chapter 4.13.2 – Truths and Lies – Part 2

Posted: May 25, 2013 in Generation 4
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The moon shines down on me and lights up the ground around me. The shadows dance playfully, across the ground and walls. My reflection sparkles in the dirty window as I watch in. Quietly, oh so quietly. I can’t make a sound or they’ll see me. And if that happens… I wouldn’t know what to do, or what to say. The thought alone made my heart race with nervous speeds. Rafe didn’t deserve my ill treatments, nor did he deserve my lack of explanations.

But I couldn’t, force or will myself to walk to up to the front door. To knock, maybe three times, and to tell him that I was home. It all seemed so easy, any outsider could easily say that they would do it. But right now, but me, I could hardly even take a breath, or even think. My salvation and hope, was so easy to see. But actions, actually going ahead with it was almost suffocating. And the feeling alone was almost enough to break me.

The cold, air envelops me. Sending chills down my spine, and changing the direction of the wind. I shiver against myself, wishing that I had thought to change out of my pajamas or even bring a jacket. Kicking myself now that it was cold. Looking back up again, my eyes lock with the vampires. Causing my breath to catch in my throat and my body to go numb.


He drops to his knees at the window, and watches me. Cocking his head to the side. I dare not take my eyes off of him. But the longer our eyes are meet, I feel a deep serenity begin to take over and calm my nervous body down. My anxious heart begins to slow, and the frantic beats begin to ease. From behind the protection of the glass, he seemed almost human. His glowing eyes were the only remainder of his vampirism. His tussled blue, grey hair sits against his pale complexion in an almost ghostly way.

His head turns towards Rafe’s body, towering over his. He mouths words to him quietly, the window soundproofs it, but I still stand frozen in place. Responses, back and forth. They talk for a few minutes, to my silent ears, but the vampires eyes keep coming back to mine. Rafe nods his head one last time and leaves the room, and out of sight. But Vladimir stays, watching me with strange fascination.

Soon the front door opens and foot steps follow. My twin smiles briefly and motions for me to follow.


As we get to the front door. Rafe pulls me into a tight hug. Surprising me deeply. I had expected that he would still be angry with me, and not want to see me. After all I had left him twice. “You’re an idiot.” He growls into my ear, still holding me tightly, without letting me go

“I know…” I frown, pulling away from him awkwardly. We were still family, even after everything that we did to ourselves and each other. Rafe was all I had, and it wasn’t until now that I realized how much I had missed him. “I’m so sorry… You have no idea how much I really am.”

“You were confused, Vivian, you didn’t mean to cause the harm that you did.” He shakes his head, scratching his arm for comfort. Rafe shoots me a small smile before looking away again. “We’re a family remember? Even if it’s been a long time. That means I always gotta forgive you for all the stupid shit you do. And you gotta do the same, yeah? Cause I’m always gonna screw up, and I need someone who is actually gonna be there to pull me back out. And still love me all the same. You’re all the family I got left, Viv.”

“I promise.” I give him the same uncertain smile he had done. Rafe opens the door back up, and I follow him down the short hall way to the room. As we walk inside, I feel a spike of nerves hit me.


“Happy family reunion, yes?” Vladimir asks as we enter through the door. His accent was still heavy with the accent of his human home. It hadn’t lessened any bit since the first time I had seen him. Even after two years, a hundred, a hundred more. Deep, deep down inside he was still the same human boy he had been the day of his death. Even now if he scarcely seemed it anymore. Being this close to him though, he seemed less and less human. His eyes seemed to sparkle and dance more with the gift of immortality shining through. His ghostly, pale skin seemed to be luminescent with the silhouette of the moons glow.

“For now.” Rafe sighs and leans against the bench. Seeming slightly on edge with me being in the same room as his new master. “No thanks to you though.” He frowns and stares the vampire directly in the eyes.

