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Super sorry for the delay in this chapter. With the holiday season here, I’ve been a little distracted. That and past me seems to think it’s funny to delete CC and sets that I need so future/present me has to do more work when photographing scenes. So things might look a little bit different, but it shouldn’t matter too much.

Anyway, I hope you all have a safe and wonderful holidays. Happy holidays, merry Christmas, happy hannukah, and anything else I could be forgetting since it’s well past midnight right now.


2013 christmas

Silence. As my mind drifts back to consciousness, that’s all there is. For a moment, the soft fall of snow across the forest floor, and winter’s icy touch creeps through the walls, and I shiver. Cocooning myself tightly in the warmth of my blankets. I can’t help the irrational movement of my heart skipping a beat as my mind dances over the date and it’s implication. December twenty-fifth. Christmas day. God help us all…

I can hear the footsteps in the hall now, the soft pitter patter hurrying across the old wood, nagging tentatively against my ear drums. Arkin was very much awake, and the painful excitement bursting through the labs in mere seconds forces my eyes shut once again. It was too early for this. God, it was always too early for this, for him, and today was certainly no exception, perhaps, it would indeed meet my expectations and crumble them in a thousand broken pieces.

2013 christmas (2)

A slight groan passes my lips as the door is torn open, and a heavy weight cast across my body. His knees cut ceremoniously to close to my body, entrapping my ribs, and body under his weight, giggles softly rumbling in his throat. “Aleksi! Aleksi! Are you awake?!” From beneath closed eyes, I can sense his ghostly red eyes are trained on me, brightened, and exuberant with a kind of childlike innocence. “Aleksi? Wake up! Guess what day it is! I bet you’re just pretending!”

“No, I’m asleep…” Growling, I struggle to reach an arm to his chest, pushing him off me in a gentle, yet forceful move. His hand grips mine tightly, as he struggles for balance. How a vampire of two thousand year could shake like a leaf in the northern wind from a little tap is beyond me.

“You can be such a brat sometimes.” Opening one eye precariously, he sticks his tongue out at me in an act of childish defiance.  Still crouched over top of me, like a domesticated cat eyeing up it’s freshly laid out bowl of fresh meat. “Besides, it’s 12.04, I’m actually a little bit late to this party-“

2013 christmas (3)

“Arkin, there’s no party…” Sighing, I manage to grip the bridge of my nose. If I didn’t actually grow to tolerate the man over our time together, if I didn’t actually like him, begrudgingly at times, then I might really hate him sometimes. Like waking me up at exactly 12.04 on Christmas day by jumping on top of me. “Go back to bed… Please?” My voice has a sharp edge of exasperation to it. Yes, we were creatures of the night, vampires, but there was no reason that we had to add nocturnal to the list.

“But Santaa… I’ll miss him.” Arkin whines, whines like a child who wants to stay up all night to catch a glimpse of the old fairy tale. “And I’ve been a good boy all year.” The look in his eyes changes somewhat, I note. The way he voices the word ‘good,’ it’s almost serious. Sincere. Like he needed it.

“To be fair.” A soft, serene voice sings through the darkness. “He did give you a few minutes head start.” Raveena… I barely have anytime to think at all, before I manage to shove Arkin off of me and to the floor. Soon enough her brilliant violet eyes are locked in on me, offering me a silent look of sympathy. The curves of her feminine face, the dazzling smile painted upon her perfect, porcelain skin leaves me half breathless. “Four to be exact.”

2013 christmas (4)

“Ravee!!” Arkin squirms off the ground in a flash of white, despite the initial struggle to find his feet, soon he finds himself at her side. Don’t stare to long… One or two seconds at the very most, but no longer to sneak just one look at her striking features. She already had the upper hand of being able to detect my heart, and breathing rate. Perhaps she could even smell the desperation to be acknowledged dripping from every one of my pores. “Lucky I have you, or the kid might actually bum me out a little bit. I think, now my calculations might not be one hundred percent, but, I’m sure I might have enough holiday spirit for the both of us.” I recoil almost instantly by the closeness of their touch, his hands glide across her back, and she smiles softly his way.

If it wasn’t for the soft giggles radiating her core, amplified with my supernatural hearing, then I might of been a little worried, or reactive to Arkin’s words. But alas, her, Raveena, it went against every fiber in my being to try to ignore the sweet sound upon her lips, but how could I? It was contagious, and the type of sound that could make your worries fade into oblivion the second the first giggle rang out. Even worries about what my master had planned for the merry date.

2013 christmas (5)

“You wanna take my place for today?” I sigh, once again left alone to my thoughts. Nightmare takes my place on the bed, softly whining, his right ear twitching at the very sound. The head coated with dense black fur droops, and the way that his lips curve almost look as though he’s laughing at me. “I’ll take that as a no then…”


“Santa came! Santa came! Santa came!” Arkin’s high pitched squeals echo, and rumble through the thin walls. Seeming ever thinner with each bellow of his happy, sing song voice. There were kids, actual kids that I had seen that weren’t even a fraction as excited as Arkin was. Shrugging on an old shirt, I breathe in deeply, fastening a jacket against my slender body. It was my first Christmas away from home, from my parents. And a part of me missed it.

