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I was awake, even before my eyes had opened. I could feel the night on my skin, and the stains still lingering on my cheeks from the tears that I had spilled. My hand rises slowly, caressing the damp skin with an absent mind. Cassiel’s body still lingered close, his steady breath rose and fell like a soft lullaby. While I could still hear him, I didn’t need to think, only about my strange, and sickening attachment already seeming form towards him.

Chapter 5.10

There was something so human in the way that he lived, and acted that I found so surprising. The curves of his face so ready to form into a soft smile, and the light in those eyes of his. You could say they were different from the ice and isolation of my own. It was true, we were entirely different beings, living for different things, mine hatred, and perhaps fear too. And he probably lived for nothing more than living, or whatever the hell it is country boys do.

I didn’t know him, he didn’t know me, that was for the best, I think quietly pulling the covers off of my still weakened body. My feet touch the old wood, and I almost pray that they don’t make a sound before I reach the door. Old habits die hard, I guess. My head turns, only slightly, looking at Cassiel sleeping soundly in the light of the moon. We were indeed very different people, I couldn’t even remember the last time I had slept a full night’s sleep without those nightmares returning to me.

My hand grips onto the wooden frame of the door, tighter than I needed to. Leaving this room meant facing whatever was out in the darkness right now. My heart thuds as if a skeptic to my own genius, which I quite clearly wasn’t. Outside the four walls of this house, lurking in the wild forests were vampires, at least one anyway, that I had so stupidly let live. And he was bound to be pissed. I had killed his friends, and he had killed mine, that made us even, didn’t it? 

Chapter 5.10 (2)

I mean I had always been especially good at forgetting, at moving on, about not caring about anyone but myself. But now, this one time, I was going to take their bloodstained images to my grave, and I had to take that son of a bitch down with me. 

“But it’s so cold outside, and scary…”

My jaw tightens as I hear a child’s voice whispering to me. It wasn’t like I was a kid anymore, I didn’t have the right to refuse the path that fate had set for me, for all of us. We were bred to die, and to kill. I feel the threatening of tears once again. Why did it have to be so cold? I’m just so tired. 

I glance back to the bed, feeling the urge to crawl back inside of it. I needed a smoke and about twenty liters of hard liqueur. God, Cassiel’s lips looked soft under the light of the moon, I couldn’t help but wonder how they would feel, and about how he might taste. My heart thuds in response as I force all of my angst into memorizing each blade of hair, and exactly how it fell against his strong features. 

Chapter 5.10 (3)

But I doubt the kid could take me out of my own head long enough for it to matter. How fast would the hours trickle by until the sun rose again? I don’t think I can face the darkness alone, I’m so sick of the moons gaze following me, it really is a curse, you know? I slowly step back towards the bed, giving into my own weakness. I just want to sleep. I don’t want to remember.


The sun warms my skin meekly under its weakened gaze. Winter was coming, and in the north it truly meant life or death, with the snow, it brought darkness, and the darkness brought vampires. They were said to be cursed by the sun, and lycans the moon, I believed in that now. In the night, those cowards took everything from us, they killed, and slaughtered, but when the sun rose, we would get our revenge.

“Where are you headed?” Cassiel murmurs quietly, as I gaze across the old map, trying to find my current location. Things were still blurry to me from that night, the route that I had taken, and the paths I had crossed were already a distant memory, if they had been one at all. Cassiel drops a finger over a point at the map. “Here, soldier.” Slight disgust fills his voice.

Chapter 5.10 (4)

“Hunting.” I respond flatly, readjusting my point of interests in my mind. Town was east from here, and north, was the lab they said the mad Prince resided in. Far enough north it should have made me feel safe, but still close enough I felt a shiver run down my spine at the sight of the coordinates.

“For what? Is your taste pallets really that differ-“

“I’m not a vampire, Cassiel.” I cut in over him quickly, my eyes narrowing on him, almost offended. I mean technically, I was one, but only technically, sort of, maybe. But not enough I would be referred to as one, or treated as such. “I’m a hunter.”

“A soldier, yes, that’s right. I’ll tell everyone to stop cowering in their homes, for the soldiers have arrived. ” The fact that I was what I was seemed more appealing to him than my occupation. His voice is still soft, if not amused.

“We’re not that bad, you know. We kill some-“

Chapter 5.10 (5)

“You lose some-“

“You don’t like war, do ya Cas? ” Surely the rebels, and the rest of the core hadn’t done something so unreasonable. Yeah, he was the one living out here surrounded by the dead and their lingering memories, but we were the ones fighting. We were the ones dying…

“Name someone who does.” He challenges, watching me intently, as if searching for a reaction. He’d saved my life because I was a solider, no one would be dumb enough to fight a vampire otherwise, but he certainly didn’t like the fact.

“Those who sell it.” I reply with a stiff smile.

Chapter 5.10 (6)

“You don’t sell it though, do you? You die for it, and then those selling the weapons, and doing the pen pushing collect. When the rich wage war, it’s the poor who die. And we’re all bloody dying.” He runs a hand through his hair, like what he was saying meant nothing at all, that it was just conversation. I grit my teeth harshly, digging my nails into the soft underside of my palms. I was certainly nobody’s pawn, and no one was dying so someone could get paid.

“‘Except no one’s getting rich, Cas. And what do you suppose would happen if those who could, stopped fighting? Just cause we stop fighting doesn’t mean they do, we fight to keep them out. War’s been going on for fifty years, you think the vampires want to talk about it?”  My voice is cold, and I struggle to stay in control of myself. He had been here his whole life, he hadn’t seen what was really happening out there,  on the front line, and the funerals. And the funerals? The thought pierces my mind. There had to be one at least everyday. “What do you know about it anyway? Living out here, I doubt you know the half of it.”

Chapter 5.10 (7)

“I know what I see, and what is see is that they’re winning. And those rich enough, and powerful enough, can buy a ticket to salvation, while you, and those who can fight, gladly sell your souls into hell for them.” I push him against the wall, feeling the biting betrayal lingering in my mind.

“And what do you know of hell, aye? And sacrifice-“

“You don’t seem the type to want to sacrifice yourself, Larka.” His gaze is strong, and penetrating, it feels as though he’s looking right through me. His use of my name forces me to release him and step away quickly. “Now if you’re hunting, your best best is any large building with a lack of natural light. Town hall, and a few warehouses just outside of town perhaps, I can show you if you want.”

Chapter 5.10 (8)

“I thought you were afraid of the demons, country boy.” I gaze at him over my shoulder, almost completely hidden behind the long locks of my pale white hair. My knuckles whiten as I dig my nails into the thick wood of the table, biting back my frustrations until the pain tingles at my fingertips. He throws an old pair of trainers on the table beside me, avoiding my eyes like a scolded child.

“During the day it’s the mortals we have to worry about.” Cassiel murmurs. “Although I suppose you can day walk, imagine that, demons are not only walking the earth but in mortal flesh and blood too.” Despite my high tensions, and obvious tendencies for violence, he seems unaffected by what just transpired. By the fact I had wanted to kill him, and I had forced his neck into my grasp, once again.

“Vampires, Cas. Vampires…” I breathe out in a long sigh, reluctantly forcing my anger out. Anger wouldn’t help me survive. Anger wouldn’t help me find that son of a bitch. I try to get comfy in the old trainers he had dug up from his closet. While they were slightly too big, I wasn’t about to complain about the last few relics he still had from life before the world went to shit. I suppose they weren’t his relics, but there had been a time when these shoes had been filled. The scent still very faintly lingered, but time had erased almost all traces of it, of her.”What are you doing anyway?” He’s looking for something, that much is obvious.The sound of jars knocking against each other fills the room.

