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So I do want to apologise for the lack of chapters this week. Unfortunately my game has decided to ramp up its glitches and crashing quite significantly. No one can be moved in or out without me losing all sims panels, control of any sim other than who I started with, and money. My CC and downloads are just randomly disappearing and now the launcher can now only sometimes recognise the cd. And then even when it loads, the crashes happen. So right now the long process of moving everyone into the same household, choosing the right outfit and then photographing is horrendous (if not nearly impossible).

So long story short, I am going insane with the high amount of script errors and trying to photograph. But, I am going to aim for at least one chapter a week until I can figure it out. If I can do more than one chapter, then great, but one is a lot more realistic right now. All I can say is that the island paradise patch has completely destroyed my game. But I am still here. Lurking in the shadows.

On the bright side, I brought home my two new baby kittens on the weekend :3

Here’s some photos to make you forgive for my absence. Ill be back with a new chapter very soon, so bear with me.


Teemu or Mu-Mu for short.


And my little lion Alfie.


Author’s notes

So sorry about the delay with this special. But alas we have arrived at the 20,00 view special (a little over as I was meant to publish this last week). But I want to say a huge thank you to all of you for reading this legacy and for all the lovely comments (and sticking with me for so long).

Secondly, I moved another vampire from Bridgeport into the house for a scene. Now, I’ve always loved Vladimir Schlick, and he was the first one I found, so naturally  I picked him. However, I didn’t even think about his name at the time I was taking photos… So it’s a little awkward having two Vladimir’s in one scene. But just ignore it, I just refer to him by his surname instead.



Raggedly my breath comes out in shuddered gasps as the cold air fills my lungs. The dark night air falls all around us, with only the moon’s silhouette to light up the frozen snow beneath our bodies. Lining up against the fence we stare back at each other fearfully. The sounds of gunshot’s echo through the mountains to the sides of us. Bullets colliding forcefully into the old stone fence. “How many?” Shiloh slowly inches her head out from behind the stone to peak a glance. Narrowly missing an almost well aimed head shot.

“Be careful!” The Lycan kneeling in front of her growls. Jasper looks at her, widening his eyes, and scanning her for signs of injury. And looking back at him, a small hopeless half smile appears. And this is hopeless. I frown and my eyes dart to Vivian, the gun in her hand trembling as the hollow look on her face deepens.

Fingers tightening on my own weapon, I slowly glance across the court yard. My head poking out slightly from our barrier. “About eight or nine in the tree line…” I growl in frustration. There was too many. I could count. I could do the maths. Jasper was injured, and he couldn’t even turn fully. Vivian could hardly shoot, and I didn’t want her to have to. Which left me and Shiloh against, how many? “Three armored SUV’s, and god knows how many inside… And where I can’t see…” A helicopter flies over us, a bright light fixtured onto the bottom to watch the grounds for escapees.

“So what now?” Vivian squeaks at us. My twin’s eyes darting between all of us. Hopelessly. And I think carefully about it. If there was any chance at all of escape, it would have to be planned out. Something we didn’t have a lot of time for. Come morning this place would be up in flames to hide the truth of what happened her tonight. Vampires didn’t use guns, and these men were most definitely human. Of which have a terrible habit of hiding things that they’ve done from everyone else.


“Make a stand-”

“No Jasper, are you crazy?” Shiloh hisses at Jasper. And in the pitch of her voice, I can hear the words ‘I love you, don’t leave me‘ to him.  “We’d die before we even pulled the trigger.”

“Well are you saying that we should just sit here and wait for death to come?” As much as I don’t want to admit it, he has a point. But it’s not just something that we could pull off. Escaping into the darkness with no where to go. We’d freeze to death before we found solitude. “Look, I’ll make a distraction, lead them on a wild goose chase. And you, darling, all of you, you need to run.”

“No! No way!” The woman moves closer to him, kneeling in front of him. “Whatever we do, we do together.” Her hand touches his cheek lightly before she pulls away sharply. The sound of dogs hungrily pulling at their leashes grows closer.

“That’s not an option that I’d feel comfortable with either.” Vivian says, this time with a bit more life in her voice. But as they argue, I turn to look back across the yard, and the men approaching the house. I close my left eye and focus on his head. It was an awkward position to try and shoot in. And I couldn’t afford to miss. Bang! The noise fills my ear drums as the grown man slumps to the ground and brings everyone’s attention back to the situation.


As I prepare to take another shot. A vampire tears the front door open. Blood covering his pale, thin body, as his eyes fill with hunger and rage. And through the night, his growl hauntingly stalks the air. Moving forward, stumbling in the snow as he does so, a bullet tears apart the skin and exposing the flesh in his stomach. The vampire’s eyes drop to the bleeding wound, and he hisses in response. Taking off like the wind in their direction. A banshee on a mission, except that it’s cut short. A bullet on a journey of destruction pierces his heart, and goes out the other side and into the wall. Turning him to ash on impact.

I eye up the men in the tree line and their cruel faces. Badges clipped to the pocket of a few of them. And even though I can’t read what it says, I know exactly who they are. And what they’re here for. “We need to get out of here.” The Vampire Defense Force. The humans were fighting back… “These guys, they’re not taking prisoners by the looks of it.”

And as I say it, the men shoot in response. The sounds of gunfire once again lighting up the night. And every shot had to be calculated exactly to reach it’s mark. We didn’t have the luxury of ammo to miss. Every bullet counted as we return fire, and hide to dodge their bullets.


Jasper slowly inches out beside the barrier, to take a shot and that’s when they seize the opportunity. And marksmen like precision would be his end. Feeling a lump in my throat I look down at him in shock as his body falls the the ground, only to be cradled against his lovers arms. “No! Jasper!” She screams over all the sounds surrounding us. Tears flowing as she sobs, pleading for him to wake up. But we already know that he’s gone. “Please…. Don’t die on me…” Jasper… Pushing aside the guilt and loss biting at the corners of my mind, I move back into position.

Vivian depletes all of her ammo first, and then me. My eyes dart around us, but with each passing second, our enemies get closer. And we’re surrounded. Maybe we could try and make a break for it… No, we’d be lifeless on the ground before we even made it off the property. Surrender? Beg?


Before I can even finish off my train of thought, a bullet pierces through the walls of my chest. Blood begins to fill up my lungs within seconds.  Coughing, I struggle for breath. The wound burnt like fire and ice combined. Searing in painful anguish. “I’m so sorry, Vivian…” I whisper roughly. The back of my singlet already mats with blood. And I can’t stop it. As I look into her green eyes, spitting out blood and shuddering against the cold, I see a vision of an old memory. My father leaning over my crib and telling me to protect her. And I can’t. I couldn’t save her.

“Don’t be.” She whispers softly, feigning a smile that would haunt me to my death. She was terrified, and she knew, she knew that it was over. And that smile amplified it times a million. My body grows numb and not due to the cold, but because of the warmth leaving my body. Shiloh’s sobs grow silent, as do the dogs, and guns. “It’s okay, we’re gonna be ok-”


“Drop your weapons…” Is all I hear as she’s dragged away from me.

And she’s gone…

And I’m gone…


“I don’t want you to go…” Her voice is soft like a whisper as I roll over and softly stroke her chin. The corners of her face form into a half hearted small smile as she opens her golden eyes to look at me. The smooth cotton of our sheets slides across my skin, as she wriggles closer to me.


“I know…” My fingers slowly trail to her long dark hair, tangling myself in the locks to pull her lips to mine. The sun shines through the window, lighting up our small bedroom, and illuminating her sun kissed skin. “But I need too…”

“Dog fights are one thing. I mean…” Slighty frowning, I smile at the face she pulls while she thinks. “I know you’ll always come home to me afterwards. But I couldn’t bear it if you didn’t come home at all. I trust you will. Cause I’m always waiting for you to… But war…? Rafe…?” Her eyes bore into mine. I understand. I know what she is and will say, and I agree. But I have to get her back. It’s the only way to bring my sister home.  “War is… Barbaric. Unsavory. And those vampires?  They don’t care about you. Not like I do. It’s war and to them, you’re just another body to bury along with the other hundred thousand they’d so carelessly give up for their stupid blood fest.”


“As long as that door is open then I will ALWAYS be coming home. To you. To us. As long as you still want me and then even if you make it damn clear you don’t, Ange, you will always be my home. Time, distance and bloody circumstance will never change that.” I state firmly, and softly at the same time. There was absolutely no way that I could forget about this girl. No way in hell I ever could just get over her. If there was a way home, to her, then I’d take it in a heart beat.

“You say that now, but when my tummy swells, and I get gigantic like an elephant you won’t be saying that?” Wiggling her eye brows at me, I can tell that she is trying to rid herself of the thought I might not make it back. Her eyes tell me as much. Her hand glides down to her stomach and cups it protectively with a sweet smile. She was beautiful. Even more so when she smiled like that.


“You make it impossible for me not too. Honestly if you could see yourself through my eyes… You’d never doubt yourself again.” My lips press against hers again. As I pull her against me and into a tight hug. Days that we spent like this made me never want to leave her side again. “I love you.”

“I love you too…” Angie looks up at me. “Please, don’t go…”



Mind numbing cold…

That’s all that there is. And darkness. Pitch black darkness, and the cold. My mind is a blank slate slowly coming back to life. I feel like white noise is infiltrating my consciousness. Like a thousand buzzing bees, vibrating in unison. And like I’ve just ascended from the depths of the ocean, the breath I take rises my chest from the stone beneath me. Filling my lung til the point the pressure is too much, and I cough, rattling my entire body.


Mumbling soon fills my ears. Almost as though whispers in a different language than my own. And I groan, trying to ease the pressure in my chest. My eyes try to open but the darkness hold me down in it’s tight embrace. “…Ill him…” Voices. “Wha… Mean n….” I struggle to make out the words, the sounds that they make. “..Aid kil…. And wh… Ou d…. Unde….”

