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The sun peaks out from behind the early morning clouds. Slowing creeping up across the land, lighting up our world. Banishing the moon and darkness, with it’s warmth and brightness. Dawn always made feel the safest. Like the monsters of the night could not harm me no more. It sounded silly, but it kept my fears at bay.

Rafe… I hadn’t slept all night. He hadn’t just tripped, sure for my sanity’s sake I could believe. Delude myself into it. But, I wasn’t an idiot. Falling doesn’t result in bite marks large enough to cover his thigh. Or claw marks across his back. Unless he had fallen and landed in the den of a dozen hungry dire wolves nursing their prized pups. No, he was hiding something, something big, and bad.

My hands reach up, and rub my now blood shot eyes. Rafe often returned home with various cuts, and bruises. But I hadn’t seen him this bad before. Not ever.

Luckily with the full moon arriving tomorrow night, Huttser would be busy making preparations for the annual tribe hunt. Although I didn’t completely understand the premise, founding families and individuals would go off into the hills every full moon. They would hunt, and tell stories, and have a meeting. And even though I had lived here my whole life, I was banned from ever going. It was not my place to be.

Salamae and Lucian would go with him tomorrow morning. Along with a great deal of the towns folk. I just had to hide Rafe’s condition until then. No one would return home until the next day around noon. So we had a day and a bit to ourselves to try and fix this mess.


I quietly enter Rafe’s room and make sure he’s still breathing. Once I’ve established that he is in fact alive, I relax a little. I sit on the edge of his bed, and just breath. It was going to be okay. We could pull this off. No one has to know.

His breath comes in and out raggedly. It was likely he had broken a rib, if not a few in his little ‘accident.’ The bruising looks a lot worse now, in the daylight. Various shades of black, purple, blue and yellow cover him. Speckling his once porcelain white skin. His red hair lies flat, and blood stained with a thick layer of sweat soaking him.

Knock, knock…


Barely thinking, I race to the door, and carefully creep around it and outside without allowing anyone to possibly see inside. As I look up, Lucian stands by the door with a puzzled smirk covering his face.

“What are you doing here?” I blurt out in a panic. No one could know. Although Rafe had never specified whether this meant Lucian too, I figured I should at least try and keep his privacy. Lucian was incredibly loyal, but I’m not sure how he might respond to this. It would be so easy for him to tell Huttser if he thought his injuries were too severe.

“I… Errr… I live here.” Lucian responds slowly and confused, trying to comprehend the question exactly.

“Oh… Of course… I meant… Uh… Good morning!” My pace is a little too quick. I couldn’t lie, it was obvious. Especially to him, he knew something was up. The lying hadn’t even begun I think horrified. What was I actually going to do if someone actually wanted to go into his room?

“You’re in a cute mood today.” He states still puzzled. Giving me a once over, noting my half delirious exterior. The heavy, black bags under my reddened eyes. Still wearing yesterday’s clothes. “And this look is really working for ya….”


“I’m sorry, you can’t go in.” I ignore his previous comment, I look a mess and I know it. But that’s when I notice him properly. His chiseled, naked-from-the-waist-up body, under the mass of his tangled mane. I gulp loudly feeling the blush in my cheeks. Oh god, this is Lucian I’m just about salivating over. My gaze instantly looks down at the ground. Not some handsome, rugged stranger. Lucian!

“I can’t go in?” He clears his throat loudly. I can hear the authority in his question. Something I like to call his big boy voice, he used it when he needed to assert his dominance or get a point across. I keep my eyes on the ground though, for fear my eyes (and hormones) might betray what I’m thinking.

“N… No.” I mumble quickly, still trying to remain calm. Before I know it, Lucian’s hand grazes under my chin as he lifts it so he can look me in the eyes. His touch is warm and sudden, worsening my already pronounced blush.


“Is he okay?” He questions thoughtfully and knowingly. Without awaiting my response, he pulls out a bloodied tissue from his pocket. “I heard him come in last night. And found this in the bathroom this morning-” I gasp, I had forgotten something. How could I be so clumsy? “Don’t worry, I cleaned up before anyone else could see. But what happened?”

I pause for a moment, thinking about it carefully. I couldn’t go blaming anyone or anything without any real proof. And it was entirely possible that he had just tripped and fallen. “He says he fell, but I don’t know. Some things don’t add up.”

Allowing him inside the room, I guide him to Rafe’s still slumbering body. Lucian’s eyes fall to his body, slowly dragging it up and down, eyeing each cut and bruise as though it were the key to the puzzle.


“I mean, what on earth could have made those bite marks.” I question in a hushed tone watching his startled reaction. Lucian’s eyes flicker back and forth as he thinks up a response. Surely some kind of beast or monster was responsible. It wasn’t the work of a human.

“Dunno. Maybe a dog…” He grimaces slightly in a strange voice. His blood drained from his face, giving him a shocked and pallor expression.


“Don’t worry, he’s going to be okay. I promise.” Lucian makes a pact, squeezing my hand gently. A strange tortured face still evident. He was trying to placate me. But was that really better than telling me the truth?

We stand for a few moments in complete silence. Lucian was hiding something from me. Doubt nags on mind. I couldn’t shake the feeling of overwhelming sickness. There was something very wrong here. Not only is my brother hurt, but my best friend is lying for him.

