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Gen 5 prologue

Vivian sat overlooking the sun in the land, shining brightly with its everlasting rays. Lighting everything with its touch, turning it to gold in the coming autumns vibrant heat. The world was so full of beauty she thought, it seemed, on some days, when the sun shone just so, the effects and memories of the war seemed to fade into oblivion. Untouched, and unfazed, life seemed to continue in some small, insignificant way.

Somehow in spite of the creatures of the night, and human betrayals, life managed to move forward. Children found their way to school each morning, in fear of attack, or returning to an empty shattered home. A plate was set at the table for the husband, the son, or the daughter that might return home from battles, dead or alive with bodies ravaged in thick, penetrating scars that run livid over their skin.

Yet in the fear, and amongst the tear driven faces, there was hope everywhere that she looked. In the warmth in her stomach as the rebel captains led their men through the darkness to return back home. When Lucian found her arms after a long month of fighting in some far off land and held her close til the sun once again rose. The hope of an unborn child.

Gen 5 prologue (2)

A warm smile plays on her lips as her hands cradle her swollen womb underneath a layer of fine silk. Maybe after her life had ended, this child could carry on her legacy, the legacy of her father, and his mother before him. Those of whom she had never met but who’s life it was that she was bore from. This child was special. As all others who had come before, each had a part to play to the bitter end.

The sound of a young child crying burns in Vivian’s ears, the high pitched shrill echoing through the house. She tries to move, but her head throbs to the beat of her heart, and her muscles weakly decline. “Don’t move an inch!” A male calls through the house, storming up the stairwell, the sound like a herd of wild horses. “And got him!”

After a few minutes, the sobs turn to giggles, and footsteps follow back into the bedroom where Vivian sat, weakly, detesting her state of being. She was a mother, yet at this point in time, she was too weak to even check her young son crying in the room over. The pregnancy had been unusually hard, her body was frail, painful. Her father thought it might be due to the blood lines mixing, more so with this child than the last.

Sampson had been easy.

Gen 5 prologue (3)

“You should be in bed.” Lucian remarks quietly, as his fingers gently tickle the underside of his son’s stomach. Despite the calm facade he feigned, there was a worry deep in his eyes as he looked upon his mate. “You know what the doctors said, Viv, and I for one do think you should take their advice.” Their eyes meet momentarily between the giggles of their young son. This pregnancy had been hard on her, and the unspoken words upon that meeting said as much.

“The view from in bed gets boring.” The words sit upon her lips with a moment of thought. Right here, she could see the whole street, the trees leading to the hills, and the clear blue sky. It was one of the rare things that still made her feel one hundred percent human. The warmth of the sun, it was where she belonged. “She’s been kicking a lot today.” Vivian’s hand calls for Lucian and she guides him to her swollen womb, growing with the life they had created together. “She must be as excited to meet us, as we are her.”

“Hopefully her excitement can last a few more months til she’s big and strong, isn’t that right Sammy?” The baby in his arm giggles at his name, and gurgles incoherent baby gibberish in response as his tiny feet find the floor. Lucian smirks briefly, the childish grin adorned his sun kissed skin fades as soon as it appears. The tension filling the air was quick and heavy, the unspoken burning holes in both of their hearts. “This baby will be okay, Vivian. If she’s anything like her mum, then she’ll be a tough cookie.”

Gen 5 prologue (5)

Lucian’s fingers find comfort in the soft skin of Vivian’s face, gently caressing her pale cheeks. Brushing the hair from her eyes, and mouth, he quickly captures her lips against his own. Her breathing deepens as his scent envelops her, and as Lucian pulls away, she pouts slightly. “Just remember, you’re gonna marry me someday, and both my beautiful bride, and flower girl are going to meet me at the end of the aisle.”


“Viv, you know that I don’t expect anything of you.” Pulling out of the embrace, Lucian takes a few steps away, and smiles. He couldn’t show her how scared he really was, that would only make it worse. He had to be brave, and optimistic for Vivian. “But I know that this baby will be okay. And so will you.” Please… “You said Cane called earlier, what’d he want? I guess it must be important if he’s calling you now.”

“Just the usual, really, although…” Vivian continues before stopping herself. Her brows furrow together deeply as she thinks about how to finish the sentence. The nerves clearly indenting on her forehead. “He said that there are reports of two unnamed vampires in Azazel’s territory. Which isn’t weird in itself, considering there are new recruits arriving by the day. But… Azazel has just gone off the map. And where these two go, his men… Just disappear.” Lucian paces a few steps, before sitting on the couch. “Cane said he thinks there might have been an assassination, maybe a coup, or at least an attempt. And these two… They’re nothing to be messed with.”

Gen 5 prologue (4)

“And we’re sure that this has nothing to do with Asmodeus?” Lucian mumbles in thought, Sam pulling on his trouser leggings, cooing with every breath, before he’s pulled up onto the seat next to his father. Talk of coups and assassinations sent a chill down his spine, and memories of Vladimir had forced themselves into his busy mind. Vladimir hadn’t even lived a fraction that Azazel had, and yet, Lucian had given everything to fight him, and had come up losing, barely scratching the old vampire. And now, someone who kill easily decimate both him, and his forces? It was unspeakable. “The two were always going to have to fight it out, weren’t they? Like you said, vampires walk in every night, it could just be a coincidence.”

“But why now? It seems rather odd, doesn’t it? They’ve been together more lifetimes than we could possibly count, millenniums. And I’m sure that there has been thousands of chances for him to take.” Vivian begins, thinking about the two brothers who had cast her world into war. Who had taken the life of her mother. “My father has spoken of the relationship he saw between them when he was locked up by the council. He, and Baltezhar both believe that Asmodeus only started this whole bloody thing to prove that he could do it on his own. Sure, they were fighting against each other, but maybe, maybe they were fighting for each other too.”


Vivian awake from a deep slumber, for reasons unbeknownst, her heart’s beat was a slow, and painful. Tearing a hole through her chest with each forceful pulse. Her muscles quiver, and tremor against her aching bones. Oh god, what’s happening… Vivian thought as a tearing pain tore through her womb. Clutching her stomach, a small sob escapes her now blue lips. Her skin now aware of the wet patch in the bed.

Gen 5 prologue (6)

“L.. Luc?” Vivian whimpers against another violent ache in her stomach. What was the dampness that she felt? As she becomes more aware of her surroundings, she can feel the blood, slick against her thighs. “Oh god, the baby!” She sobs, as Lucian darts up, and out of bed. In his dazed state, he barely knew what day it was, yet the fear in her voice, had him shaken.

“Viv?!” Lucian’s voice is but a faint whisper to her now, silenced by the hysterical, pain scream passing her lips. Her body convulses, sending her shattering back against the mattress. A thin layer of sweat enveloping her pale body completely. “Viv? Can you hear me? Baby?! Please, wake up!”

The ambulance had arrived quickly, and Lucian sat petrified of what the doctors would, or couldn’t say once they arrived at the hospital. A few hours ago, they had been laughing and joking, Lucian had held her in his arms. The rest of the world didn’t exist in that embrace. Had he missed the signs? How was he supposed to know that in the space of a few hours, his almost perfect life would be shattered into a thousand desolate pieces on the ground?

Gen 5 prologue (7)

“Please. You have to help her.” Lucian orders frantically to the doctor, as Vivian is pushed down the long hall way into the ER. The dark doors at the end getting closer with every second. Words against a yellow background told him that he couldn’t go further. “Vivian, if you can hear me, please… Just… Don’t leave me…”

There was nothing that he could do. No one that he could go to and demand that she be returned to him, alive and well, with a tiny baby in her arms. The hopelessness of his state of being tears a hole in his chest. Wait… That’s what the doctor had told him. But how could he sit here and do nothing? And so he prayed upon every star in the sky, reaching up to the heaven’s themselves that they could survive. With every fiber of his heart and soul, he prayed that he wouldn’t lose her again.