2013 christmas (6)

“Looks who’s finally gracing us with his presence.” Arkin’s face curves into a wide brimmed smile. In spite of myself, as Raveena’s back turns, I find myself locked into place. Like a statue formed in stone. Even if just for a moment, a light blush creeps over my cheeks, and I curse under my breath.

“Yeah… We have a tree..? Inside the house?” I breathe out in a shaky voice. Allowing just enough uncertainty into my voice to distract from the awkward tension clutching around my chest. My eyes fall on the bland, over sized pine taking up space inside the room. A variety of mismatched boxes, coated generously in coloured paper sits underneath.

“How else would our man in red know where to put the gifts? For growing up inside a mortal home, you do not seem quite well versed in your own traditions.” He sighs in response, his eyes blinking back at me expectantly. I pause thoughtfully, counting the seconds between our words, trying to plan out my next statement. For one, it definitely wasn’t a Christmas tree, it was devoid of any decoration. And two, he had either learnt sarcasm, or he actually believed in what the date signified.

2013 christmas (7)

“It’s been a while since I’ve celebrated such a tradition.” Raveena blushes sweetly at me. Running a hand through her dark violet locks, nervously, she captures a painted lip between her teeth. Biting down distractedly. “I can’t help but feel that I’ve forgotten something. Although, I’m sure that it’s the thought that counts after all.”

“It seems to have worked.” I respond lamely, sinking into the couch with a brooding look upon my face. My eyes glued to the floor as I try to remove the image of her from my head, and still my now racing heart. The effect that she had over me was starting to become troublesome. No one had ever done this to me, of course I didn’t know enough pretty girls for it to be a viable observation, but my thoughts still held.

“Look it’s been a whole year since this last happened, can we please just open the presents now?” Arkin breaks the silence. His eyes almost forming the perfect puppy dog look. I feel myself nodding absent mindedly in response. And that’s all that it takes before he’s upon the tree, tearing apart each box with carefully trained precision. Paper floats around the room in a flurry of white. “!!”

2013 christmas (8)

“Thank you.” I whisper under my breath to Raveena as he finally seems distracted. I’m sure that even a fire couldn’t tear Arkin away from those gifts. I doubt he’d even notice the alarm over the constant giggles rumbling in his throat. “I don’t know how you set this up without Arkin figuring it out, and causing a scene, but you did it.”

“Who said it was me.” She raises an eyebrow in mock questioning towards me. A soft smile playing on her lips, curving them into a delicate, thoughtful smirk. “It’s the one holiday that he seems to enjoy. Which is surprising, even to me, since the rest of them seem to unnerve him to the very core. But Arkin has done a lot for me, he is very precious, so if I can ease his pain for even a single day each year, then I’ll find a way to bring this legend to life. Even if the santa our time was a little crueler than now.”

My stomach does a painful flip towards her words, precious? To her? But I swallow the uncertainty with a weak smile. Each word was spoken with love for the old vampire, the paper flying through the air was a testament of that. Yet somehow, I partly understood the meaning. I hadn’t been here long, not at his side, yet I had already learnt so much from the erratic enigma that was Arkin. Perhaps one day, this could be my gift to him. A shabby tree, surrounded by poorly wrapped gifts, with the people I love.

2013 christmas (9)

“I’m sorry that you’re not with your family this year, Aleksi.” Ravee says quietly, sitting uncomfortably close to me. Perhaps picking up on my drop in mood. Her voice, her breath, a trickle of air across my neck. I can’t bring myself to look upon her face, for knowing that it will cause a blush to creep into my pale cheeks.

“This year, I think I’m with people who are just as important. I’m still spending it with those that I love, and hold dear to me.” Fumbling behind my back, I draw out a small box, wrapped in shimmering lilac paper. Despite my rather bold words, her returning smile holds my nerves at bay. “And as long as that is true, then the destination is not important.”



“Arkin, I promised that I’d find a way to bring you home…  I still hold that promise dear to my heart. If there’s a way, I’ll find it… I couldn’t bring Ravee home either, I’m sorry. I couldn’t protect either one of you, I failed her, and I failed you. I’m still carrying that guilt around with me everyday. And right now it seems I can’t get memories of this place out of my head. It must be that time of year again. The one that you loved so dearly. Perhaps, one day, I’ll find the joy in it once again. I’ll find you…”


Chapter 5.3 (2)

“So what did you today?” My McGellan says barely looking up from the mass of papers in front of his nose, despite it, I can hear the slight amusement in his voice. Pushing his glasses back up to the bridge of his nose, the pen held in his hand sets to work on the black and white paper, drawing little ticks, and exes across the page.

“I didn’t do anything…. It was Bri-“

“Course you didn’t, you never do, isn’t that right?” A soft, smile plays on his lips as he finally looks up at me. As much as he gave me a hard time, I knew that it came from a good place. A lot of the teachers that were still capable of teaching, and there weren’t many of them left, were old and jaded. Under paid, and under appreciated. I frown, realizing that one of my mother’s many rants had actually stuck. “This is the third time  in detention this week, and it’s only Thursday. You need to stop letting her antagonize you like this, cause you’re the one who keeps getting in trouble.”