The sound of the door bell echoes throughout the silent house. I follow behind him without a word. Things were tense and I wasn’t completely sure why….


“Angelique…? What are you doing here?” Lucian growls coldly under his breath as he opens the door. His jaw clenching tighter every second the girl stands before him. I’m pulled behind him as he steps in front defensively.

“Lucian!?! This is your house!?” The dark haired girl mumbles shocked. Her eyes telling a story of slight fear and apology. “I’m here for Rafe-“

“Ya lost little girl? Ya shouldn’t be here at all.” He interrupts silencing her quickly. I’d never seen this girl before but she definitely knew Lucian. And visa versa. The tension in the air is thick, tangible. Weighing heavily down on us all. “And ya definitely should not have brought that filth with ya.”

“This is between me and Rafe.” I try and peak out behind Lucian to see her better. The girl is nose to nose with him, trying to stand her ground. “I never said you had to be a part of this. So back off and let me help him.”


She tries to step past him and into the house but he tenses and growls an inhuman growl. “Ya not a part of my pack, and ya never will be as long as ya doing what ya doing. So I’d advise ya, to take a step back before I’m forced to act.” This wasn’t the Lucian I was used too, the one I know. He was angry, intimidating…

“Please…” She pleads submitting to him in that instant. “It was my fault he was in that position, I should have stopped him. The full moon is tomorrow, but I let him go anyway…. I’m sorry. But please… Let me help him.” Her amber eyes shine with determination as she makes her case. “Let me fix this.”

“What’s she talking about?” I whisper quietly, still confused about the situation. If anything the longer the conversation went, the more questions were raised.

“Go back to ya ‘pack’ and don’t come back. And do not bring that crap again.” Lucian ignores me completely, his full attention on the girl. Her necklace holds him almost mesmerised. With a red liquid held inside. Pack… Full moon… Rafe… A big part of the puzzle is missing, and there’s so much I don’t know.

“Rafe’s a big boy and can make his own decisions. What are you afraid of?” She smiles cockily, Lucian tenses again as footprints sound behind us. My heart thumps loudly in my chest. Something wasn’t quite right. Who was this girl and why did she want Rafe?

“That he will become just as sick and twisted as you pups.” His response is low and quiet. “You should go back to bed, Rafe. Ya still injured.”


“Lucian…” Rafe moans stepping towards the girl. “I’m sorry.”

“Ya don’t have too go, ya know.” He responds without looking at him. It was over. Whatever he had been trying to prevent happening, was happening.

“I know… But you have no domain over me. I’m no wolf. You can’t stop me from leaving. I… I am sorry.” Rafe says in monotone as he follows the girl away. He doesn’t look back at all.

Lucian scowls angrily, a defeated look in his eyes. His jaw still clamped tightly shut. I watch him anxiously, but don’t say a word. I mean what can I say. There are too many variables, and unknowns to make any solid judgements.

I bite my lip and curl my fingers around his. His eyes bolt up and meet mine at the touch. Giving our entwined hands a soft squeeze in response. “Walk with me?” My voice is weak and shaky as I lead him off.

Lucian had always been the loud, outspoken, happy-go-lucky guy. I never knew him to be quiet. Or had seen him this stressed out before. This was a first. And not something I ever wanted to see.


“Are you okay?” I  mumble forcing him to sit down beside me by the river. I had to know. It affects Rafe, it affects me.

“I feel so… Helpless.” Lucian mumbles without looking at me. “I should have stopped him. But he’s right, I have no domain. We’re like brothers and I have no right.” His jaw clenches tightly together again. Teeth grinding forcefully as they’re forced to meet.

“What’s going on?” My voice quivers as I plead with him to answer. Talk about feeling helpless. All I want is him to smile again and cheer up. He frowns deeply again in thought. “Who is she? What happened to Rafe? How much aren’t you telling me?”


“No, Lucian. I tell you everything. You know every secret, and i thought that was mutual. But this is big. Isn’t it? And bad?” My voice gets louder as I get angrier. It wasn’t fair. There was nothing he didn’t know. It wasn’t fair that I lay my soul bare and he was still fully clothed. Metaphorically speaking.


“I’m sorry, but it’s not my secret to tell.” I scoff loudly. Of course it wasn’t. Stereotypical, cliche bullshit. I roll my eyes and turn away from him to walk away. But he catches me. “And I hate that. Vivian, please. There is so much I wish I could say to you. You think it’s easy? I hate this, and I hate lying to you.”

“Then don’t.” I whisper, our eyes locking as he pulls me closer.

“Believe me, if there was a way.” Lucian’s voice comes out calm and smooth. His grip loosening. “But I don’t want you to hate me.” And with that final statement he turns away and leaves.

“No! Lucian! Don’t go!” I scream after him following blindly. “I couldn’t ever hate you.” I mumble between tears as I act on instinct. He wasn’t getting away. I needed answers… I needed him…


It isn’t long before I’m completely blinded by the tears. And with lack of motivation give up. I don’t want to go home. I mean why would I? Rafe had disappeared to god knows where. And Lucian wouldn’t talk. Instead I just let the moon cloak me in luminescent beauty. And let the soft hum of the night drown out all thought.

And for once. I just want to be alone…


The guilt that Lucian had felt when he had returned home that night was indescribable. It made him sick to his stomach, and want to run back into the forest to find her, and tell her everything. Every little secret. When he had stolen the candy bar when he was six, to what he would turn into tonight. And every other full moon after that.