“Ahh, my boy, you focus to much on the ill things in life.” Vladimir hops off the counter, and lightly clasps Rafe’s face. He smiles brightly, revealing his sharp fangs beneath his feigned humanity. His light chuckle echos throughout the rented room. “You have been reunited, and yet you still have so much hostility. I was the tracker, and have you not found who you were looking for? The thing you desired mostly?”

“Yes…” Once again he sighs deeply, and brushes the hair from his eyes. “I mean, yes sir. Thank you, you did more than you needed to, more than what was originally agreed too.” Rafe adds with a small smile, as he looks over at me. “You brought her back to me.” The look in his eyes, makes me smile briefly. Even if the room, thick with an awkward kind of tension.

“Now if we will, a moment alone.” Vladimir states watching him almost amused. Rafe’s eyes pull together, bringing with it a confused look. “Rafe, leave us be, I have business to attend.” My heart skips a beat, I don’t want to be alone with this creature. But despite my mind silently screaming logic over the rest of my thoughts. I still remain calm and collected. Almost as though I understand why I would need to be here.


“I don’t think so.” Rafe breathes out, slight anger in his voice. He takes a step towards me as if to protect me, but Vlad lets out a small chuckle and stops him with an easy smile. “She is my sister, and I would rather not leave her alone after all this time spent apart. We don’t have much time, that’s all.”

“Child, dawn is coming, and it is already bringing with it the new day. I am not asking for a lot of time.” Vladimir says, fixing the collar on Rafe’s jacket. Glancing over at me briefly. “We cannot travel til the sun sets tonight, so you have a day to say what you will, and to make up for lost time. But I do not. Understand?”

“She’s my sister, and I will not leave he-“

“Rafe, my boy, don’t be such a nervous nelly.” The vampire catches Rafe’s gaze within an instant, cutting off his train of thought. His easy laugh stops as soon as it starts as their eyes lock.”Leave us be.”

“As you wish sir.” Rafe nods absent mindedly. Almost as though an unconscious action on his part. Without looking at me, or saying another word, he turns and leaves the room.


Turning his attentions to me, my heart thumps anxiously. I was alone with the vampire now. “Please accept my humble regrets about my actions in your place of work. And your… Man of choice..? It was very unbecoming of me.” Vladimir’s eyes soften a fraction as he frowns at me. “Trust me, that was very out of character for me.” Attacking Henry at the bar. The memory seems to play before my eyes, almost as though an old film playing before my very eyes. The vampires speed and strength was inhuman, as was the creature itself.

“Then why do it?” My response is short, and emotion filled. His brows push together deeply, as he thinks about it for a moment. Maybe he’s deliberating his answer, or trying to spin the right angle.

“Well… You see, there was this choice.” He starts watching my reaction. His voice remains quiet, yet their is a change in it. A deeper emotion beneath the put together surface. “Rafe could have punched him once, you’d have screamed, and that would have made him angrier. He’d punch him til he was inches from life before the police arrived, and well… I think we know what happens next. His freedom is taken, and you… You’d hate him. But me? I threaten a guy, and well, I’m just a vampire. It’s in my nature to take life away, so… No harm done.”

“Well… I guess thank you for not letting Rafe do something stupid… ” I whisper, trying to look away from his deep, penetrating gaze. It was almost enough to make me feel light headed and dizzy. So, I awkwardly avert my gaze, and my eyes wonder across the room, trying to take my eyes, and mind off of him.

“Rafe is very typical in the sense, that you can sense the trouble he’ll cause.” Vladimir’s voice changes yet again, seriousness almost void from it. Smiling briefly at me, he cocks his head to the side. “But he does love you, and it’s out of that love, that fuels his insanity sometimes…”


“You helped… You found me?” I slowly mouth out the question, suddenly feeling hyper aware of my every movement. Every breath, every beat of my heart. One of the reasons I had come here tonight, and snuck my way out of the bed of my lovers. A vampire had saved my life when I had crashed the car, Henry was certain of that, the other stuff was crazy, but this… Someone had been there.

“Why do you look so surprised?” Once again an amused look crosses his face. His eyes glimmer as he searches mine for a long moment. One of his eyebrows raise as my silence lingers.