Chapter 5.3

“One, it wasn’t my fault this time.” I begin, draping my arm across the back of the chair with a loud, forceful sigh. “And two, maybe if she wasn’t so stuck up all the time. She thinks that just cause I don’t have my eyes yet, I’m not a good wolf. That I’ll just put the pack in danger, but I could take her down, with my eyes closed, and not even get a scratch on m-“

“Look, Larka, I’m not a lycan, so I don’t exactly know the full importance of those eyes of yours, but what I do understand, is that the glow is purely cosmetic.” Rolling my eyes, I suppress another sigh. He didn’t understand what it actually meant to me, I was already different from the rest of the pack, I didn’t need something so obvious marking me as an outsider. I was already the only non-vampire and only lycan who needed permission to enter someone’s home for the first time. And then mother had to go and give to me her painfully human eyes, devoid of any form of supernatural light reflection. “I think that the two of you could actually be friends if you cut the petty little fights.”

“Friends? You’ve got to be kidding me.” Scoffing, I shake my head in disbelief, as he crosses the room. Leaning against the desk, his eyes get a far off look in them, as if he was thinking about something important. Or perhaps just thinking.

Chapter 5.3 (3)

“I hear that Nick is doing well at the academy?” Mr McGellan finally says, stretching his arms above his back. It must be strange, I think to myself, to be entirely human in a world full of creatures of the night, creatures that up until a few generations ago, didn’t even exist in their plane of life.

“Yeah, he’s set to join the black ops within the year. Dad thinks he’s a bit young for the role, ya know he’s only eighteen, but he’s something like a prodigy down there.” Picking at the lint in my striped tights, I stare up at the clock, counting down the minutes that I had to wait until I was free. Talking was better than pretending to stare at a history book for a whole hour, even if it was about my family.

“Doesn’t seem so long since he was a student of mine.” My head remains motionless, yet my eyes find their way onto his face. He was getting old, the lines on his face said as much. “Seems like he’s got it figured out for now, what about you? Any plans for your future?”

“I’ll probably enlist too. Not a lot of non military work going around for people like me.” I smirk, letting my fringe drape my pale cheeks. The fact was that I wanted to fight, regardless of any other influencing factor. Nick was going to be head of the black ops division in a number of years, Sampson would probably take up something as pathetic as home guard duty, and me? I’d find a way to surpass them all. I’d survive, we all would, and this war… Hopefully that wouldn’t.

Chapter 5.3 (4)

“You’ll have to get your grades up if you want to go far in that-“

“Just teach me how to fight and I’ll go far.” I state almost arrogantly. But, truly that’s all there was in war, destruction. Knowing my times tables or when I comes before E wouldn’t grant me any means of survival. But by being strong, having the iron will to survive, that would get me as far as I needed to go.

“Larka, there’s a lot more to war than just senseless killing.” In his final words, I can hear his voice tremble, for some reason I don’t quite understand yet. The rest of detention passes by slowly, each second counting for a minute, and a minute an hour. When I’m finally dismissed, I happily take my things and leave. With one class left before school ends for the day, I wonder if I can get away with sneaking out.

Chapter 5.3 (5)

“There’s the weirdo again, better watch out, don’t want her to infect you with whatever she’s got.” Bri announces just loud enough for me to hear as we cross paths. It’s a petty little jab, and overall doesn’t hurt as much as she probably hoped it would. But it’s enough for me to react.

“Buzz off back to the bitch factory, Bri.” I hiss to her, making sure that I don’t break the eye contact. I’m not worried about the blonde girl in the slightest, even if she were to try something… Besides, a girl like that wouldn’t do it so publicly, wouldn’t want to disappoint her poor father. Continuing walking past, a sharp pain tears through my chest, knocking the wind out of me in one fell swoop.

Chapter 5.3 (6)

There is no warning from the first attack. I’m on my knees before I can even work out what’s happening to me. My heart struggling to even force a single beat. Coldness spreading to every one of my limbs.

Chapter 5.3 (7)

“What the hell is wrong wit- Larka? Larka, what you doing?”

“Shit, Bri, I don’t think that she’s breathing.”

“Go and get someone, quick!”


Chapter 5.3 (8)

Slowly under the cover of the frozen darkness, the air rushes into my lungs. My body rises if on instinct struggling to get the last of the oxygen into my lifeless body. The pain in my chest is gone, replaced with an irrefutable numbness, something I could compare nothing else to. The place where my heart should be was cold, and empty, yet my pulse still quickened at the very thought.

Above me, the heavens danced upon the wind, stars shining brighter than I had ever seen before. And the moon was shaped into a perfect full circle, glowing with the power of the very night itself. Little specks on snow fell from clearest of skies, and atop the greenest meadow it fell. Wherever I was, was a very strange place indeed.

Chapter 5.3 (9)

But where exactly was that? I was at school, yet somehow I was… Was I dead? I allow my head to collapse into my hands, no pearly gates? No second life? Just a meadow in the flawless night? A strange chuckle passes my lips, this couldn’t be death, for my heart still beat, and breath still passed my lips. I could feel the cold air creeping into my veins. I couldn’t be dead. But then, where was I?

Fear pulses through me, adrenaline tearing through every fiber of my being to find my way out, exploding within me. Muscles tremble, limbs shake, and I close my eyes to the world. Once I open them again, I breathe in the scent through a completely different nose. Death… Everywhere that I look and breathe, that’s all there is, death upon every gust of wind.

