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“I won’t work with him again!” A girl hisses from behind the closed door, her voice full of venom and cold, dark hatred. A quiet muttering follows, muffled by the surrounding four walls that caged her at present time. Sampson’s body was cold, and weak, he felt like he had been standing in a freezer for the last twenty minutes listening to her incessant ramblings from behind closed doors. Had she been yelling on purpose? So that he might be forced to listen? “He was pathetic, and if he doesn’t get kicked off the god damn team the-“

Chapter 5.7

“By the sounds of it, you’re lucky that she didn’t hit you.” An older gentleman smiles down kindly at him. The softness of his eyes did little to comfort the boy, and Sora found himself feeling a deep rooted sympathy for the kid. He’s lucky she didn’t do a whole lot worse than just punch him…

Sampson sighs. “Yeah, but then at least the bruise could heal, and we’d all move on. This way is worse, I know I screwed up and she’ll never forgive me for it.” The boy’s voice is low, and not so controlled that you could hear the build up of frustration and tears threatening to bring him to his knees. “I just… I froze… And I couldn’t even think, I was so cold, and it was so quiet. It was just me and him… And the gun… She didn’t even blink you know, when she did it. I think that the fact that I failed was more momentous than taking a life for her. And she’ll never forgive me, and I just couldn’t.”

Chapter 5.7 (2)

“We’re not all killers, Sampson.” The older man’s face is free of judgement. The lines of his face smooth, giving him a strange sense of intelligence. “In fact, in a world of war, it’s a lot rarer to find someone like you. On the battlefield, yeah, it’s a bad thing. But anywhere else…”

“Well, if that’s true, then I’d like to be anywhere else, before she comes out that is.” They both laugh quietly, taking in the silence of the moment that followed. He thought that he could do it, Sampson thought with a grim face. Men weren’t supposed to freeze, not in a situation like that. And yet he had… Just turned to ice, a blank statue, with no thought or movement. He couldn’t do it, so what did it make him? If Larka wasn’t there, if his god damn little sister wasn’t there, then Aiden would have died… Because of him… His head sinks into his hands as the door opens.

Chapter 5.7 (3)

“Hope I haven’t kept ya very long, Sora.” Judd smirks eyeing up the older man with a sarcastic look on his face. Sora wouldn’t admit it, but he was late, not that he would give his younger counterpart forgiveness for their own lack of punctuality.

“That’s captain to you, kid.” He sighs, squeezing the boys shoulders one last time before entering the room. Footsteps sound across the painfully old floors, the boards creaking with each step. Larka sits in the corner, her bottom lip sticking out childishly, arms crossed across her chest, a dark scowl seated in her tired eyes. A small glimmer of amusement is lit behind the steel blue, and he finds himself smiling in spite of himself. She hadn’t changed one bit.

Chapter 5.7 (4)

“Sorry if it’s a bit late, or early to you I suppose, captain, but we had a bit of a mess to sort out.” His hands flip through a mess of folders, opening to the first page, or reading the title if there was one at all. Finally, he rests on three neat, standard issue brown folders. “I need you to collect references for these three, get it back rather soon I suppose. I need anything of importance or hindrance to their acceptance to the core.” So the kid hadn’t made it at all. “You know the drill.”

They talk for a few minutes, discussing the events of the night, and the success or rather, almost failure of the mission. Larka speaks animatedly, she’s like a hive of a thousand angry hornets buzzing frantically around. The blackness forming under their eyes had indicated that after completing their mission, they’d come straight back to this room to discuss these events. It was nearing four in the morning, when Sora finally concluded things to leave.

The streets were empty at the time, lone patrols stalked the tops of buildings, and the dirt roads with fresh eyes. The order of his list of names were written in his mind, luckily there would be some up at this hour, some he didn’t mind speaking too. In a military complex like this, it would be hard not to find a point of interest on the same patrol schedule as himself. People were always up, moving around, not always the same person, but there was always someone.

