for him to just walk away and have a cry about it.” Salamae shoots him a dirty look at his last comment, but he ignores her. I feel a nervous pit in my stomach as I listen to him speak.


“Hatteh?” The little girl child, with Raveena’s purple locks, tugs at Huttser’s trouser leg. Her little, angelic voice clumsily attempts to say his name as she sweetly looks up at him “Stowwy? Pwease? I gewd gal, stowwy nao? Wafey gewd tu.” I feel a burst of emotion throughout my entire being. This child… My child… I had been absent for so long, she must be at least two, and she looks at me like I’m a complete stranger. This wasn’t how it was supposed to be, but this was it. My life…


I gaze up at the stars, lost in my own little world. Remembering a time which seems like years ago, wishing upon the stars with my lost love. I had so much hope in my heart. If it wasn’t for Arkin, or her, I would have given up so long ago. But they put me back together, and taught me how to live with what I am.


The stars seemed brighter somehow, back then. My childhood, my innocence, it all seems like so long ago. So pointless. All of it. We had fought so hard, and for what? Ravee was dead, and Arkin was gone. Except that couldn’t be the end of it. It just couldn’t be. I don’t think I could live with myself if that was the end of the story. We tried so hard. Got so far. And in the end it didn’t even matter? No. There was more to the story. There had to be.

Arkin wasn’t just gone. He couldn’t be. He was out there somewhere, needing help. Someone to come and rescue him. I bite my lip worrying about him. Arkin wouldn’t have just left me behind, he wouldn’t just leave me to rot. And where was he? A thick cloud floats over hiding the stars. And I think to myself, there’s something out there still. There’s still hope.

My eyes close, as I listen out for the heart beats of the children, of mine. It had become a nightly ritual for me. My safety net, they were alive and okay, even if I wasn’t. But my being here is putting them in danger. No one escapes from Asmodeus Dragomir runs though my mind. I escaped… It was only a matter of time before he extracted revenge.


Even though they were mine, and safe for the time being, I kept my distance. It wasn’t fair on them. Yes, I was there father, and yes, I want to be there for them. But I can’t. I’m dangerous, and even if I can control my vampiric tendencies, Asmodeus is out there. Watching, waiting. Azazel too. If I leave, they can’t miss the father that was never there.

I remember what Raveena had told me about her mortal husband. When she turned into a vampire, she never returned to him. Even when she knew she could control herself. It wasn’t fair on him, even if she loved him, it wasn’t fair to put him through that. She sometimes watched over him from a distance, and often longed for him, but she never came home. I never understood that, not until now.


Rafe had inherited my hair color, and his mother’s eyes. He was active, and adventurous, and mischievous. I’m sure that he would have no trouble defending himself when he got older. And Vivian had my eyes, and Ravee’s hair. She was quiet, and kindhearted. Viv, however did have more vampire in her. I could feel it in her. It worried me though, how would she cope with that as she got older? My vampirism emotionally crippled me for many years, and I hoped it would not do the same to her. I don’t want that for my child.


“How are you feeling? And  use your words, none of this attitude crap anymore.” Huttser chides in, snapping me out of my thoughts.

“I can see her in them, and honestly… It sucks.” I mumble, trying to convey my feelings to him without getting another lecture for being moody. “I loved her so much it hurts, and now she’s gone and I can’t have her anymore, and this… Them… I don’t know if I can do it…”

“So maybe you can’t have her anymore. Now what?” The man responds calmly looking up at the moon and stars. I turn away from him for a moment, watching the night fall with the rising sun.

“I want to be their father, I do. And that means protecting them, from not only myself, but everything else that stalks the night with me.  There’s a war coming, and I’ve managed to piss off both sides. If they come for me, I don’t know what I’m going to do.” I frown finishing the thought that had been heavy on my mind. “But… I don’t want to leave them all alone.”

“It sounds like you already made up your mind.”

“It’s not that easy. They’re my children. Mine…” I whisper under my breath.


“Do you hate your parents for leaving?” Huttser pries further, allowing me to ponder the thought carefully.

“They didn’t leave, I did. And I would be lying if I said I didn’t miss them, but… I don’t regret that decision. I mean… I was so angry for so long, and so confused. The look in my mothers eyes… I love them so much, but if I had of stayed, it would have killed me.” My eyes drift down to my feet as I refuse eye contact with him. “Letting me go… It hurt them more than I know, but it was the best thing that they could have done.”

“So if it was best for them…” He says slowly choosing his words. “Would you say goodbye?”

“In a heart beat…” This time I turn to face him directly holding his gaze in mine. “But the question isn’t whether I would leave if I needed too. It’s whether I need to…”


Chapter 3.20

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My muscles clench violently. Reliving the violent, scorching struggle. The suns harsh embrace, ripping me from my reality once more. Beads of sweat form and cascade down my hot and clammy skin. Still bruised and charred to the touch. Ravee.… The ceaseless aching, and grinding of bone on bone, muscle against muscle. Every ragged breath like daggers to my dry, hoarse throat. Ravee… My mind like a thousand violent shattered pieces of glass. Ravee… Frantically searching the furthest recluses of my fragile memory looking for answers. Ravee… What had happened? Ravee… And where was she? Ravee…

And that was the question on my lips. Tugging at the corners of my mind. Where did she go? It had all happened so fast. The howling, and growling, and snapping of bones. Azazel’s cold, defiant stand. Asmodeus’ clumsy retreat. And Ravee..?

“Where are you….?” I mumble under my breath. A shuddered sob escapes my lips as painful memory stings my hopeless demeanor. “It’s so hard without you… Tell me how am I supposed to live without you? It should have been me that day…” My continuous broken sobs echo loudly. “It should have been me…”

I bury my face in my cracked hands hopelessly, trying to return back to the happy days. Desperation sinks into my very core. Obvious with every shuddered breath. I was happy once, albeit I was a monster, I am a monster… No… The vampires in the council were monsters. Those who cause harm happily to another are monsters. They exist everywhere in society, humans, vampires, and whatever else lurked in the darkness without humanity. If I was a monster, so too was Ravee and Arkin and Uncle Phin and dad… I bite my lip in frustration and desolace… I’m alone…

I hoist my feet over the edge of the bed, and watch a line of ants crawl from under the door and up the wall. Even something so small and insignificant as an ant had a purpose in life, and me? I had failed mine. But maybe if I could just find Arkin I think hopelessly watching the ants closely. He would know what to do…

Except he’s gone…

No he isn’t… He’s still here… He’s still here…

“You look like you’re letting go…” A kind, husky voice whispers knowingly from the door way to no response. I scoff quietly, ignoring him. “Ignore me all you like, but I know what my instincts are telling me.” He had been here everyday since… Everyday since I arrived, broken, bleeding and scorched beyond the bone. “You’re not the only one who lost someone you know, and you definitely won’t be the last.”