Gen 5 prologue (8)

Vivian… Please…


After everything we’ve been through…


I can’t lose you twice…


Please, just wake up…

Come back to me…

Gen 5 prologue (10)

Machines beep loudly, methodically. One after the other, screeching to the world that someone was dying. “Doctor! The baby’s not breathing.” Blood stains the surgical gown that he wore, his brow was furrowed, deep worry lines penetrating his skin. The nurse quickly takes the still thing in her arms, moving it out of his way, so that she could try to start it’s heart again.


Gen 5 prologue (12)

“It’s time to go back, Larka…” The reapers whispers, and with a touch of her hand, the girl falls back down onto the cold, stone table. “It’s not your time yet, and there’s a lot of fun to be had, my dear.”

Gen 5 prologue (13)

*Gen 5 prologue (11)

“Doctor! I don’t know how, but she’s breathing again…”


Authors notes

Okay guys, so I’m not completely happy with this chapter. I like rewrote three or four times, and I don’t know. I know what I want to happen in my head, I just can’t make it work when it comes down to it. That a being a serial procrastinator, and the fact I’m so excited over this generation (and just in a rut personally), I can’t write. I’m that excited, I can’t make the words happen…

Okay enough rambling…

I’m excited, and yes I may have cheated and gave her Balt’s eye colour, but every single heir has had the same colour for the last four generations, and she got it too. And his eyes are gorgeous.

And I’m done.


Chapter 4.35

Through the dim lighting, the sound of dripping water echoed, and amplified. Mice scurried through the damp room, across cold stone, and on and on. Painful groans scream and cry, locked in the chamber of darkness, with only candles to light the way. Cruel intentions, and growls reply, bright blue eyes controlling the room, owning it with every slice of the blade.

“Where is he? I’ll give you one more chance.” It whispers, fingers gently trailing down his enemies neck. The sharp, careful claws applying the lightest amount of pressure over the dark jugular vein. His eyes alight with blood lust and hunger, he had spent three weeks down in this dark, damp prison cell. Torturing and questioning the old vampire with the methods that his maker had passed onto him. “Vladimir, tell me!”

“You think I’d tell you anything, Baltezhar?” He screams, as his attacker roughly cuts down the vein he had been toying with for the last ten minutes. And Vladimir didn’t have much more blood to bleed, his body couldn’t take much more. As his words trail off, his scream gets more anguished. “Your progeny is dead! Your maker, dead! And when I get out of this god forsaken place, I’ll kill your fucking son to-“

Chapter 4.35 (2)

“Wrong answer.” Balt purrs into Vladimir’s ears, pushing the pain deep down inside of his gut. Hidden in the place that he might never find again. Lest his humanity resurfaced. But Vladimir was right, all his ties to the old world, were diminished. Dead.  Driving his hand into Vladimir’s chest, Balt scrapes his claws across the cold, dead heart inside. Low pitched growls rumble from inside it’s throat, gurgling slightly through the pain. “Lets try this again. Where is Rafe?”

“Torture me all you want, they’re going to kill me anyway.” Vladimir growls, a sense of loss entering his mind. Where was Azazel? He was trying to save him, wasn’t he? His face forms a tight line, a pained look flickering across it, every second that Balt grips onto his heart. “I don’t care what you do to me until then.” Self deprecation bleeding out onto the old stones below. There was no guilt for the crimes that had led him to this room, only anger, pride shattered into a million pieces, and bitter loneliness. The same kind that had turned him into this type of monster.

Chapter 4.35 (3)

“Mmm, you sure about that, Vladdy?” The words linger on Baltezhar’s lips, framed by hair as black as the night itself, contrasted against his pale, ghostly skin. The words that he chose had been muttered by his very victim more than one hundred years before, in the early days of his vampirism. He had never cared for titles, much less that of Lord Vladimir, progeny of pureblood Azazel Dragomir. Baltezhar had been turned by the princess herself, yet was regarded as so little as a new blood by the council. When their fates first collided, he saw no reason to fall to his knees, and submit to anything less than his master’s supreme race.

“I am not yours, Lord Vladimir, I see no reason to bow for any less than a pureblood.”

Chapter 4.35 (5)

Baltezhar still remembered the force of the hand being driven into his abdomen. The blood spurting from his mouth. “Mmm, you sure about that, Balty?” The vampire had whispered so arrogantly, poison on his tongue. 

Mimicking the same movement that had brought him to his knees all those years ago, he continues. “You can either tell me what you’ve done to him, or I can keep going.” Baltezhar’s hand twists, scraping against the inside of his stomach, as if to prove his dominance in the situation. “Now if you remember correctly, my lineage is bred off misery. And it has been such a long time since I have indulged.”

Chapter 4.35 (4)

Once again, a low hiss passes Vladimir’s lips, pain covering every inch, of his sweaty, fragile body. He needed blood, he needed the night on his skin. But in here, it seemed rather ironic to be the one tortured, and locked away, considering for so many centuries he had been the one playing this role. “The boy is dead.” He finally gives in. “Dead for a while now. I made one of my men take his life for Vivian’s sake. And for your other questions, the other name’s and faces, they’re all dead too. Every single last one of them. Dead.”

Baltezhar’s face pulls into a hard line. Anger and resentment brandishing the contours and turning them black, bleak, and dark. There had been far to much death already, too much loss. And he stood, shaking slightly at the thought that he couldn’t defend his family. And after Vladimir had been executed, then there would still be many others. There had been many others… “And where is Azazel?”


Chapter 4.35 (6)

Six months had passed, six long, painful months since I had said goodbye to Vladimir in that forest. My eyes lock in on my reflection in the mirror, and I survey what was left of the damage, written into my skin, and fearful gaze. The bruises had long since faded, the cuts had healed, all that was left was my mind. The nervous shivers that would trail down my spine when there was a loud noise, the sleepless nights if I were alone, expecting to see his face haunting both my nightmares and reality.

But after everything that Vladimir had put me through, today it would come to an end. No more what ifs… Today was the start of my life. Free from fear, I nod resolutely to myself, it was the beginning of a new chapter. I smile sadly, almost weakly, because not everyone would be in this chapter of my life with me. Rafe was gone, and we had fought and argued like children, but their was a hole in my heart for him.

The guilt burns deeply in my stomach, as a wave of nausea reaches my lips. Not today… I think to myself, a soft hand caressing my stomach. The trial was today, and for which I had to stand and testify. It made me nervous, however, I felt brave for doing it. A human (only sometimes), standing up against a vampire as powerful and old as Vladimir.  It would be an example for the whole nation. They can be beaten.

Chapter 4.35 (7)

“Are you ready to go, the trial starts in forty minutes, and Cane wanted you their a bit earlier.” Lucian smiles, looking up from his tiny son. Nervous butterflies cause my stomach to flip in protest again, and I don’t think I’d get used to that smile. For me. Lucian was the opposite of Vladimir, kind, soft, loving. They were both something not completely human, yet Vladimir was the only monster.

“Not yet.” I grumble, somewhat like a child. “I… Anything I want to wear, I’ve already outgrown.” Pouting, my eyes gaze into his. Red burning in my cheeks. I had already gone through this once before, and the memory makes my eyes glossy with tears. The ache in my chest gets deeper, reflecting on my frowning face. “I.. I uhh.. Have nothing to wear. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all.”

