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Chapter 3.17

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I snap my eyes open with a fright, almost forgetting where and why I’m here. How long had I been out? Taking a deep breath I try to relax my eternally tense muscles. The silver injection had certainly worn away in my bloodstream, but I can still feel the damage all over. I slowly blink my eyes, taking in the view inside the dimly lit cell.

Arkin, where had they taken him? I wonder trying to will my body to get out of bed. What murder had he gotten with? I slump back down realizing how little I actually know about him. But despite all the inconsistencies, he had taken responsibility for me in there. Claimed me as his own. There was no doubt that he was my master, but could we really pretend that he was my maker? My origin was something that they hadn’t considered. A hybrid. The mortal that had escaped was me, and at some point the lie would come to an abrupt end. I couldn’t hide this from them forever. And what then?

As I stretch my tired aching muscles, I try to think of a plan of action. I would get out of here. I would find my way back to Ravee. This won’t be my final resting place. That is something that I just will not allow. The council can beat me down, torture me, starve me, but I will get out, I think resolutely to myself.

The door opens, it’s Azazel. His calm, collected demeanor is disconcerting. Almost robotic. He knew what to say, and when to say it. And behind his words, is almost no emotion, no feeling. Just emptiness. “Child.” He says locking the door behind him.

“Are you here to kill me?” I growl under my breath, half afraid of what he can do to me.

“Goodness no.” The edges of Azazel’s face pull up into an almost smirk. “Must we be so barbaric? We are not in the dark ages anymore. I am just here to talk. But if you act unjustly, I will be forced to act with much unnecessary force. Do we have an understanding?” I grit my teeth together and nod my head, afraid that my voice will betray me. “When were you turned? Who?”

“A… Arkin is my… My maker.” I frown trying to compose my features enough to come off sincere. “A… A few years ago, I… I ran off into the… The woods, and he… And he found me and… Made me into this.”

“And your family did not miss you?” He pries further trying to find out whether I am a threat. Whether my family is a risk to them. My mother… If I couldn’t control myself around her, what would they do to her if they found her? That could never happen.

“I’m an orphan.” I state firmly. I will protect you, mother. “I was just some kid off of the streets. No one noticed, no one cared. People go missing everyday off the streets and no one notices. I was no different.”

“What were you doing working for him? Surely some street urchin didn’t have much use in such an esteemed science facility. Can you even read?” My cheeks flare red as he mocks me. “I can not think of one valid reason for your creation. Although Arkin did always have a strange obsession with lost little critters like you. Were you his latest pet project? He has a nasty habit of sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong.”

“I am not his pet!” I snap at him, seeing red.

“Do not raise your voice young blood. I have many, many centuries on you.” Azazel adds bemused by my expression. “But if you want to continue down this road, I can call one of the others in to take over, Asmodeus perhaps?”

“No… I…” My brows push together as I fight the uncomfortable rage that he brings up in me. “Why are you so… Calm? All of you seem so tame compared to the stories I’ve heard, and was led to believe.”

Azazel sighs loudly. “Perhaps in the age of the viking, or the barbarian, or crusades, that might have been an acceptable way to run things. But, in saying that, you never got to see the other half of that council meeting.” My puzzled look, is a sign for him to continue. “Lets just say that we will need to rebuild some of the rooms after that night. Don’t take it as a sign to breath easy that you are still alive. Not all of us are so controlled, and many of them want to see your heart on a stake.”

“Then why do I still have my heart?” Despite knowing that I will regret asking the question, I go ahead anyway.

“Because you are my prisoner, not their’s. And I’m not so much a fan of execution, why waste an eternity like that. Especially when I can have you screaming my name, whilst deep inside a nightmare, without ever once laying a finger on you.” Despite his flat, monotonous voice, he still strikes fear to my very core. My racing heart, and tensed muscles are just the natural reaction. “Just like that.” He adds on noticing my visible signs of panic.

“Why not just throw me to the lions? I’m sure your brother would appreciate it. I’m almost certain that he’s asked.” He makes a sound, somewhat resembling a laugh. But it seems so unnatural and cold.

“He is my brother, so I have to love him, I suppose. There is a time and a place for his thuggery, and violence, but not in my territory.” Azazel scowls at me, as I struggle to calm my frantic heart beat. The harsh reality that he can do whatever to me, whenever he likes comes crashing down on me. “He can ask as much as he likes for you, and pretend that he has any real significance of the council. But do not be confused. When I say jump, he jumps.”

I bite my lip and look away quietly. “Am I… Am I ever going to.. Leave?” My husky voice is almost a whisper.

“This is like the hotel California, child. You can check out any time you want, but you ain’t ever going to leave.” He scoffs shutting the door on me. The door slams, as his feet shuffle up the hallway.

There’s a female voice that stops him in his tracks. Speaking a language foreign to me. “Vestri ‘iens habere custodiam, ut ostium valde diligenter. Terga tuta esse tuis? Venit finis tuus, domine. Vinctus quoque.” The tone sounds angry, frustrated, arrogant. Almost threatening.

“Sayuri, dear. Da mihi rationis. Audeo vobis. Ego sum senior. Et validior. Ego rapiet de cor tuum ante an habere occasionem connivebunt. Do not tempt me.” Azazel growls before continuing on his way.


It’s hard to tell whether days, or weeks, or months, or simply seconds have passed me by. Time is impossible to tell. My ragged heart beat is the only reminder that I am still alive, and that the torture continues. Very rarely am I offered sustenance, or offered any other form of contact other than interrogations, silver and pain. Despite Azazel stating that I am his prisoner, he is not my only visitor. The other’s pass through on occasion, all except the queen. And I can handle the pain and scars they leave. That will heal. But Azazel’s constant mind games are exhausting and leave a much longer lasting impact.

