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Chapter 3.19 update

Posted: September 9, 2012 in Generation 1

So I was going to publish the new chapter today, but I realized I don’t have supernatural and I need it for the photos. So another delay until I can afford to buy it. Which will hopefully be this Thursday when I get paid (And I just realized how far away that is), if all my money doesn’t go to pay for my tattoo.

I’m sorry again, but I am getting a start on my reading, so that’s a positive. But I will be back ūüôā Just bare with me for the time being <;3

But to make it up to everyone, I might give everyone a sneak peak at the babies and possible heir/heiress.



Posted: September 6, 2012 in Generation 1

Hey everyone, I’m sorry I have been so AWOL lately. It’s not by choice, I’m just incredibly busy right now with work, and my course (curse you assignments). I will still be making chapters, so don’t worry, I’m not¬†quitting¬†or anything. And I will be trying to get to my enormous reading list when time allows for it, and I¬†apologize¬†in advance for even taking this long.

I will be trying to get an update out this weekend, and will try for once a week (fingers crossed). Once again I’m really sorry, but I’m still trying to find the time. And this update should have been posted earlier, I know. But at least you know now ūüôā


Thank you all for being so patient ‚̧

Chapter 3.18

Posted: September 1, 2012 in Generation 3
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Author’s note: I’m very sorry with the significant delay in this chapter, and for being AWOL. My internet has been almost impossible to load this week (The amount of time it took to upload the photos and insert them was very taxing), that and I’ve been busy and feeling overall very restless/distracted by life. But I hope to have the next chapter up soon, and be back to some kind of regular upload schedule.¬†

The “f” word is also mentioned a few times, and third person is used throughout most of the chapter.


The meek, autumn sun lightly dances over the flowing water, whilst the icy breeze embraces the land. Whispering change with every silent breath.¬†Four wolves run as fast as the wind. Their heavy,¬†labored¬†panting echo’s by the quiet riverbed, as they exert their muscles over the journey.¬†Faster, the alpha growls, as he leads his pack into enemy territory. Faster, the trees sigh in preperation for the battle scars soon to come. Change is¬†imminent¬†with each falling leaf and every half cast shadow.

The wolves surround me, their loud, harsh protests crackling in my ears. Where am I? How did I get here? My fear is evident with every shuddered breath. Every painful, gasping sound as I beg for my life. Their eyes glow with strange intellect and¬†morals. The alpha howls, snapping at my heels as I try to run. My gaze drifts away from the three ¬†dominant wolves that encircle me, and to the large, black wolf waiting for me. Except he’s not a wolf. His paws slowly change, and his body morphs into something resembling human. Where once was course, black fur, is smooth, supple skin. ¬†His majestic golden eyes bore into mine¬†intensely.

We’re coming…” He whispers in low inhuman growl.

“Wh… Who’s c… C… Coming?” I spit out fearfully over the other wolves.

It’s time to wake up…” He growls lunging for my throat


I moan in my sleep, growling under my breath. A cold sweat envelops me.¬†“We’re coming” I shiver, cradling my trembling body for dear life.¬†“Wh… Who’s c… C… Coming?” I toss and turn, trying to escape his penetrating glare. It’s no use, I can’t look away.¬†“It’s time to wake up…” An all to¬†familiar¬†voice cackles in the darkness of my mind. Slowly drawing me away from my¬†unconscious. Tearing me away from something I do not want to leave. A growl pierces my mind as reality begins to swirl around my clustered, overwhelmed mind. An unfamiliar hand lunges for my throat, ripping me from the bed.

My dizzy, exhausted mind snaps to life as I’m thrown into the wall with a dull thud. Frantically trying to see straight I claw my eyes open, searching the perimeter for the intruder. It’s a woman… From that night during the council meeting… “Who are you? What do you want?”

A sick smile twists her face into a wretched monster as she lifts me up by the collar. My eyes glaze over… This was it… I was going to die. Truly die. She bares her sharp fangs at me, as she sniffs the air around me.¬†“Child, you won’t live long enough to use my name.”

“Go ahead, I dare you…” A low growl¬†erupts¬†from behind her, she quickly drops me back to the ground.

“Azazel… I…” The woman mumbles shocked, as she turns to meet him face to face.