Chapter 4.35 (8)

“Don’t look so sad.” Lucian whispers, his hands cupping my slightly swollen stomach. Caressing our unborn child growing inside of me with a small smile. “Nothing is going to happen to you or our baby today. You have so many faces in that audience who would fight for you. Me and Nick included.” As Lucian mentions the young child’s name, he growls slightly, holding his beloved toy against his small frame. “Besides, in five months, when the baby is just about here, you’ll still be the most beautiful girl I know.”

“Papa?” The boy calls out, Lucian leaves a soft kiss on my cheek, as I move reluctantly off to sift through my clothes, again. “Gwrowi wantsta know if I hasin baby bruva or sistah?” I smirk slightly, before shutting the door behind me. Lucian was a good man, and father. I believed the words that he spoke, and the soft reminders to not give up. Especially with this child inside of me. When I had found out the news, I had cried for days, both in happiness and mourning. For the child I had already lost.

“You can’t change the past.” I whisper quietly to my own ears. I did feel slightly better knowing that the V.D.F. had been investigated, and all those fighting with Azazel had been arrested on counts of treason. Of course, there would be others out there who meant us harm, for what we were, and what we stood for. But now, the rebels were free. Even if it was just for one day. It’s all we needed.

Just one day…

Take it one day at a time…

Chapter 4.35 (9)

Cradling young Nickolai against my chest, I follow Lucian down the stairs, and into the living room. Working to steady my breath every step, I try to keep my mind off of my mind’s disasters. The baby, and Vladimir, of Rafe… Those thoughts could wait an hour… Passing the corner, my mouth practically falls open, as I see all of whom is assembled.

“The kids are outside, with Mae.” Shelly smiles back, and I can see the tears forming in the corners of her eyes. Immediately, she swallows me up in a hug, surrounding me with the sweet scents of apricots in her brown hair. “Oh sugar… If I had of known… About him, I would’ve never let you go back to him. God, can you forgive me?”

“There’s nothing to forgive…” I whisper into her ear, as we pry ourselves apart. In my mind, I was the one who needed to apologize. For leaving her without a goodbye, without a valid reason. I had put her, and her children in danger because of my affiliation with dangerous men. Shelly had been my best friend, a sister, a mother, everything to me. Looking in her eyes, seeing her again, I knew without a doubt she still was all of that to me.

Chapter 4.35 (10)

Shiloh stands, stretching her arms high above her head. On her face she wears a solemn smile, quiet and thoughtful. “Tonight when that bastard is dead, I think we can all appreciate a shot or two for all of those who we’ve lost. Vivian, let me be the first to offer to drink yours for you.” Her golden eyes sparkle against her own loneliness. “To Jasper.” She breathes out the name of her lover, the man she wanted to spend her life with, but the fates had not been kind enough.

“To my father.” Lucian offers, the dim anguish burning in his eyes, as his face turns to meet mine.

“To the baby that could have been.” The words pass my lips painfully. On instinct, my hand cups my womb softly.

“T.. To Rafe…” A woman who I had not noticed murmurs quietly. Her hands softly holding onto the little boy in front of her. Vivid purple eyes broken, he frowns, his lips trembling at his mother’s words. I knew her face somewhere, yet the years had rid me of her name.

Chapter 4.35 (11)

My father’s eyes meet the second vampire’s in the room. A silent conversation burning between the intense gazes. But no words are uttered, until my father’s knuckles tighten. “To Phineas, and to all the pieces inside of us which we have lost.” Finally Aleksi’s gaze falters, and his gaze finds the floor. There was something broken in the way that the two were, more evident in my Grandfather. His blue eyes marred with pain, and regret.

As I turn to welcome both Shiloh and Shelly into my new home, the two vampire’s talk in hushed voices. “I’m sorry, father, for everything. I know that I was not around as much as I could have been over the years. Especially with mum… And other than leaving my children’s lives, that is my biggest regret. And I worry for you, especially with Phin’s… Absence. And mum’s… If you need time, you don’t need to force yourself to come tonight-“

“I want to see that bastard face what’s coming to him. And son, pity does not suit you.” I hear Baltezhar growl under his breath, before moving away. His silhouette fades into the growing shadows, and for the briefest moment, I can understand wanting to give into the darkness, to sell your humanity away. For my grandfather to not want to feel the pain.

But that wasn’t living.

Chapter 4.35 (12)

“Vivian..?” A soft female voice drags me from my thoughts. And my eyes meet with the stranger, her eyes puffy and red, as though she had been crying. “My name is Angie, and this is my son, Jarred. I.. We..”

“You knew Rafe?” I smile at her weakly, sensing her awkwardness. And I understood it all. In this room we all knew each other, we were all something to each other. Except her. And to be brought together at a time where each and every single one of us were morning, was devastating. The boy’s eyes tug at my common sense, my better judgement, yet I let her speak.

“Rafe was my… He was my husband.” I can feel both myself, and my father tense at the proclamation. From the side of his face, his cheek raise as if in a smile. A sad, broken smile, because he never got to know the son that he was mourning. The brother I felt that I barely knew. “And Jarred was… He was his…” Finally a few tears escape her eyes, loudly sobbing, Angie’s hand reach for her son’s… My nephew’s body.

“I miss my father..” The boy whimpers, one lone tear glittering against his pale, flawless skin.


Chapter 4.35 (13)

Six O’clock. We walk into the small trial room. Camera’s set up to view the stage, wired so that it would be a direct feed to whichever news station paid the most. The room fills up quickly, all seats fill up, and people stand around the edges. Vladimir is dragged in, a syringe of silver fed into his tired, weak veins. And I can’t breathe, the rooms gets significantly smaller. It’s just the two of us, his head hangs low, fighting the acid in his veins silently.

President Cane speaks, addressing the crowd in the room, and in their homes, and I can’t hear a single thing. My eyes are glued to Vladimir’s body, as his head finally twitches, and begins to rise. Despite his current predicament, an arrogant, hateful smirk paints his lips, curving his features into a sinister face. One that could of been mistaken with someone who was about to get all of his revenge. It was the face of a man who was not on death row.

Chapter 4.35 (14)

My insides weaken as his lips move, yet no sound follows. Question after question he responds, but his eyes do not leave me once. They burn into my skull, like a regretful tattoo etched into the skin. One I could never forget. Not until the day I died. A slight pressure on my hand makes me drop my gaze, and Lucian thoughtfully watches me. Smiling softly in support, he mouths the words “I love you” before turning away again.

Tears well up in my eyes, as I’m called onto the stage to recount my story. And I shiver slightly, not able to move an inch. I’ve turned to stone, and there’s no coming back. My anxiety swallows me whole, and it’s sharp teeth hold me tightly. I can feel eyes watching me, waiting for me to make a move. More importantly, I can feel Vladimir watching me closely. Probably laughing on the inside at how weak I was.

Chapter 4.35 (15)

Mother…” The whisper is as faint as a heart beat from across the room, yet I hear it. The voice was real, and it made me catch my breath. Lucian’s soft voice turns to dust around me, as the little angel coos. “Mother, you have to be brave. He can’t hurt you now...” A small smile appears on my face, as I fight against the tears choking in my throat. “It’s over, he can’t touch you, he’s over...”

 A wave of serenity works it’s way through my veins, bringing with it warmth and courage. I stand up and make my way to the seat, my eyes directly locked in on Vladimir as I move. The intensity between us threatens to overpower me again, yet I hold strong to what I knew was right. I had too, for me, this baby, my future… For all our futures.