“As you said, vampires take away life.” I mumble, now embarrassed. It wasn’t something that I felt required any further indepth analysis. He was a vampire. That should be enough.

“Is that all you see me as, little one?” The vampires face curls upwards in a knowing grin. My face turns confused as the seconds pass us by. That was what he was, his one defining factor. Vampire… And it might have been cruel to lump them all together in his eyes, but that’s where they belonged. In that one category. Monster… “I like to think of myself as quite the captain. A leader, a soldier, a dignitary. The term vampire, is so medieval. Unfortunately, the faces they look to as definition is that of a madman. It would be like comparing the entire human race to the events of world war two and the holocaust. The attacks on the twin towers, the discovery of the A-bomb. We all seem to forget, vampires lived quite humbly in the shadows since the dawn of time, don’t we?”

“I’m sorry… I-“

“World war V has not rewritten your histories, human. Until we were cast into the lime light, we were all quite content with the way things were. Vampires, known or unknown.” Vladimir finishes, looking across the room. The bold splashes of red that painted the walls. The limestone counter tops. “We’re not all the Asmodeus’ of our race, as you are not all the Hitler’s of yours. So yes, I did find you. But something about a poor, defenseless girl, lost and alone, seems to have an effect on my tired heart. Which I shan’t have cause I’m a vampire.” He adds mockingly.

“I’m sorry, I just…” I mumble out apologetically to him. The vampire’s bemused look is enough to make me feel a stab of guilt. He sighs and runs a hand through his hair.


“We’re vampires, love.” He growls through a smile, taking my hand in his, and pulling me forward with a gentle tug. “We take what we want, and we feel no remorse.” Despite what he sends, the second his hand takes mine, a wave of calm pulsates through my entire body. And I can’t react with the full intensity I know I should. But I can’t. It’s not there. The fear, the anxiety, it’s not there. Only an overwhelming blanket of safety.

“I don’t believe you-“

“Yet it is what you felt when you came here tonight. Is it not?” He shrugs, still grasping onto me gently. And I don’t resist him, not yet.

“You’re different somehow, I mean… You…” I stop, the second I realize what I’m saying. And a deep blush encapsulates my now vivid cheeks. The red stands in stark contract against my porcelain white skin. “You found me, I came to thank you for… And well, take care of Rafe… I guess.”

“Of course I found you, you appeal to the rescuer in me. My sense of valor.” The vampire scoffs, smiling brightly at me, a hint of rebelliousness in him. This thing was very old school, I realize, thinking to myself he must be old. He had a strange sense of how he should carry himself, and the world around him should. “Usually I wouldn’t involve myself in such trivial things, but you… You’re… You’re different from the rest of your kind. It intrigues me how so.”


I pause for a moment, as he release me, and steps in close towards me. Inches from my own body. Strangely I expected him to be cold, but he radiated heat between the closeness of our bodies. His lack of a breath is disconcerting, yet the intensity of his soft blue eyes is a serene feeling. I take a deep breath and calm my racing thoughts.

“I crashed that night. The night I left…” I whisper, feeling a rush of adrenaline through me. It was a good enough sign that I had to be honest. Vladimir, if anything, was honest. He said how he felt, and what he meant. When he meant it. “Something… Someone found me… In the wreckage, all alone, and hurt… And-“

“And what have you done with my gift of life, little one?” Vladimir says in a low, serious tone. I take a step back, my head reeling. His gift of life? Did that mean? Had he saved me? A slow grin replaces his emotionless face, and features. He crosses his arms and watches me silently. A vampire… One of the creatures who stalked the night, and brought with it death, had saved my life. Every single idea I had about vampires, seemed to disappear with that one startling truth. They weren’t meant to care about life, or even preserve it. They took death as they saw fit, Vladimir had even admitted it. And yet, here we were. Him, admitting to be my savior. His blood had restored my broken body.



