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Chapter 3.20

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My muscles clench violently. Reliving the violent, scorching struggle. The suns harsh embrace, ripping me from my reality once more. Beads of sweat form and cascade down my hot and clammy skin. Still bruised and charred to the touch. Ravee.… The ceaseless aching, and grinding of bone on bone, muscle against muscle. Every ragged breath like daggers to my dry, hoarse throat. Ravee… My mind like a thousand violent shattered pieces of glass. Ravee… Frantically searching the furthest recluses of my fragile memory looking for answers. Ravee… What had happened? Ravee… And where was she? Ravee…

And that was the question on my lips. Tugging at the corners of my mind. Where did she go? It had all happened so fast. The howling, and growling, and snapping of bones. Azazel’s cold, defiant stand. Asmodeus’ clumsy retreat. And Ravee..?

“Where are you….?” I mumble under my breath. A shuddered sob escapes my lips as painful memory stings my hopeless demeanor. “It’s so hard without you… Tell me how am I supposed to live without you? It should have been me that day…” My continuous broken sobs echo loudly. “It should have been me…”

I bury my face in my cracked hands hopelessly, trying to return back to the happy days. Desperation sinks into my very core. Obvious with every shuddered breath. I was happy once, albeit I was a monster, I am a monster… No… The vampires in the council were monsters. Those who cause harm happily to another are monsters. They exist everywhere in society, humans, vampires, and whatever else lurked in the darkness without humanity. If I was a monster, so too was Ravee and Arkin and Uncle Phin and dad… I bite my lip in frustration and desolace… I’m alone…

I hoist my feet over the edge of the bed, and watch a line of ants crawl from under the door and up the wall. Even something so small and insignificant as an ant had a purpose in life, and me? I had failed mine. But maybe if I could just find Arkin I think hopelessly watching the ants closely. He would know what to do…

Except he’s gone…

No he isn’t… He’s still here… He’s still here…

“You look like you’re letting go…” A kind, husky voice whispers knowingly from the door way to no response. I scoff quietly, ignoring him. “Ignore me all you like, but I know what my instincts are telling me.” He had been here everyday since… Everyday since I arrived, broken, bleeding and scorched beyond the bone. “You’re not the only one who lost someone you know, and you definitely won’t be the last.”

“Go away…” I growl through tightly clenched teeth. “You shouldn’t care… I can walk now, a.. a… And hunt, you’re debt has been repaid. You can stop pretending to care.”

“You’re not here because of a debt, you foolish vamp…” The man matches my intensity, however despite his elevated heart rate, his eyes remain calm and true. “Family…” He steadies himself with a breath. “Your family. Your girl, god bless her heart may she rest in peace, came here. Much the same way as you, barely breathing or whatever the hell it is you vamps do, and she was without a piece of her heart. Cause you were gone, but she knew you’d met again one day, so she put all her loss into loving the part of you she got to keep.”

“I… I don’t understand…” The part she got to keep… Despite the fact the man was clearly not a fan of vampires, he seemed able to tolerate my company. Almost like he was glad I was there.

“She was very weak when she got here, even weaker as time went by. And hybrids are rare, even more so for vamps… I didn’t think it was possible. But-“

“But what?” I interrupt feeling a lump form in my damaged throat. He shoots me a thoughtful smile as we both collect our thoughts.

“My debt has been repaid, I can stop pretending to care.” His grin widens as he turns and leaves the room without a second thought. I feel my cheeks flush with frustration. My hand grips the edge of the bed as I struggle to my feet and too keep balance. I can faintly smell his scent on the breeze through the ash and haze of my exhausted brain. He knew something I didn’t. A loud groan escapes my lips as I stumble weakly to the door and open.

The midnight air casts a million shadows onto the unfamiliar landscape in front of me. My eyes take a few moments to adjust, but even less intense and pure than that before my imprisonment. The new world before me, no matter how dark and dreary it may seem in comparison to my past, is like a beacon of hope. I survived… It is then when the guilty thud of my heart snaps me back to my current predicament.