Chapter 5.10 (9)

“Protection.” He smiles weakly, as if he was sharing a private joke with himself, before stuffing a vile into his pocket. Humans, I think with my own form of disgust and confusion… Surely there was nothing to be so bloody happy about, especially with the bullshit going on up in his head. After everything that had happened the last few days, the last thing I needed was some hippie that I had to watch over.

“Garlic doesn’t work on us, and I’d can the holy water too, genius.” I push the door open, feeling the muscles in my stomach tighten as the cold winds embrace my pale skin. Holding my arm out, I motion for him to take the lead. Although I felt naked without my own weapons, if push came to shove I would shift and take the bastard out. It wasn’t like bullets were effective, and if I was going to use a knife, I’d rather my own claws instead. The car was too far away anyway.

Who’s idea was that anyway? Aiden’s probably, so that the vampers wouldn’t hear us coming. How ironic. They would have known where we were from the minute that we got there, and I had no idea, not until it was too late.

Chapter 5.10 (10)

The old town hall was broken down and derelict. My eyes couldn’t seem to adjust to the way this town might have once stood, with the small town politicians held up inside, and a nosy camera man waiting for the photo that could make his career. Kids must have walked these roads once, blissfully unaware of the dangers in the night.

The door screams on it’s hinges as I force it open. The inside is as was expected, dark and damp, the air was musty, like a mixture moth balls, and death. The old stained walls was proof of the fact. My heart thuds against the walls of my chest, rattling me. There was something dead in here with us, I can feel it in the pits of my stomach, and every breath I take.

“What is this place?” I ask quietly as we enter a large room with book shelves towering above our heads. Books were strewn across the floor, along with the blood of everyone who had died in this room. My stomach flops, and sinks at the stench permeating my nostrils. I can barely breathe it in, and I don’t want to. From the dim light filtering in from the floor above, the dead body in the corner of the room catches my eyes, and I feel my skin crawl. It was the first one that I had seen in the entire town so far, just one body forgotten and left to fade away.

Chapter 5.10 (11)

“Vampires, aye?” He breathes out slowly, I can pick the nerves in the tone he uses. Although I can’t sense it, I can feel the eyes watching me. In the shadows, and the broken down walls, it hid. Waiting. Cassiel, unaware of our friend, runs a hand along the dusty books on the shelf next to him, probably trying to hide the way he felt. “What is this? Did the guy in charge of this town have a thing for the demons or something?”

“Huh?” I watch him intently before moving to the bookshelf. My eyes scan across the faded names and titles quickly, and if I didn’t know better, I’d think he had a secret department devoted to conspiracy theories. The vampire crusades of the thirteenth century. Vampires: And how to kill them. Science behind the fangs. They all seemed to be about one thing in particular. Bloodstained reports of killings were crumpled into the ground. I had known that Ravenwood was founded on hunters, but this seemed to more than live up to the legends.

One name stands out to me though. Godwinn… The name on the spine of the book: Constance Godwinn…  My brain works slowly, as if reading the name for the first time, and then a second time, trying to remember. I knew the name, but like most, it wasn’t spoken about in my family. What was it doing here, lying in a room filled with age old secrets, and hidden lies? Had someone just left it here, forgotten about it in the carnage that had happened? It was more likely than the idea that hunters had kept it here, and had known of her. Then again, she was the mother of a vampire, the mother of this war.

Chapter 5.10 (12)

The first page of the book was blank, save for a few lines written on old paper lined with dust as it had sat, waiting:

I never believed in fairy tales. I can still remember when I was young, and my father would tuck me into bed, as he did every night, he used to read me stories of beautiful princesses, and handsome knights, of dragons, and the warm midday sun. Little did I know, that my own journey with the sun would end  so abruptly. Little did I know it would be born out of necessity to survive, of tragedy and of love. 

I suppose when you look at it that way, perhaps it is some kind of twisted fairy tale.

Perhaps all of it is…

I close the book almost as quickly as I had opened it. Some romanticized attempt of fiction or mystery, romance even. My great grandfather, Baltezhar, had never seemed the type to marry a romantic. Rolling my eyes, I read the cover. The Ravenwood legacy. Maybe a exaggerated biography, it wasn’t as though vampires were common knowledge that long ago. Either way, I wasn’t sure I could let go of the book, I could feel her in it. The soft hum of her breath as she wrote, and the warmth of her hands as she worked.

Chapter 5.10 (13)

She had been here, I think slumping against the old book shelf, as her voice whispers in my ear. Another ghost, another memory.

“He wouldn’t hurt anyone, he’s just a kid-“

“He’s still a vampire though, isn’t he, Miss Godwinn.”

“That’s Mrs, and you seem to forget all that we have done for this town, Balt included.”

“And this town has not forgotten. Three vampires in less than four years, we wouldn’t want people to get the wrong idea. We will be watching, and if anything happens, then we will step in. Maybe you can put that in your next book.”

“You find what you’re looking for?” Cassiel interrupts the past and breaks the silence.

Chapter 5.10 (14)

“This is definitely the right place.” Crossing my arms I try to find the invisible target in the darkness of the building. Breathing short, shallow breaths to find his scent, and any noise he might make. When I open my eyes, Cassiel’s sitting down reading a book. “You don’t seem to concerned about that.”

“That’s what you’re here for isn’t it?” He smiles almost childishly at me, before lowering the book.

“You not remember how I came to you?” I add to highlight the fact that we weren’t playing. This definitely wasn’t a game. And if I had to focus on keeping him alive, especially against an old blood, then I wouldn’t stand a chance.

Chapter 5.10 (15)

“Alright then soldier.” He states crossing the room, before carefully whispering into my ear. “I’ll protect you.” My teeth grind together in annoyance at his words. Sure, I had thought about it, about him, and us, in all kinds of compromising positions, but he was an arsehole at the best of times. I suppose it wouldn’t really matter after backup had arrived, and I wouldn’t have to see this place again… “Where to now, captain?”

We exit the hallway, and I allow my heart rate to quicken. It would make it easier for me to shift when I tracked the bastard down. I wasn’t sure if it was even the same vampire, it’s scent was almost nonexistent, like finding footprints in the snow when it’s been wiped clean, and covered.

The scent is getting stronger now, and so to does the pressure in my chest. My muscles tremble in anticipation, and anxiety growing continually stronger with the seconds. There hadn’t been vampires when we had searched the town. And we had scoured with well trained eyes, and noses.

Chapter 5.10 (16)

“Stop it…” A voice penetrates my mind as we reach a cross section in the hallway. The voice isn’t a memory this time, no it’s something far worse, it’s something from the other side. The vampire is closer now too, I can quite clearly hear it shuffling down the hallway over from ours. “Stay sleeping, my dear.” My head is spinning, and aching with every word that shouldn’t exist.

I raise a hand, signalling Cassiel to stop. It’s scent was different than the one I was hoping to get my hands on, but I wouldn’t waste the opportunity to take one of theirs away.

Chapter 5.10 (17)

It couldn’t have been older than fifteen when it was killed. Her hair lay in matted clumps against her pale skin, and those eyes held the familiar red tint of a newblood who hadn’t learnt when to say no. “It’s not time to wake up…” Her gaunt, discolored cheeks cock to the side, revealing more dirty skin underneath of her ripped clothes.

She can sense what I am and she’s hesitating, although, our heartbeats will always win over the fear that she feels. That’s what she’s been turned into. “Stop it!” This time the voice is louder, and my vision flickers against the shriek. It smiles at me, in some form or another at my hesitation, and takes a step forward.

My heart’s no longer beating, and the room is changing. Darkness consumes me as I hit the floor.


And wake. Like always, the snow fell down in indiscernible patterns, the luminescent white powder clung to the darkness. The cold, unforgiving wind rushes past me, lifting up the ends of my long hair, and whipping it against my sullen cheeks. Time didn’t exist in this world, I was trapped, and it wasn’t time to go home yet…

I needed to go home

If I didn’t another would die.