“You what? Got lost? My dear, that excuse doesn’t work… Just having a friendly conversation? Seeing what all the fuss is about? Following orders?” Azazel interrupts, his voice¬†laden¬†with sarcasm. He was protecting me? “Lets just drop the pretenses shall we, Lilith love? I have over one thousand years on you, and I have a nasty bite when provoked… Touch him again, and I’ll rip you limb from limb, are we clear?”

“Brother, leave the threatening up to the master. It doesn’t suit you.” Asmodeus chuckles appearing in the room. What was happening? Why were they all here? This can’t be good. “So let’s try this again. If you refuse something that¬†I say, I’ll rip your heart out. Remember,¬†I own you.” He purrs into Azazel’s ear.

“Are we really doing this?” Azazel shakes his head, ignoring his brother’s threats. I stay perfectly still on the ground, trying not to draw attention to myself. Except I don’t think that anything I could do would draw their minds to me. This wasn’t the¬†distraction¬†I wanted. I just wanted to go home. “You’re going to pick them? Young bloods? Over me?”

“Lets face it, in the same position, you’d pick our lovely queen instead of me, wouldn’t you. Hell, you have. Many times. Over me, your own flesh and blood.” Asmodeus growls, stepping uncomfortably close to Azazel, who does nothing. “I’m just starting what we all know would happen eventually, and picking my side. The only difference is, I’m¬†initiating¬†it. That way you don’t have to feel guilty about it later. Of course, my side could always use one more.”

“You can always turn back, Asmodeus. There is no reason she needs to find out about your little mutiny.” His face is completely blank as he¬†addresses¬†his brother. How could he be so calm? Asmodeus is terrifying.

“There you go again. You don’t get it do you? YOU JUST DON”T GET IT!!” He raises his voice painfully loud. “Always trying to be the saint. Well guess what Azazel. This is happening. You can either join me, or piss off back to your queen. That’s it. Remember I gave you the choice.”

Azazel takes a step towards the door. “I’m sorry brother, but I have had my line drawn in the sand, for a very, very long time. And you’re right. I have always chosen her, and I probably always will. Just like you will always choose the hard road.” His robotic feature fail him for a moment. “As I said, touch my prisoner, and I’ll rip you limb from limb.”

“Because you’re my brother, and I love you. You’ve got til dawn, then it’s no holds barred.” Asmodeus hisses. Dawn… I couldn’t really expect that Azazel would kill his own brother to save me. His prisoner. Knowing the end was coming, I was strangely at peace with it. Dawn… Something was coming… Something big..


As Raveena sat on the floor, so many memories clawed into her damaged mind. Asmodeus… Her… She was taken back over five hundred years ago to when her mortal life ended and she became this. A vampire. He hadn’t ever changed, not once. Asmodeus was just as cruel, and sadistic as he is now. Every single cut, every single touch, every single kiss. She had lied to herself over and over again that it was all just a bad dream. But after being thrown back onto his radar, she knew she could never escape him again. No one got away from Asmodeus Dragomir. Maybe that was why she ran away that night and left Aleksi to his fate. She didn’t run for her babies sake, she didn’t even know about them at that point. She didn’t run to get help. She ran because she was a coward. She had left Aleksi to die. All because she was a coward.

That was it, wasn’t it? Raveena loved Aleksi so much that it hurts. She loved his children more than she valued her own life. But she ran. ¬†Asmodeus had her again, and he could do whatever he liked to her. But she didn’t blame Azazel. Not once. He was the only reason she¬†originally¬†got away. Azazel was the only reason that Asmodeus had said “as your maker I release you.” Sure she was back, but there was so, so much more that Azazel could have done to her. To her family. To Aleksi…

“Raveena…” Azazel’s low voice says as he opens that door and lifts her into his arms. “I’m sorry… But… We have to go.” Without warning he rips her from the room, leading her through the underground pathways quickly.

“What’s happening? Where are we going?” She protests quietly, clinging to his body as though she might fall. “Azazel?!”

“Asmodeus thinks he can play king for a day.” He laughs in nervous hysterics. “A king needs a queen! So if I were you, I’d shut the hell up and take the escape route instead of questioning every little thing. I’m sorry, I thought I could actually win. But no, he has to go and ruin every little thing. Stupid fool he is.”