Who are they? Where am I? Breathing heavily, I focus on trying to get my senses back. Except everywhere is numb. Where there once was warmth, and laughter, and serenity, was this heavy weight on my chest. A burning in my lungs. Struggling to find the way out, I think back to the last thing that I had seen. Snow… White, cold snow. Not pure white, no, blood, and lots of it. And what’s that sound? I groan again, a sharp pain at the sides of my head. Dogs barking… Growling… And banging… No… Gunshots… Someone was shot, was it me? I remember the blood, the excruciating pain. And… And… “Viv…” I mumble, as if to call out to her.


“E’s wa….Ing… At do w…. Ow..?” One of the voices growls in an obviously angry tone. Shallow, ragged breaths pass through my lips. My muscles tense and tremor against each other. My eyes slowly begin to flicker, revealing a blurry, white world. The brightness blinding me momentarily. “Vla… Mir we ca… Eave him ima…. Zel will thi… Be smar…”

“Like I said Schl….. Ou will do what I s…. Hen I say it, unders….” The second voice snaps at the first. His words still barely legible, yet they were starting to make more sense. My eyes slowly begin to focus on the dimly lit room, and the dark, dirty bricks. “I don’t car… Hat Azazel wants him fo… T is his fault that she is gone, tell m… Here is she? I told her to wait in the room and then he convinc…. Her to leave. My human is gone now! Because of him-“

“Sir, if I may, but if she had stayed inside the ro… Hen she would have died in that room.” The first voice states blankly. “Better her ou… On the streets than another dead body-“


“Do no speak about my Vivian like that!” The thick accent nags at my mind. I knew that voice. But the fog hides him away. And the pain in my lungs with each breath is like a knife being stabbed into to me. “She is… Ot dead, and she’s definitely not just roaming the streets. Hiding, perhaps, but she will retu… N to me, it is in her nature to come back to me. Do not be mistaken about that, Schlick.”

“Well, from the rational view point, my lord, she is gon…” The voice retorts without any signs of remorse or complacence. Why were they talking about her like this? What happened to you, Vivian? “Just gone, and where? Perhaps that is why you are so defensive, sir, maybe you’re worried that she doesn’t want to come home afteral-“

“If I were you I would not finish that statement, child.” It snaps, interrupting his partner again. Anger seething into his voice. “I’ve no qualms about ending your existence, especially one so inso… nt. Do not think I wouldn’t do it. I’ve no need to explain myself to you, she will return to me, and as for him, letting my human out, his use to me is no more.”


“What are you suggesting? And please take into account Azazel’s ruling with whatever it is that you are thinking.” Goose bumps form over my pale, and blood soaked skin. The coldness in the room seeming to deepen with their words, and hostility.

“Do you think I care about Azazel’s ruling? If I can’t have my human, then he sure as hell can’t have his.” The voice purrs with hints of revenge lathered in. Almost the statement I mightn’t of said as a child if someone had broken one of my toy cars. “And when she does return to me, knowing her twin died to protect her, she’ll be upset, and grieving, and who better to come to than I?”

“And a child with his blood is a rare breed, and after claiming the girl without first consent from your maker, you’re already on slippery ground, my lord.” The voice of reason. Yet I suppose that reason does not matter when the person in power will not listen, nor take advice.

“It’s a pity the boy died in the ambush then. Bled out before anyone could find him.” My eyes loosely focus in on his face. The bluish grey hair, atop the pale, ghostly skin. And his eyes a strange shade of paranoia and delusion. Something in him had changed, or perhaps I’d never seen it. “And it’d be good for you to remember that story.”


“Why the girl, why now?” The other man asks coldly. And I shiver with a chill running down my spine. Vladimir wanted me dead, and why? Because I had tried to save his human. Did the sick fuck actually think that by killing me she would go running back into his arms? She was stronger than that.. She had to be… Except where was she? The lengths that my memory would allow me to go, was up to the gun shot, and then… Waking up. “Her blood is potent, yes, but what else draws you to her. She’s not especially smart, nor more than averagely beautiful, nor even interesting. Why would such a human hold your affections so dearly?”

“She is with child-“

“And with human mothers, vampire embryo’s are typically aborted without the first few months. Conception is uncommon, but carrying full term is almost unheard of, especially with hybrids, sir.” The dark haired creature almost snorts as it speaks. The strong air of arrogance as almost all vampires carried evident with his tone. “So I do not understand what you hope to accomplish.”


“Vampires will rule this world, by end of this war we will all be royalty.” Is his response as he lifts his hands up to stop the second man from speaking. “Purebloods will be kings of a new world. But Aleksi survived the sun when he was sentenced to death, and he was a hybrid. If my child has his blood, then I can use it. And if I can day walk, who will rule then?”

“I should tell Azazel about this madnes-“

“I’m more than twice your age. And if I even think, even for a moment, that you will turn against me, then I will turn you to ash before you can even raise a fang against me.” Shivering, I feel the entire atmosphere of the room drop. Vladimir was old, strong, and the dangerous thing about all of it was that he was mad. Crazily so. And it didn’t matter how stupid, impossible or delusional his plan was, he was the one with the power, and the charisma to make a convincing tale from his lies. If Vivian was pregnant, then she had to stay the hell away from him. Even if she wasn’t, if she was lost, or on the streets, then I pray to god, with my last wish that she can break the hold that he has over her. “Now, that we have come to an understanding, and I do not care how, but he is gone.”

“But sir-“

“Gone!” Vladimir hisses at him, getting uncomfortably close to the vampire again. Baring his fangs, his tongue traces up one of his razor like fangs and he smirks. “Now I must prepare myself or the grieving stage. When Vivian comes back, which she will, then things will need to be arranged. So be ahead with it.” She won’t return to you… On my dying breath she won’t come home to you….


Slowly and hesitantly, the dark haired vampire starts to move. A cold hand covers my face, my mouth and nose in particular, and blocks off my air ways. And in that instant I snap to reality, my adrenaline fueling the struggle. Except despite all of my protests, he doesn’t budge an inch. My heart races in my throat.

And within seconds my head starts to thump, painfully demanding air.

But I can’t break his grip…


The world starts to return to it’s blurry state as he continues with his terrible pressure…

Anger flames in his eyes, burning with hunger, with nothing resembling remorse…

My struggles useless, and pitiful. The vampire’s grip too strong…

And I can’t break free….


Finally my head lops over, my body twitching, and my lungs aching as they try to find breath…

And the last thing that I see is Vladimir…

Smirking back victoriously at me…

And it’s gone…

And I’m gone…



Walking down the small brick path, I take a deep breath. The scent of Spring was on the air, wild flowers were in bloom, and fresh strawberries was on the breeze. Smiling, my eyes focus on the door to the small cottage. The warm sun shining brightly down on the beautiful scene that I was accompanied by. Birds singing and a child’s laughter echo’s.


I was home.


I swing the door open and walk into the familiar kitchen, to where a beautiful girl, with raven black hair and lips as red as roses sings. Leaning over the table, she tousles the hair of a young boy, colouring in a page, with his tongue poking out of his mouth. Concentration and joy clearly evident in his face.

Making a rumble in my throat, I smile as their faces look up and fall on me. Shock, surprise and relief all cover their faces. And for the briefest instant, no one moves a muscle.


“Daddy!” The boy finally screams colliding into me forcefully. Wrapping his tiny arms around my waist, and hugging me with everything he has.

“Rafe…” My Angie whispers, her mouth wide with surprise. After a few seconds, her face finally begins to curve into a large, brimming smile. tears streaming down her face. “It’s you, it’s really you, you’re home!”


“I always said I would make it back home to you.” I close the gap between us, and pull her into my arms for the first time in at least a year. I had visited her on occasion, but those hugs were different. Those embraces were sad, and hopeful all at the same time, knowing I’d be pulled away once again. But now nothing could ever make me leave her arms again. “I’m home Ange, this time for good.”


Author’s notes

So I am super sorry about the time that it took to get this chapter posted. And I do want to clarify some of the stuff briefly mentioned but not made entirely clear.

1. After Vivian left town, Rafe tried to find her and couldn’t. During her absence of two years, him and Angelique (who was in chapter 4.3), started getting serious. They had already been in an on and off relationship for a few years, but it actually became more than sex to them both. He was going to give up his plan to enlist with Azazel’s army. However, when Vladimir came to collect him, and Rafe refused, Vladimir made a deal with him that he would find Vivian for him if he joined his army.

2.  Vladimir was going to use Rafe’s death to get closer to Vivian. However, he believed she was going to be home within a few days, and as time drew out, he believed that someone might find out about what he had done. When Vivian finally arrived back in Bridgeport, obviously pregnant, Vlad was second guessing telling her that he had died. The stress might affect the baby, and he was lonely. When Vivian lost the baby it sent him into further into madness, losing his chances of procreating, and the fact that it is rare for it to happen at all. Seeing Aleksi without any signs of injury from the sun, proved to him that hybrids could unlock the secrets of day walking. The paranoia made him believe that not talking about him at all was the best option.

3.  The vampire who killed Rafe was hired by Azazel to watch over Vladimir, and to report back to him with his findings. And Azazel is aware of everything that happened that night.

4.  Rafe was a soldier, so he was able to go back home to his wife and son a few times over the years. But being able to go home, and stay home was something that he (obviously) really did want. So, I decided to be somewhat nice for once and give him a sorta happy ending. If Rafe was made the heir, then this would have been the final chapter for his generation. His death would have been more relevant to his story and not Vivian’s, but going home, that would have been his send off. His last goodbye. 