Alive, but alone. A survivor of the coming war, of the ongoing war. Sayuri, a member of the vampire council, dead. Arkin, a pure blood Prince, missing presumed dead. Brothers, fighting a war against each other that could decide the fate of vampires everywhere. My dear, sweet Raveena gone. And me… Barely breathing. Not even half the vampire I used to be.

My attention is slowly drawn to the beating hearts further down the path, as I let instinct alone carry me towards the lively camp fire. Hunger, my primal vampire instinct gnawing on my mind. It could be so easy to end it all for them, I think, toying with the idea as I allow myself in arms reach of them. I eye the man nervously, somewhat ashamed, before turning on the others briefly, allowing my gaze to fall upon their’s for a few moments. Fear, concern all cloud their eyes as they watch back without a word.

Footsteps down the path. A woman appears, much the same age as the man who had helped nurse me to health. She had been there much the same as him, healing, listening to my screams. Despite it all she carried herself with grace, and compassion, and dignity. This was her pack, her family. Family…

“Huttser, dear, have you told him?” She whispers into the mans ear, as they share a look of affection and a smile. Mates, bonded for life. He shakes his head responding with a silent no. “I think it’s time now, don’t ya think?”

“Darling, we can’t stand in the way of a man and his family, but is he ready. I mean really ready?” The man, Huttser, drags his eyes up and down my half deranged body. “I don’t want to rush him…”

“Why don’t we let him make up his own mind?” The woman tuts him, stepping right in front of me. Her soft hands cup my shoulders sympathetically. “The mind is willing, but the body is weak… Aleksi, I’m afraid we have not met in the best circumstances, my name is Salamae. These are my lands you roam right now, under our protection.” She motions to Huttser standing beside her now. “Did Raveena ever tell you?”

“Tell me what?” I state simply, and suspiciously. Trying hard to find the answer to this question. I was missing something very, very important, and it seemed that my love had not told me everything before her premature departure. A slight panic enters my mind and slow, weak heart.

I follow the woman Salamae and Huttser back up the path. Weakly, running only on fumes. I stumble, and trip, barely catching myself as I hit the ground. Shame creeps into my cheeks staining them bright red. My nails dig into the ground, clawing up the ground. I was weak, and useless and I had failed. Tears prick at my eyes as I withdraw back into my mind. I should have protected her. I should have done more. It’s all my fault. If I had of tried harder she might still be here with me. My fragile heart beat is the only thing reminding me I’m still here. I’m still here…

Whispers crowd my already damaged mind. It claws it’s way into my head, leaving parasitic, numbing scars over old wounds. None of the words make sense to me anymore, they’re not for me to hear. I can’t, I’m too far gone. She’s all I see, all I want, and she’s gone. Foreign voice still try to reach me, but I’m lost. Her voice is soft and sweet like a lullaby as I play movies in my head. Wishing that she was still here. If I make believe hard enough, it’s just the two of us again. And we’re happy, and alive. but she’s not…

My teeth sharply cut into my bottom lip as my melancholy deepens. How could I ever love anything half as much I love her, and how could I be happier than I was when I was with her?

And then I hear it…

The things that dreams are made of, an illusion. A trick of the mind. Wishful thinking. The sound instantly snaps me from my emotional lock in. Suddenly, everything is clear. The voices aren’t foggy, like they’re a million miles away, and I can see again. My ragged breath calms as I listen out for it again.


A feint, almost non existent giggle. My head snaps up instinctively as my body is drawn to it. Like a moth to a flame. Huttser and Salamae treed silently behind me knowingly. I poke my head into the small house, and barely look around as I follow the sound. As the last door opens, I am confronted with the creator of the sound, and violet eyes staring right back into mine.



Chapter 3.19

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Authors note: Sorry for the MASSIVE delays with posting this chapter and lack of updates. Don’t worry guys I haven’t been in any trouble or anything like that. Life just got busy recently, and will stay similar for a while. But I will continue to publish, and hopefully catch up quickly with all your wonderful stories. 

I do have to find some time to update Ravenwood for Supernatural and Seasons, and hopefully find a whole new side of gameplay I hadn’t anticipated or used yet which will, fingers crossed, open up some new and interesting story lines. 

This generation is obviously almost finished, so I will be sad to say goodbye to the characters I’ve gotten used to writing for. All this being said I am looking forward to starting the next generation, and introducing you to the new and old characters who make a return.