Chapter 5.7 (14)

For ten minutes Sora found himself walking alone, taking in the bliss of the quiet streets, and solitude. In spite of himself, he couldn’t help but worry for Larka, she was being pig headed as usual, despite the fact her brother had messed up, she acted like it was unforgivable. There was always someone who froze with gun in hand, it was just a stroke of bad luck it had to be the kid. It wasn’t like someone had died. Not today.

“I suppose you heard what happened between the two of them?” Sora asks quietly, rubbing his tired eyes with an almost blank expression, not even bothering with a greeting. It was dreadful business between the two of those kids. Brother and sister fighting like arch enemies, you think it’d kill her to even act like she cared for him at all?

“Mmm.” Lucian mumbles quietly, his face quiet an act of deliberation, of thought between the two of them. His youngest children. Vivian had been quite possibly hysterical at news, oh the questions she had asked, did he think they’d sort it out? Would they grow out of it? Was he okay? What should she cook for dinner? An easy smile of remembrance lights up his aging face for just a minute. “Although I’m sure you know much more about it, she probably almost knocked your door down in a rush to tell you about it.” Both faces contort ever so slightly, Sora’s in confusion, but Lucian’s showed an act of understanding. “Come on, your more her father, than she’ll ever see me.”

Chapter 5.7 (15)

A low grunt sounds from Sora’s lips, as he tentatively rubs the bridge of his nose.”I just don’t understand what her obvious dislike to you, to her family is.” There was no point trying to deny the girls affections towards him, he truly doubted that she loved him anymore than the man standing before him, if she did at all. No, Larka wasn’t the type of girl to love anyone, or anything past expensive absinthe and a cloud of smoke on a cold, dark night.

“Ya know, I’m just glad that the guy she chose, and the relationship of admiration she desired is just a platonic one. There’s a lot of scumbags out there and I know the company she likes to keep.” Lucian laughs a nervous laugh, a anxious line forming on his weathered face. The deep chuckles permeating his core did little to hide the confliction of his words. His baby girl and her supposed lack of morals, or maybe she was just growing up… Far to quickly for his liking.

“She has a new captain, young thing that he is.” Sora states quickly, his face reflecting his old friend’s, the rumours he had heard about the man, and of what he knew of him. And Larka’s taste for soldiers. Thank god it wasn’t his daughter, but then again, his own was growing up too.

Chapter 5.7 (16)

“What’s he like- No, don’t tell me that. It’ll only add fuel to this already anxious fire.” Lucian’s hesitation causes his friend to laugh a deep throaty chuckle, and he returns it with a nervous groan. “And, I see your in uniform, so I take it your up to something, yeah?” As Sora goes to speak, Lucian cuts in with a devilish smirk. “Although I never thought I’d see the day that Mr Grandmaster alpha himself would turn into the Core’s errand bitch.

“Don’t tell my wife, but they were always my first love, ever since this whole thing broke out.” The pair stand in silence, amidst the early morning sun, already peaking above the lip of the mountains. Old memories burnt dimly within his mind, of many years ago, when the vampires took their first victims of the long drawn out war. Images of his mother and father walked along side him for a moment, and he had to wonder, if perhaps, there was an age all children left their parents sides. Floated far away as they could, just as Larka had done, just as he had done. “She did good you know, probably saved some kids life down in the ‘Plains.”

Chapter 5.7 (17)

“I wanna be happy for her, I really do, Sora.” Is the quiet reply. Lucian’s face drops with a deep moment of thought, memories of his own written deeply in the wrinkles, and lines of his face. He swings his arms over the moss covered fence, and finds his reflection over the smooth water surface. “The core is tough, this war is… Tough. Maybe too tough for a kid like her, not that I could ever find the words to explain it to her. Ya know, after everything that happened when she was younger… All those nights she fell into that cold slumber, and even now…”

“We all have people we want to protect, captain.” An almost cold, yet understanding chill runs in time with his words. He spoke with sudden impatience, as though he had somewhere he had just remembered he need to be. “Perhaps the girl you see, the Larka who was bedridden, and sick and weak is the only one you know. But I can assure you, Lucian, that is definitely not the Larka that I know. That’s not who she is anymore, and it hasn’t been for a long time.” The air of joking that they had held was now long gone. “As with all new recruits, we need to run through background checks, her history, and psychological well being. So, I need to know, in your honest opinion, do you think that she’ll make it?”