Chapter 5.3 (10)

I can’t think… My body acts on instinct, taking off in a flash of white to the cover of trees, looking for anyway home.

There has to be a way home…

If there is a way home at all…


“Larka! Stay with me!” A male voice screams over the blaring throbbing inside of my head. My eyes flutter open but struggle to focus on a single object. But there’s warmth, burning against my body, and that other world is no more. “Lark! Lark! Are you there?! Please!”

Chapter 5.3 (7)

“Sammie…” I whisper with a broken voice. There’s a siren ringing in my ears, and silhouettes surround me completely, whispering strange words that I can’t understand no matter how hard that I focus. My brother’s face floats in my vision, his grip tight around my body. Exhaustion saps my eye lids, drawing them to a close once again.


In the fuzziness of my head, I can hear two people fighting. Hushed whispers in the darkness. The words are meaningless, yet fear, and ice cold venom lathers every letter of every word generously. I can barely move, my limbs are like concrete, unwilling to even try. Furrowing my brow in confusion, a low moan passes my breath. And my chest rattles with the sudden pressure. Minute’s go past. Weeks? Months? No… Only minutes.

My finger twitches painfully as I will it to move, and the voices, they’re getting clearer, each word just as furious as the next. There’s a machine beeping to the side of me. I force my tired eyes open, trying to see the world around me, just glad that it seems to be my world, not that other one. There’s tubes in my arms, and one running into my nose, and mouth. Colour swirls across my vision in the plain white room. This wasn’t home…

“..ith everything going on with her, it’s just too much for her body to handle, and it always has been. School… Having to turn into a bloody wolf every month.. It’s killing her… It’s not safe for her anymore, so we need to do what we can to help her. Maybe we need to look at injections for her to prevent her from turning, take her out of school… God damn it… I told you that this was going to happen, I warned you against it, Lucian. W-

“- Don’t put this on me, Vivian! I’m scared too, I always have been, just as much as you have, so don’t you dare throw that back in my face. What kind of life would you have her live then? Huh? Even when we were doing it your way she couldn’t get through half the bloody nights without an attack. You need to stop thinking about what is best for you, and focus on your daughter and what makes her happy. And trust me, it’s not being locked away from the world. I’d rather give her a quality of life, than meaningless yea-“

There’s a loud sound from the other room. Echoing through, just like her rage. I couldn’t see, but I know exactly what the sound was. Mother slapped him. Right across the face… My body trembles again. This conversation was obviously not meant for waking ears to listen too. Someone’s crying now, from the other room…

“I’m sorry… I just… I can’t lose another one…” Is all that she whispers…


Author’s notes

I’m sorry about the lack of pictures at the end. My game kept crashing, and it’s past midnight already. For one or two photo’s, I really couldn’t find the will power to sit through another thirty to fifty minutes loading in, and setting up for the scene (again).

But on the bright side, I am getting really excited to get to the actual story of this generation. I randomly decided to write chapter 12 (I think) yesterday, and I just adore this generation and Larka so far. I’ve almost done chapter summaries for the whole generation, so it is mostly planned out, just a few grey areas in the middle, but this is probably the one I’m most excited about. But I hate writing fillers, even to set up for this storyline, I suck at them, but it does get better I promise, if you just bear with me for a little bit.

Chapter 5.2 –

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Author’s notes

I’m so sorry about the delay with this chapter :/ I put an update on the forums but forgot to post it on here, so I apologise to everyone who didn’t know. I spent a part of the day, updating the family tree, so this almost didn’t get finished. I promise that i will *try* to keep up with my usual schedule from now on.

Larka’s traits are rebellious, hot headed, and… Maybe perceptive.. I should have actually looked before I tried to guess what they were. Anyways…


Chapter 5.2

“Momma stop fussing over me.” I growl under my breath. Ma nervously fidgets with my hair, dragging her hands through the fine silver strands, almost desperately trying to brush the hair from my strange blue eyes. She can’t win the fight though, she never can, a sly grin paints my face, and I can see the anger forming in her eyes. Pushing my lower lip down, a gust of air catches the neatened slivers before deftly falling back into place. She’s lost, and now, she knows it. “I’m fine.”

Dad quickly looks away, disguising a knowing grin, ear to ear, and he knows that she’s lost too. An exasperated look mars her forehead with deep lines of frustration, it’s almost as though she knows I’ve done it on purpose, but can’t bear the thought of calling me out on it. “Larka, honey…” Mother’s soft voice is sickeningly sweet, as she forms a tight smile on her lips. “Are you sure that you’re ready for this? I mean, if you’re not feeling quite well, we can wait another week or mo-“

“I’m perfect.” I respond almost without thinking, it had been ingrained in me from a young age that I needed to choose my words wisely around them both. Especially mother. She was fragile at the best of times, if I even had the sniffles, or a slight cough then it was bed rest for a week. And as I got older, I unconsciously sought out the best ways to offer my mother comfort, now I didn’t even have to think about it. It was second nature to me.”I’m going to be late, can I just go now…”

Chapter 5.2 (2)

“Do you want us to walk in with you-“

“No!” My voice barks back at her, and it’s a few seconds before the storm behind my eyes calms. Father laughs, his hand rubbing mother’s shoulders, his giant smile beams over her. The corners of his eyes remain smooth, and the happiness doesn’t quite reach his illuminated irises. “Can I go now?” I pout, my lower lips falls into place, and my eyes search the ground. Watching the tiny ants in the blades of grass.