My dreams are the only thing offering me any form of comfort, and even then it’s not consistent. Nightmare’s plague my mind. Of what will happen to me, and Arkin. Of Ravee being captured, and hurt. And knowing there is absolutely nothing that I can do to save her. But when I dream peacefully, suddenly I’m home again and safe.

My parents are there, and Raveena, even Arkin. I see the home that I grew up in. Playing catch under the moons cover with my father. My mother baking me cookies. Then I’m pushed forward in time, and I’m with Arkin. And he’s teaching me control. The blood tastes so real, my throat protests painfully as I pull away. We’re at the lab, and Raveena smiles at me from across the room. We’re older now. Running under the midnight moon. We crash into each other forcefully, and greedily seek out each other’s mouths. She’s in a white dress, slowly strutting down the stone path to meet me. We promise forever… Forever... I see our children, and the life that we will never have. Because forever is a lie.

“Except I promised you forever.” I whisper to myself, as though she is there. “Every time I close my eyes I see you there… But you’re not… We should have had more time together… And now I’m afraid that we never will meet again. I love you… I love you so much… So please never come back to me. If you know what’s good for you. You’ll turn, and run, and never come back.”

I slowly force myself to my feet as I hear footsteps down the hallway. Except I can’t see through the bars yet. They’re too far away. Calm down, there’s nothing they can do to you, they haven’t done already. I take a shaky breath trying to convince myself of that fact. It’s a woman… Her pale, bony hand reaches toward the lock on the door.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you, love.” A gruff male voices warns. Asmodeus. “Touch the lock, and I’ll rip that pretty little hand off. I can think of a few better uses for it than on him.” He winks at her from outside my cell.

“Your brother is mad. How can you stand this? A vampire with a heart beat, it’s a disgrace.” She growls at me. Her eyes narrowing in on me grudgingly. “I know you want to tear him apart, even more than I do. I can smell it on you.”

“A little thing called control. Something I would be more than willing to teach you. That and a few other things.” His smirk widens as he closes the gap between them.

“We both know that you and control can’t be used in the same sentence together. You don’t have to listen to Azazel. You could take him if you wanted. He wouldn’t stand a chance.” She presses her body against his seductively, as she bites her lower lip. My stomach flips. What if he actually listened to her? Asmodeus was not someone who should be allowed a position of power. “Between us two, we could have the rest of the council running with their tails between their legs.”

“Darling, what makes you think I’d want you as my number two?!” He scoffs loudly, disgust very evident in his voice. Asmodeus’ hands wrap around her throat tightly. “You are less than half my age, and nothing more than a good screw when I’m bored. And Sayuri babe, that is all you’ll ever be.” Her face grimaces as he pulls her into a deep kiss.

“But you’re thinking about it, aren’t you? You could take over, and there isn’t a single thing anyone could do to stop you.” An evil smirk crosses both their faces, tugging at their lips. “The queen is consumed by Arkin’s fall from grace. The throne is your’s for the taking.” My breath catches as I silently scream don’t listen. Don’t do this.

“Once again… I don’t need you. But I’ll take you word on the matter.” He pushes her lightly away from his body. “If Azazel hears your talk, you’ll be in trouble. And I’d love to be the one to punish you. And trust me on this, I won’t be kind or gentle with you. Far from it.”

“I know he’s your brother, but he’s loyal to Morrigan. Painfully loyal, isn’t it time that you led the way?” The woman offer’s one final sentiment. “He’s holding you back. You could be king. But instead you’re some kind of puppy dog for him to order around.” His teeth clench together in frustration as he glares at her. Asmodeus wasn’t actually going to try to take over, was he?

“Touch the prisoner and I’ll rip you limb from limb. Now piss off before I decide to act sooner.” Asmodeus growls in her direction baring his fangs as an assurance of domination. “What are you looking at mutt!?” I quickly back away, almost falling over my feet as his attention turns to me.

My heart only stops racing after I’m one hundred percent positive that he has gone. Despite my deep rooted fear of him taking her advice, I see something that I can use to get out. A revolution would be a wanted distraction if Azazel struck first. I just had to make sure that it happened the way I needed to. But it could so easily back fire on me. What else are you going to do? Wait for them to leave the door unlocked? I sigh against my exhaustion. It’s the only plan I have.


Time once again streams through my fingers. The way sand slips through your hands on a beach. My body aches and pains are common, something I had expected to pass after the silver burnt up in my veins. But with renewed vigor I ignore it the best I can. All my thoughts are on Azazel’s next visit. But if the council finally agreed to a course of action for Arkin, I might not have enough time. If Arkin died, I assume I would be next.

“Azazel!” I yelp as he unlocks the door. I take a deep breath to try to compose myself. It couldn’t be obvious that I was starting trouble. “I…”

“Why are you so pleased to see me?” His eyes fall on mine with a burning intensity, as he straightens up.

“I…” Smooth, real smooth, I think bitterly. I needed to act casual, not overly dramatic about this. “I was just… Worried… I haven’t seen anyone in a while. I thought… Maybe something had happened?”

“Asmodeus is out hunting.” Azazel half smirks, making sure I understand the implications. “And I have forbid anyone from journeying down here until he returns with my precious little prize.” My gaze drops from his suddenly… What if he found Raveena? “Why what did you think happened?”

“I thought that maybe… He… He accepted the… The woman’s offer.” I say the sentence slowly and hesitantly. Trying to peak his interest in the topic.

“Who? What?” He struggles to stay neutral though. I feel a certain pride in myself. He was taking the bait. “Speak, boy!”