Chapter postpone

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Hey guys, 

I’m super sorry about the lacks of chapters this week. Unfortunately my entire household has been dealing with a bad virus since Saturday which has meant I’ve been in been cuddled up in bed with my pikachu teddy and the cats, watching (and mostly falling asleep to) Death Note off of my laptop. I did try and post an update on the forums yesterday off of my phone, but after ten minutes of trying to figure out my email and password (total brain fart. I don’t even), I gave up trying. 

It does mean that the next chapter will be released on either Monday or Tuesday next week, and I will try to catch up with my reading when I can. But on a slightly better note, the next chapter will be a special about a certain missing brother and his whereabouts. 

So hint hint, I will see you guys hopefully when I’m feeling a bit better, and with a new chapter to boot. 


That kiss. What did it mean? My body had reacted to it strongly, severely. First, all I could focus on was the way his lips had felt against mine. The way they melded and danced across my softly puckered skin. How at the moment, everything in my life seemed to piece together perfectly so.

But it wasn’t prefect, was it? Because the second my life seemed that way, the seed of torment had been planted in my ice cold veins. Burning and freezing me to the core, and I couldn’t explain it. I wanted Lucian, I had wanted that moment for so long. And then, it all burnt away as quickly as that serene peace entered my life.

And I wanted him, in every way that I couldn’t. His blood, his fear, his vulnerability.


I sit up in the room that I had spent my childhood in, my nerves feel shot to hell. My emotions running wild, and amok, torturing me with every thought penetrating my defensive mind. And I couldn’t make heads nor tails of any of it. I should be happy, I keep telling myself. Lucian still loved me

But who was I? After every single thing that I had gone through, and endured, I couldn’t begin to see my own reflection for who I was. Every single ideal, and belief that I held of importance had been shattered into a thousand broken pieces. I was going to be a mother, I wanted it so much, and the world had rejected me and any hopes of a baby. The fact that I always considered myself to be a good person was shattered when I had killed that detective in a moment of weakness. I had always been scared of what lurked in the dark, but maybe what walked in daylight, parading as something good was even worse…


And as I look out the window, and down into the fading light, I feel my heart in my throat. Removing absolutely every thought that I could ever muster. Because, in the dark, he existed. He was real, and he was here…

“You’re weak, Vivian, and foolish if you think that you can stop me doing whatever the hell I want.”

I can feel his voice in my ears, whispering in a cruel sadistic tone. And with his voice comes the coldness seeping into my veins. Fear clutching my chest. The hairs on the back of my neck stand on end, because I can feel him right with me. Behind me, stroking my hair, his fingers, trailing down my neck and back.

“You’ll never escape me, Vivian, and even if you do, I’ll always be there.”

I choke back a sob. Clutching my ribs, as the tears begin to fall. His hand grips around my throat, tightly pulling me against him. My body tenses, as his tongue slowly traverses up my jugular, before his teeth bite down.


Falling to the ground, I cry. Loudly, and forcefully. The sobs wracking my delicate frame painfully as I struggle for breath. He was right here, he was right here….

“You will never get rid of me.”

My hands tremble, as I use them to cover my face. In an attempt to both hide myself from the evil lurking just beyond my reach, and to preserve a false sense of dignity. My ears strain for any, and every sound. An owl landing in a branch outside the window…. The wind rustling the leaves… And footsteps

“I will always be the voice inside your head.”

My body tenses forcefully. My eyes peeling open, and staring at the door. My heart in my throat as i can do nothing but wait. He had come back for me. Vladimir had found me….

“The shadow in the darkness.”

As the door opens, a scream forms on my lips, but I contain it, unable to make a sound…


“Vivian…?” The voice is softer than I expected, concern and worry covering every syllable. And as the male figure leans down, I attach myself onto his knee, and cry into him. Vladimir was right here… I had felt him, I had heard him… “Vivian? What’s wrong?” Lucian whispers, stroking my hair with a gentle touch. And I shake like a leaf, gripping onto him as though he were the only thing tethering me to the world.

“L… L… Luc… He was… He was r… R.. Right here…” I manage to choke out, my eyes suddenly flickering up to his. Searching his for any hint of danger, that Lucian might present me with. His brows push together darkly, cradling me into his arms. Rocking me soothingly, back and forwards, trying to still my racing, frantic heart.

“Who was here?” A nervousness enters his silky voice as he asks me. “Vivian, who was here?” This time, Lucian’s voice is much more forceful. Snapping me out of my fearful sob. And I can see the obvious signs of worry and panic in his eyes as he watches me at my breaking point.


“Vlad… Vlad was here.” I mumble quickly, before he pulls me back into his arms tightly. His hands works in circles on my back, rubbing my tenderly, as he just holds me. And my tears soak his shirt as I press my face into him, breathing in his familiar scent. Taking comfort in his touch.

“Vivian..” Softly he coos to me. His voice fierce, strong, powerful. “What did he do to you?” I pause, my entire body freezes and locks up. I couldn’t say it. I didn’t even want to think about what he had done to me. Let alone say it out loud and mark myself as a victim. A victim of… “Vivian! What did he do?” Once again, the pitch of his voice changes, pleading with me, begging to tell him the truth.

“N… Nothing-“

“Don’t lie to me.” Lucian growls and I flinch wildly in response. Sighing, he kisses my forehead, and softens up. “Viv, what did Vladimir do to you? You need to tell me, okay?” My head is pulled up to his, so that every inch of my face is exposed. My lip trembles as my gaze meets his. Tears still staining my pale cheeks.

“Vlad… Vladimir h.. Hurt me…” I whisper so quietly, I’m not even sure if any sound passes my lips at all. And I feel a soft blush forming in my sullen cheeks. “He was jealous, and manipulative… When I.. I lost the baby… He really wanted another one…” Dodging the question, Lucian’s eyes burn with curiosity. But I just can’t say it. I can’t tell him what had happened to me, it wasn’t in me to admit that it was my fault. “And I could never give him another one… And he kept tr… Trying… And-“


Lucian swallows me up in his arms. And I can feel his muscles tense, and his anger filling the room. Multiplying and growing with each second in silence. My tears finally stop as I slowly give myself into the hug. Tightly gripping onto him and slowly softening my stance. My trembling ceases as I lose myself in his scent once again. He smelt wonderful, the beautiful scent of summer, and the forest on his sun kissed skin. “I’ll kill him… If he laid a finger on you, Vivian, I’ll-“

“He’d kill you before you even got close.” I state too quickly, not even realizing that I had answered his questions. The warmth radiating off of him is distracting. As is the strength of his racing heart deep inside of his chest. And I could feel it underneath me, intoxicating me with every pump. And within seconds, I can’t even remember what we’re talking about. “I’m sorry… I…”

“I’m not going to let him hurt you again, I promise.” Lucian half smiles at me. Stroking my cheek softly. He couldn’t promise that though, and if he tried to stop Vlad, he wouldn’t win the fight. Frowning, I feel the corners of my face droop as my eyes focus on his. There’s a naive innocence in his eyes as he wills me to understand. Lightly, he presses his lips against my forehead, and I finally smile. His scent, his breath, my hand grabs the collar of his shirt, and I pull him into a rough kiss.

“Promise?” I mumble, smiling softly at him. Moving my hands into his hair. No one could save me from the vampire. But the desperate look in Lucian’s eyes tells me that he would do everything that he could to try. And another smile forms on his lips as he agrees. And I lean in close again, breathing him in.


I crash my body against his, colliding into his arms, and seeming to melt into them. And he holds me, as I kiss him forcefully, feeling a wealth of adrenaline and tingles throughout my body. I needed to make Lucian happy, and I couldn’t resist when he was that close to me. Close enough I could feel every beat of his heart. The way his lips meld into mine, makes me light headed and dizzy, so I have to hold myself against him. Dragging my hand through his hair, I pull him closer to me. My blood dancing in my veins, and his skin like hundreds of electrical charges against my skin.

And a low moan escapes my lips, as I stumble backwards towards the bed. Lucian still attached to my hungry lips, who, with every forceful, racing pump of his pulse underneath my lips makes me lose myself a little more.

Pushing him to the tiny, single bed, I quickly climb on top of him, guiding his hands to my thighs as my throat rumbles with pleasure. This would make him happy, this would make him love me even more, I think as I push him back down, and attack his throat hungrily with a wealth of sloppy kisses. “V… Vivi… An..?” Lucian breathes out between kisses, pulling away from me. “What are you… What are we doing?”


“I’ve missed you, Lucian.” I breathe out with a bite of my lip. Looking down at him, I can feel his heart race, and it makes me want to continue kissing him even more. His lips, his neck, his throat… God, I wanted him. I needed this.

“I’ve missed you too, but we don’t have to rush into things, ya know?” Lucian smiles weakly at me, with a slightly concerned look in his eyes. But why would he be concerned or worried? He loved me, it was only natural for him to want this too. “Vivian-” This time he speaks softer. “-  After everything that you’ve gone through, I think that we need to get reacquainted again. I don’t want to be the guy that forces you to do anything before you’re ready. You need someone who will be there for you, who you can trust, and I want to prove it to you first” I stare back at him confused, as he stares up at me. Trying to get me to understand, but I don’t. “Besides, I respect Becki too much to start something with you within a week of our relationship falling apart. I love you, but I also wanna get to know ya again.”

“You want to… Get to know me?” I mumble quietly, pulling away, but he drags me back down with a soft smile. I was lucky that he couldn’t read my mind, although I could tell that he was trying to. I quickly hide my confusion by the statement, with a small, worrisome smile. This was what men wanted, wasn’t it? Was I not attractive? Or beautiful enough for him? Maybe he could find something worth while by getting to know me… I gulp and look away quickly. Trying to hide the sadness, and uncertainty in my eyes, watering the emerald green surfaces.