“Hush now, child…” Vladimir coos, clasping my hand against his chest. And within the first syllable, and his first glance, I’m stuck gazing into his eyes. And I’m trapped. Yet there’s no where else I would rather be. His ghostly appearance, in that one moment seeming more than human. His lack of heart beat and pulse, as though it were an everyday happening. “Listen to me for I will say it only once. Are you paying attention?”

“Yes…” I breath out, with moving a single unnecessary muscle.

“You will not return home tonight… You will not return home to Henry…” Vlad’s voice quietly whispers soothingly to me. His gaze remaining intently on mine. “Vivian, you will forget about your life here. You don’t love Henry. You see him for what he is. A liar and a cheater. You couldn’t possibly love a man like that… Could you, sweetheart?”

“No…” I agree. How could I have stayed with Henry this long? It was clear that he was just using me, abusing me. Henry got to go out at night, his body against sweaty, hot and woman full of desire for him. And then he came home to me, whispering lies of love, and feelings, that he was clearly incapable of. The vampire was right.

“And the bar isn’t a place for a prim, and proper girl such as yourself. Such sleaze, and filth.” He continues, not yet taking his eyes off of mine, and I can’t look away. Everything he says seems to make perfect sense. “This town is not where you belong, and love, your place is not by Henry’s side… You will move on, from this, and from everything holding you back. You’ll be happy, and you’ll…


“And you’ll forget this conversation ever happened.” Within an instant his face lingers an inch from my own, as he holds me tight in his arms. My head swims dizzily as his jaw clenches in a thoughtful look,. “But, my love, you will know that you’re mine. That you’re blood, is mine. Blackwater, Apaloosa Plains will cease to mean anything for you. You’re mine now, Vivian, and you will follow me where ever I will go. And without me, you’re nothing. Lapsi varjot, Kuulut minulle.”



My slow, and stable breath rises between the sheets of the bed. In and out. Up and down. For the first time in a long time, I sleep soundly. No thoughts, or sadness penetrating my unconsciousness. For the first time in a long time, I feel free. Weightless even. Like all the shackles holding me back, were now broken.

In the shabby motel room, I yawn and stretch out my now rested body. In a slight daze from the events proceeding my current state. Yesterday, the day before, the week before then, all seemed to fade into one big blur. The year before that into an even bigger mess. Yet it didn’t bother me. Those days weren’t important anymore, only the ones that lay ahead of me. Slowly waking my eyes, I look up to Rafe sitting in the corner.

“Thank god, you’re awake…” He breathes out, a strange mix of boredom and concern in his voice. Confused I watch him in silence. “He didn’t lay a finger on you did he?” Rafe asks again with more intensity this time. His eye brow raises incredulously at me.

“No, I’m fine.” Shaking my head, I move to the edge of the bed. Rafe lets out a relieved breath and his eyes soften just a little bit. “If you were so worried, you could have just stayed? But Vlad… Vlad is a perfect gentleman, don’t fret so much. I’m a big girl now.”

“Since when were you on first name bases with the vampire?”  His face twitches for a brief moment, his voice a little to loud. A blush settles on my cheeks as I think of an answer. To be honest I hadn’t even thought about it when I had said it. Up until now, he had always just been the monster taking my brother away from me, yet it was different now.


“I’m… I’m just trying to move on and get past all of this, Rafe…” I whisper, trying to focus on my own voice, and what I was saying. I run my fingers through my hair, trying to detangle the knots. Family was important, and Rafe, Vladimir. Back in Blackwater, I had let all the dramas and pointless fights get in the way of that. I couldn’t lose my brother again… At the end of the day, he was all that I had. All the events that had happened since living in Appaloosa Plains had proved that to me. “I don’t want to be this girl anymore, Rafe… The one who’s afraid of her own shadow because the darkness terrifies me. At the end of the day, I need to…. I can’t be me anymore…”

“Vivian, no one is asking you to be any different.” Rafe says, sitting next to me on the bed. My eyes stare at the wall, before slowly making their way back to him. “Vampires aren’t all bad, Viv, just like not every person is bad. Sometimes, we just got to trust our instincts, and just let go… Decide who’s worth it and who isn’t.”