A curt nod, and purse of lips, Lucian pauses. “If the Larka that I know.. Knew, isn’t who she is anymore, then yes. But she doesn’t play well with others, as you all probably know by now. She doesn’t trust people, not easily. She doesn’t want to rely on anyone but herself, so it’ll be hard getting her used to a team situation.. She’s a heavy drinker too, but not to mask her problems, not that I would really know. Look, I don’t really know what you want me to say, you probably know the answers better than I do.” Brilliant golden eyes darken with the consequence of his words. “Look… How’s she, uh… Doing?”

Chapter 5.7 (18)

“I’m sure she wouldn’t completely hate it if you just asked-“

“Are you sure you know her as well as I think you do?” Lucian’s laugh is bitter, and defeated, before he finds a way to snap out of it. He usually held his emotions together flawlessly, but then again, he wasn’t around the one person he was required to around. He loved Vivian, dearly, even after these years, but there were things he just could not discuss, or talk about with her.


Knock knock knock

Chapter 5.7 (5)

I roll over into my side with a quiet groan, my hands clumsily gripping my pillow and covering my ears. In my delirious state, I drift back into the world of dreams, with closed eyes, and a blank mind. Yet the sound gets louder, it echoes through the apartment, like it bounced off of every single damned wall just to reach me, amplified, and restless.

Knock knock knock

It doesn’t stop, and as my eyes peel apart, the blinding sun glares through the window at me, smiling cruelly. Hazily, I find the time written in green numerals across my old, beat up alarm clock, 9.57. It was early, too early, it might as well have been six in the morning. I throw my feet over the side of the bed, feeling the scratchy carpet beneath my feet, and I begin to walk towards the annoying sound.

Chapter 5.7 (6)

“What?” I don’t bother with a good morning, or any form of pleasantries, my voice has a harsh edge to it. My eyes barely even manage to fix themselves on the face standing before me.

“Do you always greet your guests in your underwear, or am I special?” A devilish grin finally comes into focus as I stare back dumbfounded at him. My eyes narrow in dangerously, as my face falls into a lopsided smirk. Being a wolf, the last thing I cared about was someone seeing me in my unmentionables, and being proud of my body meant his wandering eyes did little but work naughty thoughts into my mind.

Chapter 5.7 (7)

“Does my nakedness offend you, captain?” My voice is sweet, yet still retains my usual angst. I make sure to drag a hand slowly down the end of my hair, capturing his gaze, and across my smooth skin, edging the soft lace of my bra. Innocently of course. “Do you want me to put something else on?”

His eyes widen for just a moment, his grin a steady feature of his face. A soft sigh passes his lips, as he finally manages to drag his eyes away from me. Guys like him were easy, not much of a challenge at all, not that I had an interest in making him do anymore than want, but hey, I could have my fun. “I’d be breaking a few rules if I said no, so I’ll have to take you up on that another time.” I could smell the heat coming off of him, as he braces his body against the door frame. “Now go get changed, and lets get breakfast.”

Chapter 5.7 (8)

I yawn, exaggerating the swing of my hips, and stretch of my arms. “So what did you think of my performance?” My head turns to face his as I walk towards the bathroom to get changed. Catching his gaze, my hands tiptoe up my spine, to the clip of my bra, unhooking it, and letting it fall to the ground in one fluid motion.

“The one in my office at 3am this morning, or the one right now?” As I reach the cold tiles, of the bathroom, I slide off my panties and drop them to the ground, allowing Judd to see the soft, red fabric falling to the floor. I cheat a little as I search the washing for a tiny black dress, and listen for his racing heart. Boys really were fun.

“So what’s my chances looking at?” I call through the wall, hearing anxious footsteps pace through my small living room. Probably admiring the growing bottle collection, or perhaps trying to still his pounding heart. I shimmy the dress up my body, pulling on my favourite boots, and tying the laces.