Chapter 5.10 (18)

“You’re not supposed to be here.” A familiar, ghostly voice whispers from within the darkness, causing the hairs on the back of my neck to rise like a frightened child’s on a black night. Her pale, blue eyes are devoid of humanity, and her lips are painted red as her body is bathed in the pale moonlight. My stomach clenches tightly, forcing a wave of nausea into my usually iron clad veins. “It’s not your time, how is it that you’re here-”

“-How many times do you think I’ll die before they lock the gates?” I smirk cynically, almost apathetically at my words. Why now, after all these years could I suddenly find words to say to this woman, as superficial as they were? There was no change within the lines of the her face, she hadn’t aged a day since the first time she had haunted my dreams. My legs burn with the aching, pressing need to run, to be anywhere but here. A hundred and one miles away from her. And to get back to my own plane of life. IF my body would even still be there when I got back “This is what, three times now-”

“Your quick to abandon ship, my dear Larka, if I were you, I wouldn’t be so eager to join your brethren in this place.” It’s like a fire has been lit within those eyes of hers, anger, and something else. Fear… Maybe. I scoff at her words, shrugging them off. She didn’t know me, she didn’t know anything. “Oh you should see what they have planned for you, Larka, if only you knew… You’d put a thousand miles between you and this place. We all would.” Despite the threat in her words, her voice is full of melancholy, and is as soft as the now dying winds. Was she afraid too?

Chapter 5.10 (19)

“What they have planned?” It’s like I’m tossed back into the pits of my childhood with that one phrase, the fear returns, like every time I had fought my eyes to stay awake as though my life had depended on it. This time the chill entering my heart is not from the bitter cold, but the reality that I held no power here. That this was in fact eternity, and there was no escape from it. “I said-”

“I know what you said.” The woman in red muses, running her hand along the smooth concrete slab that my body always awoke from. Under the light of the moon, she brushes the cobwebs from my gravestone, and I feel my body tighten in response. RIP Larka Godwinn, was etched across its surface. ”Don’t you wonder why we’re always alone?” I drag my eyes as if on command across the baron cemetery. Ten graves, including my own. And yet I seemingly was the only occupant, were they here? Was I even alone? My breathing hitches, catching in my throat, as I try to find the logic in this place, except that there isn’t any here. It defies all natural reason. “It’s no secret, you’re not strong enough, Larka, and I don’t think you ever will be.”

“Strong enough for wha-”

Chapter 5.10 (20)

“It’s time to go back to the land of the living, you’re not dead yet.” A small, sad smile graces her lips, as she places her hand on my cheeks. Her flesh is cold, as cold as death itself. My skin crawls with the contact, this woman wasn’t mortal, she wasn’t human at all. “And your journey, well it’s only just begun.”

“Tell me!” I hiss as I feel my mortal bonds tugging at me again. I was grateful, but I wanted the answers. I needed to know.

“Goodbye, Larka.”


Authors notes

Oh my god, guys we’ve done it, two chapters in one week and on time too?! I think the realization that sims 4 comes out this year has finally hit me, I’m not anywhere near finished this legacy and the sims 3 is already coming to an end >_<

Apparently Larka has also decided that she wants glowing eyes, despite being technically human. I seriously can’t get rid of them >_< So she isn’t turning into a vampire or anything, she’s just being difficult.



I wake with a loud gasp, coughing heavily to fill my lungs with much needed oxygen. I’m vaguely aware of the terrible ache in my abdomen with every shaky breath I take. Broken images begin to form in my mind, throbbing with each bloodstained memory I just can’t help but relive. The only one that I had managed to save was myself, and that was going just great, just perfect. I grit my teeth in frustration, trying to see the fuzzy room offering me shelter from the darkness outside.

A woman with dark red hair walks past me, I can barely move, even to follow her silhouette with my eyes. God, I can barely see past the length of my own arm. “Baltezhar?” The voice is just a distorted whisper from a fragmented memory of the past. “Balt… You came back for me.” This town was full of ghosts, of history written with blood. And I’m just too weak to shut them out now. “Elvira…”

“Can you move?” A low, male voice questions, a warm hand brushing past my shoulder. On instinct alone, my body reacts, sending a warning growl from the pits of my stomach. I can feel his body tense at the sound, it wasn’t one a human would make, was it? I try to laugh, but the sound is strangled, and cut of by a violent cough. Demons didn’t exist.

5.9.2 (2)

He sighs, slumping against the wall on the far side of me. “I know you don’t know me, and I don’t know you either. But you’re losing too much blood.” He’s obviously afraid; his heart is hammering at the walls of his chest , pumping profusely in a way that hurts my eardrums. “You’re gonna die unless you let me help you.” The man states as though those were the words that would sway my mind. “What’s your name?”

“L.. Lark…” I breathe heavily, unsuccessfully trying to force myself onto my hands and knees. My muscles tremble with the exertion, and my head threatens to return back to the darkness. Painfully, I roll onto my back, finally able to see the damage that the fight had left me with. There’s claw marks, only half healed over, violent red painted across my ribs and stomach. My neck is much the same, it was a wonder I had even manage to survive this long. “P.. Pass me the nee.. Needle and thread.”

5.9.2 (3)

“You’re not really going to stitch your own wounds, are you?” The stranger speaks with disbelief, I’m sure he would have raised an eyebrow, or rolled his eyes at my apparent stubbornness. I can’t tell, but as he walks towards me, I’m sure he’s smiling. “Here.” He places a hand under my face, revealing the monstrous bite marks, maybe we were demons after all. In his hand is something sharp, and shiny. “This might hurt a bit.”

“Why are you helping me?” I question, wincing as a needle is drawn through my neck, taking with it a thin thread.

“You need help, but a girl like you could never ask, now hold still.” Despite the order, his voice is soft. My eyes squeeze shut as he works away at me, sure, he didn’t know me, but he was right. I never asked to come inside, I demanded it. Just like I always had. He didn’t answer the question though, not really. We were strangers, and I was something… Something not completely human, and he knew that just as well as I did, so why save my life? “Name’s Cassiel in case you were wondering.”

5.9.2 (4)

“I wasn’t.” I somehow manage to form some semblance of a smile, despite the fact that my face is marred in pain, and a cold sweat. I can’t say how I looked to him there, lying on the floor in a pool of my own blood, but I knew the look in my eyes. I had seen it before, from soldiers just like me, those who had returned home alone… Gritting my teeth, I feel the anger coursing through my veins. I’d kill the bastard for taking them away.

“What are you?” He whispers only half surprised as I growl under my breath, thinking of all the ways I’d get my revenge.

“I’m a soldier.” I respond flatly.


The next day I spend in a half delirious state. Feverish, and my mind a toxic wasteland. Every time that I close my eyes, I see them again. And it doesn’t matter how fast I run, or how hard I fight, the situation remains the same. I can’t save them. No matter how many times I’m forced to relive it. “Soldiers die”, I whisper under my breath. That was our duty, I should be proud, they were heroes, they were…

5.9.2 (5)


I bite back the tears forming in my eyes. I wasn’t the type that cried. And I had survived. So why did it hurt so god damn much? It wasn’t like I hadn’t fought for them, I manage to take two of them down. And the third..? My fingers tighten into the bed sheets, crumpling the aged fabric. I remember the way her veins had turned black under my hand, the way that she had screamed, and the fear in his eyes as I did the same to him. He should be afraid, that didn’t even come close to what I would do if I ever found him.

I just don’t know why I waited so long… I had never fought for them before, not like that. No, I had been to wrapped up in my own head, and my own career. Even when they came, I was only concerned about my survival. It was only ever me, and now… It was only me. If I had of realized sooner, would it even had made a difference? It’s too late to ask for forgiveness, they’re already gone…

5.9.2 (6)

“Your awake.” Cassiel states, suddenly appearing at the doorway. Now that my vision had finally returned to me, I could finally see his face. The dark, dirty blonde against his amber eyes, he was in a way, pitifully human. There was a softness in his eyes, and smile that just didn’t exist in my world. Soldiers only ever got to say goodbye.