“But I was wrong!” I blurt out, my eyes frantically searches his. Rafe as I had been told, had our mothers eyes. Vibrant purple, almost unnaturally so. But it was a piece of our heritage, of where and whom we came from. “I let Henry walk all over me, and I keep fooling for it. Do you know, last night, he admitted to everything, and because he said ‘I love you’ I let him just stroll back into my life like it never happened? I’m pathetic…”

“You’re not pathetic? I mean why? Because you wanted to trust the word of someone who was supposed to love you back?” He responds without a second thought. “Vivian, it’s not wrong to want things to work out. Yeah, sometimes it doesn’t happen… But you know what, there will be a time when you’re right about someone, and they’re one hundred percent genuine about feeling the same.”


“But how could I be so wrong about him?” My voice doesn’t get any louder or stronger. Even with more time to breath and move past this feeling.

“Because guys like him, they know exactly what to say to make someone believe them.” Rafe says watching my reactions closely. “If he wasn’t good at it, you wouldn’t have fallen for his lies. And if you weren’t so hard on yourself, you wouldn’t be such a target to these things. If you actually believed you could do better…”

“I just don’t know what to do with myself anymore….”

“None of us do. Me? I’m just winging it. Doing the best I can.” His soft chuckle vibrates throughout the room, as he lightly taps my arm. “Look… I know you don’t wholeheartedly approve of what I’m doing… But… Vladimir… He isn’t all bad, I mean he helped me find you. And yeah… He’s a vampire, and dangerous, and blah blah blah. But, I’m doing good. Right now, I’m surviving. And I trust him… Not completely, but enough to know that he knows what he’s doing.”

“Do you think that you’ll survive the war?” I ask, focusing on him now. It was a nice distraction from what I was feeling.

“I’m hoping, but honestly…” A thoughtful look crosses his face, as he moves his arms back against the bed, and leans back. “Wars have casualties. But wars have to have an end. I don’t think the the human politicians have the right idea against killing all vampires to reduce the threat. There are… Were some good vampires.” His smile is loving as he day dreams. “Team Asmodeus wants to enslave us, team Azazel wants to drink us… But… He wants things to go back to what they were before all of this. In some way or another. Normalcy, coexistence in some way.”


“Our parents… They’re gone… Because of vampires…” Slowly I draw the words out. Ever since I had found out, I hadn’t told him. And it was wrong. They were our parents and he deserved to know the truth about them. Whatever had happened, whatever reason, vampires had come, and taken them away from us. Forever.

“I know-“

“Wait, you knew and you neve-“

“Shhhh, Vivian…” He says soothingly, stroking my back in soft, comforting circles. “A vampire, took our mother away. And our father, for whatever reason… Ran away. But it doesn’t matter who… Or what is the reason for that. Knowing isn’t going to bring them back. Anger, isn’t going to bring them back. Just know that it was at the start of this war, don’t let them die or fade away as martyrs without a cause, Viv. Everything happens for a reason.”

“Because vampires stole them from us, we should fight their war?” I ask simply, still perched on the edge of the bed. How could he know and never say a thing? But, I had done the same thing to him. When Huttser had told me, I didn’t share the news with him. I hid it, kept it a secret, to protect him.

“No… We should fight for something though…” He sighs and looks at me with a strange look. Almost as though he was saying this was the best he could come up with. “Not in vain, but for something. And yeah… It’s sometimes hard to know what’s worth fighting for, and what’s right, and what’s wrong… But at the end of the day, deep down, we do know, and we do the best we can with that knowledge.”

“I don’t know what I want, or what I know… I.. I’m confused-“

“Look… I wasn’t going to say anything. But me and Vladimir are going to Bridgeport for a while. To set up base, to train, to prepare. Come with us. With me. I.. I can’t bare to see you this way, or to lose you again… You’re my sister, and I want to know that you’re okay. And it’s hard to keep an eye on you when you’re half way across the country.”

“Rafe… I-“

“Unless you’re answer is yes… I don’t want to hear it.”