Chapter 5.7 (9)

“Your technique is good, although, everyone is saying the same thing, you don’t play well with others.” Judd replies, the footsteps pausing for a moment, just enough to catch his breath. Stepping back into the bathroom, I smudge on some eyeliner, and paint my lips with well perfected accuracy. Just like before, he leans against the door frame, and waits.

“Well, I’ll have you know-” I begin strutting towards him, eyeing up my latest target, I was going to get on this team if it was the last thing I’d do. And, without even breaking a single rule. Not that I needed this extra effort, but it sure as hell couldn’t hurt, and after this was over, maybe I’d have a new playmate.

Chapter 5.7 (10)

“- I’m very good at one on one.” I whisper, pressing my body against his in the doorway. There wasn’t much room to get past him as it was, and I’d make the most of it. I place my finger on his chest, as though to push him back, but let it linger and trace further down for the briefest second. “And I’ve never had any complaints about my technique.”

And then I walk out of the apartment, pushing the elevator key to go to the bottom floor. I smirk, and wait for him to follow. One two three… Footsteps, yes, boys were easy.


“Come on, it’s ten in the damn morning.” Seth sighs, bearing his nose into the scent, and heat of freshly brewed coffee. Aiden smirks at me in response, like a child caught in the act of something terrible, and naughty, but with no fear of the consequence. He raises a dark eyebrow in my direction, turning a flask of whisky towards his own drink, and then my own. “Amateurs.” He scoffs, disguising a knowing grin behind his blonde locks.

Chapter 5.7 (11)

“Come on, you know he’s probably right, this is a cafe, not a bar.” Judd sighs, tapping his feet over the polished silver tiles below, clack clack clack. In my half tired state, I only half listen to him, the other half of my entire being enjoying the glorious taste of my favourite coffee flavour of them all. Irish. “We do have a reputation to uphold, I’m sure of it.”

“We’re mercenary now, aren’t we? I thought that was kinda the point.” I reply with the deep vein of sarcasm running livid through my words. My vivid blue eyes stare back into his in a knowing kind of way, because I did. It’s what we were, hired thugs, hired killers, and if we wanted to drink before noon, it would hardly ruin our damn reputation. “I don’t think drinking is the worst thing about our reputation, captain.”

“Who is this ‘our‘ that your speaking of, because your not even on the team yet.” Judd responds matter of factly, rolling his eyes with a slight smile, curving the corners of his face.

Chapter 5.7 (12)

“Might as well be.” Aiden responds with a deep chuckle, his cockiness spoke for all of us, those who were left, thank god. Thoughts of my idiot brother were best left to the wind right now. Definitely, I think with a clenched fist. Judging by the fact that only four of us were here, he had been officially cut. “Do we get cool code names?”

“Trials aren’t over-“

“If we get to choose, I’m the siren.” I declare loudly, completely cutting into his ‘talking’ time. But I didn’t care, I was on a high right now, first mission an absolute success, all thanks to me. I came in and saved the day, I think I deserved a superhero code name. The others not so much, but hey, if it made them feel part of the team.

Chapter 5.7 (13)

“Pretty girl luring men to their deaths.” Seth finally joins in to the annoyance of our captain. His eyes sit on mine for a few seconds, assessing me with mock seriousness.  “I like it.”

“I hope you all get approved for your sakes, so I don’t have to rub your smarmy noses in it.” Judd states coldly, yet still retaining the amused glint within the glow of his eyes. The coldness only lasts for a few seconds, before another smile cracks his face.


First of all, holy hell guys, a chapter that’s on time. (Sort of, kinda maybe, I’m going with it anyway)

Secondly, I think we hit the real story next chapter: the first proper plot line for Larka’s generation. I really hate writing fillers, not that there won’t be a point that they don’t have a use: Cause like ten chapters of plot when you barely know a character or their relationship with the world they live in doesn’t really fit my style. So i hope they’re not too boring, but I did write chapter 12 like three months ago, so I am excited for what’s to come. Hopefully I can make it show.