“I suppose you can call it that.” I mumble to myself. “This was meant to be a ghost town.” And I had been foolish enough to believe it. We all had.

5.9.2 (7)

“Ravenwood was forgotten about a long time ago, and the people here were just a side effect of that dark blotch on history everyone wanted to forget.” Cassiel walks to the window, his eyes gazing out into forest outside. “Soldiers come, just like you, not a lot though, just enough to keep up pretenses. To show that they haven’t really forgotten about us.” My jaw tightens as I wonder, is that what the outside world truly thought of the prestigious mercenary core, that we were just some political facade. “Sometimes they kill demons, other times, they just leave. It’s always the same though, we’re invisible.”

“They’re not demons, you know?” I state as though it made a difference what he called us. But I suppose, deep down, it made me resentful. Sure, some of us were, absolutely no doubt about it, but… Not everyone. “They’re vampires.”

His eyes meet mine with an amused glint in them. And a quiet chuckle fills the air around us. “They are not the boogeyman hiding in children’s closets, and century old fairy tales, no, Larka… They are demons. Soulless-“

5.9.2 (9)

“Are you calling me soulless?” I narrow my eyes in on him dangerously. It wasn’t that I cared what he called me, but I wanted to force a response from him. Some type of response that would take the smile off of his face, and cease his laughter.

“Even demons can pretend they’re afraid of the dark.” Cassiel breathes out, turning his face into the sun’s embrace. It bathes his skin as he smiles softly. My jaw tightens, with the implications of his words.

“And you would know about that, would you?” Questioning him, my hands tremble against the bone.

5.9.2 (10)

“You’d be surprised what I know.” He replies quickly, oblivious to my mounting dizziness, and the coldness seeping through my veins. I hold my knees against my chest, staring at the ugly green sheet. “I wonder what it is that you know though, it’s not often I get soldiers at my door, much less those needing my help-“

“I didn’t need any help-“

“Oh I would have loved to see what you had planned in the case I sent you away. You would have bled to death given another five minutes, so yes, I think you needed my help.” Once again, he smirks in my direction, running a hand through his messy hair. I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of winning, but there is nothing I can say in my own defense. Sticking out my bottom lip, I focus on keeping my breathing steady.

5.9.2 (11)

“Exactly.” He adds.

“What do you want to know then?” I sigh, giving in because he won’t wipe that damned smile off of his face. He was just so bloody mortal it was almost painful. And at the same time, oddly comforting.

“Why my door-“

“What do you mean your door, it was just a door.” I shake my head with a roll of my eyes. To be honest I was lucky to have even found his door, not that I would ever tell him that. “Next question.”

Cassiel pauses, scratching his chin, and the fine stubble growing along the line of his jaw. “How bad is it out there? Like I said before, soldiers don’t come here often, and we especially don’t get on first name basis.” The calmness I had felt within him before had suddenly been replaced by anxiety. Of course it wasn’t just us that were afraid, of whether we’d survive the night. “I mean.. I’m sorry-“

5.9.2 (12)

“No, it’s okay.” I reply grimly, it was obvious already that the tale didn’t have a happy ending, even if you had of discounted the bandages around my shattered bones. “It was just a routine mission, you know, like you said, they send a group out as often as they need to, to keep up pretenses. It was just the three of us in my squad, we weren’t on a direct mission to kill anything, just to… Check up.” My heart was racing at the memories which seemed to fresh to be rubbing the salt into. “Day one was ending, and we hadn’t found nothing, so we were going to go back to the safe house for the night, but… We were stopped in the forest by three vampires. Sunlight was fadin’ fast, and they were old, real old…” I can almost see Aiden’s throat being torn out, I’ll talk about anything… But I just can’t. Not about them. “I survived. Ended up here.”

“I’m sorry… I shouldn’t hav-“

“Can I ask a question now?” I ask suddenly. It made no sense to stay. Vampires haunted this town, tortured ghosts walked freely, screaming for someone to help. For just anyone to hear their pleas. And I had just added two more… “Why’d you never leave this place?” My breathing stops, as I force their faces from my mind, and resumes, turning hesitant. “You said there’s more of you.”

“Where would we go?” He shrugs easily. “There’s no place for us in your world. Not anymore. We’re uneducated, poor, and we’ve no where to go but here… And unless we’re here, we’re just a burden that no one wants to deal with.” My heart races, as I sink back into the mattress. Something was coming, and fast. “At least we have a home here, and a way to fight the de-“

5.9.2 (13)

“Larka? Hey, are you awake… Wake up! Larka?!”


My eyes open up to a world of darkness. There’s no sounds except the overwhelming sounds of silence. Not a cricket, or an owl, nothing can be heard but my frantic heart. I push myself up from my concrete grave, muttering words of anger under my breath.

“I’m not dead yet!” I hiss loudly, my eyes searching the grounds around me, half expecting someone to just appear out of the frozen mists. What was it about this town that seemed to rip a whole wide enough open for me to slip back into this world? Over and over again.

5.9.2 (20)

There’s images rippling across the surface of the water. After a few moments, it becomes still enough to clearly show what it wanted me to know. A man stands in a forest, watching a deer with sad, red eyes. His shoulders are slumped forward in a tragic kind of way, his black hair seems to hide the pain written clearly on his face. There’s another man, but his back is turned to me, so I can’t see his face. But he speaks, “Why are you here, Arkin? Why now? I mean.. It’s too late, she’s gone.

5.9.2 (19)

Arkin… My blood runs cold, I think that I know the voice too, somehow. If only I could see his face. Arkin finally looks up at the man. His face is torn, and contorted with some heavy deliberation on his part. “I should have stood up to her when I had the chance, you know, maybe if I had of been a better father all of this could have been avoided. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. I will fix this, I will find a way-“

The image is fading before I can find the answers to the questions now nagging at my mind. Why was I being shown this? Even if Arkin, even if the mad prince had of been partly human at some point, showed humanity to some degree, it didn’t change anything. He was still a pure blood, and he still wanted to see the world in ruins.

5.9.2 (17)

There’s a woman now, I don’t know the face, or where she is. It’s dark, and she’s kneeling down on a road in the middle of nowhere. A crossroads to be exact. In her hands is a bouquet of roses, and there’s one crystal tear falling down her cheek. I don’t understand what I’m watching, or why I’m watching it. This woman meant nothing to me, none of this did. I bury my face in my hands, trying to rid my mind of the aching confusion.

All consequences come to pass, Larka, just as you will.

The wind laughs, mocking me where I stand. And I can’t fight the bitter laugh on my lips, or the ache forming in my chest, it had always been there, though, hadn’t it? I frown, forcing all of my hatred in my palm as I hit the waters surface, destroying the pictures being shown to me. I don’t want to watch anymore, I think as I slowly walk away, and back to the light of my own world, of where I truly belonged.


5.9.2 (14)

“Larka? Are you still there? Come on, don’t die on me!” Cassiel’s voice booms in my ears, as he pulls me tightly against his body. Searching for any sign of life, of breath. Why was he so bloody attached? God, it hadn’t even been more than a day or so. “Larka…” His voice softens as my eyes slowly flutter open. “God… I saw you die. Larka, I saw you die…”

His face contorts into something far more human than I had seen in a long time. His brows were furrowed, and his eyes anxiously studied my face, as though I might drop dead any second. I wasn’t fragile, or delicate, but the way he looked at me, I felt like a priceless china doll, that could break at the slightest movement. My knuckles tighten as a strangled sob escapes my lips. “I.. I’m not dead!”

