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Chapter 3.22

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I sigh getting to my feet, breathing in the strong scents of the incoming summer. Days were longer, nights shorter. I walk through the moonlit forest without knowing my destination. Just enjoying the sense of freedom that lacked in my imprisonment. The grass under my feet. The warm, fresh air on my skin as I speed up into a brisk walk and finally exert my muscles to their full potential by sprinting. It’s almost like my muscles know the path I’m taking. It isn’t a conscious decision. I don’t want to think right now. Instead I focus on the feeling of my flight. Of the speed, and the wind. All the sounds that surround me.

My speed drops as I begin recognize the woods that surround me. And the all too familiar path up to the now abandoned building full of broken, haunting memories. I come to a halt as I stalk up the path. Regretting every foot step. Except I can’t turn back now. My heart thuds painfully in my chest as the building comes into full view.


The vines and ivy grow just as wild as it was left. The overgrown flora surround the building, giving off a strong sense of isolation and desolation. As I ascend the steps, my hand traces along the contours of the old building. The ghosts that haunt the building call to me. Telling me to go on.

“You’re here….” The voices call to me.Some familiar some not. They only murmur louder as I open the door and step inside.

“Your not real…” I growl back, feeling the hairs on my arms an the back of my neck stand up as a cold chill runs down my spine. Books fall off the shelf around me causing me to jump. “It’s not real…” I whisper quietly reassuring myself. “None of it is.”


“Maybe I’m not…” An all to familiar voice whispers. As I turn my head, I see him… “But you’re still here, are you not?”

“You’re not real!” I growl a little louder, trying to rid myself of the apparition.

“You left me behind.” It purrs feigning hurt. My heart quickens as it steps closer. “You left me to rot away! After all I did for you, and you just left me to die, and rot, like some animal. Did I mean so little?”

“Stop it!” My voice cracks a slight high not as I survey the area for escape. “Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Your not real!” I back up slowly, carefully. Trying not to trip up over the discarded items lying all over the floor. Instead I back right into another object.


“He’s not, but I am!” A low, rough voice growls into my ear. My heart drops as its claws graze across my neck. I can’t speak, I can’t move, I’m frozen with fear. “Have you checked the children?”


When my eyes open, I’m already on my feet, sprinting to where they are. Have you checked the children? No. It couldn’t be him. Asmodeus couldn’t have found me. My heart aches with an erratic, frantic beat. It seemed stupid to believe wholeheartedly in a dream. It’s only a dream. Except my dreams had a habit of coming true in some form of another. It’s only a dream. Keep telling yourself that..


I trip falling into the door way, without thinking of anything but their safety, I rip the door open, revealing the blazing afternoon sun. A rough growl escapes my lips as I fall back to the wall and out of the scorching, hot way.

Despite a few deep breaths, my heart will still not hush. The loud, forceful pumps against my heavy chest beat frantic as though the danger has still not passed. I groan, resigned to my fate to reside in the shadows, while they walked in the sun.

The boy’s loud childish giggles echo all the way inside, along with his footfall as he runs clumsily away from his sister. She screams after him in delight. “Wafey! Wafey! Imma gon getchu!” A weak smile forms on my lips as I sit shakily in the dark room listening in on them. They were safe, and happy, more than I could ever ask for. More than they could possibly ever ask for with me, and while the twins raged war within vampire hierarchy.


“Viiiiii!!! Viiii! Nooo, noo ahhh!” The boy screams as his sister reaches him and they fall to the ground giggling. “Nawt chur cookeh….” He grumbles, as she takes her victory. “Ma cookeh…”

“Bhut, wafey me halfs, chu halfs?” I half smirk at their relationship. They weren’t alone. Not while they had each other. They weren’t alone…. They’d be okay, I think reliving the relationship between my mother and uncle Phin. They were twins, and despite everything,  the fights, the battles, they always had each other’s backs. They would have fought tooth and nail to keep each other safe. Everything was going to be okay.


But maybe I was just trying to justify my thoughts, and soon to be actions. Make it all sound right, and just, and fair. Not a cruel, selfish act done in the name of “love”. They were my children, and my blood. Maybe I was just scared. Scared of being a father, and taking responsibility. Scared of being all they have in this world. And maybe I am. But fear isn’t going to keep them safe.