“She wanted him to… To take the…” I stare at the ground, trying to avoid his gaze. “She was trying to convince him to take the throne…”

“Ad nihilum prodest, ferreo canis exprimamus” He growls under his breath, allowing me to see behind the mask for a split second before composing himself. There’s a lot of unresolved anger, and panic. “Who? Sayuri?” I nod my head stiffly. “No need to worry about that.” It sounds like he’s trying to convince himself, not me. “She’s been doing it since the day they met. Don’t expect him to accept just because you’re here. You’re not that special. He’s been saying no for centuries.”

“He’s been declining her for years. How long do you think it will take before she wears him down and he finally accepts?” I mumble quietly. “Especially bec-“

“Because why?!” Azazel snaps at me, trying to reassert himself in the conversation.

“You can hear my heart beat. Feel my warm breath on you skin. I’m turning human. There’s a cure.” Using my hybrid nature to my advantage I take control of the situation. “I don’t know him well at all, so forgive me if I’m wrong, but he won’t be first in line for the cure. You saw the way Arkin came in here, just because he was working on it. His vampirism makes him who he is. And he’s scared he’ll lose it. If he thinks that his lifestyle is in danger, how quickly do you think it will take him to react? If the escapees found the right person, it would be all over.” They’ll never find the last person. He didn’t exist.

“Shut up!” He spits angrily, letting me know just how much it had gotten to him. “You know nothing.”

“Maybe I don’t. But do you trust that he won’t strike?” I add in at the end knowing I’ve hit my mark. I can see the doubt creep into his face. It’s all I need. Reasonable doubt. And then when they’re not looking I get get Arkin and I far, far away.


As Azazel slammed the door shut on his prisoner, many questions weighed down on his mind. Why had he let the boy unnerve him in such a way? His brother, Asmodeus, was a lot of things. Arrogant, violent, emotionally unstable, among a great deal of other things. But he wasn’t a queen slayer, or politically inclined. Azazel wouldn’t, couldn’t accept the pitiful words of his newest prisoner, except somehow, someway the words seemed to echo throughout his mind unrelentlessly.

Azazel was sworn to Morrigan. Even if he didn’t agree with everything that she did, their over two thousand years together had bonded them eternally. If Asmodeus struck, he would have to turn his back on someone that he loved, and watch them die. But if Azazel was anything he was loyal, and if Asmodeus decided to stick his nose where it didn’t belong , it could cause quite a headache for him. A part of him know’s that Asmodeus is too stupid, and too blind to do the right thing. Azazel had known this fact for a long time, and it was becoming more and more obvious with every stupid mistake.

As he walked down the hallway. A long frown crossed his face, biting down at the curves of his face. And as his brother appeared beside him, he felt an uncontrollable urge to make him hurt in unspeakable ways. “I have her for you, brother.” Asmodeus smirked at him, in a dumb voice. Only intensifying his rage.

“Did you touch her? Cut her? Make her bleed?” Azazel asks gritting his teeth together.

“I may have ruffled her up a bit, but don’t worry it will heal.” Without even realizing it, Azazel wraps his hands around his brother’s throat and slams him into the wall behind him. Asmodeus growls in frustration but doesn’t fight him off.

“She is MINE! I told you to bring her back and not lay a finger on her. Why can’t you even listen to the simplest of instructions?” Azazel’s voice stays low, and for the most part controlled. He slams him into the wall again, leaving a large dent. “Do you forget who is in charge, brother? I own you, don’t forget that.” He releases him, and goes to find the latest pet to add to his collection.

“Azazel… I…” The girl speaks quickly, standing up and backing away from him.

“You are quite the slippery little eel aren’t you?” Azazel states quietly as he approaches her. “Always running, always hiding. But I found you, didn’t I? I’ll always find you.”

“I’m sorry… I…” She stumbles with her words. “Where is-“

“Arkin or the hybrid?” A bemused expression crosses the old vampire’s face, as she looks stunned. “Of course I know about that. I wouldn’t be very good at my job if I didn’t. I suppose I am rather lucky for Asmodeus’ lapses in judgement, and the rest of the fools for believing him. A vampire cure, can you even imagine?”

“Wh… Why haven’t y.. You t… Told?” The woman’s lower lip quivers as she speaks. Azazel always had a plan. For everything, this wasn’t just something he had done out of boredom.

“I have much more use for him alive, than dead. Which is exactly what he’ll be if they find out.  But of course I do not care whether he lives or dies. A human vampire, it is rather strange. And his parents I wonder who they could be… But then again a child of shadows is something I would definitely remember.” He growls in a threatening tone, watching her body freeze. “And lets not forget the little ones.”

“Azazel please.” She yelps, he face full of concern. “Don’t hurt them. They haven’t done anything to you.”

“They were born though, weren’t they? And because I can still smell the toxins in your blood from the fruit, they were human, yes? Or at least more hybrid than vampire.  Ripe for the taking, and a tasty little snack I presume.” As he finishes speaking, the woman lets loose a low warning growl to back off. “Of course I am getting ahead of myself, as are you. We can help each other.”

“Not with you.” She spits at him, watching him closely for any sudden movements.

“Child, hush now, lets not making any rash decisions. There’s a war coming, I can feel it in my bones. And I want to make sure that I get out of this alive. Now the pack that you were with, and don’t deny that there wasn’t one. I can smell them on you. Would they be up for making a little deal? Believe it or not the wolves have always been exceptionally good at hiding. Now I have you to take me to them. A day servant with a bite.” Azazel’s cold, detached voice becomes animated. “Now just remember, I have no real reason to keep any of loved ones alive, and you… Well I’m sure Asmodeus would like his favourite toy back.”