“Brother, dear…” I snap awake at hearing Azazel’s cold voice as he steps over my limp body. “I apologize for my… Most absurd outburst… How very uncharacteristic of me. You were right, you always have been right.” More footsteps but my eyes blur unrelentlessly over the figure. The smell… Her smell… “I’m here.”

“Of course I was right. But why are you here? Did she leave you behind for the vultures?” Asmodeus chuckles circling Azazel mockingly. The woman’s scent envelops me. I know her. But I can’t find her name inside my mind. It’s too weak.  “She did, didn’t she? Aw, darling Azazel, did she rip your heart out? How many tears-“

“Asmodeus, stop. I am here, as your humble servant. Accept me now, or just get it over with and kill me.” A low, warning growl escapes his lips as he looks away. “A gift in honor of my loyalty.” Azazel points to the cowering woman hiding behind him.

“No!” I hiss from the growl, her face finally coming into focus. Raveena… How did she get here? Why? No… “Don’t you dare touch her!” Azazel picks me up, clutching at my weakened body dominantly.

“Shhhh… Quiet now.” Azazel purrs into my ear as Asmodeus embraces her. My love. My Ravee. And there is nothing I can do to stop it. “It’ll all be over soon enough.” I feel his body tense as his brother places his lips upon hers. I feel hot tears stream down my battered and beaten face. “I… I’m sorry…” His voice is almost inaudible as he whispers into my ear. “C… Can we move this along? I have things to do, places to be.”

“Ravee…” I sob against my restraints, feeling a fiery rage inside my stomach begin to churn. She was not his to touch. If I could only break out.

“Aleksi… I… You’re alive!” She exclaims briefly with a small smile. “I-“

“Put them in the day room. Dawn is coming. And both of them.” Ravee’s words are cut short as Asmodeus growls loudly into her ear. Before anyone can protest he continues. “I have an eternity to find someone who isn’t just going to leave me, and find some pathetic little young blood as my replacement. We could have been good together, babe. And now you’re going to die.”

“Brother…. Is that really a good idea? Sure, the whelp, but the girl too?” Azazel replies stunned, his eyes fall nervously over hers and back to his twins. “You… You could have some fun first. Or-“

“No, she has been tainted by this pathetic little rat. They can die together now. I have no use for her.” A harsh, crackling laugh escapes his lips as he leads us out of the small room. “I’m king now, I deserve a Queen, not some little whore.”

“You’re not King yet…” I think I hear Azazel mumble under his breath to the ignorance of his brother.


The woman on guard furrows her brows together. Something is outside. The beasts calculated footsteps clamber over the rocky path   in the approaching dawn.  Sayuri takes a deep breath, relishing in the wild smells of the woods. A dog perhaps, more wolf, more beast than pet. She can smell the heavy smell of blood and carnage on it’s breath.

Ever since she had been introduced to this life, vampirism, she knew one thing. Wolves were bad omens. Where wolves roamed, the lycans were usually not far behind. They were pack beasts, grouping together. Stories often told of men turning into wolves. Of half-deranged, murderous wolves walking on two legs. Their bite enough to kill a vampire. Their strength resembling her own. If she knew anything, it was that they were something to be feared. Even if the lycans were supposedly extinct, there were rumors. But she had always been afraid of wolves.

The wolf outside nears the door, clawing at the ground, whining in a low tone. Sayuri could feel her breath catch, she was immortal, and this was just some stupid dog. Lycans were extinct, Azazel had told her many, many times. Her hand slowly opens the door. “What do you want mutt?” She growls looking down at the dumb beast. It’s strange amber eyes glow intensely, piercing into her eyes unnervingly. As she lifts her boot up to kick the beast, something catches her eye.

A much larger beast growls from beside the door. It’s amber-green eyes almost winking, as if to say it’s over for her now. The black wolf barks, his long furry tail thumps loudly against the ground as the woman tries to take a step back. Other large two-legged man wolves step from the trees, as their alpha growls again in command. The small wolf, Nightmare, leaps for her throat, as the lycans attack.