“Go away…” I growl through tightly clenched teeth. “You shouldn’t care… I can walk now, a.. a… And hunt, you’re debt has been repaid. You can stop pretending to care.”

“You’re not here because of a debt, you foolish vamp…” The man matches my intensity, however despite his elevated heart rate, his eyes remain calm and true. “Family…” He steadies himself with a breath. “Your family. Your girl, god bless her heart may she rest in peace, came here. Much the same way as you, barely breathing or whatever the hell it is you vamps do, and she was without a piece of her heart. Cause you were gone, but she knew you’d met again one day, so she put all her loss into loving the part of you she got to keep.”

“I… I don’t understand…” The part she got to keep… Despite the fact the man was clearly not a fan of vampires, he seemed able to tolerate my company. Almost like he was glad I was there.

“She was very weak when she got here, even weaker as time went by. And hybrids are rare, even more so for vamps… I didn’t think it was possible. But-“

“But what?” I interrupt feeling a lump form in my damaged throat. He shoots me a thoughtful smile as we both collect our thoughts.

“My debt has been repaid, I can stop pretending to care.” His grin widens as he turns and leaves the room without a second thought. I feel my cheeks flush with frustration. My hand grips the edge of the bed as I struggle to my feet and too keep balance. I can faintly smell his scent on the breeze through the ash and haze of my exhausted brain. He knew something I didn’t. A loud groan escapes my lips as I stumble weakly to the door and open.

The midnight air casts a million shadows onto the unfamiliar landscape in front of me. My eyes take a few moments to adjust, but even less intense and pure than that before my imprisonment. The new world before me, no matter how dark and dreary it may seem in comparison to my past, is like a beacon of hope. I survived… It is then when the guilty thud of my heart snaps me back to my current predicament.

Alive, but alone. A survivor of the coming war, of the ongoing war. Sayuri, a member of the vampire council, dead. Arkin, a pure blood Prince, missing presumed dead. Brothers, fighting a war against each other that could decide the fate of vampires everywhere. My dear, sweet Raveena gone. And me… Barely breathing. Not even half the vampire I used to be.

My attention is slowly drawn to the beating hearts further down the path, as I let instinct alone carry me towards the lively camp fire. Hunger, my primal vampire instinct gnawing on my mind. It could be so easy to end it all for them, I think, toying with the idea as I allow myself in arms reach of them. I eye the man nervously, somewhat ashamed, before turning on the others briefly, allowing my gaze to fall upon their’s for a few moments. Fear, concern all cloud their eyes as they watch back without a word.

Footsteps down the path. A woman appears, much the same age as the man who had helped nurse me to health. She had been there much the same as him, healing, listening to my screams. Despite it all she carried herself with grace, and compassion, and dignity. This was her pack, her family. Family…

“Huttser, dear, have you told him?” She whispers into the mans ear, as they share a look of affection and a smile. Mates, bonded for life. He shakes his head responding with a silent no. “I think it’s time now, don’t ya think?”

“Darling, we can’t stand in the way of a man and his family, but is he ready. I mean really ready?” The man, Huttser, drags his eyes up and down my half deranged body. “I don’t want to rush him…”

“Why don’t we let him make up his own mind?” The woman tuts him, stepping right in front of me. Her soft hands cup my shoulders sympathetically. “The mind is willing, but the body is weak… Aleksi, I’m afraid we have not met in the best circumstances, my name is Salamae. These are my lands you roam right now, under our protection.” She motions to Huttser standing beside her now. “Did Raveena ever tell you?”

“Tell me what?” I state simply, and suspiciously. Trying hard to find the answer to this question. I was missing something very, very important, and it seemed that my love had not told me everything before her premature departure. A slight panic enters my mind and slow, weak heart.

I follow the woman Salamae and Huttser back up the path. Weakly, running only on fumes. I stumble, and trip, barely catching myself as I hit the ground. Shame creeps into my cheeks staining them bright red. My nails dig into the ground, clawing up the ground. I was weak, and useless and I had failed. Tears prick at my eyes as I withdraw back into my mind. I should have protected her. I should have done more. It’s all my fault. If I had of tried harder she might still be here with me. My fragile heart beat is the only thing reminding me I’m still here. I’m still here…

Whispers crowd my already damaged mind. It claws it’s way into my head, leaving parasitic, numbing scars over old wounds. None of the words make sense to me anymore, they’re not for me to hear. I can’t, I’m too far gone. She’s all I see, all I want, and she’s gone. Foreign voice still try to reach me, but I’m lost. Her voice is soft and sweet like a lullaby as I play movies in my head. Wishing that she was still here. If I make believe hard enough, it’s just the two of us again. And we’re happy, and alive. but she’s not…

My teeth sharply cut into my bottom lip as my melancholy deepens. How could I ever love anything half as much I love her, and how could I be happier than I was when I was with her?

And then I hear it…

The things that dreams are made of, an illusion. A trick of the mind. Wishful thinking. The sound instantly snaps me from my emotional lock in. Suddenly, everything is clear. The voices aren’t foggy, like they’re a million miles away, and I can see again. My ragged breath calms as I listen out for it again.


A feint, almost non existent giggle. My head snaps up instinctively as my body is drawn to it. Like a moth to a flame. Huttser and Salamae treed silently behind me knowingly. I poke my head into the small house, and barely look around as I follow the sound. As the last door opens, I am confronted with the creator of the sound, and violet eyes staring right back into mine.


Chapter 3.19

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Authors note: Sorry for the MASSIVE delays with posting this chapter and lack of updates. Don’t worry guys I haven’t been in any trouble or anything like that. Life just got busy recently, and will stay similar for a while. But I will continue to publish, and hopefully catch up quickly with all your wonderful stories. 

I do have to find some time to update Ravenwood for Supernatural and Seasons, and hopefully find a whole new side of gameplay I hadn’t anticipated or used yet which will, fingers crossed, open up some new and interesting story lines. 

This generation is obviously almost finished, so I will be sad to say goodbye to the characters I’ve gotten used to writing for. All this being said I am looking forward to starting the next generation, and introducing you to the new and old characters who make a return.


“Brother, dear…” I snap awake at hearing Azazel’s cold voice as he steps over my limp body. “I apologize for my… Most absurd outburst… How very uncharacteristic of me. You were right, you always have been right.” More footsteps but my eyes blur unrelentlessly over the figure. The smell… Her smell… “I’m here.”