5.9.2 (15)

The others were.. I had let them… Seth, and Aiden. This whole town too, my teeth grind painfully against each other as I fight the coming tears. I didn’t cry. I wasn’t that type of girl, but this town was suffocating me from the inside out. The angst of those who had been lost and forgotten weighed heavily on me, as did my questions. I wasn’t really going to face the mad prince, was I?

Cassiel’s face drops, his breath is warm and soft on my face. “I’m not dead.” I whisper again, the floodgates finally breaking. “I’m not.”

5.9.2 (16)

A quick warning for this chapter, there is some skin shown, I’m sure that there is nothing that you actually see. But just a heads up so no one gets a bit of a shock. Secondly, there is a fight scene in this chapter, and I’m hoping it doesn’t get too confusing since it’s easy to lose track of someone in a high frenzied scene.

Anyway, i hope you enjoy 🙂


Chapter 5.9


As fast as you can, and until your limbs are heavy as slabs of concrete, and the burn is incapacitating. Run, til the soles of your feet are bleeding, and breath is nigh impossible. And maybe, just maybe luck will be at your side, maybe you can outrun them.

My mind is awake with the possibilities, tracing the shadows expecting glowing eyes to be staring back at me in the fading light. A cold sweat covers my clammy skin as I force my muscles to exert themselves over and over again, trying to desperately to get away. This wasn’t supposed to happen, we were the hunters, we were supposed to be the heroes. Not this…

I tear the shirt from my body, in one swift motion, falling to all fours. My breath is ragged as I take a black wolf’s flank and whine breathlessly. We were the hunters. We were meant to be the hunters. Not… No. we could turn this back around, somehow. Someway. A growl ripples through my throat, my haunches ripple in anticipation. We weren’t the hunted, we couldn’t be. Lycans were bred for one thing, and that was taking down vampires.

Chapter 5.9 (2)

We had two options, and neither seemed viable, but god damn it, they’d have to be. Didn’t they? My life depended on it. The safe house seemed a laughable distance away from us, even as we ran, as we pleaded with our muscles to sprint, even if we got there, there had to be a house standing to be our salvation. Til dawn that was. My stomach seems to drop at the idea, there’s footsteps coming closer now. They’re weaving through the trees now, I doubt we’d make it there before the first attack, the sun was no longer our ally.

The second option was more like a suicide attempt, separate the three vampires, whose age obviously surpassed our own by centuries, and kill them. They were old, that much was clear, and powerful too, a newblood would have never tested the sun’s power in such an arrogant attempt on our lives. Especially not to give us a head start.

Chapter 5.9 (3)

Seth’s wolf bares his fangs in a cruel kind of smile. Was he realizing the same futility as I was? Kill or be killed. Sure we’d been in situations before, close calls so to speak, but to be hunted down. The first vampire was close, very close now, getting closer with every desperate step we took. No, we had never been in a situation where it would take every fiber of our being to make it through.

The shape comes bursting through the darkened tree line, it’s blinding speed is meet with bone crushing strength. The ground ripples around me as Aiden is caught, teeth bared, with arms flailing, and sent through a tree. The smell of blood is enough to daze me, paralysing me in my steps for the briefest moment. His pulse is weak, amidst our frantic hearts, why was this happening?

Seth is fast, he’s on two legs before I can even figure out what’s going on. I phase too, growling in anger before charging her way. But the bitch is faster. Her silhouette dances through the branches, the laughter from her lips permeating the air around us. It was toxic, cruel, while Aiden bled in the soil from a wound she inflicted.

Chapter 5.9 (4)

I push myself up, preparing my body for the chase. With my anger, I don’t even see Aiden’s bloodstained face, the naked skin marred with the wet, hard earth. The sound of his laboured breathing, only now slowly beginning to rectify itself offers little consolation. No. Vampires took everything, and quite clearly, felt nothing but joy at the prospect. She was going to die for it.

“Larka…” Seth’s still wolffish form breathes stopping me from leaving them both behind. I pause, trembling with both the fear, and hatred at what they were, at what we were. “She’s stronger than anything we’ve ever dealt with, and theres more coming. You can’t do this alone. Were a team-“

“What are we supposed to do then? Huh?” My voice is verging hysterical. I don’t want to stay and talk this out, we need to take her out while we have the chance, before the others come.  “Because running doesn’t seem like an option right now.” This time, I allow my eyes to soak in Aiden’s image. Time had seemed to be racing by, but I doubt it had passed us at all. The wounds were healing and yet, the blood, the hollow pain and fear still echoed in his sullen eyes.

Chapter 5.9 (5)

“It’s just a scratch, I’m not dead yet, so don’t talk as if I am.” Aiden growls harshly, and I feel myself quiver underneath the pressure. This time, he was the superior, the alpha on the mission, his orders would determine our lives, and yet, I wanted to survive. “Shes playing with us. Toying with us. Testing us.”

“And what the hell is the point in th-“

“It’s probably how she gets her kicks.” Aiden’s smile is grim, and to be honest, it doesn’t leave much to the imagination. It seemed to scream that this is where we’d take our final breaths. “The others are no doubt out there watching her little game, but we should at least play along.”

Chapter 5.9 (6)

“Except this time, we’re playing with our lives.” Fleeing at this point was well out of the question, what was left was fighting. One of us whines softly, I’m not sure who exactly, but the cowardly beastly sound seems to catch me. This was everything mother had warned me about, dying under the stars to some beast in the night, my teeth grind together. Except I couldn’t die. I wouldn’t.

“Attack formation two.” Aiden orders, forcing his body into something only slightly stronger. His bones grow rigid, his muzzle elongating and his hair thickening. With a pained step forward, we all take our positions. I focus on her, drinking in every movement of her raven black hair, and cold stare. This time, I would get her.

With a sharp nod of his head, we run, like demons possessed, I dive through the tree, before sighting her again and pouncing, Seth does the same. It’s just Aiden who faces her head on. With a flash of fangs, the vampire lunges, once again locking limbs with him, the scent of blood once again fills my nostrils like a thick fog.

Chapter 5.9 (7)

Claws capture her by the neck, pulling her upwards. Seth flips her, sending her crashing to the earth on her back. My fangs sink through her chest, as my fingers scrape her undead, still beating heart, the vampire seems to cackle. “You’re all going to die.”

There’s another shape moving towards us, Seth screams. His blood hits the ground, soaking into the dirt and clogging it with the sounds of death. Before I can see the reasons why, the female underneath me claws my throat with cynical eyes. With my hand still wrapped around her heart, I clench and tighten, feeling her turn to ash around me. There’s a thud, Seth falls to the ground.

It couldn’t have been more than a few seconds since she spoke. Why… How was this happening? I tremble slightly as I crouch down with a loud hiss. There’s claws at my belly, tearing the flesh from the bones as Aiden goes for the throat of the second vampire. Pain flares throughout my body. My vision turns to a faded, distorted white. I can’t think. There’s only fire, pain shattering and exploding through my abdomen.

Chapter 5.9 (8)

“Lark…” Aiden barely whispers, there’s teeth at his throat, violently ripping. “R.. Run… It’s ok… Okay.. One of us has to m.. Ma.. Ke it…”

“No!” I scream in vain, forced to watch, of what I can, of Aiden’s throat being torn out. There’s so much blood, how much of it is mine? I whimper pitifully, struggling against the wounds growing larger by the seconds. We should’ve heard them coming, I should’ve. Why couldn’t I save myself..? Why couldn’t I save them?

Another high pitched scream escapes my lips at I fall to the damp ground. I’m so cold. Where were their heartbeats? Why couldn’t I hear them? I scream again on blind instinct, as I listen for the sounds I would never again hear in my life. Teeth sink through my neck, but I’m too weak to fight.