“Why are you doing this?” She sobs loudly feeling the heat rise to her face. “You know I can’t betray them, just as you would not for Morrigan. Please…”

“And that is why I’m doing this! For her!” He snaps angrily at her. “Now I might just leave you and Asmodeus alone. I’m sure you have some catching up to do.” Azazel opens the door, allowing his brother to step through, blissfully unaware of the previous conversation. “Go ahead brother, take your time.”

“No… Please, Azaz-” Her voice is cut short by a vicious slap, knocking her to the ground.

“Hello darling.” Asmodeus purrs down at her. “I’ve missed you. Do you want to play? Cause I do…”


Author’s note – I finally got Aleksi on the exchange.


Chapter 3.16

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I lift my head weakly, trying to get a better look at my surroundings. The entire room is spinning, threatening to send me spilling to the cold stone pavement beneath my dizzy feet. A steady hand yanks me back against their body, fingers curling around my collar, preventing my collapse. Closing my eyes again, I’m thrown into complete darkness where I feel as though I might float away. Ravee… Did she make it okay?

“It would have been a great time to implement plan B…” I mumble to Arkin as we are forced further into the darkness. Our armed guards, and pure blood escort ignore our quiet murmurs, instead focus on the path ahead.

“I have.” He sighs sounding defeated. “It’s been in affect for the past fifteen years.” I shoot him a half puzzled look against my nausea.

“Well, it might have been the perfect time to rethink…” I close my eyes painfully, trying to fight the urge to be sick everywhere.

“Azazel!” Eowyn screams, bringing me back to reality. My muscles tense as I watch her run and crash into his arms. As he nears the light, his pale white hair twinkles and shines brightly against his pallor skin. His stance is cold and distant as she wraps her arms around his waist and into a hug. “I missed yo-“

“Who is this?” Azazel’s voice sounds annoyed as he assesses me from a distance. “I told you to kill anyone else in the precinct. Why is he here?”

“Brother, I apologize, I thought it best if you see for yourself the mess she has created.” Asmodeus steps around me as he greets his blood. “She let the others escape. But for now, we have Arkin ready to be handed over to the queen. I suppose it doesn’t matter much what we do with him.” The hand behind me stays firmly in place as I try to nervously back away. I turn my head to Arkin who looks a few shades paler than before.

“We got what we needed… I guess that is what is important…” Azazel looks thoughtfully at the ground as he approaches us. Eowyn follows behind him, like a lost dog, just hoping for any kind of affection. His head bows apathetically towards Arkin. “I’m am sorry my dear Prince, things have surely taken a turn for the worst. My brother has taken his time with you no doubt?” The white haired vampire sniffs the air in front of Arkin, breathing in the strong smell of blood and silver on his body. “I apologize for his lack of delicacy, and I’m sure that underneath his… Rough exterior, he is indeed very sorry.”

Asmodeus smirks in Arkin’s direction. “Very sorry my lord.” He adds quite obviously insincere. “I just don’t know what came over me.” His arms raises quickly to the air, Arkin flinches at the sudden movement. The joy it offers to Asmodeus is clear by his face.

“A… All is f… For.. Forgiven…” Arkin stutters, cowering into the armed guard behind him.

“I got him for you darling.” Eowyn smiles unsure at the new vampire. I feel my stomach churn as she snuggles up next to him. “I… I.. I did good?”

“No.” Azazel says coldly and emotionless. “You failed me.” His eyes flick over to Asmodeus. “Kill her.”

“But! NO!” She protests loudly. “I love you, please. I’m so sorry. Forgive me. I… I didn’t mean too…” Tears form and flow down her freckled cheeks as she pleads for her life. “You said you loved me. Please. Azazel, please. I’m so sorry.”

“I told you to kill them.” Azazel leans in closely whispering into her ear. “As you can see, you didn’t do a very good job at all. I trusted in you, and you failed. And your failure, makes me look bad.” He pushes past her apathetically, and looks towards his brother. “You know I do not like to dirty my suits. If you will.” Eowyn sobs loudly as Azazel offers her body to Asmodeus.

“Please! My love, is there nothing I can say?” Upon realizing that her pleas fall onto deaf ears, she tries another tactic. “The boy! There is something you do not know. Hear me out? Pl-“

Before she can finish her sentence, Asmodeus claws his way threw her chest and tears her heart out. As her lifeless body falls to the ground, we begin walking down the dimly lited hall again.

“What about the boy?” Azazel breaks the silence.

“I’m not sure.” Asmodeus replies as they take us further and further through the underground passage.

“Well… Shouldn’t we have waited then, to at least find out?” The movement strains my heart to an unbearable limit. The toxins in the fruit were coursing throughout my body, pushing it to it’s extremes. Affecting every part, from head to toe.

“I suppose so. A bit late now though.” We all pause as we reach a cross roads in the path.

“And his heart? It is a curious thing, is it not?” Azazel comments, barely looking at me. “Guards, take them to cell block C. There are rooms down there prepared for their stay with us, until the rest of the council arrives.” As we are pushed off to our prison cells, they continue talking.

“She fed them the plasma fruit. I think he’s turning mortal.” Asmodeus growls angrily. Didn’t they know I was a hybrid? “The other two escaped. One mortal, and another vampire.”

“Do not mention word of their escape. After Arkin’s judgement, I want you to track them down. Quietly of course. I do not want any mention of this failure or fruit getting out.” Azazel murmurs in a low tone. “It could cause a great deal of civil unrest among the occult populations, and I’m not so sure the queen would take to kindly to it.”