“What was that?” I groan lifting my head off the cold pavement as the roof opens up, revealing the night sky. A loud crash, growling. Sure, I was delirious, and half-crazed, but that was real. “Ravee?” I whisper lifting myself up from the ground and pulling her tightly into my arms. “It’s going to be okay… They’re here.” I breath in the familiar smell from in my dreams.

“There’s no way out…” She frets, sniffing loudly, ignoring the strong scent. “Silver infused walls, and bars. There’s no way. Dawn is coming.”

“I love you.” I whisper soothingly, before letting her go to survey the room for the umpteenth time in the last ten minutes. There had to be a way out. Azazel’s nervous pacing draws me back to the reality of the situation. Why was he so nervous? Sure, he didn’t want his brother in power, and from what I can tell from Asmodeus’s jokes he had been left here by the queen… But he was going to get out alive, and all this was just some survival plan.

“Touching, really.” Asmodeus sighs, pushing me back to the ground with a hiss. He could smell them too, and hear the carnage. I didn’t know exactly what they were, but the smell was something I could recognize from anywhere. And something else. Something reminding me of home. Of family. “You’re not getting out. I’ve won.” Asmodeus purrs again locking us in.

Azazel tenses again, pausing mid stride, a cocky smile forming on his face. “Brother… Just because Morrigan left, does not make you king. Just because you think you are deserving, means nothing. You will never get power. And I will personally make sure of that fact.”

“Excuse me?” They both turn to face each other. Azazel remains calm, cool, collected as usual. While Asmodeus growls defensively, puffing his chest out for size. “You take that back. Or-“

“Or, what? I’ll regret it?” A harsh, frustrated laugh escapes his lips as the growling gets closer. “Do not forget you’re place in the world, I have let this foolish attempt at mutiny go on long enough.”

“So, what? You’re little queen wins?” Asmodeus glares viciously at his twin, as I desperately search for escape.

“No. You both lose, because I have a little advantage.” The first rays of sun begin to fall into the room. I pull Ravee behind me desperately hiding her from the incoming day. “I found them brother. And now it’s over.”

“All this for some pathetic prisoner? Wolves, brother? I always knew you were lying about them being gone.” Asmodeus growls infuriated as he clenches his fist. He was the brawn, the fight, he always had been. He was stronger, and faster than his twin. But Azazel was smart, too smart for his own good, and he had found his Achilles heel. “You can’t beat me brother…”

“And you can’t win, so where does that leave us?” Azazel scoffs refusing to break eye contact. My gaze drops from his pale, determined face animated with the power of his words. War… But not just war, but bloodshed. Hopeless, mindless bloodshed for power and glory. And I would die here like some dog, some animal.

I feel a lump form in my throat as the tension grows more and more tangible with the passing seconds, so much so it could be cut with a knife. Like electricity coursing through the air, as the words are said and their meanings deepened. War was coming, and dawn almost upon us.

My gaze turns to Raveena who’s look of brave resilience has faded, and subsided into nothing as the hopelessness of the situation hits home. This is it, this is really it. The end: Of us, of me, of peace, of freedom.

“I’m so sorry… For everything. We should have just left you alone…” Raveena’s soft, almost silent sobs escape from her porcelain mouth. The lost, almost desperate look of intensity in her eyes offers no salvation from reality. No hope for us at all. “I… I’m so sor..”

“No…” I interrupt with little more than a syllable. Her eyes flicker for a hopeful second before fading back to goodbyes. “Do not apologize. For nothing. Because the moment I saw you, I was saved. I was happy, and I knew true happiness from the moment of our first embrace, the first look, the first everything. Do not apologize for offering me one of the only joys that my short life has known.”

“But if Arkin had not…. If you had not known me… If I had not…” My heart thuds reluctantly, painfully against my battered beating chest. Without her I would not know love, or happiness. I was not ready for good bye. “If I had not been so selfish, I would have made you leave. I knew the dangers. But I… I loved you too much… And now… Now we have to watch each other die…”

I cling to her tightly, as the sun touches my skin for the first time. There’s no escape. Would my family survive the coming war? Would there be anything left at all after the vampires had torched and scarred the land with their blood lust? My tears drench her skin as she weakly pulls me tighter and closer. We should of had more time. We should have had justice.