“Of course I was right. But why are you here? Did she leave you behind for the vultures?” Asmodeus chuckles circling Azazel mockingly. The woman’s scent envelops me. I know her. But I can’t find her name inside my mind. It’s too weak.  “She did, didn’t she? Aw, darling Azazel, did she rip your heart out? How many tears-“

“Asmodeus, stop. I am here, as your humble servant. Accept me now, or just get it over with and kill me.” A low, warning growl escapes his lips as he looks away. “A gift in honor of my loyalty.” Azazel points to the cowering woman hiding behind him.

“No!” I hiss from the growl, her face finally coming into focus. Raveena… How did she get here? Why? No… “Don’t you dare touch her!” Azazel picks me up, clutching at my weakened body dominantly.

“Shhhh… Quiet now.” Azazel purrs into my ear as Asmodeus embraces her. My love. My Ravee. And there is nothing I can do to stop it. “It’ll all be over soon enough.” I feel his body tense as his brother places his lips upon hers. I feel hot tears stream down my battered and beaten face. “I… I’m sorry…” His voice is almost inaudible as he whispers into my ear. “C… Can we move this along? I have things to do, places to be.”

“Ravee…” I sob against my restraints, feeling a fiery rage inside my stomach begin to churn. She was not his to touch. If I could only break out.

“Aleksi… I… You’re alive!” She exclaims briefly with a small smile. “I-“

“Put them in the day room. Dawn is coming. And both of them.” Ravee’s words are cut short as Asmodeus growls loudly into her ear. Before anyone can protest he continues. “I have an eternity to find someone who isn’t just going to leave me, and find some pathetic little young blood as my replacement. We could have been good together, babe. And now you’re going to die.”

“Brother…. Is that really a good idea? Sure, the whelp, but the girl too?” Azazel replies stunned, his eyes fall nervously over hers and back to his twins. “You… You could have some fun first. Or-“

“No, she has been tainted by this pathetic little rat. They can die together now. I have no use for her.” A harsh, crackling laugh escapes his lips as he leads us out of the small room. “I’m king now, I deserve a Queen, not some little whore.”

“You’re not King yet…” I think I hear Azazel mumble under his breath to the ignorance of his brother.


The woman on guard furrows her brows together. Something is outside. The beasts calculated footsteps clamber over the rocky path   in the approaching dawn.  Sayuri takes a deep breath, relishing in the wild smells of the woods. A dog perhaps, more wolf, more beast than pet. She can smell the heavy smell of blood and carnage on it’s breath.

Ever since she had been introduced to this life, vampirism, she knew one thing. Wolves were bad omens. Where wolves roamed, the lycans were usually not far behind. They were pack beasts, grouping together. Stories often told of men turning into wolves. Of half-deranged, murderous wolves walking on two legs. Their bite enough to kill a vampire. Their strength resembling her own. If she knew anything, it was that they were something to be feared. Even if the lycans were supposedly extinct, there were rumors. But she had always been afraid of wolves.

The wolf outside nears the door, clawing at the ground, whining in a low tone. Sayuri could feel her breath catch, she was immortal, and this was just some stupid dog. Lycans were extinct, Azazel had told her many, many times. Her hand slowly opens the door. “What do you want mutt?” She growls looking down at the dumb beast. It’s strange amber eyes glow intensely, piercing into her eyes unnervingly. As she lifts her boot up to kick the beast, something catches her eye.

A much larger beast growls from beside the door. It’s amber-green eyes almost winking, as if to say it’s over for her now. The black wolf barks, his long furry tail thumps loudly against the ground as the woman tries to take a step back. Other large two-legged man wolves step from the trees, as their alpha growls again in command. The small wolf, Nightmare, leaps for her throat, as the lycans attack.


“What was that?” I groan lifting my head off the cold pavement as the roof opens up, revealing the night sky. A loud crash, growling. Sure, I was delirious, and half-crazed, but that was real. “Ravee?” I whisper lifting myself up from the ground and pulling her tightly into my arms. “It’s going to be okay… They’re here.” I breath in the familiar smell from in my dreams.

“There’s no way out…” She frets, sniffing loudly, ignoring the strong scent. “Silver infused walls, and bars. There’s no way. Dawn is coming.”

“I love you.” I whisper soothingly, before letting her go to survey the room for the umpteenth time in the last ten minutes. There had to be a way out. Azazel’s nervous pacing draws me back to the reality of the situation. Why was he so nervous? Sure, he didn’t want his brother in power, and from what I can tell from Asmodeus’s jokes he had been left here by the queen… But he was going to get out alive, and all this was just some survival plan.

“Touching, really.” Asmodeus sighs, pushing me back to the ground with a hiss. He could smell them too, and hear the carnage. I didn’t know exactly what they were, but the smell was something I could recognize from anywhere. And something else. Something reminding me of home. Of family. “You’re not getting out. I’ve won.” Asmodeus purrs again locking us in.

Azazel tenses again, pausing mid stride, a cocky smile forming on his face. “Brother… Just because Morrigan left, does not make you king. Just because you think you are deserving, means nothing. You will never get power. And I will personally make sure of that fact.”

“Excuse me?” They both turn to face each other. Azazel remains calm, cool, collected as usual. While Asmodeus growls defensively, puffing his chest out for size. “You take that back. Or-“

“Or, what? I’ll regret it?” A harsh, frustrated laugh escapes his lips as the growling gets closer. “Do not forget you’re place in the world, I have let this foolish attempt at mutiny go on long enough.”

“So, what? You’re little queen wins?” Asmodeus glares viciously at his twin, as I desperately search for escape.

“No. You both lose, because I have a little advantage.” The first rays of sun begin to fall into the room. I pull Ravee behind me desperately hiding her from the incoming day. “I found them brother. And now it’s over.”

“All this for some pathetic prisoner? Wolves, brother? I always knew you were lying about them being gone.” Asmodeus growls infuriated as he clenches his fist. He was the brawn, the fight, he always had been. He was stronger, and faster than his twin. But Azazel was smart, too smart for his own good, and he had found his Achilles heel. “You can’t beat me brother…”

“And you can’t win, so where does that leave us?” Azazel scoffs refusing to break eye contact. My gaze drops from his pale, determined face animated with the power of his words. War… But not just war, but bloodshed. Hopeless, mindless bloodshed for power and glory. And I would die here like some dog, some animal.

I feel a lump form in my throat as the tension grows more and more tangible with the passing seconds, so much so it could be cut with a knife. Like electricity coursing through the air, as the words are said and their meanings deepened. War was coming, and dawn almost upon us.

My gaze turns to Raveena who’s look of brave resilience has faded, and subsided into nothing as the hopelessness of the situation hits home. This is it, this is really it. The end: Of us, of me, of peace, of freedom.

“I’m so sorry… For everything. We should have just left you alone…” Raveena’s soft, almost silent sobs escape from her porcelain mouth. The lost, almost desperate look of intensity in her eyes offers no salvation from reality. No hope for us at all. “I… I’m so sor..”