As I’m shoved alone into the cold, damp room I fall to the ground. I clutch my aching sides as I expel anything I still have left inside of me. My skin is flushed, and hot to the touch. I sigh loudly and try to get comfortable on the stone floor. I have a feeling that I will be stuck here for a while. Hell, I might even die in here. But the thought doesn’t worry me. Raveena got out. But Asmodeus, who is apparently the worlds best tracker, would be going back on the prowl.

I rest my head against the wall and close my eyes. Trying my hardest to ignore all the strange and uncomfortable sensations.


The sun shines warmly down onto my pale skin. Bringing warmth and life back into my body. Birds sing a merry song in the surrounding trees. Crickets chirp loudly. The orchestra of the wildlife blends into the sound of my soft and steady heart beat. My eyes flutter open as I see the most beautiful girl sitting opposite me on a stretched out blanket. She smiles warmly at me. The sun dancing playfully over her skin.

I lean forward. My fingers slowly reaching out to take her hand in mine. Our fingers intertwine, before exploring the rest of each other’s body. My hand runs along her arm and up to her neck. We both blush shyly and giggle at the comfort the touch offers. This is right. This is exactly how it should be. Using my hand, I guide her towards my mouth, and kiss her softly.

“I love you, Aleksi…”

“I love you too, Raveena.”

It’s at that point that the dream starts to become distorted and fade out.


I wake with an unbearable burn in my throat. Hunger. Thirst. Unbearable. My entire body is wracked with the symptoms of withdrawal and the sickness from the plasma fruit. A deep, and heavy perspiration covers my hot, clammy skin. Every breath, every beat of my racing heart is like daggers in my coffin. Every single bone in my body feels broken and out of place. It’s unbearable, unrelenting, and I know it will not ease with time.

I also notice the tears streaming down my face. Whether it is from the pain, or my dream I am not sure. But I know emotionally, physically, I’m drained. The only girl I’ve ever loved, and ever will love is gone from my life. And I can’t imagine, can’t even dream of a way to get back to her.

“Ravee…” I whisper to the bleak nothing the four walls around me have to offer. I close my eyes, and feel her come to me. I jump when I hear the heavy door begin to open. The loud squeals it makes, as the old locks are turned, are painfully clawing into my ears.

“Come.” Azazel offers me no chance to move, instead he grabs me and pushes me in front of him. “It would be in your best interests to stay perfectly quiet during this meeting. Maybe they’ll let you live.” He toys with the idea as I follow him blindly.

“Where are we going?” I struggle to make a sound, against my raw and aching throat. “What’s happening? Who are they?”

They are the council.” He mumbles with a sigh. “Why did she let you live?”

“I.. I do not know… My… My lord.” I stumble with my words as I try to placate him.

“You’re a quick learner.” He notes quietly as we near the large arch way. “Unfortunately, I do not know if that will be enough to save your life. What happened to the others? Where did they go?” My eyes betray me, as I hurriedly look away. “Fine, if you are going to be like that. It wouldn’t change the outcome even if you did cooperate.”

He pushes me forward into the room. Including him, and Arkin at the front, there are four others. All vampires. Two females talk quickly and quietly in a foreign language, perhaps Latin. Asmodeus stands dominantly over Arkin at the front of the room. And the last is an angry looking woman at the front of the room. She has an heir of majesty surrounding her.

“My queen.” Azazel kneels before her before setting me down in an empty chair.

“Hush everyone.” She says standing up, and addressing the room. “Do we all know why we are here?” The room erupts into a frenzy of disgusted murmurs.

“The traitor to our kind.” Asmodeus spits out at Arkin.

“I said quiet.” The woman growls at the room. At once silence settles once again. “It seems we all have a lot to say on the matter… And who might this be..?” Her eyes lock in on me. I feel a nervous shiver creeping down my spine.

“I captured him with Arkin. I thought it best if I let you decide what to do with him.” Asmodeus says politely.

“Were there any others that were with him?” The queen watches me intently.

“No. Just him.” Asmodeus lies convincingly. I think about telling otherwise, but I stop myself. It wouldn’t make a difference, and I don’t want her in anymore danger than she already is.

“What are you?” She growls, focusing on the racing pulse in my neck.

“Do not touch him. He is MINE.” Arkin hisses standing up to meet the woman at eye level. “You do not touch my progeny. And if you have any questions you will direct them to me. He is mine.”

“How very typical of you. I always did wonder. Out of all the pretty young things that parade the streets at night in skin tight dresses, you pick a him.” The woman cackles loudly as Arkin offers another warning growl. “Are you threatening me Arky dear? How very unbecoming of you.” She taunts.

“Do not call me that.” Arkin pouts broodingly.

“I’m afraid my day servant was left unattended and fed him the plasma fruit. I have dealt with her already. But it seems, there is a lot we haven’t expected.” Azazel cuts in between the two vampires, preparing to tear each others throats out. “It may have purified his blood. But of that, we can not be sure.”

“Is this true?” I nod my head stiffly as the queen studies me for any sign of dishonesty. “Azazel, what is your view on the matter? This was your assignment, what is our next course of action?”

“My queen, it seems to me that it would be bad business to let word of this get out. It could cause a great deal of unrest. Especially among the social anarchists. But…” He pauses, pouting slightly, whilst deep in thought. “But financially… Would it be smart to give up the project entirely?” The woman glares at him before turning away entirely.

“Asmodeus, do you share the same… Radical view as your brother?” All the other vampires in the room look disgusted be the prospect.

“I say torch the lot. Leave no trace behind. We are vampires. Predators. Why should we act any less than what we are?” Asmodeus smirks as the rest of them nod in agreeance. “We are not pets to be tamed. And I refuse to act as such. Azazel I will not let you squander your immortality away with a piece of fruit. What a waste.”