Ding dong….

“Look, it’s 7pm, and I’m running late for work… Can we make this quick?” The man in the white lab coat says marching to the door whilst yelling through it. Worry was already clearly written on his face before he even opened the door. She left that night and never came back home. Henry thought it was okay when his eyes had shut that night. Vivian had forgiven him. They had kissed and made up. He was going to be different, he knew it, and she believed it. But when he was asleep she got up and left.

Twenty missed calls later and a half dozen more texts and emails begging her to come home and nothing. No one had seen her, or spoken to her. Although Henry didn’t believe Shelly when she had told him that she didn’t know where Vivian had got to. Vivian didn’t make a move without telling her about it.

More than preoccupied he opens the door.


“What the hell are you doing here, vampire?” Henry hisses at the silver vampire who in the night before had attacked him, and tried to kill him. Anger bit at his insides, making him flair up.

“Now you’ve deeply upset my dear friend.” The vampire responds apathetically, without a single care in the world. “And I have to make sure that you know exactly what you’ve done to her, and I want you to feel exactly what she feels. But of course, emotional affliction is pointless really. I need you to feel it all, every single drop of blood you shed will be for her.”

“This is private property… I… I think you should go-“

“That’s not how this works! Now invite me in….” Vladimir in an instant catches Henry by the throat, and holds him tightly in place. His eyes capture his and Henry soon stops struggling against the vampire’s grip.


“Please… Won’t you come inside….”

  1. wait wait
    Ravee and Aleksi were vampires
    so that’s why their’d be high levels of V in our young Vivian’s system. So why hasn’t anyone begun to piece this together yet? EVERYONE IS SO FRUSTRATING I JUST

    lovely chapter, as always 🙂

    • Angel says:

      I think it was V that healed her more so. Both Rafe and Viv are human, so (even through their parentage) they couldn’t have V in their blood, because (from the sounds of it) V comes from a vampire’s blood. =3

      That’s my theory anyway.

    • There is a bit of blood left in their systems from both Aleksi and Ravee, which accounts for some of the healing. As well as Balt coming to her rescue :3

      and thank you as always

  2. What intriguing developments. So Vladimir doesn’t know who or what Viv and Rafe really are then? I don’t completely trust his motives. So they are going to Bridgeport? Will any of the Bridgeport Vampires be making an appearance? Bridgeport is a fun place to play vampire which is why my vampiracy is there. lol.

    • I love bringing in characters that are already in the towns, and I have plans for some of their vampires.

      And Vladimir doesn’t completely know what either of them are, although he can tell by their scents that they aren’t completely human, or at least smell better than what he’s used too. Which is part of the reason that he’s trying to keep them close to him.

  3. TashieBaby. says:

    Ahhhg. Vlad has betrayed me! I thought he was doing a good thing by making Viv see how it was that she was better than that.. But then he just had to add in that last part D:

    And I’m not saying Henry is a good person or that he doesn’t deserve to feel what Viv feels… But somehow I feel like Vlad will take it too far.

    I’m glad to see Viv and Rafe together again, though. They are twins, they need each other (:

    • Vlad was doing it out of good intentions to make her forget about Henry. But he does have motives that neither her or Rafe can see yet.

      • TashieBaby. says:

        Ahh I see. It was just the part about her being his that that threw me off a bit xD I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds though (:

  4. Angel says:

    Great chapter. =3

    Sounds like Viv has to go to Bridgeport, because it seems to me like Vlad said so. lolz.

    I still miss Lucian. lolz.

    Can’t wait for more!


    I just want to tell Viv, “Yo, do what YOU want! Stop letting all of these men manipulate you!”

  6. JonesISBI says:

    This legacy is so dramatic! I ❤ IT!
    Would you mind checking out mine and my friend's?
    It's not been updated in AAAGGGEEESS. But were working on that! We have 3 chapters saved as drafts so it would mean a lot thanks 🙂

  7. kokuei says:

    Fantastic, just fantastic. But Vladimir, what are you up to?

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