He loved this girl, and he had straight up lied to her, for years. Not about something trivial, about who he was. What he was. This tiny, little secret was enough to define him, and he had walked away. And why?

Because he had let Rafe go? Just up and leave. With her… Angelique wasn’t a bad person by any means, but she was involved in some pretty heavy stuff. However, Lucian wasn’t under any illusions when it came to Rafe either. But there were consequences for everything. And V, vampire blood would take his life.

Vampire blood would heal Rafe, and make him stronger and faster, make him feel euphoric and invincible. But then there was the withdrawals, the addiction like nothing else on earth. But he was right, Lucian had no domain over him. He had asked him to stay, and he had left anyway. They were like brothers, and he had left anyway…

No, that wasn’t why he left her. He was angry at himself. For lying. For being a living, breathing monster every full moon. Of course, this would be his first transformation, he could feel it in his bones. But he wasn’t human. And Vivian, she deserves human… And to tell the truth, the thought of losing her, terrified him like nothing else.

Except it was noon, the day of the full moon. She had never returned home. And if he didn’t find her, then he may never find her. There were going to be too many young wolves tonight, too much could go wrong. Animalistic urges that couldn’t be controlled, and hunger.

He had to find her before they did. Before he himself was to far gone



I rest my head against the cool, wooden desk. Patiently waiting. I tap my pen anxiously awaiting the bell. Freedom, escape, all those things and more combined. Time passes slowly. What seemed like eternity, in reality, was only a minute.

2:27…. Three minutes to go. Tick tock, tick tock, I think growing more impatient by the minute. One minute, two, until…



I quickly stand up, and make my flight to the doorway. Walking down the hallway to the front door, and that’s when it happens. I was just walking, minding my own business. But then, a stroke of bad luck, I accidentally knock into Selene whilst she fixes her lip gloss.

“I’m so sorry! I…. It was an accident.” I quickly mumble out, in fear of her retaliation. As she turns to face me, I can see the evil twinkle in her eyes, and the anger written across her face. Her red lipstick scrawled ever so slightly out of place.


“You’re sorry? It was an accident? Oh, puh-lease.” Selene sarcastically growls at me, closing the gap, till she is face to face with me. “Did the poor wittle orphan girl not see me?”

“Selene. I’m sure it was an accident.” Another girl mumbles beside her unconfidently. “Just let it go.”

“Shut up, Becki!” Selene growls at her without looking away from me. I can feel the hate burning in her eyes. But I’m not sure what exactly I had done to deserve it completely. Becki looks at me apologetically, both of us knowing what was to come.

“I said I was sorry…” Selene’s insults, no matter how used to them I was, always stung. Of course I always had to play it off. Pretend to be stronger than I actually was. I couldn’t give her the satisfaction.


“Did mummy not teach you how to walk in a straight line… Oh wait.” She smirks spitefully, knowing she was hitting her mark. “What about daddy? No? He left you too. I’m not surprised, if I had to deal with a pathetic, little brat like you all day, I’d run as fast as I could.” Her words were like a hard slap to the face. The instant they were said, tears were pricking at my eyes.

“Selene! That’s it!” Lucian orders the second he rounds the corner. Offering me a little smile in sympathy, before continuing his dominance. Becki’s eyes widen when she sees him, giving him a quick once over. “Back off.”


“Lucian, sweetie, you’re the chief’s son and that doesn’t mean shit to me, or anyone else.” Selene glares so evilly I think she might have turned into a witch right then and there.

Sweetie, I don’t think ya heard me right. I said back off. And that, that was an order.” Lucian smiles back arrogantly, knowing he had won in that instant. She talked a lot of talk, but he was still next in line. After a few minutes, of the most devilish scowl one could put forth, she leaves in a huff. Muttering words of anger under her breath.

“I’m so sorry Lucian… I tried to get her to stop. But you know her.” Becki smiles up at him beaming.


“Selene will be Selene.” Lucian mumbles somewhat distracted. Completely oblivious to her obvious, clear as day idolisation of him.

“I guess that makes you the hero of the day then.” Becki cocks her head to the side, biting her lip.

“I suppose it does.” Lucian smiles slightly down at her. “Do ya think you could give us some time, Beck?” The girl nods her head, before bidding us both farewell.

After the girl is out of sigh I dare speak again. “You didn’t have to do that, you know.” I say bluntly, but secretly thankful he was around to save me. Except I hated feeling like that. Like I needed someone to protect me, I needed to be strong, and I wasn’t.

“That little wench needs to be put in her place every once in a while. And I’m happy to take her down a few pegs.” He smiles, pulling me into his arms and a tight hug. ‘I mean, did ya see the look on her prissy little face.”


“Thank you.” I sigh, giving myself into the hug. I knew Lucian didn’t dream of being Chief, or particularly want it for himself, but he felt he had the responsibility to do it. So using it to his advantage, made him feel like it made up for the responsibility of it, but at the same time guilty. I think that he’s just thankful he gets to use his position for good. Instead of thinking I just close my eyes and drift away.

I return to reality with a small smile on my face. It still hurt though, my dad didn’t really leave, did he? And my mom… I frown again, I loved Huttser and Salamae, they had taken me into their home, andd loved me like their own. A roof over my head, food on the table, and more love than possible. But my parents weren’t here. And answers hadn’t come willingly.