“I humbly agree, my queen. I think the traitor should be punished to the extreme, so as to be a warning to all others out there not to mess with the natural order of things.” One of the woman stands up, and joins in the conversation. her voice sounds disgusted by the mere thought of another way of life. “Think of the ramifications, he’s turning mortal. He has a heart beat. Listen to it. It’s wrong, and it’s all our renegade princes fault. You let him away with murder! I think it’s time that he was punished for his crimes against our species. And his creation…”

“Lilith, just because I let him live doesn’t mean that he wasn’t punished. He has an eternity for that.” With one word the entire room falls to dead silence. “What do you have to say about this, Arkin?”

“I regret nothing.” Arkin states simply still looking at the ground. “How long can we go on killing, and slaughtering, and tearing apart families? This is the only way that I can see for us to continue to adapt and to thrive as a species. The hunters, the shamans, all our enemies have strengthened over the years. And us?!? We stay the same. Trapped in the darkness like the monsters we are. The wolves have escaped the moon’s curse. So why not us from the sun? Lets just be honest. I did what all of you were to afrai-“

Before he can finish speaking, the palm of her hand connects with his cheek. The sound of the slap echos throughout the room loudly. Arkin looks dumbfounded at the ground as the queen paces frustrated. “Inject him, I do NOT want to listen to his dirty, filthy mouth anymore.”

Asmodeus steps forward, clutching Arkin by the throat and injects him with what smells like silver. His entire body reacts the second the liquid makes contact. Arkin’s teeth clench together, as a low groan rumbles throughout his entire body. His back arches and convulses as the substance spreads through his veins. By the time the silver has burnt up in his veins, Arkin is frothing at the mouth, and out cold.

“Your turn child.” Asmodeus growls happily under his breath.

Chapter 3.15

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Author’s note: Viewer discretion is advised. There are a couple of compromising pictures in here, and violent language. However nothing is explicit. The ‘F’ word is also mentioned once. Also Aleksi getting uploaded to the exchange, but I’m having trouble uploading him with all my game crashes. 

“Asmodeus… I…”Arkin growls but is quickly silenced by the blinding pounding in his head. “I… I sh.. Should have g.. Guessed th.. That this was you’re doing.” The male vampire laughs loudly, placing a foot over Arkin’s bloodied chest, causing him to moan weakly.

“Do not speak unless I address you directly.” Asmodeus applies pressure over his wound. Like agony it burns. Arkin coughs up blood, as his wound fails to regenerate. Asmodeus grabs his collar, lifting him up to greet his flying fist. “You coward bastard.” A barrage of punches and kicks is flung at Arkin as he cowers waiting for the assault to end. “Are we not good enough?!?” Asmodeus growls a little louder, chocking his victim’s lifeless body. “Your own kind!? You dirty, rotten traitor!”

“As… Asm… mmm… mo..” Arkin whimpers as his attacker licks the blood off of his hands. “P… Pl…Please-“

“A sound proof room. Smart.” He hisses over his body. “That way we can make as much noise as we like without anyone interrupting.” Asmodeus’ hand clutches Arkin’s chest tightly. Squeezing his heart. The pressure makes Arkin clench his teeth violently. A low moan escaping his lips. “The queen only said I was to deliver you alive, not what condition that was.” Asmodeus laughs loudly. A hideous cackle echoing through the room. “But you’re going to wish that you were dead by the end of it.”


“Did I say you could FUCKING TALK!?!” His hand plunges into his chest. Fingers wrapping around the heart. Claws tearing at the very flesh. For the first time, Arkin screams loudly. Thrashing against the authority that holds him down. It’s useless. He’s too weak. Too afraid. His captors hand clenches tightly around the one thing keeping him alive. “Don’t worry I’ll save plenty for you’re little friends in the other room.” Asmodeus purrs swiftly kicking him in the throat as he stands up.

“Where’s Azazel?” Eowyn asks looking expectantly at the angry vampire pacing around the room before her. Instead of responding he shoves her violently into the ground with a loud thud.

“We are not equal, you pathetic little witch! Do not assume we are, just because you are my brother’s latest pet.” He snaps at her. “Azazel will not be pleased that you have failed him. Just more mess for me to have to clean up.”

“Asmodeus, I’m sorry.” She sobs as he yells at her. Her thought’s are consumed by Azazel, he loves her, he’ll forgive her. Won’t he?Eowyn’s breath shudders and catches in her throat. For the first time in a long time, she begins to doubt whether or not she will walk out of all this alive.

“Sorry isn’t good enough. I am not my brother. I refuse to coddle you. You screwed up, and I will make sure that he hears that. Maybe then he’ll finally get rid of you.” Asmodeus threatens before turning his attention back to the almost lifeless vampire cowering on the floor, in a pool of their own blood. “Deal to the other two, Eowyn. I want this place in flames. Do not screw this up.” His eyes never leave those of his victim’s.


“I love you.” I whisper out of breath, as me and Raveena finally part. She rolls beside me on the tiny bed, with a smile firmly on her face. She’s quite possibly the most beautiful creature I’ve ever laid my eyes on. And the reason for my happiness. The last hour that we had spent exploring each other’s body’s was more joy than I’d ever experienced. And something I never want to end. I want her. All of her, forever.

“I love you too.” She responds kissing my cheek as she cuddles up next to me. My heart begins to race again, as my desires are once more intensified. Her soft giggles echos throughout the small room.

“You’re so beautiful.” I roll her onto her back, and kiss her softly. I never want to stop kissing her. Never want to stop holding her. I want to stay like this forever. My hand glides down her ribs. Slowly tracing along the contours of her body, and soft skin. Until I finally rest my hand on her waist.