I know what I have to do.


As night descends I watch over them with determination, and sorrow. The rise of their little chests, up, down, and repeat. The soft humming of their breaths, in and out. The soothing beat of their tiny hearts. This is how it’s meant to be, safe, and happy. Living for today, not over my shoulder. A weak smile touches upon my lips, they could live that story. They would never have to fear the monsters in the dark, or what lurked in the shadows of the night. They could be safe.


My gaze focuses in on Rafe as he mumbles something incoherently under his breath whilst deep in sleep. He was going to be a trouble maker. Something in the way he smiled, and the glint in his eyes made it obvious. And maybe I was just saying it as a father, but he was going to grow up and steal all the ladies heart if they weren’t careful. My hand slowly traces along his tiny, bare arm, making my throat burn and ache, but my heart feel oddly at ease.

“I know I’m not going to be there to watch you grow up, kiddo.” I whisper almost silently. “But I want you to know that I do love you, and me leaving… It isn’t done out of malice or me not wanting to be your dad. I need you to be safe, it’s all I want for you. And you’re mom, she isn’t here to protect you no more, or to tell me what the right thing to do is. And I miss her so much. But this… It has to be the right decision.” My voice falters slightly, as he re-positions slightly. I wait in silence for a moment, making sure he still sleeps. “Can you do me favor? Can you protect her? With all you have, and all you’ve got. She’s your sister, and you’re the man of the house.”


I slowly creep forward and peer down into Vivian’s crib. She looks so sweet and angelic, as she softly snores. There was so much of Ravee in her. She was going to be beautiful. I sniffle quietly, as I try blinking away the tears forming. I didn’t know how hard this was going to be. If I felt I didn’t have to, I wouldn’t say goodbye. I’d learn to to be the father they deserved. But I didn’t get the happy ending I deserved.

But neither did Ravee, or Arkin, or the countless vampires who would have to fight the war. They needed someone to grant them justice. Although finding Arkin and bringing him home, wasn’t ever going to be the easy choice. The resistance needs someone, they need hope. We all need a little hope.

Vivian tosses and turns in her sleep, snapping me out of my thoughts. I watch her worried that she may wake. Her toes curl, and she breathes deeply, yawning loudly. Her eye lashes batter sweetly as she pouts at me.


Before she can make a sound, my hand rushes to comfort her. As our skin touches, I feel a burst of emotion through my core, telling me that everything will be okay. The connection as our embrace lasts, only grows stronger. Father and daughter. Cut from the same stone. Even with my absence, the connection was still strong, and obvious. And that was always going to be there. I would always be able to find my way home. To her, to Rafe.


“Hewrow?” She mumbles tiredly as she rubs her eyes.

“Hey baby..” I mumble softly, watching her reaction. “Go back to sleep.”


I kiss her forehead softly, as my hand gently cups the back of her head. “I’m going to be back one day, I promise. But right now, an old friend of mine needs me. And this is the only way to protect you. But one day, it’ll be safe for me to come back to you. And when that day comes, nothing could ever stand in the way of me being the best father to you and Rafe. Nothing.” I pause, less than an inch from where I kissed a moment before. “Now sleep easy, cause I love you, and I’m coming home one day.”

She eyes me sweetly as her head falls back into her pillow as rest comes easy. Even though she wouldn’t remember me by the time the sun rose high in the sky tomorrow, and I was long gone, it gave me comfort. “Seepeh tim…” She mumbles falling into a deeper sleep. “Nuh nye pa….”


Author’s note.

So this is the end of generation 3, sadly 😦

The next chapter will be the prologue of the fourth generation. I am happy to admit that I am excited to write for it, and the new story teller, and poll winner. Whoever that may be, I did drop a few obvious hints for you guys 😉 


Chapter 3.21

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All my tired, aching muscles freeze as the tantalizing smell hits me like a freight train. From one moment I feel free, and now, all I can focus on is the hunger. The painful, all consuming hunger. The two children, look up at me with fascination, but all I see, all I feel is their pulse. The thud of their mortal hearts. My throat aches with protest as I statuesquely stay firm in my position not daring to move an inch for fear of slaughtering everyone in arms reach of me.