Chapter 5.9 (9)

“Ai… Aid…” I manage to breath watching his lifeless corpse, feeling my own body wither away. My heart beat turning to silence, my mind a cold dark fog. There’s a fire inside me, erupting from the pits of my own despair and hatred. I don’t want to die…

Not now…

Not like this…

Chapter 5.9 (10)

My hands capture the second females face, biting down deeply into my rushing jugular vein. It wasn’t fair I think as her veins turn to black. Heavy and thick against the sickly pallor of her skin. They were dead, my mind screams… The vampire screams in return, the eyelid fluttering and turning white. They weren’t coming back… I drive my hand through her heart, tearing it out weakly, without a fight.

I growl turning to the thing, the thing that killed Seth and Aiden. My upper lips curl back, and all my hatred rushes into my body as I lunge. When my claws connect with his cheek, the veins turn dark with death under the pressure, I couldn’t die here with them. There’s fear within his eyes, as he steps back. Did he step back or did I?

God, when did the world start spinning? A low growl catches in my throat, as I watch him dizzily. He looked scared, or was that just me? I take a weak step forward, he didn’t deserve immortality brought with the lives of my squad. I’d take it from him if it was the last thing I did. Perhaps it would be.

Chapter 5.9 (11)

I pounce, barely making it too him, under the full weight of my injuries. The adrenaline was burning away too quickly. My hands collide with his face once more before he thrusts me backwards. “What are you?” It questions wide eyed. Shaken by something that was inside of me. It’s veins still stand prominent from my touch, thick and black, spreading with the seconds.

What the hell was happening? I could barely tell anymore. I can barely make out the face. I want to speak, to form words, but I can’t force my lips to move. The pain is growing stronger again, was this what it was to die? It moves closer, but all I hear is my almost silent heart beat growing weaker.

It strikes piercing my chest. “Why don’t you just meet the sun!” I hiss in spite of myself. My hands tighten around his wrists as I push him away, with much more force than I thought I had ever had. I stumble backwards, and forwards before falling to my knees.

Chapter 5.9 (12)

How did I ever have this much blood in my body? I wobble uncertainly, trying to hold myself up on my hands and knees. Where’d it go? There’s only darkness, and the stars above me now.

Dying wasn’t honourable.

Whatever they say,
It sucks.


My eyes pry apart. Everything is black and bleak, snow capped trees underneath the starry skies. My limbs are numb from the ice of winter’s cold embrace, and something else. Something..?

Chapter 5.9 (13)

Why was it always dark here? Would a new dawn ever grace the skies again? I can’t move, I’m not sure I want to. There was something I needed to do, wasn’t there? Exhaustion burns in my bones, sapping away at my will to continue.

To live…

To breathe…

Chapter 5.9 (14)

To fight…

Where was I? What had I been doing before this? It was important though, wasn’t it? But I’m so cold. Voices are whispering to me, mumbling in the darkest corners of my mind. Silhouettes painted with the night surround me.

And then the pain explodes through my abdomen, tearing through my neck. There’s fire burning through my veins, setting my skin ablaze.

Chapter 5.9 (15)

And then I’m falling…


My body lunges forward at the sudden movement, jolting awake. Every single muscle tenses, crippling me in my weakened state. Falling back into the soggy earth, I breathe heavily trying to find the strength to stand. All there is to do is to listen to the sound of my heart, the beat is steady, I’m alive.

Chapter 5.9 (16)

“I’m alive.” I’m whisper with a hoarse voice, my eyes red and bloodshot. Feeling as though sand had been rubbed inside of them. My body freezes when I realise that the ground is not damp from the rain, but my own blood. The flesh has healed over, but the bones are still shattered, stiff, and broken.

One of the vampires had escaped, hadn’t they? I couldn’t remember, my mind was to weak from the blood loss, the other side. It’s veins were blackened in a way I don’t think I’d ever seen before on one of them. Maybe I’d imagined it. Probably…

I breathe, struggling to find my feet in the once again fading sun. Once again I’d drawn the short straw, surviving the first night, to die the next. My body leans against a tree, trembling with the intense pain. If I managed to find the safe house before dusk, I wouldn’t be able to enter. My vampirism was going to be the death of me, their vampirism was going to be the death of me, you know what? Fuck the vampires.

Chapter 5.9 (17)

Stumbling blindly through the woods, I focus on forcing my legs to move. Just one step after the other, that’s all that mattered for now. Not that it would for much longer, a soft laugh passes my lips. A violent cough catches in my throat, and I hold onto myself for dear life. Close to passing out, I slide back to the earth.

I don’t know how much time I wasted waiting for wounds to heal that never do. Three days, that’s how long we were supposed to be here, which meant five days, at least a week realistically before they’d send another team in. Five days too long. My eyes shut painfully with every forced breath.

Survive… Larka… Survive…

And live…

Chapter 5.9 (18)

Whatever it was that we called living. I can feel the coldness seeping through my veins, I had been so close to death, was still so close, and here I was debating whether it was still worth it. Was it still worth it? It had to be, they didn’t die for nothing.

Following the sounds of ghouls, I stumble onwards. I practically resembled a corpse as I stood, naked, and bloodstained, flesh bruised and missing. The forest seems to laugh at my pitiful attempt at surviving. I don’t blame them either, I’d be laughing if  it wasn’t so god damn sad.

I freeze, listening to the sounds around me. The woods were deathly quiet, save for the sounds of bugs, and one distant heart beat. Not the heart beat that I needed right now, that I wanted, but there was someone, out there, alive. It reignites a spark inside of me, the burning desire to live. Even if there was a house, it didn’t mean that I would survive the night, but maybe, I wouldn’t have to die alone, a world and a half away from home.

Chapter 5.9 (19)

God I truly was pathetic.

I make the house… Barely. My head swims dizzily, and I can barely make out the shapes in front of my feet. It hurts to breathe, god, everything hurts. I weakly bang at the doors, and windows, the sun was almost behind the mountains now.

I couldn’t face that thing again…

“Let me in!” I order, my deranged eyes closing in on a blurry silhouette. We didn’t have time, I didn’t have the time. It seemed a luxury in my hour of dying. “Are you deaf, I said-“

“I know what you are, and you’ll never step foot in here, demon.” My hand lashes out, grabbing it by the throat and pulling them towards me. Demon? Is that what we were? I suppose it’s almost true, based on something of a misery. Slamming the person into the wall, I keep pressure on their throat. I could kill them so easily, but it wouldn’t do me any good. “L.. Let me-“

Chapter 5.9 (20)

“If you know what I am, then surely you know what I’m capable of.” I’m weak, far too weak to keep this up. I’ve reopened the wounds, and am losing to much blood. “Now let me inside!” My eyes flash a violent shade of anger, teeth seeming to flash in the dying lights. “Now.”

“What, no please or-” I bring their face close to mine, close enough so I can send them  hurtling back into the heavy pine. A slow growl pierces the air around us with my impatience. I let one get away, it was possible it was stalking me to where we stood, locked in the endless battle. Ripe for the taking. “F… Fine. Fine..” It coughs. “Won’t you please come inside?”

I think I manage a step, maybe two. But the darkness comes for me again, and I’m falling…

I’m so sorry about the massive delay with getting this chapter out >_< I really did try to get a chapter out before I move out (and risk losing the net for another week or), hopefully you guys like it and maybe luck will be on my side and I’ll have a really awesome connection before to long (I doubt it but one can hope).

And when my connection is a bit more stable, I promise I’ll catch up on all your lovely stories, and my own :p


Don’t go…

Chapter 5.8

Thick droplets of sweat form and cascade down my pale, clammy skin. Forming, and catching in the fine hairs, it parts. And my skin, and my clothes, are soaked through and through, fear riddled dampness clung to me like broken shadows across the Moore, and why?