“Are you ready for round two already?” She chuckles shyly, kissing my throat tenderly. Her smile is irresistible, her lips tantalizing. Electricity courses through my body as we part from another passionate kiss.

But before we can lose ourselves in lust again, I fall off the bed with an agonizing scream. My brain feels like it is going to explode. I fight to keep my eyes open even as the sensation lessens. Someone’s here. I can smell them. I growl weakly, trying to get to my feet.

“Hello darling.” A familiar voices purrs from above me. Eowyn… My eyes flutter open as two more people enter the room holding up guns. “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” She rolls her eyes stepping over me, restraining Raveena and I with silver chains and injections.

“What’s happening?” I growl, trying to struggle against the people that drag me behind them. I look over at Ravee, she’s completely still, stumbling along with our captors. “Where’s Arkin? What are you doing?” They had dressed us, and chained us up like dogs.

“Arkin.” She says, turning my body to look through the window. I gasp loudly, watching him being cut open with surgical precision. As one wound heals, another is torn open. An endless cycle. My eyes mist over, but I blink the tears away quickly. His captor has dark hair, and pale skin. His golden eyes radiate with luminescence. Vampire.

“NO! LET ME GO!” I growl snapping at her, but I’m restrained too quickly. More and more aggressive growls rumble in my throat as I struggle to escape. Ravee, Arkin…

“Such a shame.” Eowyn laughs turning back around. “How many years do you think went into this project? How many lives do you think lost?” She ponders flipping her hair. “Were you even close?”

“Yes.” Ravee says finally, looking up sadly. “Technically it would work. But… It wasn’t ready for consumption. No one else know’s about it either.” Her eyes frantically search Eowyn’s looking for any shred of sympathy. Don’t say anything, I think bitterly. Eowyn turns away, cupping the fruit in her hand lightly. My eyes fall back to my love as she watches Arkin’s viscous onslaught.

“What was wrong with it?” Eowyn smiles cruelly back at her, folding her arms across her chest.

“It burnt up to quickly in the blood stream.” Raveena refuses to look away from the window. I silently plead with her to look away.

“Don’t tell her anything-“

“Aleksi, do you have any idea who that vampire is in there?” She whispers stiffly. “That is Asmodeus Dragomir. Older than Arkin, and much, much more powerful. With a lot more pull in the council than Arkin could ever dream. There is nothing I can say that he doesn’t already know.” I look back over at the strange vampire torturing my master. I feel my breath catch in my throat. Arkin despite his cowardice and lax nature, is… Was the strongest vampire I know. He could restrain me with one hand. But… No… It isn’t possible. I have to save him. Somehow. If what Ravee says is true, then how?

“Don’t give up. We can get out-“

“He is a bounty hunter, and the best our kind has seen. There is no where to go. No where that he won’t follow.” She halts me mid sentence. My gaze drops to the ground at my feet. It couldn’t be over. “If I don’t get to say this again, I love-“

“Don’t say tha-“

“How touching.” Eowyn stands between us holding a fruit in her palms. “Very touching indeed. Too bad I have to interrupt this precious moment between lovers.” She kneels down beside me. “Now we can either do this the hard way or the easy way.” She grins holding the fruit out. “How quickly do you think that it will burn up?”

“No!” Ravee yelps pulling forward. “It’s not ready. Please!”

Eowyn looks up into the eyes of one of the armed guards. “Quick I assume… Hold him down.” A rough hand grabs my jaw and forces my mouth open with a silver blade. My eyes squeeze shut as I try to ignore the deeply acidic, metallic taste in my mouth. As I bite into the fruit, the juices burn and scar my throat. As though someone has poured scalding hot acid down my throat. But I wouldn’t dare spit it out as the gun at my back stays loaded, pointed at my heart. My stomach flips in revolt, threatening to cough it back up. My hands pull fiercely against the chains on my wrists. “You’re turn now.”

“No.” I growl as she turns to Raveena. “Ravee, l… Look at me.” I beg, fighting desperately against my dizziness and churning stomach. I’m on fire. “I love you. Ooock…Okaaay? You…” Her violet eyes bore into mine with the same intensity. Her teeth clench violently as she tries to swallow. I can’t bear to see her like this. I fight uselessly against my chains, but the silver burns into my wrists painfully. “Foocuss on… On me. Fo… Focus on me.”

I’m on fire. Sweating profusely, as the blood in my veins boils. It’s excruciating. Silver continues to burn into me. But if only I could get her to safety. I don’t care about myself. Only her. The chains grind against my bare bones, but I still struggle to break them. However nothing can break Ravee and I’s eye contact. Eowyn paces nervously around the room waiting for the vampire in the other room to finish with Arkin. There’s a crack. Whether it’s the chains or my bones I’m not sure. I’m in too much agony to fully comprehend the situation. With a final tug, the chain breaks and falls from my wrists. I wait a few more moments, trying to allow my broken, bleeding wrists to heal. But they don’t.

Upon this realization, I attack. In a fluid motion, I rip the guard behind me’s throat out and with my bare hands, rip the other ones heart out. Eowyn snaps around quickly. It’s a stand off. I know there is no way that I can rip her throat out before she immobilizes me. But maybe I can give Ravee a chance…

I lean down slowly and rip her handcuffs off. I’m in too much pain to even notice the burn. “Run.” I whisper, steeping closer to Eowyn. “Run!” I cry louder lunging for Eowyn’s throat. Despite my superior speed and strength, I’m on the ground before I can reach her. But Raveena isn’t here anymore. That’s the important thing. Eowyn’s eyes narrow in on me, sending a bolt of what feels like fire throughout my entire body. I growl quietly through my moans of agony, as I begin to fade out.