And so I begin my tale of Vladimir and I. Of the crimes I had seen him commit, and the lives he had torn apart. Even though I had repeated it a thousand times in my mind, sitting in a room full of people, cameras watching me, Vladimir’s presence weighing down on me, I lost the words. Yet I spoke quietly, with the bravery of a field mouse, leaving no gory detail out. And as I finish my speech, a tear trickles down my cheek, and the room nods, a few quiet claps fill the air, and their gaze is one of acknowledgement. Of support.

Taking my seat again, I listen to other people speak, detailing an even greater list of his inhumanity. Until Cane finally stands again, a quiet hush falling over the crowd. “For your crimes, I find you guilty, and the only sentence I can see fit for one with such a list of depravity, is death. Do you, Vladimir, have any last words.”

Chapter 4.35 (16)

Vladimir stands, being led to the middle of the room, my father takes his side, a wooden stake held gingerly between his fingers. Up closer, I can see the harsh, black lines across his body, the shadows under his stormy blue eyes, and I shiver. His lip twitches into a small half smirk, the cruel certainty still alight behind his eyes, locked in on mine.

“It was all for you, darling.” Vladimir growls, a slight purr in his voice. The stake is raises to his heart, and a few people scurry out of the room to avoid witnessing his demise. But my eyes stay locked in on his. “You know I always loved you. And I’ll always be a part of you. In the darkness. When your alone. Scared. I’ll be there. The face you see every time that your eyes shut. Til the end, Vivian. Forever yours, my love.”


Chapter 4.35 (17)

Walking up the moonlit path, I can hear the quiet giggles of a child from inside the house. There’s chatter and the sound of expensive wine being poured. But I can’t go in, not yet. “You were brave today.” Lucian whispers, as I rest my tired body against the wooden slacks.I rest my head in my hands, and sigh. “Really. You’ve been through so much, and you still find a way to keep fighting for what you believe in. When I thought I lost you, after you came back, I almost gave up, right then and there. And I admire that fact in you. You’re stronger than me, Viv, you make me a better man.” His hand creeps along my waist, until I rest in his arms. “I love you, more than you can even imagine, and if there’s anything I can do to rid your mind of him, I’ll do it.”

“Just stay…” I breathe out, feeling his hot breath on the nape of my neck, causing goosebumps to rise. “The only thing you can do, that I want you to do, is just be you. You’re not Vladimir, you’re better than him. And you always will be, don’t you see that. There will be moments when i don’t think I deserve you, Luc, and when that happens, I just need you to hold me, even if all I’m doing is pushing you away.”

Chapter 4.35 (18)

“And what do you want, Viv?” He softly questions, his hand taking his in mine. And a gentle blush climbs to my cheeks, I already knew what I wanted. And that was him. In every single way imaginable. Waking up to him in the morning. Falling asleep in his arms. Reading stories to our children together. Growing old. The fights. The make ups. The never wanting it to end.

“I want to start our lives together, Luc, I want you.” I reply before capturing his mouth in mine. As our lips met, I felt a huge weight lift off of my shoulders. I was finally free. Finally with the man that I desired. That I wanted.


Chapter 4.35 (19)

“Wake my son… It’s time to take vengeance on this world…”


Authors notes

So last chapter of generation four! God, I never thought I would get this far, or even imagined we’d quite end up here. So I have been suffering writers block because I’ve been excited to write for the next generation (which may or may not be noticeable *cough cough). I say that I’m excited now, until I actually have to write for it. Then I’m sure I’ll be back to mega procrastination again :p

Next generation will be the only generation that I’ve ever actually planned for. That does not sound surprising at all, I beat you’re all thinking. But, when I say plan, I mean I have various points written down, that I may or may not decide to ignore for something crazy. I don’t know how to plan for anything, much less stick to a plan, so I’m putting my guess onto ignoring the plan. Anyway there is no heir vote since I kinda maybe put her in the beyond death special. But I love the general idea of her story so it’s a win win for me 🙂

And it’s the end!! I actually think i’m getting more and more sad to see this one go :/

Chapter 34

Through the underbrush of dusk, underneath the starlit trees, Vladimir led me on. His hand encapsulated my own softly, and his eyes, blue as a clear blue sky over the ocean. Right now, this Vladimir had been the one that I had fallen in love with. Who’s words, a sweeter taste than any honey, and gaze, softer than the whitest cloud in the sky. Black and white, light and dark, fire and ice, two sides of the same coin, two Vladimir’s, locked in an endless battle to destroy each other.

As we walked, he both pulled me close for loving kisses, and away so that he might catch me. And follow. His lips, curved into a serene smile, that I knew, could not last. Because Vladimir had never been the man that I knew. The vampire that I had been enchanted by, would fade away the second that I was at his beckoning. The second that I was once again his.

But not this time.

Chapter 4.34 (2)

This time, I would be the one wearing a mask. Disguised beneath a layer of deception and his own greed. My heart fiercely beats as if in response to the thought. My pupils dilate to catch the sights passing us by, the white hair in the thick forest floor scampering into it’s burrow for protection. The owls calling the night in. And with each step, I felt as if my places to hide were diminishing one by one. And soon, we’d be surrounded, presumably, by four stone walls, and immaculate furnishings fit for a king, and I, I’d play his queen.

“I knew you’d come home, Vivian.” He growls between kisses on my lips. Unlocking a door to a large, abandoned cottage. “You’ll always come back to me.” A sharp nudge on my wrist pulls me inside, knocking me into Vladimir as his smirk darkens in the darkened night. “Won’t you, love?”

The word is toxic to my ears, and I recoil instantly, but the slight purr in his heavily accented voice makes my head bob up and down in a nod. Love? Love, what is love? The question burns in my mind, as we pass ten, maybe twenty other supernaturals. Love is not a word used for manipulation, for black mail. It is not tearing someone down to the point they feel worthless. Love is not breaking bones, instead of hearts. It is not being afraid of your own shadow. Love is not Vladimir’s arms, or the poison on his lips.

Chapter 4.34 (3)

The vampire sits down, running a cold a hand through his tousled hair. A look of victory gracing his smooth, and flawless face. His six hundred years of immortality had left his skin looking fresh faced, and youthful, his heart a useless commodity, frozen solid, and made of ice. “Sit with me, Vivian. I’ve hardly seen your face in weeks. Did they hurt you? Did your father hurt you? Oh, I bet you made him scream.”

A small smirk crosses my face, of course Aleksi had been smart enough to know that if someone wanted him dead, that he should play the part. A hand runs along the side of my cheek, and to my chin, roughly pulling me to face him. Suppressing the deep rooted cringe trailing down my back, shivers running through my nerves. Threatening to tear me apart.

“Tell me, what was it like?” Vladimir coos inches from my face, the storm in his eyes finally starting to turn.  Deep rooted passions igniting in the icy enclaves of the blue.  “Seeing the life fade from his eyes? Did it excite you my dear? Did it turn you on?” My muscles tense up in accordance to his words, to the tone in his voice, and most importantly, the violence in his veins.

Chapter 4.34 (4)

“Huh, cat got your tongue?” A deep rumble in his throat, a low and bellowing chuckle radiates his core. Closing my eyes tightly, I try to pull away, but his fingers lock themselves in my hair, pulling me back in. “You can admit it, darling, you love the rush. Girls like you love to pretend that they’re innocent, sweet angels, when in reality, your just as sick and twisted as the rest of us. Vivian, you crave destruction, torment, punishment. You are the servant, a role you only pretend to despise, and I, I am your master.”

His tongue roughly forces my mouth open, his hand curled around my throat as if to prove a point. And his words had shaken me, taken me off guard. Was that the reasoning behind his cruelty? That I enjoyed his abuse, that I lived for the pain? Like an sculpture made of ice, I stay frozen, while his tongue and lips invade my face, kissing down my neck, and earlobes.