The red haired child’s violet eyes hold me in place. Except despite my good intentions the scent alone weighs heavily on my mind. My mother had been like heroin to a vampire’s senses, pure Ecstasy, except she was not even one tenth of the strength of the children. My breath comes out slow and ragged as I struggle to contain my thirst.

“Wh… What are they?” I growl through my tightly clenched teeth. The force hurts my jaw, but I only bite down harder. “Who’s?” my eyes blink back the tears of anguish already forming as I know the answer to the question I have just asked.


“Congratulations, you’re a father.” Huttser says unenthusiastically as he surveys my body language intently. Possibly watching me to see if I would make a move on the two youngsters gurgling happily together on the floor.

“How….? They’re… Human… More so than me, and I’m a half blood…” I whisper, focusing in on their heart beats with mixed emotions. The man was right to watch me so suspiciously. I could so easily turn against them. But they’re a part of me, and I’m a part of them. I can feel our bond with every beat of their pulse.

“I dare say it was that blasted cure that your master was working on.” He says bluntly as Salamae smiles encouragingly at me from beside him.

“It wasn’t a cure… It was a blood substitute.” I respond flatly. Arkin, my master, was gone. And never coming back… No don’t think like that. “How did you know about that, or him?”


“How naive as to think that we weren’t aware of the progress you were making. Arkin had been looking out for you, even before you knew his name, or that he was watching over you. Nightmare…” He says tenderly saying the dog’s name with reverence. “Our wolf-brother, was a present. Although… I’m not so sure that you could give away another person just like that… I mean, sure he was in wolf form, but still…” Huttser frowns as though bemused as he tries to wrap his head around the thought. Instead of answering the question, he had however, just created more. “And don’t be foolish, you weren’t enlisted to create a blood substitute. It was a cure, it was always a cure.”


“Why would something meant to sustain life be so volatile?” He interrupts, raising an eyebrow knowingly. I had never actually thought about it properly. All the anti vampire ingredients couldn’t possibly be used to sustain us. My body had spent months at war with it’s self after eating the fruit because of the sheer amount of it. My cheeks flush with embarrassment as I look away in frustration.


“He only ever wanted to protect you, and a blood substitute was a lot safer than a cure.” Salamae finally speaks. “He was a good pretender, and an even better liar. I think that even he fooled himself into believing that it was all going to be okay in the end… And maybe it will be…  But right now we can not dwell on the past, you’re a father now. And one of the lone survivors of the resistance. What you do now changes everything.”

“I have one question…” I frown feeling the memories of my past threaten to tear me apart. ‘Why me? Why was I involved? Why did I survive, and she… And she didn’t? Why me?” By the time I pause, I’m yelling.


“Why not?” Huttser shrugs. “You’re a hybrid, you walk between your two worlds, mortal and immortal. And that too me would be a pretty good reason to want you to work on a cure. To be a part of the resistance  And it’s also a lot easier to protect someone when you know exactly where they are and what they’re doing. And why did you survive?” He scoffs loudly, as though annoyed by the question. “The only reason you lived, and you both didn’t turn to ash, is because you ARE human and your vampirism was burnt alive out in that sun. It’ll return in time, maybe not fully, but it will return to you.” His voice drops again quietly as he continues, almost soft and sympathetic. “Why is it so hard for you to accept that you ARE alive, and that it isn’t some sick joke that you were chosen? Next you’ll be asking why the sky is blue, or why the grass is green. You’re alive, boy, and you’re all they’ve got left. So shape up, or ship out. The choice is yours, but by god, you had better make the right one.”

“Huttser-” Salamae goes to speak in a soft voice, but he cuts her off.

“Don’t even dare think about telling me to soften up. I love you to death Mae, but this has gone on long enough. I’ve left him well enough alone the past few months to mope about, just like you told me too. And yeah, I get it, he’s hurting, but we all are. We all lost someone that day.” His brows push together as he wills us both to understand his point of view. I watch her stunned by my own lecture. “I can’t bare to watch this anymore. The resistance is scattered, and these kids need a father. He doesn’t just get to grieve like a normal person, too much is at stake for him to just walk away and have a cry about it.” Salamae shoots him a dirty look at his last comment, but he ignores her. I feel a nervous pit in my stomach as I listen to him speak.