“No…” I interrupt with little more than a syllable. Her eyes flicker for a hopeful second before fading back to goodbyes. “Do not apologize. For nothing. Because the moment I saw you, I was saved. I was happy, and I knew true happiness from the moment of our first embrace, the first look, the first everything. Do not apologize for offering me one of the only joys that my short life has known.”

“But if Arkin had not…. If you had not known me… If I had not…” My heart thuds reluctantly, painfully against my battered beating chest. Without her I would not know love, or happiness. I was not ready for good bye. “If I had not been so selfish, I would have made you leave. I knew the dangers. But I… I loved you too much… And now… Now we have to watch each other die…”

I cling to her tightly, as the sun touches my skin for the first time. There’s no escape. Would my family survive the coming war? Would there be anything left at all after the vampires had torched and scarred the land with their blood lust? My tears drench her skin as she weakly pulls me tighter and closer. We should of had more time. We should have had justice.

Chapter 3.18

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Author’s note: I’m very sorry with the significant delay in this chapter, and for being AWOL. My internet has been almost impossible to load this week (The amount of time it took to upload the photos and insert them was very taxing), that and I’ve been busy and feeling overall very restless/distracted by life. But I hope to have the next chapter up soon, and be back to some kind of regular upload schedule. 

The “f” word is also mentioned a few times, and third person is used throughout most of the chapter.


The meek, autumn sun lightly dances over the flowing water, whilst the icy breeze embraces the land. Whispering change with every silent breath. Four wolves run as fast as the wind. Their heavy, labored panting echo’s by the quiet riverbed, as they exert their muscles over the journey. Faster, the alpha growls, as he leads his pack into enemy territory. Faster, the trees sigh in preperation for the battle scars soon to come. Change is imminent with each falling leaf and every half cast shadow.

The wolves surround me, their loud, harsh protests crackling in my ears. Where am I? How did I get here? My fear is evident with every shuddered breath. Every painful, gasping sound as I beg for my life. Their eyes glow with strange intellect and morals. The alpha howls, snapping at my heels as I try to run. My gaze drifts away from the three  dominant wolves that encircle me, and to the large, black wolf waiting for me. Except he’s not a wolf. His paws slowly change, and his body morphs into something resembling human. Where once was course, black fur, is smooth, supple skin.  His majestic golden eyes bore into mine intensely.

We’re coming…” He whispers in low inhuman growl.

“Wh… Who’s c… C… Coming?” I spit out fearfully over the other wolves.

It’s time to wake up…” He growls lunging for my throat


I moan in my sleep, growling under my breath. A cold sweat envelops me. “We’re coming” I shiver, cradling my trembling body for dear life. “Wh… Who’s c… C… Coming?” I toss and turn, trying to escape his penetrating glare. It’s no use, I can’t look away. “It’s time to wake up…” An all to familiar voice cackles in the darkness of my mind. Slowly drawing me away from my unconscious. Tearing me away from something I do not want to leave. A growl pierces my mind as reality begins to swirl around my clustered, overwhelmed mind. An unfamiliar hand lunges for my throat, ripping me from the bed.

My dizzy, exhausted mind snaps to life as I’m thrown into the wall with a dull thud. Frantically trying to see straight I claw my eyes open, searching the perimeter for the intruder. It’s a woman… From that night during the council meeting… “Who are you? What do you want?”

A sick smile twists her face into a wretched monster as she lifts me up by the collar. My eyes glaze over… This was it… I was going to die. Truly die. She bares her sharp fangs at me, as she sniffs the air around me. “Child, you won’t live long enough to use my name.”

“Go ahead, I dare you…” A low growl erupts from behind her, she quickly drops me back to the ground.

“Azazel… I…” The woman mumbles shocked, as she turns to meet him face to face.

“You what? Got lost? My dear, that excuse doesn’t work… Just having a friendly conversation? Seeing what all the fuss is about? Following orders?” Azazel interrupts, his voice laden with sarcasm. He was protecting me? “Lets just drop the pretenses shall we, Lilith love? I have over one thousand years on you, and I have a nasty bite when provoked… Touch him again, and I’ll rip you limb from limb, are we clear?”

“Brother, leave the threatening up to the master. It doesn’t suit you.” Asmodeus chuckles appearing in the room. What was happening? Why were they all here? This can’t be good. “So let’s try this again. If you refuse something that I say, I’ll rip your heart out. Remember, I own you.” He purrs into Azazel’s ear.

“Are we really doing this?” Azazel shakes his head, ignoring his brother’s threats. I stay perfectly still on the ground, trying not to draw attention to myself. Except I don’t think that anything I could do would draw their minds to me. This wasn’t the distraction I wanted. I just wanted to go home. “You’re going to pick them? Young bloods? Over me?”

“Lets face it, in the same position, you’d pick our lovely queen instead of me, wouldn’t you. Hell, you have. Many times. Over me, your own flesh and blood.” Asmodeus growls, stepping uncomfortably close to Azazel, who does nothing. “I’m just starting what we all know would happen eventually, and picking my side. The only difference is, I’m initiating it. That way you don’t have to feel guilty about it later. Of course, my side could always use one more.”

“You can always turn back, Asmodeus. There is no reason she needs to find out about your little mutiny.” His face is completely blank as he addresses his brother. How could he be so calm? Asmodeus is terrifying.

“There you go again. You don’t get it do you? YOU JUST DON”T GET IT!!” He raises his voice painfully loud. “Always trying to be the saint. Well guess what Azazel. This is happening. You can either join me, or piss off back to your queen. That’s it. Remember I gave you the choice.”

Azazel takes a step towards the door. “I’m sorry brother, but I have had my line drawn in the sand, for a very, very long time. And you’re right. I have always chosen her, and I probably always will. Just like you will always choose the hard road.” His robotic feature fail him for a moment. “As I said, touch my prisoner, and I’ll rip you limb from limb.”

“Because you’re my brother, and I love you. You’ve got til dawn, then it’s no holds barred.” Asmodeus hisses. Dawn… I couldn’t really expect that Azazel would kill his own brother to save me. His prisoner. Knowing the end was coming, I was strangely at peace with it. Dawn… Something was coming… Something big..


As Raveena sat on the floor, so many memories clawed into her damaged mind. Asmodeus… Her… She was taken back over five hundred years ago to when her mortal life ended and she became this. A vampire. He hadn’t ever changed, not once. Asmodeus was just as cruel, and sadistic as he is now. Every single cut, every single touch, every single kiss. She had lied to herself over and over again that it was all just a bad dream. But after being thrown back onto his radar, she knew she could never escape him again. No one got away from Asmodeus Dragomir. Maybe that was why she ran away that night and left Aleksi to his fate. She didn’t run for her babies sake, she didn’t even know about them at that point. She didn’t run to get help. She ran because she was a coward. She had left Aleksi to die. All because she was a coward.