“Let’s go home, yeah?” He finally speaks, still sounding sympathetic towards my cause.

Slowly we shuffle up the footpath home. Kicking a rogue stone, we had found on our journey home, I sigh loudly. Struggling not to relive the horrible, emotional torture again. I pause, allowing the warm breeze to brush past me. Lifting up my hair, and making it dance around me. I take a deep breath, allowing the air to fill my lungs, and release.

Selene… The nerve on that lady. Not only was she using my brother (and he was just as likely to be using her, but that wasn’t the point), but she insulted our family. Our mother… Our father… Sure there wasn’t much that we knew about them, other than a few odd facts, it couldn’t be true.


I trudge up the stairs, before deciding to check the garden for Salamae. It was mid afternoon, when she was usually tending her small vegetable crop. I watch her for a brief moment, working away under the hot sun, tending a small tomato vine with a determined smile on her face. Her garden was her pride and joy.

“Viv, what are you doing up there? Make yourself useful.” Salamae smiles sweetly, motioning to a watering can for me to use.

After I fill the can up, and water a few plants, I decide I need to ask about my parents. To be honest I had never really asked questions before. I knew there names, Aleksi, and Raveena. And I knew that father had grown up in that now desolate town Ravenwood, and was a scientist. It was also common knowledge that my mother had passed away not long after giving birth to me and Rafe. But that was the extent of it.

“I heard about what happened at school today.” Salamae says casually, interrupting the silence of my nervousness. When she notes the shocked look on my face, she continues. “It’s a small town, news travels fast. So I guess you have a few questions for me?”


“I… Uhhh… I’m sorry.” I reply somewhat embarrassed. It seemed taboo to ask about my parents now, it had been fourteen years.

“Don’t feel bad, they’re your parents, they’re a part of you.” She softly squeezes my hand and nods slightly. “I knew this day would come…” Her voice drops a little, sounding almost sad.

“What… What happened to them? Who were they? Why am I here?” I blurt out without thinking. It seemed as good a place as any to begin. She looks away for a moment, to gather her thoughts, before regaining eye contact.

“When your mother came to this town, she was very sick, we didn’t think that you or your brother would survive. But she was strong, and she loved you both the instant she found out she was pregnant. She had a good heart, and she was incredibly loyal. She kept fighting until the very end. Even if that was much too soon.” Salamae’s soft, smile keeps her from looking sad. Except you could tell it affected her, her eyes told the tale.

“How did she-“


“You remind me a lot of her, you know.” Her hand gently pats my cheeks in a motherly fashion.

“I’m not strong, or a fighter. I don’t sound anything like her.” I respond glumly. This woman held my mother in high reverence, that much is clear.

“You have no idea what you’re capable of.” Her head shakes a little as she tuts me. “And your father… The one thing you need to know is that he loved you, more than anything. After your mothers death, he was distraught, and alone, with what seemed like the whole world on his shoulders. But he loved you and Rafe, He couldn’t stay though.”

“What do you mean, couldn’t stay?” I question. If he loved us so much why would he leave us? Maybe Selene was right after all.

After what seems like minutes she finally speaks. “He couldn’t give you the life you both deserved. Safe, happy. It was the only way…” She frowns, struggling for the words. It seemed like there was something she was hiding though, her answers were too vague. She just danced around each question, offering little detail.

“Where’d he go?” I ask glumly. She wasn’t going to tell me, but why. What had happened fourteen years ago that made father leave? Or was he, in reality, just afraid? I sigh loudly as she responds to my question with silence. “Why won’t you say anything?”

“The less you know, the better, I’m sorry dear.” She frowns, her voice full of emotion. “It doesn’t make sense now, but it will. One day.”



I stand by the window bay, alone, watching the growing moon. Trying to think, and clear my head. Something had happened all those years ago, something bad, something Salamae didn’t want me to know about. Did my father have something to do with the Ravenwood disaster all those years ago? Except, one thing didn’t add up. Why would he involve himself with vampires? Many questions swirl about my mind. Tugging at my curiosity. I was like a dog chasing it’s tail, my thoughts and accusations just went round in circles. Founded on nothing but unknowing.

I wonder if he was looking up at the same moon as me right now, wondering how his children were doing. And whether he had made the right choice. But somehow, and somewhere resonating from deep within me, I knew he didn’t leave by choice. I know he did love us.

Slowly I move towards the foyer of the house as I hear the front door open and shut. Rafe was late home, again. It was two in the morning, and he was only now just getting home. He slowly stumbles, weakly, clumsily, to the stair well. I can’t see him clearly in the darkness, but I wonder if he’s okay. Something’s not quite right. His breath is thick and ragged, as he struggles to make his way to his room.


“Rafe?” I say quietly, and worried. The strong metallic scent of blood hits me, as I take a step towards him. “Rafe, are you okay?” I touch his arm softly, making his entire body flinch as he pulls away from me.

“Don’t touch me…” He groans slurring his words, barely looking towards me. But as the moon shifts from behind the clouds, I see his bruised and bloodstained face. “I’m fine.”

“No, your not!” My eyes flicker up and down his ragged body. Blood, bruises, and more blood. Bite marks even. “What happened? Who… What did this to you?” This wasn’t the first time I had seen him return home like this, and I knew it wouldn’t be the last. He wouldn’t talk for days after it, if he did, it was incoherent ramblings.