“I dunno why your so ‘cited bout goin to school.” Sampson chimes in with a quiet sigh. And Nick nods his head in agreement. “If I coulda I woulda waited til I was like a hundred.” Sticking my tongue out at him, I glare. It couldn’t be as bad as they say, besides nothing could be worse than just sitting at home.

“She’s in for a rude awakening.” I hear Nick mumble under his breath, as I turn my heels and run off. Yelling out a quick goodbye, I make my escape, my hair billowing in the wind behind me. The scents and sounds of the playground already erupting around me, and lighting up the path ahead.

Chapter 5.2 (3)

“Hey!” Dad calls out, and I pause for just a moment. My head snaps back, and I smile at him. For just a second, he remains a statue: lifeless, cold. And then, as if he’s snapped out a dream, a smile bites the corners of his mouth. “Be careful out there okay?” In his own way, I know that dad worried just as much as ma did, yet he hid it well, he had found a way to bury it deep inside of himself. So for him, and ma, I had promised myself that I would be strong.

I wrote the promise across my heart as I walked through the school grounds, I etched it across the very surface of the delicate skin. Strength, and power, unfazed by everything that life had to throw at me, maybe I was a little stubborn, but I did believe it was possible. In this world of war, that I had seen ravaged from  my earliest memories, no one could be weak. And I was no exception.

It didn’t take long to realise that the boys had been right about school all along. The teacher was a stern looking woman, with frazzled orange hair, and the voice of a dull drone. Yet surprisingly I didn’t care. I wanted to know all about the world that mother had tried to shelter me from, to breath in the new scents around me, to feel the crisp breeze against my pale cheeks. The strange looks, and whispers that I heard from the other kids meant nothing to me here.

Chapter 5.2 (4)

“Can anyone tell me what year the great civil war started in?” Mrs Whats-her-face asks. My feet swing back and forth underneath my seat, over and over again. The class was small, with only seven of us inside, a girl with black hair raises her hand, giggling slightly to the girl next to her.

“2034, the year that the vampire defense force was established.” I can hear the superiority ringing in her annoying little voice. As her head turns to the blonde girl beside her, the self entitled smirk is written all across her face, and her eyes, unlike everyone else in the class, glows with the familiar golden specks of lycanthropy. She had the type of face that made me dislike her immediately, especially from the snippets of conversation that I couldn’t help but overhear.

“Incorrect, anyone else?” The teacher responds, and the competitive nature of my being screams at me to one up her.

“Actually…” I begin, raising my voice over her quiet, petty whispers. “The first battle of the war took place in the town of Ravenwood in 2026, eight years before to the foundation of the V.D.F..” I can feel her muscles tense in the room, and her heart rate quickening. The redness in her cheeks, and the anger behind her eyes, made it worth while.

“Very good, Larka, you’re correct about that.” The teacher says, with barely a second glance, the white chalk scraping against the sleek blackboard, scribbling down notes for us. Her hands are graceful as they glide across the board, her letters elegant. “Although main stream violence did not often spill into the streets during this period, this is when it all began. Can everyone turn to page 42, and read on..”

Chapter 5.2 (5)

“Loser…” Glowy eyes turns her head just far enough to meet my eyes, with a flip of her hair. Her eyes flicker across my face, as she studies my features. Go back home, no one wants you here, freak.” Yes, she was exactly the type of girl that I thought she was.  In response, I curve my lips into a lopsided grin, and I can feel the anger radiating off of her.

“Maybe you should read the chapter, seems like you learn a thing or two.” I whisper back forcing as much acid as I can into my voice. Her eyes widen just a fraction, and she hastily turns away. I can’t help but wonder if anyone has spoken back to her before, or if she had even heard the word no.

Fixing my eyes on the text book, my fingers flip through it’s clearly used pages. Eyeing up the range of brilliant photos, and picking up familiar names through the pages. The chapter was marked as the fall of the council, and grand fathers name, and photo was printed across the page. Beside him stood a proud, black wolf, that I’m sure had lived almost as long as he had. And a strange feeling had overcome me, I knew of my grandfather’s deeds, and his everlasting life, yet reading about it, was something completely different. And for the first time, perhaps in my entire life, I saw him as more than the kindly man that sat with me by the fire and read to me stories by the light of flames.

He was a leader, a rebel, and a soldier. Grandfather cared for this land, and it’s people, because when they needed someone to fight back, he was the one who fought for them. My mouth twitches at the sides as I fight back the small proud smile burning upon my lips.

Chapter 5.2 (6)

But my head starts to thump as I try to read on, struggling with a few of the words, and names that were not entirely familiar to me. My heart beat seems to move from my chest, to wrap tightly around my skull, fixing itself within my temples. Throbbing with each breath that past my lips. My hands quickly shut the book, and I try to focus on my shallow breathing.