Why? The question had haunted me for two long, departed decades, and was seeping through once more. The Tv flashes with brilliant colours in front of my sensitive, hateful eyes. The sound blares in my ear drums, loud and uninhibited. And the door screams and begs for release. And why?

Bring on the apathy, bring on the hate, give me anything to make it through. My feet hit cold, burnt ash tiles, like electricity, warmth to to the freezer. And my body nervously waits, slumped against the all too thin wooden slab protecting me from the outside. Two years in the mercenary core, I could handle what the darkness offered me.

Chapter 5.8 (2)

The door screeches on its hinges. And a volatile plumage of hideous purple is shoved under my nose, unsuspecting and uncaring, “Flowers..? Are you sure you’re at the right house?” My voice is hoarse, and cold, my eyes red and bloodshot. Deranged. Cynical. But that was me, who I was. And he, he was just a distraction, and my god, I needed one right now,

“What…? Yes, Larka, these are for you.” Like all good boys, he knew me well enough to take the invitation without the offer. His oversized feet step into the apartment, with a sarcastic smile. “You know, flowers? It’s actually considered sweet, and then your supposed to invite me in with a big, sloppy kiss, and say ‘well thank you, Dave.'”

“Save it for your bride, I’m really not that type of girl.” I chime in curtly, my eyes like daggers into his. I think the strange intensity swirling within still unnerved him, especially after those nightmares came, I could see it in his eyes, the uncertainty.

Chapter 5.8 (3)

“I just don’t want you to think that I’m here only for the… The… You know..” Running a hand through his hair, a slight redness rushes to his cheeks, in an almost childish kind of way. And then his eyes dart to mine, like he needed to know that I had understood.

“For the what? The sex?” I scoff coldly. “Oh god grow up, the word isn’t going to bite you, and don’t flatter yourself either. Your definitely not here for the excellent conversation.” His jaw tightens effectively with the completion of my all to rushed sentence.

Chapter 5.8 (4)

I don’t want to talk anymore, or think, so I cross the floor, disregarding every stupid word out of his over anxious mouth “So what am I-” I press my lips to his, aggressively, my hands curl into the soft cotton of his shirt, pulling him tighter against me. Our tongues dance together, and I know he can’t resist my kind of intoxication.

Soon enough, My finger nails claw through the precious skin on his exposed back, and I emit a soft moan. His lips crash against mine in our naked embrace. Our breathes are heavy, for the first time today, the sweat and adrenaline coursing through my veins are not of darkness, but of pure lust. His body stiffens against mine, and he pants above me. Mouth wide open, with a low grunt.

“You can go now.” I smirk at him, pushing him off of me, without giving him time to catch his breath. My hands dives straight into the open drawer beside the bed, lighting a cigarette and taking a long drag.

Chapter 5.8 (5)

“We barely finished and your already kicking me out?” His frustration is breathed out in one long, mopey sigh. And I’d be lying if I said it didn’t bring some small glimmer of amusement to me.

“Mm, now leave. I have work, and I think I’d rather blow my brains out than if you wanted to stay and cuddle.” I cross the room, pulling on a standard issue military uniform. Tucking the smooth metallic gun against my back, I turn back to face him watching me as curiously as ever.

“Would it really be that bad?” His raised eyebrow forces a strange sound from my throat. A chortle perhaps? Was that even a sound? Whatever it was, was as ridiculous as his idea, actually no, his was worse. Ten fold.

Chapter 5.8 (6)

“Out. Now.” He smirks, pulling his jeans up to his waist. He knows now to leave. It would be very stupid for him to stay. If I wasn’t the type of girl for flowers, then I sure as hell wasn’t the type for cuddling and letting my fuck buddies (and that’s all he was, not even a buddy, just a fuck), him, stay til dawn. “And take your stupid bloody flowers with you!”

The sigh forces itself upon my lips, as I take an anxious, drawn out drag. Cigarette smoke staining the room, nicotine, burning itself through my being. I can’t help the frantic trembling within my fingertips, or the nervous energy of the silence that engulfed me now.

It’s all in your head, love.

Chapter 5.8 (7)

That’s what they all say, isn’t it? Ghosts, demons, it doesn’t really exist, only within the torn up pages of a good story, faded with the age of war. No one bothered themselves with such stories anymore, no, the only thing to be scared of now, was death. Not even your own death, my own death, just everyone else’s.

Tragic…. Isn’t it?

I slam the front door behind me, locking it just an afterthought, the heavy trudging of my boots on the creaky wooden floors was a grace too loud. Far to loud for this time of day, the suns silhouette was barely streaking the darkened skies overhead. Waiting for the sun, my saviour, would take far too long, I think, the elevator opening with a ding. And my apartment was too small to contain such thoughts.


“Couldn’t sleep again?” Sora calls from above me, tired eyes looking down from the window above.

Chapter 5.8 (8)

“Not exactly.” I respond flatly, as he pries the door open slowly. My eyes trace the fixed lines of the archway, and back to his face with sudden expectation. Quietly demanding invitation inside without so much as a word.

“Let’s walk, shall we, got to get these ageing limbs moving again.” He winks at me, showing absolutely no sign of annoyance at my arrival. Hell, the man was a saint, and I don’t know why, or where his patience came from. “Same dream again?”

“Who said anything about a dream?” I smirk. Spinning away from him as we walk. The earth smelt clean, and crisp at this hour, with the dew settling upon every blade of grass beneath my feet, and the heat, and light, only now beginning to fade through the bleakness. Sora raises an eyebrow at me as though he knew better. “I wouldn’t exactly call it a dream-“

Chapter 5.8 (9)

“Nothing is ever black and white, larka, in life or…” He pauses mid sentence, his face contorting with obvious deliberation. “Death…” That’s the word though, isn’t it. Death, dead, dying.

“I have a mission..” My words trample hastily over the silence threatening to fall between us. I don’t want to talk about that, such dreary, life provoking stuff that it is. Hell, if I did, I might go home for the weekend instead, much more efficient. “First solo… Ish mission. Judd’s bailing on us, which means just team kickarse, we don’t have an official name yet, but whatever, we’re going out, just us.”

His eyes meet mine for a moment before speaking, as my hands reach for a light. “Forget the missions, it’ll be the smokes that’ll be the death of ya.” He scoffs with a disapproving shake of his head, and before I can respond, he takes the thing straight from my mouth and flicks it to the ground. “I mean, really, what would your mother think?”

Chapter 5.8 (10)

“Ha!” I laugh in sarcastic response, there was a lot that she didn’t approve of, god, the smokes were just the tip of her ever growing iceberg. “It’s in Ravenwood, ya know. Place is a ghost town. Don’t think we’ll be finding nothing there. But ya know, routine mission and all.”

“I’ve done that one a few times, and go in thinking it’s a ghost town, that’s how you get yourself killed.” My eyes narrow in on him, he didn’t really think I was that stupid, did he? I wasn’t about to die to some vamper in the middle of nowhere because of stupidity, least of all my own. “You’ve family from there, don’t you? Pre world war V that is.” Sora says, scratching his chin in thought. “Suppose not anymore that is.”

“Maybe you should ask her-

Chapter 5.8 (11)

“Maybe you should-“

“Nice try.” I respond. A soft tap on his cheek with my angsty hand. Today I was free, just me and the battleground that was war. No obligations, just a contract signed in blood, blood for money that was. The day was looking up. “Check ya later, old man.” I smirk, raising a hand above my hand in some form of goodbye.

As I walk away, I hear a heavy sigh followed by the words. “Sometimes I wonder why I bother.”


“So that’s everything.” I say, slamming the boot of the old truck shut. My eyes scan the overcrowded trees, looming over us wildly. The air was cold, colder than what I was used to, and crisp, the salt of the earth rose to meet my lungs with each breath. The isolation, and it’s rising mountain soldiers, standing guard around us, met by the sea, reminded me distinctly of that place… And I was already counting down the seconds til we left.