Roughly escaping his hold, I smile weakly at him, trying to force the brave disguise I had worked up before. But, it seems to have disintegrated into nothing but ash, and fear. “I.. I’m glad that you’ve not been hurt in this fight they wage.” All the anxiety that threatens to tear me down shows in my voice, but I’m sure that Vladimir just assumes that it’s all for him. “I don’t know what I’d do if anything happened to you.” The words burn in my mind.

Chapter 4.34 (5)

“Your little mutt tried, brave, but entirely foolish of him to think that his skill matches my own.” The words fly past his mouth as if it were nothing. And having seen the deep bruises upon the face of the man that elcited so much love within my core, and knowing the man that spoke of him, I knew the consequence, the cosmetic aftermath had nothing to do with his plans, or ideas for how it should have gone. “But I did take out the pathetic excuse for a vampire that he left me with. It was barely a challenge, yet they still come for me, do they not? Why do you frown, my love, you know that I’d never let such an unworthy man try to steal your heart, nor someone who meant you harm. I’ll protect you, Vivian, from all of them.”

“And Azazel?” I question, half in curiosity, for whether the sickness in his mind led him to believe that he could beat the old blood. For whether he would defy the ancient bond of maker, and progeny. For whether his affections would have him do it all for me. And the other half was because we needed to know. If the pure blood was willing to take part in this battle, then it changed everything. The fight being fought was not for glory, but to inspire courage, strength and unity in the rest of the country. Azazel was strong, and he could only bring back fear and doubt into everyone’s mind.

“I’d tear his heart out before he’d touch you, now what is this about?” Pulling a slight face, Vladimir’s forehead crinkles at my nervous posture. My fingers circling each other, my gaze flickering down. “Is this about what he told you to do? The fact that he forced you to do it? Because you know, you’re not his to command-” The possessive tone of his voice makes me shiver. But I had to find out all i needed to before I could turn on him. And every second I was here, my emotions were conflicted. “- But you don’t need to worry, it seems he’d rather see the fall of his kingdoms than deal with me.”

Chapter 4.34 (6)

 “Oh…” The noise echoes in the silence that falls around us. I didn’t want to feel bad for him, but all that his life was based around, his personality formed upon, was finding love. Albeit in whatever way he could, but it’s all that he wanted. And perhaps until our last moments together, I would fulfill that wish for him. I had to, so that this could all end. “I’m sorry, Vlad…”

“It’s okay, I’m a big boy.” He winks at me with a cocky smile, the arrogant kind that he hid behind, the disguised all his flaws and worries. “Now, I think you tried changing the subject before, tell me about it, when your father turned to ash by your hand. ” His lips delicately trace the contours of my neck, his hand pulling my hair behind my back. His teeth lightly nip into the soft flesh, causing me to flinch, and my heart to speed up.

My face contorts slightly, a brave smirk playing on my lips, as I whisper into his ear. “You’ve got it wrong about me.” My voice is controlled, despite my overwhelming desire to run, and scream, and hide. “I much prefer hearing them scream, and dishing it out than I do taking it.” My hands push him back down, and surprisingly he complies. His stormy eyes looking wild by the glow of the fire.

Chapter 4.34 (7)

“Ja, but I love to hear you scream.” He growls flopping me onto my back, his hand gliding over my stomach. “Old habits die hard, I suppose, and I haven’t heard it in far to long.” A sharp intake of air rises to my throat, as my eyes dart around the room, almost on instinct for escape. But I force it deep, deep down inside of me. I couldn’t screw this up. I couldn’t be useless. If you could compare me to a flower, I was but a bud, yet to blossom. But it was getting dangerous fast.

“B.. But the guns.” I whisper through clenched teeth, trying to hold onto the little thread of strength that I still had. But the closeness of his body, the cruelty of his words bring back everything that I had to fear from him. “They’re still out there, I mean, everyone in this city is looking for you, and we’re just sitting ducks. How have you stayed hidden this whole time?” Next question, cross it off the list. “You’ve so many men, and how do you hide so well?”

“When did you get so interested in politics and war?” His smirk is lopsided, cruel. As if one half of his face had failed to comply with it. The paranoia sinking it down, deflating him. “I suppose a while ago we asked you to do both, and you did so well. But the way the men looked at you, I had to break a few hearts for that. But, come on, Vivian, you don’t think you live as many lifetimes as I, without learning to seek the cover of darkness? Azazel was always very proper with my training, I suppose it’s a trait I’ve installed in my men, there’s a time and a place to be a vampire, and Bridgeport is definitely not the place. But we still have to fight. Yet survival is most important.”

Chapter 4.34 (8)

Our eyes meet in the silence of the room, and there’s something in the way that he looks at me that makes me wonder. About him, who he was, before all of this happened. Was it Azazel that stole his humanity in the night? Or was the darkness always lurking beneath the very skin that held him together? He had spoken very little of how he came to be in Azazel’s trusted company, and even less about his world before all of it.

Maybe it was the fact that it was my responsibility to bring about his fall, maybe it was the guilt that made me doubt myself. But the one thing I did truly wonder was the most, was if he needed love, required it to survive, to become a better person. Did Azazel play Doctor Frankenstein, and leave his poor monster to fend for himself? Perhaps isolation did that to a person, made them do, and accept ridiculous notions for whatever passed as love. As I had done.

We were one in the same, Vladimir and I, lonely. In the past I had made excuses for being hurt, and beaten for “love.” Just as he had played the role of the punisher. If I had of been strong enough, more brave, and less desperate for someone, and something, things would have never gotten as bad as they were. I had to be brave, as much as Vladimir needed to be calm. And as our lips lock, I could feel the beat of my heart picking up speed, and I know, that time is running to an end.

And we talk, passing the hours quickly. I ask the questions I need answers to, and he complies with a wiggle of my hips, and my body pressed against his.

Chapter 4.34 (9)

“Do we need to leave the city, Vlad? I mean, there’s so many people here against us, more everyday, how on earth can we win?” I bait him with quiet remorse, as his head rests against my frail bones. His silver hair tickling the underside of my arm.

“No, we’re safe here, they’ll never be able to pin me down, and if they did, they’d need an army.” He responds, though I’m not sure if through delusion or in attempt to quiet me. “And an army would just mean bodies to the slaughter, because I’d never let them near you, they’d be bleeding out before I’d let that happen. Besides, reinforcement’s from Azazel’s faction of the V.D.F. arrive on Tuesday, if Cane thinks that he can trust his men, then he’s a lot to learn.” For a moment, he smirks darkly up at me, the blood lust burning in his eyes.

“You don’t have to wait til Tuesday to have a shot at Cane, you know.” I whisper, forcing my voice as loud as I possibly can, but it barely makes a sound. My throat becomes unbearably dry, and my skin starts to flush. “He’s on the city, and mostly, it seems everyone is too busy to be watching him. I… I missed my chance with him, because I wanted to do it t.. Together. You and I.”

“You… You want that?” Vladimir asks as though stunned, his eyes seems to dance in the glow of the room. My lips pull into a hesitant and reluctant smile, twitching in the very corners, if he look close enough to notice.

Chapter 4.34 (10)

“I want you.” I whisper, as he body looms over mine, hungry lips crash into mine, and I panic as my breath runs low with each kiss. “I think we can start again.” I squeak, trying to stabilize my breath. “I know where he is.” I growl, trying to be as seductive as possible. The nervous knots in my stomach, quickly force a blush to my cheeks. “And we could go right now, just the two of us, and-“

“Tryna get me alone?” He winks at me, and my heart almost stops. I have to tell myself that he doesn’t know the plan, that there is no way he could.