It was coming…

My hands tremble, the numbness spreading up my arms, from the smallest finger. Why was this happening now? My eyes shut tightly against themselves, and the voices in the room fade to nothingness. Focus on your heart… Just breathe… The rhythmic beat of my pulse offers little comfort, and painful constriction in my mind, and ears. The darkness of my closed eye lids begins to swirl, dark shapes forming in the empty nothingness. 

Chapter 5.2 (7)

Despite my blurry vision, I can clearly make out the mountains that edge the world of night around me, reaching to the heavens themselves. The stars seems to shimmer and glint from high above me, illuminating the thick, dense forest of pines. The world outside of my shut eyes has disappeared completely. The musty scent of the woods, and pine needles fill my lungs, and crickets chirp from all directions. The bitter cold of the frozen north wind causes goosebumps to cover my bare arms.

And before terror can seize my heart completely.

I’m back.

Chapter 5.2 (8)

A loud bell screams in my ears, screeching in my sensitive ears. People are moving towards the door, letting it swing open, and shut behind them. My vision dances before my eyes, disappearing to a fuzzy white after every faint beat of my heart. How long had it been? Each step on the wooden floors creak in my ears, and I’m painfully aware of everything happening around me.

“Freak!” The blonde girl hisses under her breath as she walks past, glowy eyes mumbles something similar but I don’t quite catch it. After a few minutes, and the class is completely empty, I find my way onto my weakened legs, and stumble out of the class. Still breathing heavily.

The glare of the sun burns my aching eyes, but the feeling soon passes. As does the ache in my chest, and my humanity finally slips back into my body. Breathing a sigh of relief, I lounge out against the nearest bench, and watch the events around me with curious eyes. I didn’t mind sitting alone, in fact, I had never had friends outside of my brothers, so the feeling was natural.

Chapter 5.2 (9)

My eyes gaze out across the field, watching a game of soccer on the field, boys running from one end to the next. Kicking, and screaming, trying to beat the other. Competitive insults muttered under labored breaths. Girls talk loudly on at the table opposite me, munching on sandwiches, and talking about who was the cutest boy in class. I roll my eyes, and move my gaze away. Glowy was walking with her head held high, expensive shoes crunching against the pavement.

“What are you looking at, weirdo?” She snaps at me, putting a hand on her hip, and raising an eye brow. Apparently she held grudges. Her lips pull into a weird looking pose, slightly resembling a duck, the image causes a slight smile to curve my lips. “Something funny?”

“Yeah, just hoping you do your homework tonight, wouldn’t want you getting anymore questions wrong.” I respond without a second thought, I shrug my shoulders casually. It isn’t until her cheeks burn with a slight pink undertone that I’ve realised that I’ve actually said it out loud.

“What did you just sa-“

Chapter 5.2 (10)

“You heard me.” I push myself off of the wooden bench, and stand to meet her. Pausing in her tracks, for a moment she actually looks a little stunned by my words. The blonde girl’s eyes narrow in on me in disgust, and like a parrot repeats something unintelligibly under her breath.

“I know your new around here and all, but you don’t get to speak to me like that.” Glowy hisses in a high pitched shrill which oddly resembled a dog yipping.

“You sure about that?” I respond in a mocking tone. I’d seen girls like her on TV before, she was probably from a wealthy family, her parents politicians, or lawyers, or something behind the scenes in the war. All the glory, and no risk. Glowy probably knew nothing of the war, other than the text books, and news reports. Probably didn’t even care as long as she got a pony for Christmas.

“Just go home, freak.” This time blondie speaks, but glowy shoves me back so she can walk past me. The rage of being touched burns deep within my stomach before exploding. My fist collides with her cheek, sending her onto the hard pavement. From deep within her throat she emits a screeching sound as I walk away.

Chapter 5.2 (11)

“Honestly, don’t worry about her, the only reason she’s so bratty all the time is cause she got her powers before everyone else.” A boy murmurs watching me walk away from her shrieking body. His face is expressionless, yet his eyes hold a glimmer of amusement inside them.

“You have your powers…” I state flatly, watching the swirling, iridescence of the ivy green pools. He smirks briefly, muttering something about being older. I run a hand through my hair, and match his pace. “Like I thought, she all bark and no bite. Those eyes of hers aren’t going to change that.”

“You’re Captain Lucian’s daughter, yeah?” I nod absent mindedly, watching the clouds moving across the sky. “Which means you’re first moon is coming up. And then the academy…”


That’s all that there is. It’s swirls around me viciously, and I can almost make out the faint lines of menacing, evil faces laughing at me through the thick haze of night. My eyes search the black nothingness, looking for anything, or anyone, any sign of hope, or freedom.

But there’s nothing…

Chapter 5.1

The night calls to me, and whispers sweet nothings into my unwilling ears. Poison upon every broken word that I can’t quite understand. Voices that aren’t of this world. And she’s with me, her hand lightly caressing my cheek, the heat instantly being drawn away from my shivering body. I can feel the cold, cruel smile against her blood red lips, my body trembles with an overwhelming fear, or perhaps the debilitating coldness seeping through my veins. I can’t see anything, but I can feel her hateful, watchful eyes on me.