“Vivian.” He says softly. “It looks worse than it actually is, but I’ll be fine. I’m okay. I bit off more than I could chew, and cut it too close to the full moon. But I’ll live.” Rafe sighs with a slight smile. He looks a mess though. And something, someone had done this to him… “I should have been watching where I was going, in the forest. I tripped and slid down the hill. Should’ve stopped at a few drinks, instead of a few too many.”

“Rafe…” I start again, barely believing his tale. There was no alcohol on his breath at all. And these injuries were definitely not from falling over.

“I’m okay.” He coughs out. A drop of blood, slowly slides down his face, from a cut on his head. I watch it, glide over the contours of his face, and down his neck. Almost mesmerising. Taking my full attention for more than a few moments. I shake my head, bringing myself out of the daze, and wrap one of my arms lightly around his waist to help him to the bathroom where I can stitch him up.


I make him sit on the edge of the bath tub as I wash away the blood. To which there was a lot. Anxiety claws at my insides. Looking at all the bite and claw marks, this wasn’t human. But… No… Just an angry dog, that’s all. Or maybe he did just trip…

I clean and wrap his wounds, to which he winces and clenches his teeth tightly every time. Luckily for the weekend, he wouldn’t have to leave his room, and face the nonstop questions. He just had to keep a low profile till he heals up. Although this was Rafe, and a ‘low profile’ was not his style at all.

“Thank you.” Rafe says, struggling to his feet when I’m done. “Can we not, you know, let Huttser or Salamae know about this.” I nod my head, feeling numb as I watch him stagger to his room. He isn’t okay or safe. But I want more than anything to make believe that this never happened. That I didn’t witness the carnage that is Rafe, or see the wild, blood frenzy and daze in his eyes.

But I had, and one thing was certain. Whatever did this, wasn’t human…


As I sat in the small classroom, my mind easily began to wonder from the subject at hand. Trigonometry… Math. The numbers just swirled clumsily around my head, instead of the expert precision and accuracy that Mr Calloway asked for in his classroom. It wasn’t my fault though. It wasn’t that I was a bad student, or lacked the appropriate attitude. Math was just not my forte.

A yawn bites at my lips as I turn my head to look at Rafe in the corner of the room. His purple eyes focused on the pretty girl perched happily beside him, twirling her hair and whispering sweet nothing’s into his ear. Selene. She was queen B at school and everyone knew it.


But is that what guys actually wanted? I think to myself feeling mortified noting her impossibly short skirt, much to short for school, yet somehow allowed. You could almost see everything. From her long, tanned legs, to her thighs and with her going upstairs, offered anyone below a glimpse of her lacy thong. And her blouse, two sizes to tight, with the first three buttons undone, allowing her matching red and black bra to show. And then there was her makeup, a heavy set of foundation and mascara and lip gloss.

Other than her physical appearance and beauty, there was her personality. She was confident, not afraid of putting herself out there. Selene could have any guy out there and she knew it. This resulted in her arrogant, and bitchy attitude. She was the model of perfection at Blackwater high, and I was failing to live up to the standard. She was thin, tanned and busty to boot. And what was I?

My gaze falls back to my own desk, as I stare at the empty page in front of me. I had never been kissed, but I wonder how many men had counted themselves lucky to steal a kiss from Selene, if not more. I smirk and shake my head. Was Rafe even aware of what he was getting himself into? I’m sure he didn’t, he never thought that far ahead.


“Can I copy ya notes?” The rough voice beside me asks. I turn and smile sarcastically at him. His long hair falls scruffily past his ears, to his shoulders as he smirks.

“I haven’t done any.” I scoff, watching him scrunch his face up dramatically.

“Neither have I.” He winks at me with a smile that could bring just about any woman to her knees. “But… Is it just me, and I’m no expert, but do ya that the teacher man would look so totally hot rockin’ a moustache?” I can’t help but laugh at him, while trying to regain my composure. Lucian, my best friend. Albeit my only friend, but the best I could ever ask for.

The rest of the day drags on slowly before the final bell rings. After that I walk home alone. Rafe is too busy wrapped up with various girls. And Lucian has to take care of some business with his father. The chief of Blackwater. But I enjoy the solitude and warmth of the afternoon sun. I liked to be alone.

As I unlock the door, I turn on the tv to the news.


“For those who have just joined us, this is Chuck Barry, and Leann Winters with the four o’clock news. In the early hours of this morning, a brutal attack was launched on the Bridgeport ambassador and his security detail while on a peace making visit to the slums of Ravenwood.

“Few residents of Ravenwood are still stranded in the town after the town was laid to waste fourteen years ago by vampire anarchist Asmodeus Dragomir and his thugs. Ravenwood has often been thought of as the start of the vampire rebellion, and the war between us and them. The few residents still living there are essentially living in a war zone, and third world country. There is no power, or water supplies, or food coming in and out of the area. The town is completely isolated and cut off. With many attacks on trucks entering the area bringing that life saving emergency supplies. Vampires are still thought to inhabit the area.”


“Ambassador Hammings, and his security team of six men had arrived in the town last night for a peace conference and to try and rebuild the now desolate town. However, the conference was cut short, when a riot broke out as emotions ran high, and tensions were thick as the winter snow.”