That was it, wasn’t it? Raveena loved Aleksi so much that it hurts. She loved his children more than she valued her own life. But she ran.  Asmodeus had her again, and he could do whatever he liked to her. But she didn’t blame Azazel. Not once. He was the only reason she originally got away. Azazel was the only reason that Asmodeus had said “as your maker I release you.” Sure she was back, but there was so, so much more that Azazel could have done to her. To her family. To Aleksi…

“Raveena…” Azazel’s low voice says as he opens that door and lifts her into his arms. “I’m sorry… But… We have to go.” Without warning he rips her from the room, leading her through the underground pathways quickly.

“What’s happening? Where are we going?” She protests quietly, clinging to his body as though she might fall. “Azazel?!”

“Asmodeus thinks he can play king for a day.” He laughs in nervous hysterics. “A king needs a queen! So if I were you, I’d shut the hell up and take the escape route instead of questioning every little thing. I’m sorry, I thought I could actually win. But no, he has to go and ruin every little thing. Stupid fool he is.”

“He’s… He’s going to do it? Make a play for power?” Ravee gasps in fear. Asmodeus was psychopathic. He took what he wanted, when he wanted. Never asking what was right or wrong. “Azazel… You can’t let him… Where’s Aleksi? Arkin? We have to get out of here..”

After apologizing hundreds more times. He lets go of her hand, and tells her to run. Azazel refused to tell her where Aleksi was, or about Arkin. He was too ashamed that he had let this happen.


“Arkin, dear… Tell me, where did I go wrong?” Morrigan asks in an angry tone, turning back to face her prisoner. Her hand glides over an old, rusted machine as she continues to talk. “Do you actually want to be human? To throw away the life I gave you?”

“Yes-” She flicks the machine, watching the heavy dose of silver and herbs flow through the IV and into his blood stream. Arkin’s body writhes in pain, violently convulsing against his restraints.

“You ungrateful, bastard. You are a vampire! A pure blood, no less… And a prince.” She hisses, taking his hand in hers. Even if she hated torturing him, it wasn’t the first time, and it sure as hell wouldn’t be the last. But she felt that it was a mother’s duty to punish her son when he was naughty. And that was a duty that she had succumbed to many, many times. “After every little thing I have done for you-“

“What have you done for me?” Arkin growls through his clenched teeth, and the indescribable pain, burning its way through his veins. “A mother should love their child not- arghhhh…” Another dose of the poison is administered into the writhing vampire. “Arghh not ABUSE them, mentally and physically, you… You argh pyschopath…” Arkin coughs out much to the dismay of the woman.

The door opens. “Azazel, dear… Would you hand me that silver knife?” Morrigan asks casually, as though what she is doing is considered normal. Doing as he is told, he picks the knife back up by the hilt, before dropping it down again.

“Hasn’t he had enough. Months, he’s been down here, and he hasn’t changed his mind.” Azazel sighs, lightly pulling her up to meet him.

“I will stay here years if that’s what it takes to snap him out of this pathetic phase.” She growls at him, trying to turn back to her broken down son.

“Stop, Moore.” Azazel whispers her pet name. Knowing that she will at least listen to what he has to say. “It isn’t a phase if it’s lasted two thousand years. We both know that. You cannot change who he is, just like I could never change you.”

“He killed my grand daughter, my protegee. And he’s a threat to vampirism. Azazel, I will retrain him if it kills me. What other option do I have? Killing him?” Morrigan shakes her head frustrated. He could be such a prude sometimes. And hardly any fun. She created Arkin, didn’t that mean she could destroy him if it pleased her? “Why do you even care?”

“Well for one, we have much much more pressing issue at hand. We are at war within our own ranks. I think Arkin can at least wait til we have a plan at the very least.” Azazel glances over to Arkin, wishing that he could at least remove the IV drip, or give him some blood so that he could heal.

“Whoever it is kill them. Simple.” The woman rolls her eyes, reaching for the blade, but he grabs her hand.

“No, it’s Asmodeus. I will not kill him. It isn’t that simple-“

“Then I’ll kill him, problem solved.” Morrigan growls shoving him aside. “I rather like you Azazel, do not make me add you to the endangered species list. So go and deal to this, before it becomes a bigger problem than it needs too.”

“Yes, Asmodeus is an arse, but he is my blood. I will not fight him, and to the death? If it’s war he wants, fine. But I will not allow that. He can be trained.” Azazel stiffens up at her ludicrous plan. Maybe she could bleed her own blood dry and call it love, but he couldn’t. “What is wrong with you?”

“You’re here aren’t you? With me? What do you expect? You fight for the winning team, so don’t be surprised when you’re asked to join in. You said you could control him. I really don’t think that a war is controlling him. You get him under control. Or I will. Then I’ll have to deal with your insubordination. And I will not be quick about it-“


“W..W.. Why are you d.. Doing th.. This?” I mumble with shallow breath, as Asmodeus bites my neck, feasting on my hybrid blood.

“You smell good, or do you mean the war?” He responds between gulps of my blood, as the other two woman watch on hungrily. “I don’t like being told what to do. Our rules, our stupid rules. I want to gorge myself on the finest blood every night of the week. Go into a restaurant and take my pick of the litter. Human’s are not our equals and I will not pretend that we are.”

“They’re coming…” I mumble half delirious as my ragged heart beat slows. “We’re coming…”

“No one’s coming for you.”


“I’ve been fighting for you! This entire time! And…” Azazel’s voice drops dramatically, as he desperately struggles to compose his well oiled mask of serenity. “I’ve given up everything for you… Turned my back on my own brother… And for what! I don’t even know what I’m fighting for anymore! You… You’re not who you pretend to be… Not even close… And you DON’T EVEN CARE! I…. You would sacrifice him… My brother, sure I may hate him at the best of times, but he is still my brother. My blood….. And you would sacrifice me, like some pawn in your game of thrones…. I.. I can’t…. How many times have I defended you…? Killed in your name…? Stood by your side…? How many times have I given you everything I had…? Ripped my soul bare just for your own sick fucking amusement? How much can you take before I fall apart completely?”

“I’m not even nearly done with you yet, Zay-Zee…” Her hand runs down his cheek as he flinches at the pet name she used for him. So, so many memories bubbles near the surface, threatening to tear him into a thousand shattered pieces of the man he once was. “Not even close.”

“Why? Why Moore?” He whispers dropping his guards. She was the one person who had always been there, and never given up on him. And it had all been a lie.

“Good bye, Azazel. I hope to meet you again someday.” Morrigan purrs inhumanly, completely untouched by emotion, or thought, or feeling. “You’ll come crawling back. You always do.” Grabbing the collapsed corpse of Arkin she disappears into the night.


