The Liebster Award

Posted: May 18, 2015 in Generation 1

Guys, guys, we did a thing!


Logging in this morning, I got a wonderful comment from blamsart telling me that they had nominated me for this award! Eeeeep! I don’t think I’ve ever been nominated for anything before, much less anything with a fancy name like this before! *Flails excitedly*

Anyway, in case you didn’t know like me, the Liebster Award, is an award given to bloggers by other bloggers who love their work. It also acts as a chain award that helps blogs with less than 3000 subscribers get more publicity.

These are the official rules for receiving this award:

  1. Post the award on your blog.
  2. Thank the blogger who presented the award and link back to their blog.
  3. Nominate 5-11 bloggers whom you feel deserve this award and have fewer than or equal to 3,000 followers.
  4. Answer 11 questions posted by the nominator, and ask your nominees 11 questions.

My nominees are…. *drum roll*
*I really am surprised these guys don’t all have like a gazzillion followers already*

A Stormborn legacy by undergroundedgar

Firstly, I absolutely adore this legacy, and the author! The legacy follows the Stormborn family, and the subsequent heiress’, in a drama filled world of romance, magic, and danger. What I love about this legacy in particular is that it features some unique ideas and takes on the witch and legacy genre. It’s just… Go and check it out 🙂

My Darling by mosneakers

Beyond the amazing storyline in this bring me to life challenge, I’m absolutely, positively jealous of the photography and scene setting skills. Take one look at the photos and you will understand. Despite the world being full of magic, and ghosts, Mosneakers makes everything that you see, and read seem perfectly natural.

The Suitor by Becki

A historical story, brilliantly showing the difference between class divisions, the price of love, and the choices that we make. I only have positives to say about this story, the photos are wonderful, the scenes must take aaaggggeeesss to get exactly right, including the outfits and poses, and the writing is beautiful too. I can so see this story played out as a movie, or a TV show.

Lost In Wonderland by Thelyricsofhaley

So I’ve been following this rainbowcy since like the beginning, and I’ve loved it since the start. The author is wonderful, and despite going through a few changes over the years, the writing continues to get better with every chapter, and the characters are just as wonderful. Go down the rabbithole and check it out!!

The Danevbie Legacy by sErindeppity

Okay, so this one has probably been done a whole bunch of times already, but somehow I feel like it deserves another mention. This blogs has everything in it, aliens, magic, the supernatural, ghosts, and sErin somehow manages to tie it all together with realistic family ties, romances and the brilliant portrayal of characters behavior/dialogue (that feels relevant to not only their personalities, but also their ages). And despite being incredibly popular, the author still has time to respond to fan messages, and comments.


Now onto the questions…

1. Do you pull from your personal life experiences when writing out your story?

I feel like every generation and heir has a piece of me, and what I’m going through in each and every story. I feel like I choose a part of my own personality, and a dreams/objective/goal for each generation to make a story out of. With a bit of artistic liberty to shape the world and make it interesting. Elizabeth wanted to run away and start a brilliant, new life. Constance wanted something from a fairy tale to shake up her life and make it whole again. Aleksi wanted what he couldn’t have. Vivian felt that she lacked in control in a toxic relationship, and Larka is the outcome.  Never to the extent of my sims, of course, I am pretty cruel to them, but I can work off of the feelings that I have felt and use it to fuel the writing.

Obviously I’ve never met a vampire, or kissed one, or been tied up by one, but hey, a girl can dream…
Or write.

2. If you answered yes to #1 can you gives us an example? If you answered no this is the place to insert the funniest gif you have.

So I sorta answered it already, but it’s a Monday

3. Who is your favorite among all the characters you have written?

Out of my heirs, probably Larka, because I feel like I can relate to her the most, she drinks to much, is tough and angsty on the outside, but lets face it, we all know she’s a total softie on the inside.
Out of all the characters, probably Balt.

4. Oh boy! You suddenly meet this character! What happens?

Hug the sad out of them, and then apologize profusely for being such a mean writer. And then maybe hug Balt a few more times.

5. Sims 3 suddenly has a global malfunction and dies on every single computer and will never work again, would you still continue writing your story only without pictures?

I think I would, just because I totally want to know how the story is going to play out (I really don’t plan anything out well enough, I’m curious too!), and writing has become cathartic to me. Cheaper than therapy :p

6. Are you the type who can totally write your sims story with a bunch of people looking? Or do you need to wait for everyone to leave the room before you can get comfy and write your sims?

No, I’d get to flustered, I can’t write with anyone looking at me. I become a ninja, everyone needs to leave the room, or better yet, the house, or I’ll be writing in my room at midnight when everyone is in bed.

7. Do you own a cat? This is a serious question. I swear 90% of sims 3 writers own a cat.

I have been called a crazy cat lady just a few times (more like a thousand times)


As you can tell these two guys are insanely helpful, and supportive.


*Fights the urge to share all 1000+ photos of my cats and stories*

8. Your thoughts on sims 4? You may cuss as much as you like.

*Pterodactyl screech* Up until sims 4, I feel like each game has been a logical step forward with the franchise. Sims 1, great game, I was a little too young to really be able to enjoy the game when it came out. I always just made a bunch of sims, and crappy houses, kissed everyone in the neighbourhood, and then set them all on fire. Sims 2, better graphics, interactions, neighborhoods. We got the new life states, toddlers, and kids and stuff. People died. I loved the expansions. Then the sims 3, the graphics were slightly better, open world (this feature was mind blowing to me when it first came out), the patterns/create a style (YES PLEASE), these were the two things I desperately wanted in sims 2, and we got them. Sure the game felt a bit empty, but these two features made me feel more connected to my game.

Then the sims 4, one word, why?!?!?! I feel like with all the people saying how much they loved the sims 2, they tried to recreate it, but somehow still made a worse game than we’ve ever had. If they had of included the best features of all the games (Gameplay of sims 2, customization/open world of sims 3, a bit of challenge like in the first game), on a stable game engine, it could have been perfect.

Now because it is so bad, I doubt we’ll get a better, improved sims 5 :/

9. Are you planning on continuing with sims 3 once you’re done with your current story?

If i ever finish this story, which I hope I do, I’d like to keep playing, maybe write another story.

10. Favorite expansion? In amazing detail plz.

I really loved generations, I felt like it rounded up the game and made it feel more whole. Although, it did include the stuff the I felt should have already been in the base game. The interactions, and overall theme, should have already been IN the game, so it can’t really be my favourite… Since it already should have been there.

So maybe Seasons, just because the rain and clouds make the game feel natural and real. I hate the snow though, just because my sims take like three hours to get changed, or they just sit outside and wait for Grim to come and get them, like they have nothing better to do in the house that is probably worth over a million with everything they could possibly want or need inside of it *rolls eyes*

11. Last question! How would you like living in the sims world and being a sim yourself?


Yup, moving on…



Now my questions for my nominees, if they choose to participate.

  1. How do you feel that your personality comes across in your writing?
  2. Do you have a routine or anything special that you do for when you write?
  3. Where do you get your inspiration for your stories?
  4. If you get writers block, how do you deal with it?
  5. Is your writing something that you share with people close to you?
  6. If you could recreate the sims 4 base game, what features would you include or change (graphics, seasons, open world, rating etc)?
  7. If you had to choose five sims traits to describe yourself, what would they be?
  8. What is your favourite book, and why?
  9. What’s your favourite quote?
  10. What movie gives you the most feels?
  11. What is a dream of yours?

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