“It is thought that after the failed conference, Hammings and his men returned to their hotel for some much needed rest. But in the early hours, police suspect around 3.30, the room was broken into, and…. And-“

“Police found the bodies of six of the men, however Hammings is still missing, presumed dead. The police have not yet named a suspect, but all the bodies were drained completely of blood, and had bite marks on there neck. This has been Chu-“


“What on earth are you doing watching this crap? You’ll only scare yourself to checking for monsters under the bed again.” Rafe yawns throwing himself on the couch, quickly snatching away the remote from me. Despite his brave front, there was a slight hint of fear in his almost steady voice. Vampire attacks were getting more common, and were plastered all over the news these days. Almost everyday, the body toll rose. And every time, I would get just a little more scared of the dark.

“I wasn’t done watching that.” I growl at him in monotone. Another attack. On an ambassador. Missing presumed dead… They used to be optimistic, they used to think they’d find them alive. And now? They were just as cynical as the vampires were blood thirsty. They didn’t expect they’d ever find him alive. “What are you even doing home? I thought you were going out?”

“I thought I’d spend some time with my darling sister.” Rafe smirks spinning a white lie before me. “Actually I heard about the attack a while ago, I wanted to make sure you were okay before I did anything. Didn’t you have a date tonight anyway?” I blush horrified at him. He could be so sweet sometimes, then he’d turn back into Rafe.


“Lucian is just a friend…” I squeak, nervously. His smile widens as he raises an eye brow incredulously at me. “And he’ll be back home soon. So don’t feel compelled to stay here with me.”

“You want to be alone? How scandalous.” Rafe chides again, laughing louder much to my dismay. I don’t even know how that idea had even popped into his head. Lucian had been my best friend since I was born. We’d grown up in diapers together. That would just be weird. Wouldn’t it?

“Shut up!!” My voice cracks a high note as my colour goes even more red.

“Can’t blame her can ya? I mean who wouldn’t wanna be alone with me?” Lucian winks throwing himself down beside me with a self satisfying smirk. I glare in his direction, but falter as his gaze turns directly to mine. “How are ya? You see the news?”


“Yeah… But I’m just going to forget about it.” I lightly smile as both him and Rafe watch me closely. “Really, I’m fine.” They didn’t have to treat me like I was one of those fragile, delicate ladies in the movies who needed constant attention and babying. “We’re the lucky ones, remember? They don’t come down this way.”

“Good girl, now don’t do anything silly while I’m out.” Rafe stands up with a slight groan, slightly favouring one side of his body, but only for a second. “And by that I mean, don’t act like me, act like… Well… You,” and with that he leaves without another word. I didn’t know where he went, or what he did. I just had to trust he wasn’t a complete idiot, and could take care of himself.

“You don’t have to worry about him ya know?” Lucian smiles scooting across the couch and closer to me.


“That obvious?” I sigh. Of course he knew, of course I was. I couldn’t hide anything from him. Ever. He knew me too well. Just like I knew him.

“That obvious.” He says rather matter of factly. “Now what did you wanna do tonight, since ya got me alone and everything..”

You’re not funny.” I smile at him from behind my hair as I launch a pillow at him.

“I know.” He chuckles slightly as he catches it, inches from his face. “But I do get to see that goofy smile of yours.” He says softly, making my grin unknowingly widen. “And now you’re so going to get it.” The pillow in his hand is repositioned as he raises it to strike.


I clumsily hasten myself of the couch, in my desperate attempt at escape. I trip slightly, catching the other pillow in my grasp as I turn to try and defend myself from his furious onslaught. One hit, two hit, three. I tightly grip onto the pillow, as I struggle to defend myself. It takes a while before I land a hit. But then it’s all on. An all out war. It’s not just a pillow fight anymore.

We both laugh manically with each hit, and deflection. He chases me across the living room, as we jump across couches and hide behind various furniture. I scream as I narrowly dodge his pillow and avoid crashing into him. I turn to face him, with a mischievous smile, slowly advancing on him as he nervously backs away.

I deflect one of his shots and catch him on the chin. As I turn to escape, his hand catches my waist and pulls me back closer to him. Our breaths are heavy as he pauses, I try to escape but he holds me tight against himself.


“Where do you think you’re going?” He mouths breathlessly. His hand gently grazes across my stomach before resting on my hip as I feel his warm breath against the nape of my neck and into my ear. I feel a nervous kick in my stomach. His breath is loud, but not as much so as my own heart beat.

“You’ve got me right where you want me…” I whisper with a blush. Why wasn’t he doing anything? He was just holding me, he could strike, or attack… Or something. “Now what?”

“I…” Lucian seems slightly stunned by the question, as though he himself isn’t quite sure. Or in a daze. He shakes his head with a slight chuckle, releasing me with a slight nudge, before the pillow slams into me again.

I turn as a mass of feathers float around us. He holds the broken pillow victoriously in the destruction. His smile is soft yet proud. My heart pounds loudly in my chest as my lips curve. His smile was contagious, it always had been.


“Mom!” He almost yells as she opens the door. Her face looks slightly stunned by the mess, and the broken pillow. “We were just… Uh.. I was… Errrr… You’re home.” His eyes widens as he grips my hand without another word and drags me out the front door before she can react.