“Hey, wanting to wait isn’t a bad thing.” Lucian whispers, as I lean down and take his hand in mine, kissing every finger and squeezing gently. With each kiss, I can feel his pulse in the weaker parts of his body. And it’s weak, and soft, like a little humming bird. So I press my lips against the inside of his wrist, right over the artery. The blood running strong underneath the skin, tightly enclosed by the vein. And it’s fascinating. “Are you okay? You seem a little distracted? I’m sorry if it’s something I said.”

“I…” I mumble, my hand tracing up the inside of his arm. My eyes fixated on the blood beneath. “N.. No, I’m okay…” My ears almost seem to prick up as the sound of his heart beating inside his chest becomes known to me. Looking down at him, everything else seems to become a blur. My senses aroused and excited, my pupils dilating. My tongue traces across my upper lip, as I stare down at his exposed throat, and the tiny movements on the skin.


Within an instant, I’m pinning him down. My nostrils flaring as I lean in closely and take a long breath. My mouth gliding up and down his jugular, just moments away from touching the skin itself. And the actions cause his muscles to tense, and his heart to pick up a great deal of speed. Only serving to fuel me more.

Lucian attempts to struggle, but I resist him. Growling threateningly, making him freeze and stop in his tracks. And I know what I’m doing, but I can’t stop. Every attempt to struggle, every beat of his heart drew me back in. And I didn’t care that it was Lucian. I didn’t care how he felt about me, or I about him. I wanted him, his blood, his fear…


My eyes fixate on his jugular and withing seconds, my small, white fangs are buried deep inside his neck. And the strong, almost acidic taste of blood rushes into my mouth. Filling it to the brim, running down my throat, and bringing the darkest parts of me back to life. I growl, as his body snaps into a real defensive mode. His crimson goodness running down my chin.

“V.. Viv-” He breathes out, panic stricken and clearly surprised by my display of violence. And it’s beautiful, the more that his heart beats, and the more scared that he becomes, the sweeter his blood turns. And unlike the first time that I had drunk from someone, I savor the taste, and the warmth. The life inside him fuels my thirst, even as it begins to dwindle.

But I can see it, like shards of glass in my mind. The unwelcome thoughts flickering as I continue to drain him dry. Memories, of his life. His humanity crossing my vision, attempting to taint his blood. And I can’t stop it. I hiss at him, pushing his head down and covering his lips, as I attack. But I can still feel him..


I can feel us….

“Vivian-” He makes a strangled sort of sound, before he unleashes a small growl of his own. And he starts to tremble, pushing me off him, and hissing, baring his own fangs at me. Except my eyes do not soften, nor my heart grow warm again. “Vivian, what-“


“You taste good.” I smirk at him, licking my lips, and I can feel him tighten underneath me. Blankly he stares back at me, as I laugh, almost drunk off of the taste of him. He was weak, even if he wanted to turn now, I knew that he wouldn’t. He loved me, and that would be his downfall. He wouldn’t fight me, and that meant that I could do whatever I wanted to him.


“Maybe I should try some more, just to make sure…” I cackle loudly, digging the nails on one hand into his chest, using the other to wipe  blood off of my chin, and to suck the tip dry.

“Vivian, this isn’t you.” Lucian states softly, his eyes boring into mine with a deep, and sad intensity. “That’s the blood talking… And I know, when you come back, you’re going to hate yourself for this. And I’m sorry, for this, and for what they did to you when I wasn’t there to protect you. But this isn’t you, and I-” This was the blood, his blood to be exact, the blood I craved beyond anything else. “I… I love you…” My body freezes. “Even when this is over…” My eyes suddenly focus in on his face. “When you come back to me…” His features return to me, and the blood on his throat… “I’ll still be here.” What had I done? “I’ll still love you…”


I can’t even comprehend how I had gotten to the other side of the room so quickly. Heavily panting, while desperately trying to ignore the scent of his blood, delightedly and teasingly filling my nostrils. The burning in my throat making it hard for me to breath. How had I stopped when he made it this hard for me to be a few feet away from him?

“I… I… Luc.. I’m s.. So.. Sorry…” I stutter. Ignore it, fight it. I scream at myself internally. But every second that he;s in the room, I want to attach myself to his throat again, and bleed him dry. And I can’t help it, I almost need it. My nostrils flare and ache as I breathe in. Knowing that he’s only a few feet away from me, and his smell is filling the air. “I.. I… S.. S… Sorry.”

“I know that this is hard for you, I do…” Lucian frowns, stepping off the tiny bed, the floor boards creaking underneath his weight. “When I first turned into a Lycan, I almost killed you… But you… You were there for me… And you didn’t hold it against me.” My heart races in my chest, pumping anxiety and blood around my body. Making it ache with the action of saying no. God, how long could I last before I did something stupid?


“You’re a vampire.” Lucian states the obvious fact, rolling the word over his lips. “But that doesn’t change who you are. I can’t hold this against you. You’re thirsty… Cravings..  Blood… It.. It’s you now…” His face drops slightly as he says those words. Looking at the ground, he runs a nervous hand through his dark hair. “I’d rather that you didn’t just drink from me without asking-“

“Lucian, I’m sor-“

“If you need it, then… Then you can.” And as our eyes meet, I can see the darkness in them. The pain of what he was saying in them. “If my blood will help you, if it’ll ease the.. The pain, then, please, Vivian. I’d rather give up a little bit, if it means that you… You’ll be okay. And I’m strong enough to make you stop, so don’t let that stop you. If you need this, if you need me, then… Then just drink my blood. Vivian, it’s okay…”

“I… I can’t Lucian… If I do I won’t be able to stop, I’ll kill you…” I mumble quickly. My eyes widening at the idea. It was already taking everything that I had not to kill him, not to walk right back over to him, and drain him dry. If I even had the slightest opportunity, the smallest chance of doing anything, then I would.


“I trust you-“

“Well I don’t trust myself…” I snap at him, growling as I do so. He had to leave, and get as far away from me as possible. And then, maybe I’d calm down. But right here, with him, right here, then I couldn’t. And my throat was killing me, doing everything in it;s power to make me want to turn on him. “Please, Lucian, just leave, okay… I’m sorry, but I can’t do this tonight…”

Lucian stares at me a final time, and I feel my insides turn. Churning against my will. Was this how my parents had felt when they had first turned, or wanted blood. My mother, did she have to fight it every day that she existed? My father, did he need blood like an infant needed it’s blanket? Did it kill them both when they couldn’t have it? I had no one to talk to about this and the way that I felt. And the only vampire that I knew who didn’t want me dead, was my father…


Maybe I had some questions to ask him.

Authors notes

So this chapter was written at the start of February, photos and all, so I apologize that they my be a couple of tiny little inconsistencies. I have gone through it a few times and changed things here and there, so I’m hoping there aren’t any at all. But Vivian is meant to have some bruises on her, but seeing as this chapter was photographed months ago so I hadn’t added them, and I was a little lazy and didn’t go back a retake the photos to put them on her.


When I woke that next morning, there was one thing that I needed to do. I felt the aching for it the second that I had gotten close to town, and now the desire had burnt it’s way into my veins. As I got to the front door, I felt like my heart was in my throat… It’s day time, Vivian, Vladimir can’t get you right nowBut everyone else can… No… This was was safety zone. It had to be.

I needed to find closure about my past here, I needed to bid farewell to the only father figure that I had ever known.


As I arrived at the small church, and graveyard, a strange nervousness had come over me. Because even though he had died, I had never gotten another chance to face him. Or to apologize. Or to defend myself. Nothing. All those years ago, I had tucked my tail between my legs, and ran away. I didn’t fight it. And for so long, I had hated him. Any thoughts of him made my heart sick. Huttser had pushed me away from the only home that I had ever known.

But now, looking at the grave, I saw the emotion that had long since been hidden beneath that darkness. When my mother had needed help, he took her in. He sought to protect this thing, this vampire that he knew very little about. And when I had been born, and Rafe had been born, he still watched over us. He fed us, and sheltered us, and gave us the love that a family should. He was there for us, when my father wasn’t, when he couldn’t find the will to love us.

Huttser Irvine,
Beloved father, and faithful husband.
Packmaster, counsel, friend,
Rest in Peace.

“I’m sorry, Huttser…” I whisper. A small epitaph for such a man. Especially one who had devoted his life to this town. “I… I’m sorry for the way things turned out. I never meant to hurt your family…. I don’t know if you can hear me… But you’re the closet thing to a father I’ve ever had. And… If you’re up there, looking down on me, I hope I made you proud… Despite everything that happened… I still love you.”


“Vivian…?” A female voice mumbles, sorrow clearly dripping with each word. First my heart starts to pound painfully in my chest. But it can’t be him. Slowly I turn around, and come face to face with her. Her face was that of an old memory, as most were from my childhood and early life. So much had happened since then, but this was always my home.

“Becki.” Her name rolls off my tongue with sincerity. I knew why she was here. I wanted so much to pretend I didn’t, but that would be a lie. Lucian’s fiance, the mother of his first born, and his number one love. She smiles sweetly at me, her brown hair tied behind her head. She was beautiful, even I could see that, and she had a pure heart. She wasn’t damaged. Not like me.

“Y… You’re back.” Her face drops slightly at that statement. And I could hear the pain in her voice, and the uncertainty in her eyes. Frowning, I feel a stab of guilt. Why had I come here? I couldn’t explain it, but I needed to be here. And coming face to face with the woman that Lucian wanted to spend the rest of his life with, I felt terrible about being here. We stand in silence for a moment, as she slowly blinks, looking at me.

“Just in time for the wedding, I hear…” I murmur quietly. Watching her small son, playing in the sand a few meters away. He looked like Lucian, the family resemblance was strong. A knot forms in my stomach, as I remember my own lost little one that never had a chance to grow up. Or be held… The child that I had killed… And the realization once again comes crashing back down onto me.