“Can’t you tell, I’ve been thinking about it all night.” I bluff nervously. Running a brave hand down his chest, I smirk at him, trapping my lower lip between my teeth. “And as you said, violence makes me wild.” Pulling his neck down, I capture his mouth, and put on a convincing performance. sensing the lust and desire to make something bleed, I take my opportunity to lure him away. We knew where his men were, and where Azazel wasn’t. “I bet there’s a lot more privacy where he is, and the thought of his d.. De.. Body there. How could we not take advantage of it?”

Chapter 4.34 (11)

After that, Vladimir hadn’t needed much convincing, and I felt sick to my stomach by the things that I had said to convince him of it. Truly sick. I had never felt the thrill of the kill, only remorse after the fact. Perhaps I had my father to thank for that, my exceptional humanity. Despite the stories that I had heard of my father’s lineage. That all the immortals, bar my father, had bared the trait of guiltless killing. Of being true predators.

I led Vladimir hurriedly through the trees, trying desperately to remember the path that I needed to take. Anytime that I thought I had seen someone through the trees, I went straight to work distracting the impatient vampire nibbling at my neck. And finally we were at the point where the sound of guns filled the night, echoing from the little cottage from which we had just been.

They were too early, and we weren’t at the meeting point yet. In fact we were probably ten minutes out. Vladimir’s neck snaps to mine, pausing in his tracks. I had hoped that he wouldn’t know where the sound was coming from, but the look in his eyes, told me that it was over.

“Where is that sound coming from?” His question is more of a statement, his eyebrow raising up in question as he studies my features. My eyes dart away, as I try to keep my cool. Within seconds, his hand holds me tightly by the waist, preventing any form of escape, the other tracing my jugular vein. “What have you done?”

Chapter 4.34 (12)

“Vlad… Darling… You’re scaring me.” I sob, tears stinging my eyes, trying to sweet talk my way out of his iron grip. But it has no effect on him, the rage is already there, building quickly. His eyes are raging now. “Let me go, please, I.. I don’t know what you’re talking about?”

“Yes, you do!” He screams into my face, like a child who’s lost their favourite toy. ‘The guns, Vivian, can you hear the guns? Cause I bloody well can. They were not fucking there before you came. What in god’s name did you do?” What!?” His voice continues getting louder, the longer that I stay silent. I wish terribly that someone was here with me, Lucian, even my father, but I’m glad that he can’t touch them.

“V… Vlad, I’m so confused… C.. Can’t you see that?” I continue pleading with him, holding onto what was left over of my disguise and plan that I could, my finger’s barely scraping the edge. Slipping every second further. “I love you, why.. Why would I?” For a moment, I almost seem to accept the fate, until I feel what was tape to my thigh burning hot and obvious. I just had to get it, and have time to use it on him. “I love you so much. Vlad, can’t you see that? I want you, I want to be with you.”

Chapter 4.34 (13)

The back of his palm connects with my cheek, leaving a bloody and red mark in the wake. Crashing to the earth, my hand raises to my lips, preventing a loud and pitiful cry escaping my lips. My eyes dart to his, and his body, the anger radiating off of it. And my hand discreetly slides to my thigh, as I try to take the needle from the bindings. The silver within the syringe would prevent anything from him if I could just land it.

“I promise you, I didn’t. This whole town is a battle field, they hunt in packs, and they were going to find you at some point.” Forcing logic to his ears, does naught to calm the vampire. His teeth poking out from his mouth, sharply reminding me why I needed to be careful. Grabbing my face within his hand, squeezing my cheeks tightly, he growls down at me.

“You promise?” His voice is thick, and dark, heavy with the expanse of his emotions. His eyes are like daggers, cutting through me in a way that sends shivers to my spine, and he leans in closer. Kissing my lips, his teeth drawing blood, he breathes. “Cause, it wouldn’t be good for your health, and you know I wouldn’t want to do it. But sometimes, you force me into these situations, love, and you make me hurt you.”


Chapter 4.34 (14)

My voice is quickly cut off by pressure on my wrists, trying to pull me towards him. The needle drops behind my boot, and I quickly hide it, I couldn’t lose the only thing that could protect me from him. It was true, there was moments I felt guilt, but with the sting on my cheek, and the fear radiating into every nerve in my body, I wanted him gone, and out of my life. I cursed every second that I had been with him, and now I couldn’t understand who’s idea this had been.

His teeth gleam in the ghostly moonlight, as his face draws closer. I fall onto my back, and crawl back wards, trying to find safety. But he’s fast and he’s angry. The needle is all but forgotten until my foot drags it near me, the pressure sitting under my thighs. Burning hot with revenge. With need. My hand goes for it the second his teeth drive through the vein in my neck.

Like wildfire, the bite spreads, and my visions dances momentarily. My breath becomes ragged and laboured, fierce growls and rumbles echo in his throat. Claws tearing the flesh in whatever part of my body he can hold down. But I have the silver, the needle shakes in my hand, as I force a gap big enough between the two of us.

Chapter 4.34 (15)

With the pressure of my finger on the end, the silver disperses through his heart. Turning his translucent veins a horrible black. Slowly, his resistant knees, crack, and he falls roughly down. His fingers dig into the ground, tearing claw marks with each painful gasp and moan. “Wh.. Wh.. Viv-” Is all that he manages to spit out, as blood drips from his trembling lips.

“Vladimir.” I hiss at him, a small burst of pride in my stomach. This wasn’t the end, it never would be. Because he had left me scars that would last a lifetime, but perhaps this, in some way could begin to heal the wounds so I could pick up the fragile pieces of my broken life. “I don’t love you. And I haven’t for a long time. Losing our baby killed me, and it will every single day, but I’m glad. Glad that you never got to taint her. Glad that you never got to touch her. But I do feel sorry for you, love, because you’ll die alone. Your own maker abandoned you. Your men will do the same. And me? I’m the one who ended it all. And you get to spend the rest of your undead life, no matter how short that may be, knowing that I won.”

“Your a bitch!” Vladimir screams in pain, his eyes seemed to have a strange red tint to them. His muscles tense, and convulsing on the ground. Drawing the needle out, I stare down at him, with an emotion I do not understand. “Just do it then! Kill me already!”

Chapter 4.34 (16)

“Oh, that’s to easy for you.” I growl in response, shaking my head spitefully. Playing out the emotions in exaggeration so he has no doubt in his mind. “What I have planned for you is much, much worse.” The soldiers burst from the treeline, guns pointed over Vladimir, fixed over his heart, the red lasers waiting for him to try and move. Silver handcuffs lock him in place, another injection straight into his very heart. “At least you’ll finally get what you deserve…” I whisper as he’s pulled away, leaving me in the starlight to myself.

It was over…

The war had only just begun, and for the humans, their greatest struggle was just beginning. Azazel did not care whether his progeny died alone, but perhaps their bond had still been in tact, broken and shattered, hanging by an inch. But, he would come, and we would have to be ready.

Until then, I had won my greatest battle, defeated my strongest opponent. And maybe what was left for me was to pick up the pieces of my life, and sew it back together, but stronger than before. And I’d let love in again, I had to, or I’d be destroyed. Lucian gave me hope, and Rafe had to be out there somewhere. As long as Aleksi lived, then I knew someone would always be looking with me.

Chapter 4.34 (17)

But for now, right now, I could breath again.

A huge pressure lifted off of my chest.

I was free.