I follow behind him blindly, as we stumble through the darkness together. The moon was large, the full moon would arrive in a few days. The night was well lit with lunar beauty. Lucian’s hand grips mine tightly as his pace quickens. The silence between us is accentuated by the sounds of the night. The crickets, the wind, the owls. And us. Two quiet heart beats. Soft footprints. Our gentle breaths. No words passing between us. It wasn’t needed.


He releases my hand as we reach a small barn by a field of crops. Lucian laughs nervously as he turns to me. We had only just narrowly escaped. She was going to be there when we got back, but we didn’t have to think about that right now. We were young, and hopeful. And the night danced on our skin. We were happy, and alone, as we had the night to ourselves. The thought almost scared me, but I had Lucian beside me. I was brave.




So I know that the photos aren’t of the best quality. My laptop made it difficult to be able to play as I had to switch out the battery for a fully charged one, which only gave me an hour to take photos, edit and publish the chapter. However, I am excited to start this generation, and I hate making you guys wait.

So hopefully this doesn’t disappoint. And the winner of the heir vote, is obviously, Vivian. So without further ado, lets get started.



The suns silhouette dances playfully down from the cloudless summer sky. Crickets chirp loudly, as the warm, crisp breeze washes over the land from the east. Summer is evident with the sounds of the wildlife and the crunching of the grass under every calculated step by the two children no more than eight years of age.

The girls dark violet locks trail behind her as she gracefully skips through the fields. Her quiet, serene giggles echo throughout the quiet meadow where wild horses roam. She darts between the long grass, and rocky terrain. This was her land. Where she felt comfortable to roam, and run. The map etched onto her brain and heart, she knew it like the back of her hand. There were few places that she had not yet ventured. Her childlike curiosity was limitless as long as her best friend stood by her side.

The boy pulls her to a stop, breathing deeply as he regains his energy from their flight. His hand runs through his hair as he waits to catch his breath. After a moment, he raises his arm slowly, pointing to a large, wild horse eating the underbrush of a bush. It’s golden mane catches in the wind, and lightly blows. The white fur covering it’s nose and beyond stained.


“Luc!” She exclaims loudly eyeing up the wild mare. “It’s beautiful isn’t it?” The mare’s eyes meet hers for a moment assessing her, before returning to its feast. A smile touches her lips as she inches forward a step to get a better look.

“One day ill get you a horse like that Vi. No… An even better one, that you can call your own.” The boy replies, with a dreamy look in his eyes, fixated on the horse. “I pwomise.”

“Pinky?” A smile evident as she shyly looks up beneath her hair. She holds her hand out, with her pinky finger offered out to make the deal.

“I’ll give you a hundred.” He concludes taking her finger in his with a slight nod. “One day…”

Vivian’s smile widens as she throws herself back in the long grass. Her fingers delicately entwining with a blade of grass as she twirls it in her hands under the warm sun. The boy, Lucian, sits down and breathes in the breeze, the taste of summer on his lips. Comfortable silence passes between them as they watch the sky together. The two on occasion point out the shapes of the clouds. A bunny. A clown. A tiger.


The horse snorts loudly in protest drawing their attention back to it, as a large black wolf eyes the children from the tree line. It’s golden eyes pierce with familiarity and intelligence. Vivian stares back with slight fear at the large beast. It’s black fur slightly matted with dirt, and twigs of it’s journey. The horse makes it’s swift escape, but neither Vivian or the wolf flinch.

“Don’t be afraid, he means you no harm.” Lucian mumbles watching her face fill with fear and doubt, as it takes a small step forward. “Wolves are a good omen.”

“B… B…. But he’s… He’s so big and scawy!?” She quietly exclaims, feeling both oddly at ease and uncomfortable. The wolf yawns lazily, before blinking a few times.

“But I’m bigger and scarier!” He growls mockingly, scrunching his face up at her and baring his teeth with a growl. Her cheeks flush a deep red in embarrassment.

“Lucian!!” Vivian squeals still focused on the wolf, with her face still red as a tomato. Her thoughts abuzz with thoughts of how easy the wolf could turn on them.


“Viv, it’s okay, I won’t let him hurt you. I wouldn’t let anything hurt you.” He says straightening up, looking more serious. The wolf whines quietly before turning its back and trotting back into the mountains from which it came. “See, I told ya so!”

“Shut up!” She sulks pouting slightly, as he laughs. Even though he was gone, it still made her shiver. Se feared the mountains and what could lurk up there. Not just the mountains, but the dark, the unknown. It unnerved her. Made her anxious. Like there was something out there just waiting. Something worse than a wolf.

“Okay, I’m sorry, but…. And I hate to say this… But I told you so!” Lucian clumsily ignores her fears, or perhaps on purpose to make her forget about her worries for a second. Viv glares at her friend for a moment before softening her gaze.


“You don’t… You don’t think that there’s something else out there do you?” Her voice is a quiet squeak, question in her voice. She blushes slightly as he looks her in the eye, before her sight quickly darts to her feet.

“Something else?” His eyes narrow in as he searches her eyes for an answer.

“I’m… Forget I even asked….” Her brows push together as she frowns at him in shame.

“No, not that easy. There’s something on ya mind, so spill.” Lucian gives her a once over, trying to figure out the seriousness in her voice. She was afraid. But of what?