“He’s… He’s going to do it? Make a play for power?” Ravee gasps in fear. Asmodeus was psychopathic. He took what he wanted, when he wanted. Never asking what was right or wrong. “Azazel… You can’t let him… Where’s Aleksi? Arkin? We have to get out of here..”

After apologizing hundreds more times. He lets go of her hand, and tells her to run. Azazel refused to tell her where Aleksi was, or about Arkin. He was too ashamed that he had let this happen.


“Arkin, dear… Tell me, where did I go wrong?” Morrigan asks in an angry tone, turning back to face her prisoner. Her hand glides over an old, rusted machine as she continues to talk. “Do you actually want to be human? To throw away the life I gave you?”

“Yes-” She flicks the machine, watching the heavy dose of silver and herbs flow through the IV and into his blood stream. Arkin’s body writhes in pain, violently convulsing against his restraints.

“You¬†ungrateful, bastard. You are a vampire! A pure blood, no less… And a prince.” She hisses, taking his hand in hers. Even if she hated¬†torturing¬†him, it wasn’t the first time, and it sure as hell wouldn’t be the last. But she felt that it was a mother’s duty to punish her son when he was naughty. And that was a duty that she had succumbed to many, many times. “After every little thing I have done for you-“

“What have you done for me?” Arkin growls through his clenched teeth, and the¬†indescribable¬†pain, burning its way through his veins. “A mother should love their child not- arghhhh…” Another dose of the poison is¬†administered¬†into the writhing vampire. “Arghh not ABUSE them, mentally and physically, you… You argh pyschopath…” Arkin coughs out much to the dismay of the woman.

The door opens. “Azazel, dear… Would you hand me that silver knife?” Morrigan asks casually, as though what she is doing is considered normal. Doing as he is told, he picks the knife back up by the hilt, before dropping it down again.

“Hasn’t he had enough. Months, he’s been down here, and he hasn’t changed his mind.” Azazel sighs, lightly pulling her up to meet him.

“I will stay here years if that’s what it takes to snap him out of this pathetic phase.” She growls at him, trying to turn back to her broken down son.

“Stop, Moore.” Azazel whispers her pet name. Knowing that she will at least listen to what he has to say. “It isn’t a phase if it’s lasted two thousand years. We both know that. You cannot change who he is, just like I could never change you.”

“He killed my grand daughter, my protegee. And he’s a threat to vampirism. Azazel, I will retrain him if it kills me. What other option do I have? Killing him?” Morrigan shakes her head frustrated. He could be such a prude sometimes. And hardly any fun. She created Arkin, didn’t that mean she could destroy him if it pleased her? “Why do you even care?”

“Well for one, we have much much more pressing issue at hand. We are at war within our own ranks. I think Arkin can at least wait til we have a plan at the very least.” Azazel glances over to Arkin, wishing that he could at least remove the IV drip, or give him some blood so that he could heal.

“Whoever it is kill them. Simple.” The woman rolls her eyes, reaching for the blade, but he grabs her hand.

“No, it’s Asmodeus. I will not kill him. It isn’t that simple-“

“Then I’ll kill him, problem solved.” Morrigan growls shoving him aside. “I rather like you Azazel, do not make me add you to the endangered species list. So go and deal to this, before it becomes a bigger problem than it needs too.”

“Yes, Asmodeus is an arse, but he is my blood. I will not fight him, and to the death? If it’s war he wants, fine. But I will not allow that. He can be trained.” Azazel stiffens up at her ludicrous plan. Maybe she could bleed her own blood dry and call it love, but he couldn’t. “What is wrong with you?”

“You’re here aren’t you? With me? What do you expect? You fight for the winning team, so don’t be surprised when you’re asked to join in. You said you could control him. I really don’t think that a war is controlling him. You get him under control. Or I will. Then I’ll have to deal with your insubordination. And I will not be quick about it-“


“W..W.. Why are you d.. Doing th.. This?” I mumble with shallow breath, as Asmodeus bites my neck,¬†feasting¬†on my hybrid blood.

“You smell good, or do you mean the war?” He responds between gulps of my blood, as the other two woman watch on hungrily. “I don’t like being told what to do. Our rules, our stupid rules. I want to gorge myself on the finest blood every night of the week. Go into a¬†restaurant¬†and take my pick of the litter. Human’s are not our equals and I will not pretend that we are.”