I’m sorry about this chapter, I rewrote so many times, but I couldn’t get it to sound how I wanted it to in my head :/ I really did try but I don’t know. It’s readable, at least *I hope*

Anyway, first order of business, I have started a story blog, called “The Harlem Apocalpyse,” and it’s a story about the apocalpyse. Zombies included. I’m probably the worst person to write this type of story since the idea actually horrifies me to the point of no sleep :p It’s two chapter in, tell me what you think.

I actually found this cool site called ‘I write like” which I wanted to share with you guys for a bit of fun. By posting a paragraph or two of your writing, it analyses it and gives you a name. I doubt it’s anything scientific, or complex, but at the very least you could get a new author to read.

Mine were:  Vladimir Nabokov and Margaret Atwood (I did the first paragraph of two different chapters).

Chapter 4.33

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Chapter 4.33

“Is it really you?” Lucian’s voice is faint, and soft, his arms tightening around me momentarily. Frowning slightly, I snuggle into him, pondering the thought against my bleak mind. I wanted it to be true, god, I wanted it to be true. And I didn’t want to think about it, and that I might still not be my own person. “Vivian?” He whispers softly, drawing me from the recluse of my mind.

“I want nothing more than for this to be real, for me to be real.” I turn my head so that I can see his handsome face behind me. And my fingers play with the hem of the sheet that we sit on. The deep bruising that still haunted him like the ghost of Halloween was the the only thing that was needed to keep me as, well, me. “This is where I want to be, who I want to be. But I’d be lying if I said that it’s over… I tried to kill A.. Aleksi, and I tried to hurt you too, Luc. I’m dangerous, I know that, but I’m trying. And if you can stand by me, Luc, if you don’t give up on me just yet, I think I can fight this. Hell, I know I can…”

For a moment, our heart beats seem to meld together in the silence of our words. Heavy gunfire sounds from below the mountains and echoes throughout the city. The confusion of this war was imprinted upon every face I had seen, and in every word spoken. But it wasn’t my war. No, everyone fought for someone, and something.

Chapter 4.33 (2)

“I’m not leaving you again…” Finally the words pass Lucian’s lips, as his brow deepens, and his jaw tightens. Wincing slightly, he stretches, and the pain behind his eyes grows wild. “All of this, from the moment that you came back into my life, until now, for better or worse, has proved to me how much I really need you at my side. And after meeting your… Your… Dark Prince in those halls, and hearing the venom of his lips, and seeing the poison in his eyes, I know that you need me too. Maybe not to banish the darkness of your world, but to heal it.”

“I can feel him, Luc… Vladimir is so close, and I can feel him getting closer.” I whisper, my hands reaching for him in fear, as a child reaches for her mother in the thunder of a cold, dark night. The feeling was claustrophobic, closing my throat and turning my skin blue, but I held it together. “And I can feel Aleksi too… And it’s taking everything I have not to run from here, and hunt him down.” I gulp painfully, trying to release the tightness in my throat, and the tears forming at my eyes. “And I’m cursed, Lucian… I just want this to be over. I want to go back to living my life… To start living my life. With you…”

Chapter 4.33 (3)

Using his strength, he pulls my body up to his, almost at eye level, my hands caress his face with a slight smile. “Love, no matter what he did to you, the things he said, whatever, he’s not going to hurt you anymore. I won’t let hi-” Moving my lips in protest to his words, he hushes me, his fingers trailing down my lips. “I didn’t do a good job, I haven’t..” The edges of his lips curve into a lackluster smile, brimming with hard memories that stung his mind. “I’m gonna get better, I promise. And… I’ll learn to bloody well fight if that’s what it takes-“

“Shhh.” I whisper with a quiet chuckle, pulling his face inches from my own. Breathing in his musky scent, my heart dances on the wind of his breath that makes my head swim. “The further away you are from him, the better. I don’t want this happening to you again, or worse…” Now that I had gotten him back, the thought of losing him made me grow cold. The emptiness of just the thought sent me into panic. “Vladimir is as strong as he is cruel, and he’d make you suffer given half a chance.”

“What on earth do you expect me to do?” Lucian moans, pulling his head back to get a better view of my solemn face. “I can’t fight him because I’m too weak, maybe I am, but, I don’t want you anywhere near him. At all. And your the one that he wants. Not me. I’m just the topping on the cake. If I can’t fight him, if I can’t protect you? I sure as hell won’t just hand you over, you know that, don’t you?”

Chapter 4.33 (4)

“Well…” I think out loud, self destruction burning through my veins as I swing my legs off of the bed. Immediately I feel muscles behind me stiffen, as if he already knew the plan in play in my mind. “Vladimir won’t be easy to take down, we know that, look at you, you know that. But… And hear me out-“


“You haven’t even heard what I was going to say!” I huff at him, my eyes narrowing in on him dangerously. Lifting his hands up as if to say he didn’t want trouble, I continue. Not completely sure what would come out of my mouth next. “He’s an impenetrable force of manic control. He’s faster, and stronger than anyone that we have here willing to fight. But what if there was someone willing. Someone who was willing to get close to him, and strike when his guard is down.” The more words that pass my lips, the wheels in Lucian’s mind begin to turn. “What if-“

“Vivian…” A husky whisper draws past his mouth. A soft hand clutches my shoulder, forcing me to look him into the eyes. “I can’t let you do this… If you go, you’ll never see the light of day again…”

Chapter 4.33 (5)

“He trusts me…” I mumble, as he pushes his feet off of the bed. His groans slightly with the movement on his ribs, but stays quiet all the same. “Luc, he won’t see me coming, I promise. Vladimir would do anything to get me back, for me to… Want him back-“

“And that’s the problem, Viv.” He snaps, before dropping his gaze towards the floor. “He wants you too much. It’s obsessive, it’s a compulsive need of his to have you at his side. Who’s to say he won’t use his bloody vamper powers to make you stay? To make you into his little plaything? Vivian, he is unstable, and if he can’t have you, then don’t be dumb enough to think he’d let anyone else have his little prize.”

My mind recoils like a hard slap, and I don’t understand why. All of it was true, yet the fresh bruising turned my brain red and sore. “Vladimir likes dominance, and pain.” I hiss under my breath, vivid images of our past flashing before my eyes, like an old time movie, where we were the stars. “He’d let me die, before he’d compel me to stay. I’d fade away before he take away the torment. Luc, if it was that easy do you think I’d have come back at all. Never mind what I was ordered to do.” A crystallized tear forms and floats down my cheek. Slowly glistening in the light. “He’s the torturer, and he loves the god damn game.”

“What did he do to you…?” Is his only response, in a low, painful growl.

Chapter 4.33 (6)

Crawling into his lap, I’m careful not to disrupt his healing ribs, but I entwine myself around him, as he does to me. “If he hurt you, if he touched you…” Lucian’s voice almost verges of desperation. Softly, my lips find his cheek, and I smile weakly at him. My heart beat racing in my chest uncomfortably.

“What he did, what happened between us, it doesn’t matter anymore, Lucian.” I reply afraid. Scared that he was lurking outside. But I push it down and outside the walls of my heart. “One day, I’ll tell you about it, but right now, all that matters is taking that bastard down.” My own bravery momentarily surprises me. The force of my voice, and the surety of the words. “Maybe I’ll still have to fight for what little sanity I have left, what we all have left. Maybe this war will keep raging. But, he’s just one more obstacle in the way. And I for one, would love to see it eliminated. I don’t want to be afraid anymore…”

Another long pause between us ensues. And I feel Lucian’s grip on me tighten. “Are you asking permission, or telling me?” He finally breathes out. A nervous laugh rumbles in his chest, causing him to cough in pain. I already knew the answer, and so did he. It was a painfully obvious truth between us that we seemed to draw out for longer than need be.