“I can’t help but feel like there’s something out there…” Her eyes turn to sad desperation as she wills him to understand. To listen without laughing at her childish fears of the boogeyman. “In the darkness… Just watching, waiting. Maybe I’m just being silly.”


“Or maybe you’ve watched one to many horror movies.” He chides her in a half mocking tone. As her face darkens he continues. “But, honestly, there’s no need to be scared of the dark.”

“The darkness does scare me though, Luc. What’s out there, does scare me.” Vivian frowns again, becoming slightly animated. “I mean… The darkness. The real darkness, in the shadows, where you can’t see a thing. What if there was-“

“Frankenstein? Zombies? Vampires?” Lucian butts in mockingly.

“All of the above.” She glares in response.


“Frankenstein and zombies aren’t limited to just the night. And vamps? ‘Round here, you’ve got to be kidding me. Give ’em some credit. They’re a whole lot smarter than that.” He says over confidently with a smirk, much to her dismay. “And werewolves-“

“Shut up!” Viv growls at him. “This is serious.”

“I’m being serious.” Lucian feigns hurt clutching his chest.

“I… I did something naughty. You know the last tribe meeting? I went, when I wasn’t supposed to. And… It’s so bad Luc… The things they were saying.” She confesses looking ashamed, whilst still keeping eye contact. “The vampires-“


“Shhhhh it’s okay.” He quickly collects her in his arms. “You don’t need to finish that sentence.” She sniffles slightly before pulling away red in the face again.

“But, they’re coming Luc. They’re getting stronger. And they… They’re evil. Pure evil, the lot of them.” She groans softly, trying to make sense of the chief’s words. Except she couldn’t. It was just a mess, and she wasn’t making sense. Hysteria. “Whole families, whole towns, just gone. No more. And what if they come here? The ones they show on the news, the stories they tell, they’re death. They only bring death.”

“And like I said before, I’m not gon let no one hurt ya. And that includes some silly vamp who thinks he can take you away. I’m here right now. And I’m not going nowhere.” He had taken it upon himself to watch over her since she had been born. For as long as he could remember. And although he was just a toddler back then, he had made it his job to protect her. Of course she had Rafe for that, but he was easily distracted.


“It’s not just what’s on the TV, and what they say in those meetings. I… I can’t shake the feeling that something is out there waiting for me.” Her voice is a whisper. The boy turns his back to her, watching the fading sun. His young mind clumsily thinks over the issue at hand. She was afraid. “And what makes it worse, I don’t know what it is, or what it wants from me. But I know it’s out there.” Her bottom lip sticks out noticeably as she finishes. A hint of anger and frustration in her voice as it quivers. Maybe it was just childish fear, but it stuck with her. Like it had crawled into her brain and laid seeds of doubt.

“And maybe there is something out there… But who said its bad? You fear the dark cause you can’t see what’s in it. It’s mysterious, and secwet. But it’s still beautiful. The moon, and stars, the wolf’s song, fireflies. The night brings the dawn, and new life. Just cause you close your eyes, and you can’t see what’s right in front of you. Doesn’t mean it’s not there. And doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing.” He ends his sentence defiantly watching the full moon rise. Not all monsters were scary and naughty and evil. Not everything that stalked the night was to be feared. He wasn’t scary. “You can’t live paralyzed by the fear of what’s out there.”


“You’ll protect me?” Vivian forces a small smile, as she looks up at the soon to be night sky.

He holds out his pinky finger again, and takes hers in his. “Always.”

Before they can turn around, both of them are grabbed by the shoulders forcefully by two men. Lucian’s father Huttser, and his uncle take them both. Anger is clearly imprinted on both of their faces as they guide the children back home in the rising moon. They offer little protest as they’re dragged back home. They silently cower against the strong will of the adults. They were in trouble…

As they burst through the front door of their house, little is said. Huttser and the other man, glare thoughtfully in the children’s direction, shaking their heads in disappointment.


“Boy, how could you be so stupid as to do this. Tonight of all nights? What if something had happened?” Huttser scolds angrily, as his wife Salamae enters the room.

“But-” Lucian begins with a fearful look on his face. His father wasn’t an angry man, but he had crossed some sort of line tonight.

“But nothing.” Huttser concludes, shrugging away from his wife’s gentle touch on his shoulders. “Viv, it’s bed time now, you should get moving. And as for you, down to the cellar now.”

Vivian, cowardly in nature, offers no words of defiance. Instead she hangs her head low and slowly stalks out of the room. She turns around quickly as she reaches the door way, offering a small smile to her friend. You’ll be okay she silently thinks. It’ll be okay by morning. Nothing had happened. There was no reason for the adults to be so mad.


As her head sinks in the pillow, the sound of the wolves echo throughout the night. And even though it terrified her, it made her feel safe. This was home.

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Okay guys, so I was planning to post the prologue a lot sooner than this. I mean, its all written out, and if i had the pictures I would be able to publish. But my laptop is broken. The charger port thingie (that you plug the charger into) is broken. So hopefully I can get it replaced soon, with the hard drive and saved files still in tact. And fingers crossed it won’t cost much to replace either.

Any way, I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday. And we’re spoilt rotten by Santa and their loved ones. And spoilt their loved ones just as much. And I hope, if you made New Years resolutions, you stick to them and have a great 2013. I have a feeling it’ll be a great year for everyone.

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