“Azazel?” Raveena’s soft voice whispers, intruding the old blood’s anguished thoughts. “Azazel, I’m… I’m so sorry.”

“Just go! You’re free.” His voice shakes. His mask was broken. Nothing of the confident, methodical vampire left. “Please… J.. J… Just g.. Go…” Azazel collides forcefully with his hands, burying his face into them.

“No…” She takes a seat next to him, without saying another word. Raveena didn’t know why she felt compelled to stay with him. There was just something about the old vampire that always seemed so human. If it wasn’t for him, she knew she would be locked up inside some basement somewhere, half dead, with Asmodeus. Azazel was the only one who ever told him to stop.

“You don’t understand. How could you?” Azazel sobs into his hands. “I dedicated over two thousand years of my life t… To her… I loved her… I love her… She was the only friend that n.. N.. Never left me… And now.. Now I’m destined to walk this wretched earth alone… Or.. Or cr… Crawl back to her… And sh.. She’s right… I always go crawling back to her, because I’m so fucking afraid of being alone…”

His tear stained face lifts up slowly. “You have no idea what it’s like to give your entire life to someone and have them throw it back in your face. And to lose everything… Asmodeus… M..Mor… Morrigan… Arkin… Everybody’s gone. They. Just. Left. They’re gone… And now you’re going to lose everything because of my stupid mistakes. It’s all over…”

“Snap out of it Azazel. You are one of the oldest living vampires, and our world is on the cusps of war. You can’t just give up because…” Ravee pauses herself quickly, eyeing him sympathetically. “You can’t give up, please… Asmodeus was the nightmare of my human life, and  he did unspeakable things to me. But you, Azazel, you stopped him. You’ve done some terrible, terrible things too, and made some foolish mistakes. But… You saved me once… Arkin, and Aleksi still can be saved. And now, you have a chance to rewrite your future… Please…? If Asmodeus takes the crown we’re all screwed… If not then Morrigan wins… And right now I do not know which is worse… So please…”


Dawn is coming. I can feel it with every short, labored breath. With every slow, ragged heart beat. Dawn… My demise. Raveena was gone forever, maybe she would continue fighting for me, but… What would be the point? I hope that she ran that night. Ran and never turned back. She was safe, and far, far away from here. I wonder what she had done since I had been locked up. Would she ever move on? Would she ever hear news of my passing? Would my parents? Had I failed them all?

The one greatest comfort to me was knowing that I had loved and been loved in return. And I would die knowing that was true, because her kiss still haunts me. Her voice when she said “I love you.” And every moment since meeting her.

I loved her, and was more than willing to give my life for her. She’s safe, and that’s all that matters.

Chapter 3.17

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I snap my eyes open with a fright, almost forgetting where and why I’m here. How long had I been out? Taking a deep breath I try to relax my eternally tense muscles. The silver injection had certainly worn away in my bloodstream, but I can still feel the damage all over. I slowly blink my eyes, taking in the view inside the dimly lit cell.

Arkin, where had they taken him? I wonder trying to will my body to get out of bed. What murder had he gotten with? I slump back down realizing how little I actually know about him. But despite all the inconsistencies, he had taken responsibility for me in there. Claimed me as his own. There was no doubt that he was my master, but could we really pretend that he was my maker? My origin was something that they hadn’t considered. A hybrid. The mortal that had escaped was me, and at some point the lie would come to an abrupt end. I couldn’t hide this from them forever. And what then?

As I stretch my tired aching muscles, I try to think of a plan of action. I would get out of here. I would find my way back to Ravee. This won’t be my final resting place. That is something that I just will not allow. The council can beat me down, torture me, starve me, but I will get out, I think resolutely to myself.

The door opens, it’s Azazel. His calm, collected demeanor is disconcerting. Almost robotic. He knew what to say, and when to say it. And behind his words, is almost no emotion, no feeling. Just emptiness. “Child.” He says locking the door behind him.

“Are you here to kill me?” I growl under my breath, half afraid of what he can do to me.

“Goodness no.” The edges of Azazel’s face pull up into an almost smirk. “Must we be so barbaric? We are not in the dark ages anymore. I am just here to talk. But if you act unjustly, I will be forced to act with much unnecessary force. Do we have an understanding?” I grit my teeth together and nod my head, afraid that my voice will betray me. “When were you turned? Who?”

“A… Arkin is my… My maker.” I frown trying to compose my features enough to come off sincere. “A… A few years ago, I… I ran off into the… The woods, and he… And he found me and… Made me into this.”

“And your family did not miss you?” He pries further trying to find out whether I am a threat. Whether my family is a risk to them. My mother… If I couldn’t control myself around her, what would they do to her if they found her? That could never happen.

“I’m an orphan.” I state firmly. I will protect you, mother. “I was just some kid off of the streets. No one noticed, no one cared. People go missing everyday off the streets and no one notices. I was no different.”

“What were you doing working for him? Surely some street urchin didn’t have much use in such an esteemed science facility. Can you even read?” My cheeks flare red as he mocks me. “I can not think of one valid reason for your creation. Although Arkin did always have a strange obsession with lost little critters like you. Were you his latest pet project? He has a nasty habit of sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong.”

“I am not his pet!” I snap at him, seeing red.

“Do not raise your voice young blood. I have many, many centuries on you.” Azazel adds bemused by my expression. “But if you want to continue down this road, I can call one of the others in to take over, Asmodeus perhaps?”

“No… I…” My brows push together as I fight the uncomfortable rage that he brings up in me. “Why are you so… Calm? All of you seem so tame compared to the stories I’ve heard, and was led to believe.”

Azazel sighs loudly. “Perhaps in the age of the viking, or the barbarian, or crusades, that might have been an acceptable way to run things. But, in saying that, you never got to see the other half of that council meeting.” My puzzled look, is a sign for him to continue. “Lets just say that we will need to rebuild some of the rooms after that night. Don’t take it as a sign to breath easy that you are still alive. Not all of us are so controlled, and many of them want to see your heart on a stake.”

“Then why do I still have my heart?” Despite knowing that I will regret asking the question, I go ahead anyway.

“Because you are my prisoner, not their’s. And I’m not so much a fan of execution, why waste an eternity like that. Especially when I can have you screaming my name, whilst deep inside a nightmare, without ever once laying a finger on you.” Despite his flat, monotonous voice, he still strikes fear to my very core. My racing heart, and tensed muscles are just the natural reaction. “Just like that.” He adds on noticing my visible signs of panic.

“Why not just throw me to the lions? I’m sure your brother would appreciate it. I’m almost certain that he’s asked.” He makes a sound, somewhat resembling a laugh. But it seems so unnatural and cold.