Chapter 4.33 (7)

Without a word, I place my lips on his softly, feeling the heat rise to my cheeks as the kiss deepens. The urgency in our lips makes me weak in the knees, and I lose all sense of time. His hands slowly slide down my back, and up again, before pulling me tighter, closer. And my fingers comb through his hair, as I lose my breath in his embrace.

Sheepishly pulling away. “I love you.” I state as if the only thing I could possibly be sure of in my life, as sure as I was that the sun would rise tomorrow, and that the sky was blue. I was sure of him. Wiping my tears away, I stand up, and rub my arm awkwardly. I knew the words that were on the tip of his tongue. And the thoughts racing dangerously through his mind. “But I’m sorry… I have to do this. There’s no other way…”

“Why’d you have to be so bloody stubborn, Vivian?” Lucian grunts through gritted teeth, before his lips find mine again. His hands slide under my legs, and he lifts me into the air, his tongue exploring my open mouth. And then as quick as the kiss starts, and the intensity driven red hot, I’m back on the ground, and my own two feet. And his body steps forward, closing in on me, his hands around my wrists, and his lips less than seconds away from mine.

Chapter 4.33 (8)

“Marry me..?” His warm breath intoxicates me, but my heart skips a beat. The blood floods into my cheeks, and noticing his bold lack of fear or hesitance towards what was being asks, sends me into a panic once again. His golden eyes search mine serenely, and I bite my tongue. “Marry me, Vivian, so I know you’ve something to come back to. So I know that this meant something. Marry me, Vivian, so I can spend the rest of my days loving you, and being loved, by you. If you’re going to leave me here today, hell bent on ideals of revenge, just give me something… Don’t go…”

My breath catches in my throat, and grows dry, like the desert in the wrath of the summer sun. And in my mind, I see myself, white dress draped over my thin, fragile body, black roses in hand. And I walk, to the beat of a drum, in tune, in time. A black suit waits at the end of the aisle, and I follow the rose petals. As I reach him, my hand reaches to his shoulder pulling him around, but he’s not my groom, not my happy ending. The last thing I see is the roses whither to dust, blood staining the flawless white.

Taking a quick step back, I feel claws at the back of my neck, and a sinister laugh blowing in the wind. Gulping harshly, I blink back the tears. “I… I can’t be.. Belong to someone like I belonged to h.. Him. I’m sorry Lucian… But I…” The shock burns on my mind, as I try to find the reasons to stop the racing of my heart. “I love you, and I know that you… I need to find out who I am… I need to find myself, and take back Vivian. I can’t just sign my life away. Not now that I’m so close.”

Chapter 4.33 (9)

“Vivian… That’s not what I’m trying to… I don’t want to…” Lucian stutters as I try to slip from his grasp, but his arm curls around my waist, stopping my escape. “I would never use your love for me as a tool to keep you at my side, Vivian, you know that, don’t you? If you want to leave, then I’ll tear these halls apart until you get home again, if I don’t follow you there myself. But, I would never marry you to keep you here, or to control you. Going to Vladimir is a crazy idea, and I could never ask you to do it, but your right, he’s too strong, and he needs to go. Does that mean I’d push this idea of yours to be the one to do it? Does that mean I’d force you to stay? No, just no. I want to marry you because I can’t imagine my life without you, and I want you to know it, I want everyone to know it.”

“Lucian, I know you’re not trying to force my hand, but I…” I try to nuzzle into him, but my muscles tense against his touch. “I’ve followed orders my whole life it seems, back home, and since I’ve been gone, I’ve stood at the side of two men who’ve owned me completely. All in the name of love. By an act of miracle I still believe in love, and it has gotten me through, but the sanctity of marriage is all but lost.”

“I can ch-“

“Vivian… Your here?” A strange voice whispers, turning my head to his direction, I already know his name. “But how? W… Why?”

Chapter 4.33 (10)

“A.. Aleksi…” I cough out, bracing myself against the influx of adrenaline. Immediately, my head starts to throb, and my vision starts to dance. But my hand reaches to Lucian’s, and I squeeze onto it tightly. “I…” Focus… My breath turns ragged, as I face the ground. “I want to.. To help with th.. The war…” Gritting my teeth together, I let out a shallow breath and look up to him briefly. “I just want to.. T… To help.”

“Vivian, this is no place for you to be.” Straightening his shirt, and playing with the cuffs nervously, his eyes might of bore into Lucian’s with confused intensity. “Your in no shape to be in a war zone, especially if you want to fi-“

“Fa.. Father.” I moan slightly, trying to control the overwhelming urges, boiling my blood, and turning it vicious. “This war does n… Not offer a.. Anyone reprieve, or opt.. Tions. I’m stronger than you th.. Think, and I…” Kill him… Do it now… My brain sings, but I ignore it. “I can get to Vladi… Vladimir, and I can stake him through his cold, d.. Dead heart.”

Chapter 4.33 (11)“Vivi-“

“No!” I snap, turning my head to stare both the red haired vampire, and Lucian directly in the eyes. “This is my war too! You can’t protect me forever… You can’t…”

The flawless forehead of my father seems to deepen, producing heavy set lines detailing the depths of his worry. And despite the anger, the rage engulfing my body, I knew damn well that he had tried over the years to do as much as protect us. Yet, when it came down to it, the plan failed, he failed. “I told your mother to run, when the council first came for us, and you know what happened, her love made her naive, and she died for their enjoyment. So I left, Vivian, to offer you some protection from this life. And it seems, despite going against my own wishes to protect you, you’ll do what you think is best, even if it’ll get you killed. You and Rafe both.”

Chapter 4.33 (12)

“Where is he?” I growl, my thoughts on the twin that resembled my father, with his vivid hair, and pale complexion. The pain in my stomach and head seeming to dim as I tried to trace back my memory to the last time that I had seen him. And then, like a kick to the stomach, it returns once again. He was shot, and because of the V.D.F. and Vladimir, I never got a chance to see him, to find out how he had fared. “Luc, where is my brother?” I question turning around.

“Everybody is looking for somebody, Vivian.” Lucian mumbles quietly, melancholy deep within his soft, golden eyes. “Battle is still being fought, and everyone here is looking for a friend, a neighbor, a father. The survivors, they’re being questioned by everyone, and we can’t put our own needs first. I’m sorry.”

“I have to fight.” I whisper, a tear struggling at the surface of my forest green eyes. “For him. For everyone who’s lost somebody.  For me. Aleksi, Luc… I’m your best shot at Vlad, right now. If you want to keep me safe, then, getting rid of him is number one priority, because he won’t stop til he gets me. So to take my life back, there has to be some sacrifices, and fortunately, I already know the punishment fit for that barbarian. And you can’t stop me, so the better choice would be to plan for this night.”


Chapter 4.33 (13)

The pale white dress clung to my thin body in the fading light. With each sway of my narrow hips, I sung his name through my painted lips, and high into the mountains it called to him. Begging him to find me with each step that I took. But no fear trailed behind me, except for the nervous pitter patter of my heart. I was strong, and I was angry.

And maybe that was a facade.

Chapter 4.33 (14)

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned…

I almost smirk to myself, hiding futilely behind the idea that I might be brave enough. Vladimir had me scared half to death and beyond, and I knew exactly what I was risking. But I wanted this to come to an end. I wanted to be able to stray from the safe side of the road, to be able to smile, and truly mean it.

I don’t want to be afraid.

“Welcome home, darling.” Vladimir coos, appearing as if out of the darkness itself. “I’ve missed you. We’ve a lot to catch up on, my love, but first-” He purrs, inches from my face, his hands cupping me softly. “- Let me just remind you of whom you belong.”

Chapter 4.33 (15)

This was it, there was no backing down now.