“Vivian… I love him.” Becki’s tone changes as she looks at me. And I know what’s coming. “Tomorrow, is our wedding day. And… I love him so much. I always have.” She frowns, her whole face drooping at the corners. “When we were growing up, I always had the biggest crush on him. And we were good friends, so I never wanted to push it. Especially when you were there… Because, it was obvious, you always came first Viv…”

“Hey, that’s not true…” I reply, trying to comfort her. It was the day before her wedding, of course she was anxious. But… She seemed to have more than a few pre-wedding jitters. Becki had always held herself together so well, and this was no exception. Whether she be banning me from the wedding, or finding ways to call it off. Except my heart feels like it is dropping, for the strangest reason. Almost as though a coldness is seeping into it. Adrenaline being pumped through my body.

“You know, he was inconsolable for months after you left.” Her eyes fall away from mine, as glistening tears begin to form in them. Her hand wipes away the forming moisture, as she looks back up at me. “No one thought he’d ever smile again… It was the same after he brought Ty home from Bridgeport. And when you were on the news those months ago. That same darkness came back. And I immediately knew what that meant. So don’t say that it isn’t true…” Despite her words, her tone is not angry. It’s sad, and full of melancholy. “I thought that by being with me, by getting married, and having a child together, spending our lives together, he could finally move forward with his life. I’ve given so much to make him happy. What I thought would make him happy…”


“I’m sorry… I… I don’t know what to say…” I blink back, emotion heavy and thick in my voice. It was true, I really didn’t know how to respond. Not once had I ever considered the fact that I had hurt him that deeply. That I had broken him the same way that I had broken myself. Were we irreparable?

“You don’t have to say anything, Vivian.” She sighs, still frowning. “But, you have to know that I love him. I just need you to know that. If you’re going to do something Vivian, please don’t. I still think that I can make him happy. And I really do believe that he deserves that chance. But…” Her hesitation is strange and accepting. I can still see the pain in her eyes as we talk. “But… If he doesn’t want me, I… I don’t know what I would do, but… I don’t want him doing something he doesn’t want to just to please me… I think that we’re a lot alike…”

“How so?” I question trying to focus on not being to emotive. I didn’t understand what she was saying. About not wanting him to do something he didn’t necessarily need nor want. That she didn’t want to lose, but didn’t want to force him into this. And despite that, my blood feels hot inside me, and anger bubbling beneath the surface, and why?

“We’d both do anything for him.” Becki states simply. She lets loose a frustrated kind of sob, and pulls her lips into a tight smile. “I should get back home…”


If I had of paid attention, or even noticed. I would have seen the tears beginning to form, and fall down her silky skin. Shining like expensive pearls. But even if I had, I still wouldn’t have understood her words. It wasn’t until she had left and the scent of her had been been washed away that my explainable emotions begin to fade away.

As I walked through the town, I felt like I resembled a ghost. Driven only by my futile memories. And I’d be lying if I said that every corner I passed I didn’t fear I’d see Vladimir’s menacing snarl behind. That he would appear seemingly out of nowhere to take me back to my prison. The thought of seeing him again, being his again filled me with an overwhelming sickness.

I could never love him. I could never want to be with him. He was a monster. He had hurt me so much. Vlad had beaten the life out of me one too many times. My heart pounds like a jack hammer in my chest. The tears beginning to form. Every step I take I relive the palm of his hand against my cheek. His cruel sneer as he threw me to the bed. The glint of his fangs reflecting the light before they sank down into my throat.

And I walked, not knowing where the path took me. I felt terrible about everything. All these years that I had been running. And why for? I wanted to make Lucian happy, to give him a chance at life. And in the process I had ruined any chance of it. And was it true that we were broken? Forever to walk miserable. But I knew. No one could fix us. No one but us


As that’s what I told myself as I ascended the stairs leading to his front door. We had been on a collision course with fate since the day we had been born. Like two stars dancing around each other in the skies of space, a tango of death. Either colliding and destroying us both, or coming inches apart and missing near annihilation.

Could we save ourselves? And begin to heal? Because while we were apart, we danced to the same song every night. And I was begining to tire of dancing alone to the saddest of songs. The beat of our hearts, and the tears of our loneliness. And I had never felt so alone.

“Why are you here, Vivian?” Lucian whispers, as though he already knew the answer. He could feel it too. The pain from all those years ago. The emotions that had been left to sit here, and grow and multiply until we were strong enough to deal with them. Five years, and that face still made my heart skip a beat. And knowing that frown was there because of me, made my heart drop.

“I came to wish you good luck tomorrow.” I try to keep my voice as even as possible. This was the end of us, and the end of our dance. Whether than would end in our destruction, or in our survival I wasn’t sure. But whatever it be, this was the end. Our last dance. “And to… To say that I’m s… Sorry…”


“Don’t bother.” He says stiffly, finding his feet and moving towards the door. I feel a rise of panic, and quickly move to stop him. I had already lost him, and everybody I else that I had loved and cared for. And right now, I couldn’t bare the thought of losing him too. “What are you doing now?”

“We’re talking, Luc, and you’re going to sit down with me while we do it.” My voice sounds demanding, as he frowns and gives in. we move over to the steps and sit down on them awkwardly. And I blush, my cheeks turning pink, at knowing that I have no idea what to say, or where we go from here.

Silence begins to set in, neither one of us wanting to say the first word. And I desperately want to push the words out, to form some logical sentence that would fix everything. But I couldn’t think of anything, nothing more than the pointless apologies and the words that could never again be uttered.

I love you…


“You were always the most beautiful girl in the world to me.” Lucian whispers weakly to me, finally breaking the silence. Gently cupping the side of my face. I feel the blood rush to my face despite my desperate act to control it. Nothing had changed throughout the years, his touch still made me blush like a school girl, and we couldn’t.

“You can’t say that. Not to me. Not anymore.” My gaze drops to the ground as I try to shrug him off me. “You’re getting married…”

“You think I want this, Viv?” He grumbles away throwing his hands in the air. “To think this, and feel this about someone who’s not going to be my wife tomorrow? But it was always you. I always loved YOU. And tomorrow… Tomorrow, it’s not you.”

“She’s a lucky girl.” This time I refuse to look at him. Lucian was… Lucian was nothing more than an old memory. An emotion buried underneath many failed romances and heartache. Nothing more than that.

“Becki is… She’s much more than I deserve. She always loved me so much more than she should. I don’t know why she puts up with me.” He fold his arms and pouts quietly deep in thought. “She always deserved better.”


“You don’t love her?” Even though I know the question is out of line, I ask it anyway.

“Not the way I should. Not how she needs me too.” He admits after a few moments. Telling the whole truth was always something he struggled with.

“Then why-“

“You have some nerve…” Lucian’s brows push together in a vain attempt to control his anger. “My dad wasn’t actually a bad guy. You can understand can’t you? The entire war, all of it, he blamed on your entire family. You’re grandparents killed the queens daughter. Your parents thought they could stop them. And you-“

“How dare you blame this on me. Lucian, geez, I thought you were better than this.” I interrupt in an almost blind rage. My head shakes as I feel my heart thump painfully in my throat. The anger in his voice, makes me take a fearful step back, as I look down submissively.

“Yes, actually I do.” His teeth grind against each other. “He tells you no, so what do you do? You leave! I tell you I love you. And you kiss me back. And then you just fucking leave!?! If you weren’t such a god damn coward, and you actually have a shit, it would have been you walking down that aisle.”


I blink a few times stunned, trying to hide the tears that were already forming. His words hurt like a great big slap to the face. “You can’t blame me for the way your life turned out. For the fact that you’re marrying a girl you don’t love or deserve. You know what? I was scared. I was scared that you would listen to him, and I would lose you. Or you’d choose me, and you’d resent me for the rest of your life for not picking your family. But this is your mess, not mine. You make your bed, you lie in it.”

“Why did you even come here..?” Lucian refuses to look me in the eyes as he speaks. “Vladimir can’t be too happy about it.” The way he says his name is like acid on his tongue. “And me, I’m not to thrilled about it either.”

“Vlad’s gone… For good this time.” I bite back whatever emotion I’m feeling. Anger maybe. Disappointment even. The fear surging into my bones again.

“Oh so that’s why your here. He’s gone so-“

“Coming here was a mistake. Obviously. I don’t know what I expected to come back too.” I interject. What had I expected? He had moved on. He was living out his life as he should. “I’m sorry I’m such a burden.” I shake my head rushing to the door. He couldn’t see me cry. That would just make this whole thing worse.


“Viv-” before he can finish the sentence I turn around. I don’t stop there, I keep running. Tears stream down my face as I let the night take over and carry me far away. “No…”

That was it. Me and Lucian were over… For good. Our book was finally at a close. Tomorrow he’d marry Becki and ride off happily into the sunset forever.

And me?

I’m alone…


That was easily one of the worst nights of my life. By the time that I had reached the river, I couldn’t stop the over abundance of tears. My breath was ragged and shallow, and if anything, I felt like I couldn’t even breath. I didn’t want to. All of my mistakes, all of my choices were running through my head. And I fell into a guilt spiral.

But it was true, this had all been brought on by me. I had left Lucian because I had been afraid. No other reason that that. I was afraid that I would end up losing him, or that he would hate me. Leave before you are left. But why? It had been pointless, and stupid.

And ever since then I had gone after men that were completely wrong for me, and enjoyed torturing me. Henry was a cheater, he wasn’t lying to protect me from getting hurt about it. He was lying to keep up his pathetic charade. And I believed it. I believed that I deserved it. And Vladimir…

I had completely given him my entire soul, body and mind to use. And how could I have been so stupid? He never loved me, all I was to him was a game. A blood bag. And every time that he had hit me, I would tell myself, “he doesn’t mean it, he only gets mad because he loves me.” And that was pathetic. For so long the truth had been staring me in the face. I had been fooled into loving a monster. Someone that would rape, and beat me for his own sick amusement.