“He is my brother, so I have to love him, I suppose. There is a time and a place for his thuggery, and violence, but not in my territory.” Azazel scowls at me, as I struggle to calm my frantic heart beat. The harsh reality that he can do whatever to me, whenever he likes comes crashing down on me. “He can ask as much as he likes for you, and pretend that he has any real significance of the council. But do not be confused. When I say jump, he jumps.”

I bite my lip and look away quietly. “Am I… Am I ever going to.. Leave?” My husky voice is almost a whisper.

“This is like the hotel California, child. You can check out any time you want, but you ain’t ever going to leave.” He scoffs shutting the door on me. The door slams, as his feet shuffle up the hallway.

There’s a female voice that stops him in his tracks. Speaking a language foreign to me. “Vestri ‘iens habere custodiam, ut ostium valde diligenter. Terga tuta esse tuis? Venit finis tuus, domine. Vinctus quoque.” The tone sounds angry, frustrated, arrogant. Almost threatening.

“Sayuri, dear. Da mihi rationis. Audeo vobis. Ego sum senior. Et validior. Ego rapiet de cor tuum ante an habere occasionem connivebunt. Do not tempt me.” Azazel growls before continuing on his way.


It’s hard to tell whether days, or weeks, or months, or simply seconds have passed me by. Time is impossible to tell. My ragged heart beat is the only reminder that I am still alive, and that the torture continues. Very rarely am I offered sustenance, or offered any other form of contact other than interrogations, silver and pain. Despite Azazel stating that I am his prisoner, he is not my only visitor. The other’s pass through on occasion, all except the queen. And I can handle the pain and scars they leave. That will heal. But Azazel’s constant mind games are exhausting and leave a much longer lasting impact.

My dreams are the only thing offering me any form of comfort, and even then it’s not consistent. Nightmare’s plague my mind. Of what will happen to me, and Arkin. Of Ravee being captured, and hurt. And knowing there is absolutely nothing that I can do to save her. But when I dream peacefully, suddenly I’m home again and safe.

My parents are there, and Raveena, even Arkin. I see the home that I grew up in. Playing catch under the moons cover with my father. My mother baking me cookies. Then I’m pushed forward in time, and I’m with Arkin. And he’s teaching me control. The blood tastes so real, my throat protests painfully as I pull away. We’re at the lab, and Raveena smiles at me from across the room. We’re older now. Running under the midnight moon. We crash into each other forcefully, and greedily seek out each other’s mouths. She’s in a white dress, slowly strutting down the stone path to meet me. We promise forever… Forever... I see our children, and the life that we will never have. Because forever is a lie.

“Except I promised you forever.” I whisper to myself, as though she is there. “Every time I close my eyes I see you there… But you’re not… We should have had more time together… And now I’m afraid that we never will meet again. I love you… I love you so much… So please never come back to me. If you know what’s good for you. You’ll turn, and run, and never come back.”

I slowly force myself to my feet as I hear footsteps down the hallway. Except I can’t see through the bars yet. They’re too far away. Calm down, there’s nothing they can do to you, they haven’t done already. I take a shaky breath trying to convince myself of that fact. It’s a woman… Her pale, bony hand reaches toward the lock on the door.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you, love.” A gruff male voices warns. Asmodeus. “Touch the lock, and I’ll rip that pretty little hand off. I can think of a few better uses for it than on him.” He winks at her from outside my cell.

“Your brother is mad. How can you stand this? A vampire with a heart beat, it’s a disgrace.” She growls at me. Her eyes narrowing in on me grudgingly. “I know you want to tear him apart, even more than I do. I can smell it on you.”

“A little thing called control. Something I would be more than willing to teach you. That and a few other things.” His smirk widens as he closes the gap between them.

“We both know that you and control can’t be used in the same sentence together. You don’t have to listen to Azazel. You could take him if you wanted. He wouldn’t stand a chance.” She presses her body against his seductively, as she bites her lower lip. My stomach flips. What if he actually listened to her? Asmodeus was not someone who should be allowed a position of power. “Between us two, we could have the rest of the council running with their tails between their legs.”

“Darling, what makes you think I’d want you as my number two?!” He scoffs loudly, disgust very evident in his voice. Asmodeus’ hands wrap around her throat tightly. “You are less than half my age, and nothing more than a good screw when I’m bored. And Sayuri babe, that is all you’ll ever be.” Her face grimaces as he pulls her into a deep kiss.

“But you’re thinking about it, aren’t you? You could take over, and there isn’t a single thing anyone could do to stop you.” An evil smirk crosses both their faces, tugging at their lips. “The queen is consumed by Arkin’s fall from grace. The throne is your’s for the taking.” My breath catches as I silently scream don’t listen. Don’t do this.

“Once again… I don’t need you. But I’ll take you word on the matter.” He pushes her lightly away from his body. “If Azazel hears your talk, you’ll be in trouble. And I’d love to be the one to punish you. And trust me on this, I won’t be kind or gentle with you. Far from it.”

“I know he’s your brother, but he’s loyal to Morrigan. Painfully loyal, isn’t it time that you led the way?” The woman offer’s one final sentiment. “He’s holding you back. You could be king. But instead you’re some kind of puppy dog for him to order around.” His teeth clench together in frustration as he glares at her. Asmodeus wasn’t actually going to try to take over, was he?

“Touch the prisoner and I’ll rip you limb from limb. Now piss off before I decide to act sooner.” Asmodeus growls in her direction baring his fangs as an assurance of domination. “What are you looking at mutt!?” I quickly back away, almost falling over my feet as his attention turns to me.

My heart only stops racing after I’m one hundred percent positive that he has gone. Despite my deep rooted fear of him taking her advice, I see something that I can use to get out. A revolution would be a wanted distraction if Azazel struck first. I just had to make sure that it happened the way I needed to. But it could so easily back fire on me. What else are you going to do? Wait for them to leave the door unlocked? I sigh against my exhaustion. It’s the only plan I have.


Time once again streams through my fingers. The way sand slips through your hands on a beach. My body aches and pains are common, something I had expected to pass after the silver burnt up in my veins. But with renewed vigor I ignore it the best I can. All my thoughts are on Azazel’s next visit. But if the council finally agreed to a course of action for Arkin, I might not have enough time. If Arkin died, I assume I would be next.

“Azazel!” I yelp as he unlocks the door. I take a deep breath to try to compose myself. It couldn’t be obvious that I was starting trouble. “I…”

“Why are you so pleased to see me?” His eyes fall on mine with a burning intensity, as he straightens up.

“I…” Smooth, real smooth, I think bitterly. I needed to act casual, not overly dramatic about this. “I was just… Worried… I haven’t seen anyone in a while. I thought… Maybe something had happened?”