Towering over my bed, her shadowy silhouette cascades across my pale, sickly body, and there’s nothing that I can do to stop her. Larka… The cold, ethereal nature of her voice is but a whisper, but it shrieks inside my head, like white noise, yet her voice is deadly behind the ringing. When it’s dark like this, she owns my body, my soul is hers to take.

Chapter 5.1 (2)

And I just want to wake up.


“God, Luc, it’s happening again.” Vivian whispers, having woken up to the sound of her youngest child’s relentless sobbing through the walls of her home. Her hand shivers against the wood, as nervous eyes fixate on the most precious thing in the room. Curled in a tight ball beneath the bed sheets, tears streaming down her young face. Lips, blue, and fading fast. “We need to call the hospital!”

“Vivian…” Lucian’s voice is hoarse, and flat, his lips forming a tight line across his stone cold face. The heavy black, bags beneath each eye lid said more than it needed to, this wasn’t the first time he had stood over his only daughter’s frail body in this state. How many times had he heard her calling out in the night, seen her skin turn a ghostly white, and her heart beat within inches of a last breath? “You know as well as I do that there is nothing they can do for her. We just have to wait it out.”

Chapter 5.1 (3)

Staring into each other’s nervous, frantic eyes brought little comfort. Lucian’s hands find his partner’s waist, pulling her tightly against his own body, he can feel the tiny tremors of fear within her own body. The warmth of her skin, the scent of her body, her fingers entwined around his palm, it was everything he needed to find the strength to sit through another night like this. Ever since she had been born, it seemed that Larka had one foot firmly planted in the other world, Lucian often thought whilst he saw these attacks.

She had been born dead, with hair as white as snow, and a fickle conscious, for some days it seemed she was only there, with him, in body. And how he’d give his life just to give her a chance to be a child, even for one day. To laugh without fear of the darkness that could consume her when she closed her eyes, to run and play in the sun with consequence. Whatever this thing was, that had a hold of his daughter, the hospital couldn’t name it.

They couldn’t help her, or save her. She had to live with this, if she could at all, without knowing why.

Chapter 5.1 (4)

Vivian’s hand softly wipes the soft strands of silver hair from Larka’s eyes, feeling the wetness of her cheeks dripping into each sliver. Underneath the warmth of her hand, Larka’s body trembled beneath the fear of the dark images she had conjured up, her skin had turned a translucent shade of white, the tips of her fingers had turned blue, and the colour started to shift, and move up her arm. If you missed the slight, short breath passing her lips, she could have been confused as dead.

N… No…” Her quiet voice is barely audible. “M… Metit… Stay away.”  Lucian rests his head against the back of the chair, his eyes closing, clearing his mind, he focused only the breath passing her lips, and the tiny beat of her heart. The soft pitter patter of her heart brought him some sense of consolation. And he knew that Vivian could feel it too.

“She’s so fragile.” Vivian whispers, her thumb gently stroking the young girls cheek tenderly. “Some days I think that the wind might just blow her away, and we’ll be left with nothing.” Lucian’s brows furrow together, his eyes meeting Vivian’s, and for the longest moment, no words are spoken instead, every word ever need was a silent one, the conversation seeming to last an age. The clear lines of worry written across their crinkled foreheads.

The night soon passed, replaced with the gloomy day ahead. The winter clouds had stained the clouds from the familiar brilliant blues, to a dreary grey. The knock at the door snapped Lucian from his exhausted state as he stood by the coffee maker, his best friend after nights like those.

Chapter 5.1 (5)

“What did he forget this time?” Lucian forces a smile, a lopsided smirk forms upon his lips, opening the door to his former mate, and mother of his eldest son. She looked just like the Becki that he knew all those years ago, she had aged slightly, as had he, but the strong signs of unity were still evident. Within the pack, she would always remain as alpha female, and neither held grudges over that fact.

“An assignment.” Becki smiles knowingly in return, this wasn’t the first time that she had to show up before the morning rush bringing their son’s “forgotten” notes and homework. Despite his knack for conveniently losing anything that needed to be done the next day, he was a good kid.

Lucian shakes his head slightly, motioning for her to come inside and out of the wind. And secretly, out of the early morning sun’s glare that stung his fatigued eyes. “Let me guess, it’s due today?” Making a beeline back towards the strong smell of coffee, Lucian continues. “Hey, do you wanna coffee? I feel like I need coffee more and more these days.”

Chapter 5.1 (6)

Nodding her head in response, Becki studies the infliction of Lucian’s voice, the slump of his shoulders, the lost look in his eyes. “Is Vivian getting the kids ready for school?” The curt shake of his head tells her everything that she needed to know. Lucian was like an open book, his feelings clearly written on every page, and then highlighted for added effect. “I take it that you had another rough night.”

“Larka, she was sick again last night. Vivian is up with her still, I doubt she even closed her eyes for more than a minute last night. It’s killing Viv seeing her like that, god it’s killing me.” He admits, taking the steaming hot coffee in his mouth, savoring the taste before letting it run down his throat.