And I had never felt so pathetic and stupid in my entire life, until now.

And furthermore, I knew that Lucian and I were over. And instead of surviving the impact. I had hit the detonation button. And I could feel my life coming apart at the seems.



The sun had set over the valley, and illuminated all of Blackwater in all it’s glory. The night before something very important had been set in motion. Hearts had been broken and decisions had been made. And when mid day came, people would gather at the church, fancy dresses and suits on, adorning happy smiles for what should be a happy day.


Knock knock

“It’s ten o’clock, love. We have to be at the church soon.” Salamae’s voice chirps, as she enters the master bedroom. Her only son’s wedding day. But there was a damper on the occasion, her husband had not lived long enough to see this day. He would have been proud she thinks resolutely, but the loneliness is seeping in. She missed him terribly. “What!? Becki, you’re not dressed?”

“I’m so sorry, Salamae…” The bride to be mumbles, biting back the tears forming in her eyes. Placing her hands on her hips, she looks longingly at the white silk dress in front of her. Her wedding dress, a dress that she would never get a chance to wear because of her decision.

“Sorry for what?” Her would be mother in law stresses, taking steps towards her. This wasn’t sounding promising at all. They had to be at the chapel in thirty minutes, and the bride hadn’t even gotten out of her pajamas. “Has something happened? Beck?”


“Nothing’s happened… I just…” She shakes her head, and walks over to the bed, where her son sits. Examining his face, she smiles briefly. “I can’t…”

“A bit of cold feet is normal on the wedding day-“

“It’s not normal to feel like this, Mae.” She cuts in over the woman. Becki wanted nothing more than to be a part of her family. To be the doting mother, and the loving wife to her son. But she could hardly even muster up a smile on her wedding day. Since she had seen Vivian yesterday, no… She had been feeling like this for months… Years… “Lucian… He doesn’t… He doesn’t love me not like he should. He’s not in love with me, Salamae, and a part of me doesn’t think that he ever was.”

“That’s crazy, love, Lucian loves you…” Salamae whispers, taking the poor girls hands in hers. The old woman could feel her pain, and she sensed that this might happen. “And he loves Nikolai, you’re a family, Becki. The three of you. Doesn’t that count for anything?”

“Lucian will always be a father to our son. He’s a good man, he’ll always be there for us in that way.” She mumbles sadly. But she knew that it was true. Her fiance loved his son, he loved her too. But they weren’t meant to be. It wasn’t them that this day should be for. “I’m so sorry to let you down-“


“Don’t be stupid, love.” Salamae collects the girl in her arms, and squeezes her tightly. Because even though she would lose a daughter today, she knew that what this girl had lost was much worse. A husband, a love. “You’re always going to be a daughter to me. I’m just so sorry that this didn’t work out… I know how much you loved him.”

“Sometimes love isn’t enough.” She sobs into the kind woman’s arms. Today she was breaking her own heart, but she knew that it was the only choice. She was young, and beautiful, and she knew that in the end, she would be okay. She would love again. “But, today wasn’t meant for us. I know that now. We just weren’t meant to be. And I could never do that to him. Force him to m… Marry me when… When he still loves her…”


And on that day, when the church was meant to be bustling and full of life. It was empty. Symbolizing the end of a relationship and the end of a love. Becki had left her son in the care of his grandmother, and had gone to inform her groom of the decision that she had come too.

It was over for them. And Lucian felt like his heart had been torn out again. He knew that he had been foolish in not letting go of the girl that had broken his young and youthful heart, but he never thought that this would happen. The girl… Still loved and still cherished. But no matter what had happened, he would have never betrayed his fiance’s confidence, or trust. it felt like she didn’t trust him to be with her, and he had tried to convince her to stay. With him.

But they were two pieces of a puzzle. Two pieces that just didn’t fit, no matter how hard they tried to force it.


And so he had run. The scent of heart ache on his tongue. And he ran, his feet hitting the pavement until he felt that he might break into a thousand pieces. His legs ached, and burnt with each carefully thought out step. And his heart felt like it was going to tear through his chest. And the tears stinging his eyes, almost blinded him completely. But he didn’t stop.

He had to see her.

He had to make things right

Because he was broken. And she might be the only person who could fix him.




And a thousand unwanted memories penetrate my mind.


And I could remember the warmth of his arms. And the taste of forbidden desire in the air from when we were just kids. Our course was set. Our dance was over. Because he was better off without me then, so he is better off without me now.

“Viv… I’m broken…” He whispers.


Did the taste of love that lingered on my mind from all those years ago still exist? Because in this place, time seems to stand still, for our youthful hearts. And all those years ago he told me he loved me, and all those years ago I loved him still.


But if I let you in, you’d just want out.

If I spill my guts, I’d make a mess that we just can’t clean up.


But it was always you, the words on my tongue. I can live without you, but without you, I’m a mess.

“I’m broken.” Lucian pants from the tree line. Quickly ending the gap between us. My mind races with confusion. Why was he here? On his wedding day? I clumsily stand up, and look up at him. In all of his anger, and fury. “And it’s all because of you. Vivian, you have destroyed me. Ruined me. And I don’t think I’ll ever be whole again…”



“Do you have any idea what you have done to me? It’s my wedding day, and I’m alone…” He pauses, and frowns. Looking like he’s going to tear up. He growls, shaking his head and takes a step closer to me. “And I’m always alone, always going to be alone, because you can’t love me back. And I… I love you so much, Vivian…”

“Lucian… I never meant for any of this… I… I’m so sorry… I just… I..” Why couldn’t I say it? The words that had been on the tip of my tongue since I had laid my lips on his the first time. No… I’d love him even before that. But I couldn’t even say it. Couldn’t force the words off of my lips.

“I know that you don’t care… But… A part of me was glad that Becki called off the wedding. Because… Because of you… And I don’t know what to do without ya. I feel like I’ve been struggling in deep water for years, struggling to keep my head above the water… And now, now I’m drowning, and you’re the only one who can bring me back to life, Vivian. I can’t do this anymore…”


Without another word, he struts down the sandy shore line, collecting me in his arms, and kisses me deeply.

But I feel a burning sensation inside my veins, because I knew, that in some small way, he was going to get in the way. And as he held me against him, I felt my blood begin to boil… And my teeth yearned to feel the skin on his neck, and rush of blood I could feel beating with every erratic beat of his heart.

Authors notes

One, I’m super sorry about the length of this chapter.

And lastly, I am going to put up another warning on this chapter for mature readers, and against anyone who is easily offended. Just as in the last chapter.


As the time dragged on inside my confinement, I stopped thinking of the happy times, of my blissful memories. Within days of losing my baby, that alone became difficult, and now, it was near on impossible. I couldn’t look back at my life, and see my smiles. Blackwater dissolved, and every memory of Lucian turned to dust in my broken mind. Images of Rafe ceased. And the feeling of the warmth on my skin, no more.

Instead I was greeted with only prevailing sadness, and horror. I saw the V.D.F. shoot and kill dozens of men that night in Bridgeport. My teeth in the neck of detective Hardy, and the taste of his blood. I could feel the knife in my stomach…


“Why don’t we go out one night, Vlad… Like a… Like a date?” I ask quietly, Hoping A, that he hears me, and B, that he doesn’t. If someone asked me how long it had been since I had been in this room, I wouldn’t be able to answer them. I needed to feel the breeze on my face, fresh air seemed such a trivial thing to miss. But I knew what Vlad was like. He wanted me locked up in here. No where to go, and no one but him. And that terrified me.

“You know that we can’t do that, love.” Pulling me into his arms, I feign a rough smile as my hand lightly touches his skin. It feels like electricity against my skin, and not in the good way. Bringing with it a wealth of fear, and paranoia. And I sigh, why couldn’t we do that? But this time, I don’t say it out loud. Instead I rest my head against his chest, and silently bear the disappointment. This room would be my reckoning. I would go crazy before I ever got out, and maybe that was a good thing. Maybe after everything that had happened, I deserved it… My body tenses, and Vlad lifts my head up to his. “I just… I don’t want to see you get hurt. I mean, look what happened the last two times you left our room, and the safety of my guards. You getting imprisoned, and the… The baby…” I know he doesn’t mean it, but it’s like a slap in the face. Throwing it back at me that it was my fault. I had lost our baby. Me.”I just don’t want to see anything happen to you. If you’re in here, I know where you are and that you’re safe. But out there, anything could happen.”


“I… I know.” I look away from him again and hide a frown, pulling down the corners of my face. I couldn’t explain to him how much I needed it. I needed freedom… But in a way I was glad that I was meant to stay in here. He was right, everything bad that had happened lately was because I had gone against what he wanted. “It’s just… So lonely when you’re not here, Vlad…” I mumble, trying to think of ways that I could get something that I wanted. Like maybe Shiloh being allowed to see me, or Rafe… If I told him what he wanted to hear. “It’s just you, and you’re away a lot… I guess… I just miss being… Being us… Which I love, when you’re here, and I love you… It’s just, we don’t have much time to us, or time for anything special… We’re always in here, or I’m… I’m alone by myself in here…” Vlad’s gaze turns soft, a small frown tugging at the corners of his face, but I know that it is exactly what he wants to hear. “I… I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have-“

“No, Vivian, thank you for telling me how you feel.” He smiles sweetly, for what seems like the first time in a long time. There was a kindness in his eyes, not a cruel, venomous anger like usual. Blamed at me for screwing up our lives. For killing our baby… I frown at him, trying to take my mind off the little child that we could have had together, but I can’t. I fixated on it almost constantly. I couldn’t help it. That child would never see the light of day… Because of me. “I know, I can’t let you out, but I can reschedule my meeting with Azazel-“


“You can do that?” I sound slightly surprised, behind my almost apathetic wall. Azazel was his leader, and from my time with him, he didn’t take no for an answer. It hardly seemed like Vlad would go against him either.