Chapter 5.8 (13)

“We’re here.” Aiden says, his voice sounding somehow deeper than it had been all those years ago, perhaps we’d all grown up. His finger grazes across the thin map, eyes stern and focused. “Following along this road, we’ll descend the mountain, and enter town through this clearing here. Once inside, we’ll look for any signs or scents that we might need to follow up on. I know this is a routine mission, but were in a war zone. This town is evidence of what can happen if we let our guards down, decimated in one night, which we might be if we’re unlucky.”

“Don’t be so morbid, Aiden.” Seth quips, smirking up at us both. “I know this is your first mission as acting officer, and your tryna impress, but come on. This place has been a dead zone for years, whatever’s dead, is staying dead, and buried.” I load my gun with a roll of my eyes, whether there was anything here or not, the tension in the air was electric.

Chapter 5.8 (12)

“They say the mad prince stalks these mountains.” I mumble as we begin the long walk to the bottom, abandoning the car at the boundary lines, that seemed almost visible in the nervous light that we wondered. “The lab, that first started with the whole cure idea, it was out here. Somewhere in these woods.” It was standard practice to send a group out here a few times a year, check up on things, especially now that he had awoken. Yet somehow, they weren’t our woods, they were his, theirs. The vampires. “They say he returns there after a battle, to relive his fall from grace. The equations, the numbers-“

“- The girl.” Seth finishes my sentence, looking over at me with a raised eyebrow. Somehow, these types of ghost stories, urban myths, only barely resembling the fact they were based on seemed to quell the anxious fires. It made it seem far to ridiculous to believe. “I know. Hardly the same story, or timeline, but she’s the key to it all.”

“Girls don’t start wars-“

Chapter 5.8 (14)

“No, it’s the men silly enough to believe in love that do.” I cut in over Aiden. I knew the stories as well as anyone did, but I didn’t know the real story, the actual truth to any of it. My grandfather didn’t speak his name, neither did his father. The name was only ever spoken in meetings with presidents, and military officials, and fear, it clung to that name, Arkin like a shadow in the sun. Of course, it seemed he wasn’t fighting in any war, just fighting, everyone and everything. A soldier without a cause, and a hunger like none other.

“What I don’t get, the immortals are fighting this war at their own pace, but why not just end it?” Seth says out loud, his voice low, and soft, as though he was speaking to himself. My eyes are drawn to his. “Asmodeus has at least a thousand years on this guy, and they’re enemies, so why hasn’t he done anything. And the fact that he hasn’t, it scares me a little bit.”

“Why do they do anything?” Aiden says suddenly,with a comforting look, and shrug. It was obvious, it was a question above our pay scale, and even our comprehension. To be honest, they could have ended this whole war the night it started. Except none of the pure bloods seemed particularly interested in the war or it’s outcomes, most of the conflict now was from new bloods and some power hungry vampire hoping to make a name for himself. They were all ego, and all crazy as the hell they crawled out of.

Chapter 5.8 (16)

“When are the rumors ever true?” I snort with a lopsided smile that I had to force. That feeling, of electricity burning through my veins, of static clinging to every pore of my skin, was growing. The sun was up, high in the sky, and yet, I still felt sick to my stomach. I could only imagine the wreck I could turn into once the sun was banished by the lunar gods.

Silence eloped between us as we continued to walk, as the sun began to sink. The sound of a car, if we had driven it any closer would have given us away, long before we came into sight. The air around us, the trees, were deadly quiet, clouds of fog, settling through the thickets on either side of us. yet, surprisingly, the town hadn’t been entirely burnt down when it had been invaded, many buildings still stood, a rotting monument to the events of this war. Lone and baron, with thick vines climbing up the crumbling bricks, and char stained wood.

Chapter 5.8 (15)

My head swam as we entered the sun lit, fog encompassed town. I only knew the town from within the pages of history books, and yet, I knew it. Somehow, someway. I bite my lip, and force them into a straight line, and continue walking. Following along the course that our map had stated, I tried to force my eyes off of the stained, cracked windows, forcing the coming visions to the very back of my mind.

People had died here, and they had died bloody, I could taste it on the air, despite the years that had passed by. Their screams were almost deafening, but I could ignore it, as I always had, as I always would. In the entirety of the world, the thing I hated above all else was vampires, forget the fact my blood was entwined with theirs, places like this, where the confusing struggle of ghosts sought final peace, I could forget even the good ones. They’d taken far too much, they’d created too many of these decaying nightmares for me to ever forgive them.

But they weren’t here now.

They had came, and conquered and left.

Chapter 5.8 (18)

“Nightfall is coming, and I don’t particularly want to be out here when that happens.” Aiden sighs, as though he were disappointed that we hadn’t found anything to go on here. It had been a long journey, and it would be a waste of three days if we didn’t get to kill anything, but we managed to pull the short straw with this mission, so we still had to see it through, even if it meant we just walked around aimlessly chasing ghosts. “Lets just get to the cabin.”

“Good, this place is giving me the creeps.” Seth sighs thankfully, flashing an easy smile at us both. “Maybe crack open a few brews when we get there.” Winking at him, I turn on my heels, and follow Aiden with an almost instant skip in my step. Thank god these guys drank as much as me.

“This is busin-“

“There’s nothing here, relax.” Aiden could try to be the good captain and keep us clean, but I knew he had as little will power as we did. He was just better at pretending, I shake my head slightly as we walked. I wasn’t exactly sure how I was going to survive any longer in this town, but, I couldn’t give in to that part of me. And I never would.

Chapter 5.8 (17)

“You all smell so nice, our master will surely like you.” A voice whispers from the tree line, almost completely concealed by the darkness of the growing shadows, and like a domino falling against the pack, my muscles tense, a chain reaction stopping me in my tracks. The deranged hunger bursting within it’s all too happy, sinister tone works a chill down my spine. Almost on instinct alone, my fingers claw across my back, searching for salvation within a bullet.

“Hmm, I concur, brother.” My lips form a small circle in shock. My eyes widening, my pulse quickening. I hadn’t scented them before. Why hadn’t I heard them coming, why hadn’t any of us heard them coming? It was our jobs, it was everything we had been trained to be, and do. It was our lives… “How long do you think we have until sundown, until feeding time?”

“Larka… Seth-“

“Judging by the light -” Another voice laughs from an unknown location. Brilliant eyes, glowing vividly staring back at us, continued to creep closer, to the very edge of where shadow and light met. “- Not long at all.” I don’t need Aiden’s permission, I whip the gun out in a fluid motion and pull the trigger, but my target, one of the females has already darted out of death’s way. The bullet pierces the side of her chest, and her cackles seem to surround us.

Chapter 5.8 (19)

“You’re going to have to be a lot quicker than that, little girl.” She sneers cruelly, pacing anxiously back and forwards from within her shadowy confines. There were three of them, and yet… My mind anxiously traces every step that we had taken in blinding speed, trying to find we’re we might have slipped up. But I had done my job. Hadn’t I? No, I couldn’t blame anyone now, not until they were dead.

Her movements were almost too quick to follow, all three of them were, it was obvious they had a slight advantage over us with their age. My hand trembles slightly against the gun as I realize I can’t get a shot off unless I can predict their movements to the finest seconds. And dusk was coming. Quickly, it seemed every second, the shadows raced closer and closer to us, and soon, all hell would break loose.

“Shit!” Aiden growls under his breath, speaking for the three of us. His eyes scan the shadows and trees around us, looking for any path of safety he could find. My heart thuds painfully in my chest, anticipation, and adrenaline screeching through me with every forceful pump of my heart. They knew we were coming, they had too. They weren’t our average vampire, no, they were fast, scarily fast. And I’d hate to feel the force of their fangs. “Fall back.” His eyes stop over a small clearing, and my feet beg me to go. “Run!”


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