“Hatteh?” The little girl child, with Raveena’s purple locks, tugs at Huttser’s trouser leg. Her little, angelic voice clumsily attempts to say his name as she sweetly looks up at him “Stowwy? Pwease? I gewd gal, stowwy nao? Wafey gewd tu.” I feel a burst of emotion throughout my entire being. This child… My child… I had been absent for so long, she must be at least two, and she looks at me like I’m a complete stranger. This wasn’t how it was supposed to be, but this was it. My life…


I gaze up at the stars, lost in my own little world. Remembering a time which seems like years ago, wishing upon the stars with my lost love. I had so much hope in my heart. If it wasn’t for Arkin, or her, I would have given up so long ago. But they put me back together, and taught me how to live with what I am.


The stars seemed brighter somehow, back then. My childhood, my innocence, it all seems like so long ago. So pointless. All of it. We had fought so hard, and for what? Ravee was dead, and Arkin was gone. Except that couldn’t be the end of it. It just couldn’t be. I don’t think I could live with myself if that was the end of the story. We tried so hard. Got so far. And in the end it didn’t even matter? No. There was more to the story. There had to be.

Arkin wasn’t just gone. He couldn’t be. He was out there somewhere, needing help. Someone to come and rescue him. I bite my lip worrying about him. Arkin wouldn’t have just left me behind, he wouldn’t just leave me to rot. And where was he? A thick cloud floats over hiding the stars. And I think to myself, there’s something out there still. There’s still hope.

My eyes close, as I listen out for the heart beats of the children, of mine. It had become a nightly ritual for me. My safety net, they were alive and okay, even if I wasn’t. But my being here is putting them in danger. No one escapes from Asmodeus Dragomir runs though my mind. I escaped… It was only a matter of time before he extracted revenge.


Even though they were mine, and safe for the time being, I kept my distance. It wasn’t fair on them. Yes, I was there father, and yes, I want to be there for them. But I can’t. I’m dangerous, and even if I can control my vampiric tendencies, Asmodeus is out there. Watching, waiting. Azazel too. If I leave, they can’t miss the father that was never there.

I remember what Raveena had told me about her mortal husband. When she turned into a vampire, she never returned to him. Even when she knew she could control herself. It wasn’t fair on him, even if she loved him, it wasn’t fair to put him through that. She sometimes watched over him from a distance, and often longed for him, but she never came home. I never understood that, not until now.


Rafe had inherited my hair color, and his mother’s eyes. He was active, and adventurous, and mischievous. I’m sure that he would have no trouble defending himself when he got older. And Vivian had my eyes, and Ravee’s hair. She was quiet, and kindhearted. Viv, however did have more vampire in her. I could feel it in her. It worried me though, how would she cope with that as she got older? My vampirism emotionally crippled me for many years, and I hoped it would not do the same to her. I don’t want that for my child.


“How are you feeling? And  use your words, none of this attitude crap anymore.” Huttser chides in, snapping me out of my thoughts.

“I can see her in them, and honestly… It sucks.” I mumble, trying to convey my feelings to him without getting another lecture for being moody. “I loved her so much it hurts, and now she’s gone and I can’t have her anymore, and this… Them… I don’t know if I can do it…”

“So maybe you can’t have her anymore. Now what?” The man responds calmly looking up at the moon and stars. I turn away from him for a moment, watching the night fall with the rising sun.

“I want to be their father, I do. And that means protecting them, from not only myself, but everything else that stalks the night with me.  There’s a war coming, and I’ve managed to piss off both sides. If they come for me, I don’t know what I’m going to do.” I frown finishing the thought that had been heavy on my mind. “But… I don’t want to leave them all alone.”

“It sounds like you already made up your mind.”

“It’s not that easy. They’re my children. Mine…” I whisper under my breath.


“Do you hate your parents for leaving?” Huttser pries further, allowing me to ponder the thought carefully.