“For you, I’d do anything, my love.” Softly he kisses my nose, and smiles down at me. The feel of his lips against my skin, makes me feel sick. My stomach revolting against it. I hated when he was like this. It was like a ticking time bomb, just waiting for what would set him off this time. Right now, he was kind, and loving, but if I said or did the wrong thing, then he would change into a monster. And it wasn’t who he was, but it was a strong part of him. And it terrified me, he terrified me. But for my own sake, I had to pretend that he was everything that I wanted. “How about all this week, I cancel my appointments, just to remind you how special you are to me?”

That week Vladimir acted like himself for once, which was a pattern that he fell into before I would have to take a pregnancy test. Instead of being raped and beaten, I would be held, and be made love to. And during the time leading up to the test, I was reminded of the man that Vladimir was before I had lost the baby. I was reminded of the man I loved.

But after… The thought scared me, and I had been there so many times before.


Two minutes in total, waiting impatiently. Sitting on the bed, Vlad nibbles on my ear. His sharp teeth, cutting the edges of the cartilage and skin. I could fee his nervousness, even as his hand slowly trails to my neck, and pulls my face to his. Roughly, his lips meld into mine, parting my lips just so, his smooth tongue lightly trailing the soft edges of my puckered lips. Pulling away his stormy eyes gaze into mine, burning with intensity as his jaw clenches together.

Holding up the test in his hand, his eyes flicker downwards for the briefest second. His lips pulling into a tight frustrated line, as his hand clenches onto the small plastic pregnancy test, crushing it without any signs on remorse. I knew that action far too well. And that face was marred with failure, and the fact that yet again, I had failed him…

“Vlad, I-“


“Shut up!” He hisses, without even looking at me. Instead his eyes focus on the ground, and the nothingness that lay there. The nothingness that was my baron womb. I couldn’t give him what he wanted. I couldn’t make him happy. And that cuts me deep. If only I could give him something, then maybe we could go back to being us again. He would love me again.

Finally his eyes turn to mine, filled with nothing but anger and regret. The fire burning within those cool lines stares back at me. Cold and unforgiving, I know what it is that he wants. Taking a gulp, and swallowing with a tough restraint, I attempt to bury the fear inside my worn out body. You could love me again… I think as I lie back, squeezing my eyes shut. I had to believe that we could be a family again, or I would never find an ounce of peace again.

I don’t deserve it though. This right here, is what I deserve, I think as Vlad unbuckles his pants, with less than an ounce of a smile, or desire. A small growl penetrates the silence as his hand grips onto my inner thighs, prying them apart as my pulse quickens. This was what he wanted, what he needed. The hope that we could conceive again seemed like the only thing that was holding him to his sanity. This ritual, if you could call it that, happened more often than not.

We would take a test, and his hopes would be crushed, his anger seeping in, and he’d punish me, make me want it as much as him. Day after day of rigorous beatings and violence. Then a few days before I took one again, he’d return to his calm self, loving and kind, until the test.


Pulling my legs around his waist, he takes less than a second before he once again breaks through my defenses, and forces himself upon me. I don’t scream like the first time he had done this. No sound passes my cold lips. No tears falling down my pale, lifeless cheeks. Instead, I accept it, this was the world’s punishment for sacrificing our unborn child’s life. My baby’s life…

Through the entire ordeal, that’s all I can think about. Still it plagued my mind, punishing me for my own stupidity. Vladimir moans, drawing me from the safety of my mind, as his fingers claw at my skin as he loses himself in pleasure. “This time, Vivian, this time…” He whispers huskily. “I can feel it…” Another moan escape his mouth, as he pushes the side of my face into the bed, piercing his teeth into my neck.


With my head turned to face the rest of the room, and his teeth sucking away at the life within my veins, for a second, I think, and really believe that I can see her. A soft smile on her lips as she sees me watching her. The child seems so real, that if I reached out to touch her, I would be greeted with warm, supple skin. Long, violet locks falling past her shoulders in two distinct plaits. I could have mistaken her for my own child…

“Momma…?” The voice is soft and sweet, and in that moment, my entire body tenses us, blocking out Vlad completely. “Momma, you have to stop daddy! Momma! Momma please! Stop it, daddy! Stop it!” It screams at us. Fear covering every inch of the child’s face. “Why..? Why are you hurting her? Stop him, momma! Please! Don’t let him!” Her voice is emotive, and pleading. “Get out!”


As those two final words are spoken, it feels like my entire body is coming back to life. And I can’t explain why, because the beautiful child that was there the second before is gone. And Vlad forces himself inside of me, deeper and deeper, faster and faster. Tears begin to spring at the corners of my eyes. Fear clutching my heart, as adrenaline, for the first time in what seems like a long time begins to force it’s way into my drained veins.

“Stop it!” I scream, pushing him off of me. Vladimir growls in anger, a sadistic smile creeping onto his face, as I struggle. My mind races, focusing on nothing but escape. Our child wouldn’t have wanted this, would she? The confusion stings in my eyes as I fight on sheer instinct. “Vladimir! No!” I scream again.


“No..?” He growls from behind my hands, as I push him away. Except his loud bellowing laughs echoes around me, causing me to flinch in response. The hand over my knee begins to tighten around the bone, as he leans back in closer towards me. I wince, and a quiet sob rumbles in my throat. “I love it when you scream, Viv, scream for me.”

As if on cue, his other hand resting on my stomach, digs the nails into me, tearing the skin as he cuts me. And I scream in agony, which only proves to set him off again, as he seems to breath out a heavy moan. My eyes look into his fearfully, as I see him for what he is. A monster. His hand glides up my leg, squeezing into the fleshy parts of my body. Giving my arse a rough slap, he flips me over.


“You don’t get to say no.” He hisses, into my ear, lifting my rear into the air so he can have easy access. Holding my head into the bed, he pumps his body into mine. “When you ran away from me, Vivian, you lost your ability to say no! How do I even know it was my kid?” As he growls the words, his free hand hold my hip roughly, as he picks up momentum, and force. Doing so, just to make me hurt. “You’re nothing but a whore!”

Growling, I try to move, but he continues to hold me down. The inhuman sounds rumbles in my throat, warning him to stop, but Vladimir just laughs at my futile attempts to escape. He doesn’t love you. My mind screams at me. And the little girls plead’s echo in my mind. “You have to stop daddy… Get out…” How could I stop him? Not when I couldn’t even fight back, not when I didn’t even believe that I was worth saving.

You have to believe that though, even if you don’t, you need to get out… I don’t believe it, but other people did. They took my baby away from me to save my life. And it didn’t matter how wrong it was, and how much I hated myself for it, my life wasn’t saved so that I could be tortured in this room from now until my eventual death. My baby died for my life. Finally spilling his seed, Vladimir lets his guard down.


Using all the pent up rage, and hate inside my body, I push him off me. I had a dark side too. I have a dark side. Pushing him up against the wall in one fluid motion, I growl at him. “I will never love you, Vladimir.” Slightly smirking, he raises an eyebrow at me. “And I will never give you a child!” Resolutely I stare at him, narrowing both eyes in on him. Vampirism stained my blood too. “And you can bet that I’d rather die than give you what you want!”

“You’re weak, Vivian, and foolish if you think that you can stop me doing whatever the hell I want.” His voice rings true, as he whispers it to me, just inches from my bleeding face. Instantly bringing me back down to my usual level. His eyes capture mine, and I fall into his watery depths. “You’ll never escape me, Vivian, and even if you do, I’ll always be there. Watching, waiting. You will never get rid of me. I will always be the voice inside your head. The shadow in the darkness. And you will find a way to love me, Vivian, in time you will come to see it.”

“Vladimir…” I say softly, fear speckling my once confident voice. It was hopeless, I was hopeless. “I can promise you, nothing you do will ever make me love you.” As I say it, I feel his body tighten underneath my own, because in some sick way he wanted me to love him back. But i couldn’t, with my child gone, and Rafe, there was nothing holding me here anymore. Especially not Vladimir, not this monster.


Neither of us hear the door to the room open, or the old vampire close the gap between us. The only thing that I am aware of is the blood rushing to my face, and the loud pounding in my head, as Vladimir’s hand tightens around my throat. A cruel smile spreading across his face like wild fire. “You will come to your senses soon, my love. You will love me, and we will be a family, even if I’m the only one trying. I’m not giving up on you, Vivian, and we can have eternity if that’s what it takes to make you feel the sa-“

“Put her down, you ignorant fool!” The familiar voice is quiet, but in it there is a surge of authority and anger. Vlad turns his face ever so slightly, meeting his gaze with a defiant hiss. And my entire body goes completely cold. Vladimir was not backing down, not even to Azazel. His superior. “Vlad. I will not ask it of you again. Down, now.”

“I can’t… She needs to know!” Vlad growls inches from my face. My feet dangling dangerously off of the ground. You need to love him, it’s not about you anymore, you don’t deserve to be happy. “I can make her love me!”

“Out, now, Vlad, I’ve had enough of this insubordination.” Azazel almost seems to half sigh, as my vision flickers, the image of Vlad barring his teeth at me dancing in my vision. My heart thuds painfully, and I can feel it in my temples. Pounding, causing a whirl of white to cover the corners of my vision momentarily with each beat. “I have a meeting with this here lady, and you seem to be interrupting.”


“What meeting? You have none.” Growls through gritted teeth echo through the old room. And his grip on my neck, releases, causing me to collide with the concrete floor. I almost curl myself into a burl, I hug myself so tightly. In fear. In fear of what is to come. They’re angry, heightened emotions.