“Asmodeus is out hunting.” Azazel half smirks, making sure I understand the implications. “And I have forbid anyone from journeying down here until he returns with my precious little prize.” My gaze drops from his suddenly… What if he found Raveena? “Why what did you think happened?”

“I thought that maybe… He… He accepted the… The woman’s offer.” I say the sentence slowly and hesitantly. Trying to peak his interest in the topic.

“Who? What?” He struggles to stay neutral though. I feel a certain pride in myself. He was taking the bait. “Speak, boy!”

“She wanted him to… To take the…” I stare at the ground, trying to avoid his gaze. “She was trying to convince him to take the throne…”

“Ad nihilum prodest, ferreo canis exprimamus” He growls under his breath, allowing me to see behind the mask for a split second before composing himself. There’s a lot of unresolved anger, and panic. “Who? Sayuri?” I nod my head stiffly. “No need to worry about that.” It sounds like he’s trying to convince himself, not me. “She’s been doing it since the day they met. Don’t expect him to accept just because you’re here. You’re not that special. He’s been saying no for centuries.”

“He’s been declining her for years. How long do you think it will take before she wears him down and he finally accepts?” I mumble quietly. “Especially bec-“

“Because why?!” Azazel snaps at me, trying to reassert himself in the conversation.

“You can hear my heart beat. Feel my warm breath on you skin. I’m turning human. There’s a cure.” Using my hybrid nature to my advantage I take control of the situation. “I don’t know him well at all, so forgive me if I’m wrong, but he won’t be first in line for the cure. You saw the way Arkin came in here, just because he was working on it. His vampirism makes him who he is. And he’s scared he’ll lose it. If he thinks that his lifestyle is in danger, how quickly do you think it will take him to react? If the escapees found the right person, it would be all over.” They’ll never find the last person. He didn’t exist.

“Shut up!” He spits angrily, letting me know just how much it had gotten to him. “You know nothing.”

“Maybe I don’t. But do you trust that he won’t strike?” I add in at the end knowing I’ve hit my mark. I can see the doubt creep into his face. It’s all I need. Reasonable doubt. And then when they’re not looking I get get Arkin and I far, far away.


As Azazel slammed the door shut on his prisoner, many questions weighed down on his mind. Why had he let the boy unnerve him in such a way? His brother, Asmodeus, was a lot of things. Arrogant, violent, emotionally unstable, among a great deal of other things. But he wasn’t a queen slayer, or politically inclined. Azazel wouldn’t, couldn’t accept the pitiful words of his newest prisoner, except somehow, someway the words seemed to echo throughout his mind unrelentlessly.

Azazel was sworn to Morrigan. Even if he didn’t agree with everything that she did, their over two thousand years together had bonded them eternally. If Asmodeus struck, he would have to turn his back on someone that he loved, and watch them die. But if Azazel was anything he was loyal, and if Asmodeus decided to stick his nose where it didn’t belong , it could cause quite a headache for him. A part of him know’s that Asmodeus is too stupid, and too blind to do the right thing. Azazel had known this fact for a long time, and it was becoming more and more obvious with every stupid mistake.

As he walked down the hallway. A long frown crossed his face, biting down at the curves of his face. And as his brother appeared beside him, he felt an uncontrollable urge to make him hurt in unspeakable ways. “I have her for you, brother.” Asmodeus smirked at him, in a dumb voice. Only intensifying his rage.

“Did you touch her? Cut her? Make her bleed?” Azazel asks gritting his teeth together.

“I may have ruffled her up a bit, but don’t worry it will heal.” Without even realizing it, Azazel wraps his hands around his brother’s throat and slams him into the wall behind him. Asmodeus growls in frustration but doesn’t fight him off.

“She is MINE! I told you to bring her back and not lay a finger on her. Why can’t you even listen to the simplest of instructions?” Azazel’s voice stays low, and for the most part controlled. He slams him into the wall again, leaving a large dent. “Do you forget who is in charge, brother? I own you, don’t forget that.” He releases him, and goes to find the latest pet to add to his collection.

“Azazel… I…” The girl speaks quickly, standing up and backing away from him.

“You are quite the slippery little eel aren’t you?” Azazel states quietly as he approaches her. “Always running, always hiding. But I found you, didn’t I? I’ll always find you.”

“I’m sorry… I…” She stumbles with her words. “Where is-“

“Arkin or the hybrid?” A bemused expression crosses the old vampire’s face, as she looks stunned. “Of course I know about that. I wouldn’t be very good at my job if I didn’t. I suppose I am rather lucky for Asmodeus’ lapses in judgement, and the rest of the fools for believing him. A vampire cure, can you even imagine?”

“Wh… Why haven’t y.. You t… Told?” The woman’s lower lip quivers as she speaks. Azazel always had a plan. For everything, this wasn’t just something he had done out of boredom.

“I have much more use for him alive, than dead. Which is exactly what he’ll be if they find out.  But of course I do not care whether he lives or dies. A human vampire, it is rather strange. And his parents I wonder who they could be… But then again a child of shadows is something I would definitely remember.” He growls in a threatening tone, watching her body freeze. “And lets not forget the little ones.”

“Azazel please.” She yelps, he face full of concern. “Don’t hurt them. They haven’t done anything to you.”

“They were born though, weren’t they? And because I can still smell the toxins in your blood from the fruit, they were human, yes? Or at least more hybrid than vampire.  Ripe for the taking, and a tasty little snack I presume.” As he finishes speaking, the woman lets loose a low warning growl to back off. “Of course I am getting ahead of myself, as are you. We can help each other.”

“Not with you.” She spits at him, watching him closely for any sudden movements.

“Child, hush now, lets not making any rash decisions. There’s a war coming, I can feel it in my bones. And I want to make sure that I get out of this alive. Now the pack that you were with, and don’t deny that there wasn’t one. I can smell them on you. Would they be up for making a little deal? Believe it or not the wolves have always been exceptionally good at hiding. Now I have you to take me to them. A day servant with a bite.” Azazel’s cold, detached voice becomes animated. “Now just remember, I have no real reason to keep any of loved ones alive, and you… Well I’m sure Asmodeus would like his favourite toy back.”

“Why are you doing this?” She sobs loudly feeling the heat rise to her face. “You know I can’t betray them, just as you would not for Morrigan. Please…”

“And that is why I’m doing this! For her!” He snaps angrily at her. “Now I might just leave you and Asmodeus alone. I’m sure you have some catching up to do.” Azazel opens the door, allowing his brother to step through, blissfully unaware of the previous conversation. “Go ahead brother, take your time.”

“No… Please, Azaz-” Her voice is cut short by a vicious slap, knocking her to the ground.

“Hello darling.” Asmodeus purrs down at her. “I’ve missed you. Do you want to play? Cause I do…”


Author’s note – I finally got Aleksi on the exchange.