“They didn’t leave, I did. And I would be lying if I said I didn’t miss them, but… I don’t regret that decision. I mean… I was so angry for so long, and so confused. The look in my mothers eyes… I love them so much, but if I had of stayed, it would have killed me.” My eyes drift down to my feet as I refuse eye contact with him. “Letting me go… It hurt them more than I know, but it was the best thing that they could have done.”

“So if it was best for them…” He says slowly choosing his words. “Would you say goodbye?”

“In a heart beat…” This time I turn to face him directly holding his gaze in mine. “But the question isn’t whether I would leave if I needed too. It’s whether I need to…”


Okay, so guys, without giving too much away of the ideas I have planned for generation four, I do have a sneak preview of what to expect, as well as an heir vote. The first heir vote we’ve had, so huzzah, make your choice wisely. I do *hope* that this generation is different from the others, while also carrying on the general plot of the legacy, and the other generations. And I do really hope that it doesn’t disapoint either, cause I do try my best for you guys. Which makes taking such a long absence difficult, as I feel I lose touch with you guys and what I really want to say in the story. So I am hoping to get back into the swing of things, and tell the story I want to tell, and hopefully that you want to read.

So without further ado, here’s your little preview and poll on generation four 🙂

The world

Ever since the start of the vampire civil war, life has changed much for the inhabitants of the world, including Ravenwood  dramatically. Vampires have since come out of the shadows of society, and in most cases, have not hidden the blood feud in front of mortal eyes. This has led to some retaliation from the humans, and war has spilled out onto the streets costing many lives.

Vampire politics is on the lips of humans and supernaturals alike. Azazel’s calm, logical views have swayed many human associates, while the harsh, brutal ideas of Asmodeus turn the vampires to rebellion. Many mortal’s also have very black and white views on the vampires since their existence was made public. While some may have neutral to positive views on them, a lot view them as unnatural, and leeches, and evil, causing even  more conflict.

However the lycans have been dragged into the fray, often used as soldiers in a war that is not theirs. The “day soldiers” often utilized by Azazel in his path to victory are often recruited in a number of different ways, not always including fair or compliant enlistment.



Traits – Party animal, athletic, brave, daredevil, flirty

Life time wish – Physical Perfection

Rafe’s story begins at the age of twelve. He ditches school, and journey’s into the neighboring school for some excitement and thrills. During this escapade, witnesses one of many round ups, and enlistments done by the vampires. Due to what he sees, Rafe naively involves himself in the pack life of the wolves and vampires, including dog fights which he excels at due to his vampiric origin. These victories in battle led to him rising up the ranks within the wolves and earning respect among the other brawlers.

Rafe’s cocky, “I’m ten foot tall and bulletproof” attitude gets him into a lot of tricky situations, but it also attracts a certain type of woman, who’s name’s he barely attempts to learn due to the short nature of the flings, and heavy celebratory drinking. Rafe also finds it difficult to hold down a steady job, or wake up before noon as it doesn’t fit with his “lifestyle.”

Underneath the surface however, he is a softie, especially when it comes to his twin Vivian. And despite being so different, is very close to and wants to help, even if they do clash a lot.



Traits – Good, easily impressed, shy, over emotional, hopeless romantic

Life time wish – Leader of the free world

Vivian’s story begins at the tender age of eight, in the fields outside of her childhood home. Roaming the wilderness til dark with the pack master’s son, and the man who took her into his home when she was born’s son, Lucian. They tell stories of the night and what could lurk out there. But before the full moon can rise, they’re both sent back home, were she isn’t allowed to see him again until the sun is high in the sky. The two remain close, even when both of their occult natures are shown: His lycanthropy, and her vampirism. However, when tensions in the pack, and the fragile nature of human/occult politics run high, Vivian takes it on herself to push herself beyond her comfort zone to ease the conflict for the better.

Vivian is incredibly naive and trusting, wanting to always see the good in people. Although this is an endearing quality,  the world she lives in is dangerous, and not everyone can be trusted. She believes in true love, and that her knight in shining armor will come for her one day, but doesn’t always look in the right places for him. Vivian is also shy, preferring to be around people she knows and likes, suffering in new situations, or where she feels under pressure.

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