“God, Lucian, I’m so sorry. I can’t even imagine. ” The sympathy in her voice hid the deeper underlining emotion that every parent had, I’m glad it’s them and not me. Even though the thought had caused guilt rushing to her heart, the feeling was almost instinctual within her. “If you need time, or even a day, to just… Breath. Relax. Anything… You can’t carry all of this weight on your shoulders, and with a smile to boot, you’re allowed to be scared-“

Chapter 5.1 (7)

“I can’t… She’s my daughter, and if I let myself be dragged down with all of this, if I think about it… Then how will I ever get through the night, or look at her and pretend that everything will be okay.” Lucian’s voice is weak, almost trembling at the ideas forming on his lips. Yet it was true. He had to be the rock for his family, Vivian worried too much for her own good, and if he showed an ounce of fear, then she could lose it completely. “I’m sorry… I’m fine really, I just need to catch up on some much needed sleep, and I have to meet with the war council this morning. It makes me nervous when we’re all there.”

“I met with Captain Sora last week, he mentioned something about the changes being drastic, but not unwelcome. Whatever that means.” Becki adds, taking a small sip of the hot drink. Mentioning the council had set a shiver in her spine, on mornings like this, they were just parents, and the war was a world away. Yet it never really was, it was just a subject away, a meeting, a funeral… “Sora seems capable, and having another Lycan on the council will set a lot of minds at ease. Especially those within the packs, I know a few of them would rather hear bad news from a friendly face.”

“They’re talking about teaching vampire 101 in schools, and of course,a bunch of other bureaucratic nightmares.” Lucian shrugs easily, as of yet, he didn’t know much about what they were trying to achieve, but the basic premise made enough sense to all of them. The questioning gaze of Becki urges him to continue. “You know these purebloods aren’t exactly fighting wars like we’re used to, in fact it seems they’d rather take their time with us. Nickolai and Sampson’s generation will probably see the most blood shed, if not their children, or their’s after. I’d rather them not see that side of all of this so young, but young boys see glory on the battlefield, the army will see a lot of these kids. Foolish decisions get people killed, and I’d feel a lot better knowing that these recruits know what the hell they’re doing.”

Chapter 5.1 (8)

“And only us old folks know that there is no glory to be won.” Becki’s face contorts into a thoughtful smile, marred with fear for the children of her town, for her son’s future. Running a finger along her chin, Becki takes a deep breath, thinking to herself of when she was first introduced to the whole ideal. She was young then, naive, foolish too, yet she was a survivor, as was Lucian, and everyone else inside the town.

“I’m not old yet.” Lucian finally breathes out, with a slight smile. It was as if everything that he had to worry about, growing old was the one thing he had never considered, or worried about. Life was a series of milestones, of growing up, and finding who you are, before taking the final journey.

Chapter 5.1 (9)

“Where do you think your going?” The woman says firmly, yet kindly, as two boys skip into the kitchen. Immediately, Nick’s eyes widen, and his body freezes. “Forgetting something?” His gaze locks with the crumpled pieces of paper in his mother’s hands, and instantly he knows that the rouse is up.

“I… Uh, forgot?” He smirks, breaking his nervous facade.


Chapter 5.1 (10)

“Hey, ma.” I grumble as she checks in on me for like the fourth time in the last twenty minutes. Using the red doll in my hand, I brush my hair from my eyes and look up at her. When did she get to look so tired? Maybe I hadn’t noticed, but the the dim winter light, it seemed like she hadn’t seen sleep in years. “Why don I gets to go school? Aren’t I big kid like Sammie, ad Nick?”

I drop my gaze, and focus on destroying Mrs Red dress with Mr Green, it was a battle royal of flashing colours the second that my eyes  fall away. “Well… Umm.. Honey.” Ma dawdles to the answer like usual, I thought that being an adult meant you were smart, and had all the answers, but ma wasn’t. She was more a kid like that. She didn’t know answers to the simple stuff like that. Sometimes her eyes got big and wide like she was scared, and I didn’t know why. “You are a big girl, just not as big as the boys. Larka, sweetheart… It’s just.. Complicated.”

Chapter 5.1 (11)

“Will I ever get go school?” I mumble, my chest feeling tight. My hands tighten around Mr Green, and his lady friend, the bumps of my hands turning white under the pressure. Ma moves a few of my things to the side, and sits down next to me. She smiles for a moment, but when I turn my head, I know she’s sad.

“Is that what you want? To go to school?” Her voice is soft, like a whisper, or a cloud. I don’t know why she gets like this, I mean I’m just as big as the other kids, Sam is only a year and a bit older than me, and he gets to do everything I can’t.  Ma’s eyes just do the freaky look, and she tells me no, or I’m not old enough. But I seen plenty of kids riding bikes, and playing in the streets. But not me.

“Yes.” I nod my head, hoping that she can listen this time. She didn’t need to be afraid, for whatever reason she was, I could be strong enough for the two of us. Dad too. He gets the funny look on his face too sometimes, especially when I’m sick, which happens a lot. But I don’t mind to much, ma sometimes gives me an extra scoop of ice cream when that happens.

Chapter 5.1 (12)

I push myself off of the ground and look out the window with a slightly frown. “Is raining. That mean no park today?” I peak up at the angry clouds, spitting water down at the sodden ground with a sigh. There was no chance that she would let me go to the park in this weather. Not when it was cold and wet out, she wouldn’t want me getting sick, even though I was fine.

“I’m sorry honey, maybe tomorrow.” It was always tomorrow….

But tomorrow never comes.

Chapter delay

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