“My child, you would do well to cease this madness.” Azazel’s voice drips with coldness, and arrogance. Even as Vlad gets uncomfortably close to him, his whole body seeming to radiate with rage, Azazel barely blinks an eye. “I’m not one of your pathetic little soldier boys, I am your maker, so stop this insolent charade that your the big bad wolf, Vlad. You’re mine, and you will act as such.” A small rebiloius growl rumbles in my vampires throat as his drops his hands, and takes a step back. “Now as for my meeting, if you actually let her answer her phone, then maybe you would have known… But I’ve heard plenty of little rumors, and trust me, you and I definitely have a lot to discuss. But until then, out. This is of no concern to you.”


“She is min-“

“Tell someone who cares…” Tears spring in my eyes, as i cower on the cold, hard floor. Vladimir had been punishing me for that day in Bridgeport for so long, and now it was Azazel’s turn. And whatever he was going to do, no one would ever be able to stop him. “Did you not hear me, boy, get out.”

“If you touch her, or even look twice-“

“Out.” Both of them stare each other down for a long moment, Vladimir debating whether or not he would argue, but he frowns, and submissively leaves the room. “Put some clothes on, cover yourself up.” My eyes slowly meet his, fear evident in my gaze. “Miss Vivian, girls these days parade as nothing more than cheap whores, if you wish to be treated as a lady, then you will act, and dress as such.”


Going to the small chest of drawers, I realize that I have nothing decent to wear. And I choke back a pitiful sob. If I couldn’t dress like a lady, how would he treat me? Nervously, and with my hands shaking, I pull on a torn pink top, and some underwear. Just thankful, in some small way that I was covered. “You’re too much like your mother…” Shaking his head, he states. Questioning him he continues. “Both of your tastes in men is terrible, and I’m ashamed to call Vlad my own, He’s far to much like my brother… But you, following her footsteps to a tee. Hopefully you don’t fall for a rebel, and Vlad won’t sentence you to death.” A strange kind of chuckling sound escapes from his lips.

“I love Vlad-“

“You say it almost as though on command.” Azazel steps closer to me, and his lips droop slightly. “I know what type of man he is, so do not attempt to pull wool over my eyes, and I’ve heard the growing rumors in the last few weeks. Now listen here, three things will make a vampire grow insane. Ambition, lovers, or blood, whether child or progeny. He’s growing out of control, and you probably won’t ever conceive again. I’ve never seen the want in a child, but, the chance is so very tiny, it’s redundant to even think about. You mother’s death was because of ambition.” He seems to stare off into space, and I know full well what he is alluding too. My own death. “Now,  about Bridgeport-“


“I’m sorry, sir, that was all my fault…” I mumble, quickly bowing my head to him. It was exactly what I thought that it was about. My pulse quickens again, forcing it’s way against the walls of my chest. “I… I shouldn’t have…”

“Did I not say that you had a future in politics?” My head flicks to his, as my eyes study his blank, expressionless face. The same calculating and self entitled undertone that he exhibited in almost every conversation, or statement he made. A hint of violence in despite of his monotone look.

“You know… Wh… what V.. vlad said about it… And me… I’m sure he’s t.. Told you.” I stutter trying to find the words, and remember what he had said that day exactly. “I.. I wasn’t trying to… D.. Defy you, s.. Sir. Nor did a I g.. G… Go there, intending to do as s.. Such. Vlad say that the men th.. Think that I was the r.. Reason behind… Behind Bridgeport and the er… Ambush… But… I.. I didn-“

“Of course you didn’t.” He replies curtly, interrupting me. His eyes flicker for a moment, before it hides a certain emotion again. His hand glides across the pale white tie, as he straightens it, before his eyes fall back to mine. “I did. Which is why I came here, to thank you.” My head whirls painfully, and I’m not sure if it’s the lack of food, or confusion. “And I need something of you.”

“You… You… Ratted out your own men?” Shock and horror is evident in my voice, as I stare accusingly at him. Ignoring everything else, I focus on only that.  “But… But why..?”


“A show of good will, Towards the humans, if that isn’t utterly sickening for you to hear.” Simply stating, he takes a seat on the edge of the drawers, and stares down at me. “But, they’re very powerful, and they don’t like vampires. However, they’ve none of the proper equipment for hunting. So, I gave it to them, and the address. Vlad had been drawing far to much attention to us there, so I gave them something to boast about. And it made us disappear off the radar completely.”

“That doesn’t explain anything!” I hiss, immediately feeling the fear from that night coming back to me. The guns, all the blood, death. My hands start to violently tremble as I shove them behind my back. “All those men, dead. And… My brother-“

“He was most certainly not one of the dead, miss Vivian.” Azazel states almost as though he could actually be positive. “Not that night anyway. You might need to talk to Vlad about that one, child.” Why..? The horror burns in my mind, as I think of the possibilities, except his voice stops me completely. “I need to thank you for going to the President though, I couldn’t have planned it better myself actually. That one decision single handedly made me a new business partner. Something I had been working to get for a very long time too. You know them quite intimately. Who are they the V.D.C.-“

“The V.D.F.” I whisper slowly… Trying anyway that I could to understand what he was saying. Partners…? The V.D.F.?”


“When your foolish father pulled that day walking stunt, he signed the papers himself. Although I’ve you to thank for that one.” My entire body freezes. Not once had I ever wondered how, or why he had done it, or saved me. “There is a noticeable rift with the humans now too. Those who are glad for what they did to you, and your child, and the ones who are completely against it. But the ones who are scared, who want to fight, I can supply all the arms in the world too. That and the names, and addresses of their next targets. It’s all worked out supremely well for me, how about you?”

“I…” That was definitely not what I had set out to do. But once again I had been outsmarted, and hell, by someone I didn’t even consider. I didn’t want that… “You said that you needed something of me?”

“Ahhh yes… That.” Azazel hops down off of the chest, and steps closer to me. And I frown, taking a nervous step backwards. “I want you to kill the president for me…. Oh, and your father too. That one is quite important.” In that instant I turn from him. and try to walk away, but he captures my hand far too easily, and pulls me back to him.


“Vivian…” He whispers soothingly, as our gazes meet. Losing myself in his eyes, my heart instantly begins to slow and calm. My breath becomes shallow. “Both your father, and Mr Cane trust you enough to be left alone in a room without guards with you. I want you to use that to your advantage. And you will do as I say, and ask to meet with them. Wait until their defenses are down, and strike. Kill them both. And anybody who tries to stop you, or who gets in your way, dispose of them too. Do you understand?”

Slowly I nod my head without to much thought. Kill my father, and the president. Easy. I could do that. It was true that they both trusted me enough to let their guards down. My father had exposed himself in front of the nation just to save me. His daughter. And that’s how I would get to him.

“Now, you will not remember this conversation at all.” Azazel’s voice is soft, soothing, and I can’t even think. “I was never here. You were with Vlad. And you were fighting, like you were before I interrupted. But you managed to escape, and fight him off. Vivian, you made it out. You’re free. But no matter what happens, you will kill both of them for me, but you will think that it is all your doing.”


I don’t even hear the door open, or Vladimir stalking inside angrily. In fact, I barely even noticed him. How could I when I was staring into Azazel’s eyes. Nothing could make me break eye contact short of him looking away, and breaking it himself. “I thought that I told you to stay away?”

“And I thought I told you not to touch he-“

“As your maker, I command you to stand down.” There’s anger in both voices, but within a second, Azazel returns to calm. “Vivian, you will leave here tonight, thinking that you have escaped. And you will seek out your father, and when you do so, you will kill him. And then you will call a meeting with President Cane, and kill him too. And anyone who tries to stop you, or gets in your way, do the same. Now leave Vivian, it’s time to escape.”

Like a zombie I walk, zoning everything out. It’s time to go…


Before I can, Vladimir captures me in his arms, by the door. “Vivian, you’ll come back to me. After all of this, and you’ll love me again. We’ll be a family again, and none of this will matter. Come home, Vivian… Come home…”


“Where to?” The taxi driver states impatiently.

“Home… Take me home…”


I feel my heart in my chest as the taxi turns the corner into town. It looked exactly like it did before I left. Nothing had changed. The memories flash before my eyes. I used to be so innocent and naive. The world was at my feet and my life was ready to be lived. So much had changed for me. It had taken everything I had to escape Bridgeport and the hold that it had on me. Vlad… And his cruel, iron like dominion.


My head rests on the window of the car as I watch the houses pass me by. A small anxious smile trying on my lips. It still felt like home. Despite the years passing me by and everything that had happened. Behind every tree, I imagine Vlad, staring back through the darkness at me. Waiting for his opportunity to strike.

Everything that had happened… Between me and Lucian. And Vladimir… I wasn’t that same scared, little girl. Deep down inside, yeah, she still exists. But I’m stronger. I’m braver, I have to be. I had said no to Vlad. I had left him. There was always the fear that he would come back. But for now, I would just revel in the freedom.

My feet hit the pavement as the taxi pulls to a stop. I pay and collect my bags. Slowly making my way to the front door. About half way up, the smell of oven baked goodness hits me. My lips curve up as a wave of homesickness engulfs me. When had I last been home? It must be years now.

I don’t even have time to ring the bell before Salamae has me wrapped tightly up in her arms. Instead of resisting, I gladly give into it. It’s not long before she has to pull away to dry her eyes. Her hair is shades lighter than it had been five years ago. Light grey speckling it with age. In her eyes, a few extra wrinkles around her eyes.


“Vivian darling. It’s you, it’s really you.” She squeals hugging me again. “Oh sweetheart, you’re home.”

“I’m so sorry it took me this long.” My lower lip trembles as I feel a wave of emotion overpower me. I didn’t realize just how much I missed her until now. She was the only mother figure I had ever had. “It’s so good to see you again…”

“I hadn’t realized that Lucian sent you a wedding invitation, but I’m glad he did.” She coos softly, tidying up my hair. Picking up the ends. “Just in time.”