“They’re coming…” I mumble half¬†delirious¬†as my ragged heart beat slows.¬†“We’re coming…”

“No one’s coming for you.”


“I’ve been fighting for you! This entire time! And…” Azazel’s voice drops dramatically, as he desperately struggles to compose his well oiled mask of serenity. “I’ve given up everything for you… Turned my back on my own brother… And for what! I don’t even know what I’m fighting for anymore! You… You’re not who you pretend to be… Not even close… And you DON’T EVEN CARE! I…. You would sacrifice him… My brother, sure I may hate him at the best of times, but he is still my brother. My blood….. And you would sacrifice me, like some pawn in your game of thrones…. I.. I can’t…. How many times have I defended you…? Killed in your name…? Stood by your side…? How many times have I given you everything I had…? Ripped my soul bare just for your own sick fucking amusement? How much can you take before I fall apart completely?”

“I’m not even nearly done with you yet, Zay-Zee…” Her hand runs down his cheek as he flinches at the pet name she used for him. So, so many memories bubbles near the surface, threatening to tear him into a thousand shattered pieces of the man he once was. “Not even close.”

“Why? Why Moore?” He whispers dropping his¬†guards. She was the one person who had always been there, and never given up on him. And it had all been a lie.

“Good bye, Azazel. I hope to meet you again someday.” Morrigan purrs inhumanly, completely untouched by emotion, or thought, or feeling. “You’ll come crawling back. You always do.” Grabbing the collapsed corpse of Arkin she¬†disappears¬†into the night.


“Azazel?” Raveena’s soft voice whispers, intruding the old blood’s anguished thoughts. “Azazel, I’m… I’m so sorry.”

“Just go! You’re free.” His voice shakes. His mask was broken. Nothing of the confident,¬†methodical¬†vampire left. “Please… J.. J… Just g.. Go…” Azazel collides forcefully with his hands, burying his face into them.

“No…” She takes a seat next to him, without saying another word. Raveena didn’t know why she felt compelled to stay with him. There was just something about the old vampire that always seemed so human. If it wasn’t for him, she knew she would be locked up inside some basement somewhere, half dead, with Asmodeus. Azazel was the only one who ever told him to stop.

“You don’t understand. How could you?” Azazel sobs into his hands. “I dedicated over two thousand years of my life t… To her… I loved her… I love her… She was the only friend that n.. N.. Never left me… And now.. Now I’m destined to walk this wretched earth alone… Or.. Or cr… Crawl back to her… And sh.. She’s right… I always go crawling back to her, because I’m so fucking afraid of being alone…”

His tear stained face lifts up slowly. “You have no idea what it’s like to give your entire life to someone and have them throw it back in your face. And to lose everything… Asmodeus… M..Mor… Morrigan… Arkin… Everybody’s gone. They. Just. Left. They’re gone… And now you’re going to lose everything because of my stupid mistakes. It’s all over…”

“Snap out of it Azazel. You are one of the oldest living vampires, and our world is on the cusps of war. You can’t just give up because…” Ravee pauses herself quickly, eyeing him sympathetically. “You can’t give up, please… Asmodeus was the nightmare of my human life, and ¬†he did unspeakable things to me. But you, Azazel, you stopped him. You’ve done some terrible, terrible things too, and made some foolish mistakes. But… You saved me once… Arkin, and Aleksi still can be saved. And now, you have a chance to rewrite your future… Please…? If Asmodeus takes the crown we’re all screwed… If not then Morrigan wins… And right now I do not know which is worse… So please…”


Dawn is coming. I can feel it with every short,¬†labored¬†breath. With every slow, ragged heart beat. Dawn… My demise. Raveena was gone forever, maybe she would continue fighting for me, but… What would be the point? I hope that she ran that night. Ran and never turned back. She was safe, and far, far away from here. I wonder what she had done since I had been locked up. Would she ever move on? Would she ever hear news of my passing? Would my parents? Had I failed them all?

The one greatest comfort to me was knowing that I had loved and been loved in return. And I would die knowing that was true, because her kiss still haunts me. Her voice when she said “I love you.” And every moment since meeting her.

I loved her, and was more than willing to give my life for her. She’s safe, and that’s all that matters.