Run” The words echo through the woman’s mind as she sprints as fast as she can. Don’t stop. She whispers to herself. Not until she can get to safety. Dawn was coming. Asmodeus wouldn’t risk going to ground in an enemies territory. She only had so many hours. She picks up the pace. Forcing her muscles to exert themselves.

It’s too much though. Far too much. The heavy toxins already wreaking havoc on her internal organs are too much for her frail body to handle. Her body falls to the ground weakly. There’s nothing. Everything is too blurred out to see a damn thing. Her stomach churns, forcing up the contents of her stomach back up. Her arms shakily wrap themselves around her fiery hot abdomen.

Dawn… Dawn was coming. Fast approaching. But she can’t move. Never knowing such brutal pain in her entire life. Despite the coming dawn, her thoughts were surrounding her young lover, and her oldest friend. Were they still alive? Were they in as much pain as her? What was going to happen to them? Even nearing her end her thoughts were completely selfless.

She moans almost silently as a furry beast nudges her arm. Begging her to wake, to move, to save herself. Her eyes flutter open briefly struggling to focus on the large, black silhouette of a dog. She had a dog once, her previous life perhaps… No, she owns a dog. It’s nose pushes against her again, a low whine escaping his lips. Sensing her inability to continue her path to safety, it’s teeth sink into her dress as it tries to pull her to safety. The beast’s whining turns into muttering and his teeth into hands. Is this what it felt like to die?

Chapter 3.14

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As I look over at Raveena, many questions nag in my already fragile mind. Is it possible to be just friends with someone who’s heart you hold so dear? Is it possible to be just friends with someone who’s lips you’ve tasted and relived every second since it has passed? I watch her intently, smiling, laughing, going about her day. No. I love this girl. I’m in love with this girl. It isn’t possible.

Let’s still be friends is merely a saying used to describe the joy of leaving someone without being cruel. You will say it, but no, you don’t really mean it. I told her I loved her, and it wasn’t nearly enough. When you tell someone you love them, you hope they feel the same. And then when they don’t… I guess that i was born six hundred years too late.

I look away painfully, and stare at the vials before me. Work, focus on work. I carefully examine each substance under the magnifying glass and record each observation. Every few seconds, I can’t hell but focus in on her.

Arkin sighs loudly, for the tenth time that minute. I glare over at him. It was already awkward enough, let alone him to act on it. “Why is everyone being so awkward today?” He moans to no response. “Rakastatko häntä? (Do you love him?)”  Akin asks, switching over to his native tongue, looking at Raveena.

​​”Kyllä… (Yes.)” She mumbles back to him, avoiding his penetrating gaze. As she pretends to keep typing. I curse under my breath, and try to continue working. Even if I don’t understand. I know it’s about me.

“Kyllä, mitä (Yes, what?)?”  He says forcefully, making her continue the conservation. The conversation the she so obviously doesn’t want.

“Kyllä, rakastan häntä (Yes, I love him).” Ravee glares up at him mournfully. Her sweet, soft voice laden with fear, and shock.

“Mitä helvettiä te väitä, että et välitä. Hanki ass siellä, jotta te kaksi voi suudella ja täytetään. Lopeta toimivat tyhmä. Rakastat Aleksi. Älä muodostavat excues miksi et voi olla yhdessä. Sinä olet ainoa asia pysäyttää juuri nyt (What the hell, do not pretend that you don’t care. Get your ass over there, so you two can kiss and make up. Stop acting stupid. You love Aleksi. Don’t make up excuses for why you can’t be together. You’re the only thing standing in the way right now.).” He growls passively at her. I blush, trying to ignore them both. It obvious that it is about me. When I hear my name in conversation my body tenses uncomfortably. “Stop acting like children.” He growls back in English, throwing his arms into the air.

I shyly look back to Raveena stunned as he leaves the room in a flash. Her pale, porcelain skin hiding under her deep blush. Her dark hair flowing over her shoulders, and face. Almost hiding her expression. When she notices my gaze, she half smiles. The one thing that I can count on, no matter how bad it gets, her smile will always be there to bring me back. It’s almost like magic. The way one smile can change my entire outlook on life.

“I.. I should get back to work.” I mumble out intelligently, almost falling over my own feet. But she catches me. She’ll always catch me.

She cups my hands in hers, sending jolts of electricity coursing through my body. “We’re still friends?” She whispers, cocking her head to the side. However she immediately pulls away as Eowyn enters the room, sending glares of death to us both. If looks could kill. Revee says nothing, instead she’s just gone.

Eowyn’s emerald green eyes pierce into mine vindictively. It’s like little knives are piercing into my soul and tearing at my heart. There’s also so much anger beneath the surface of her skin too. Bubbling, like scalding hot acid. “I’m sorry…” I apologize quickly. “It was wrong of me-“

“I see you both worked it out.” Eowyn is somehow locking me out again. Completely cutting me off from the direct feed to her emotions. “No need to ap… apol… apologize.” She frowns, barely able to speak at all. I shoot her a puzzled look trying to understand her. “But I thought you were different.”

“What I am to you, is not what you mean to me.” I state stiffly. “You know that. I’m different, just not in the way you want, or need. I’m sorry.” She pouts, hiding behind her layers of red locks. Every now and then I feel a burst of emotion, breaking through her almost iron like defense. Her hand playfully dances over the same metal rod as yesterday. Fingers running down the long, smooth metal, as she turns away from me. Screeches echo in the room, as her nail claws on it, tracing back to the top. Her hand clasps the top of it, and grips it tightly.

“Aleksi, Ravee is asking for you. It is best if you go to her. You will find her in your room.” Arkin glowers from the arch way, as Eowyn quickly relinquishes the rod from her hands. Before I can protest, he’s already pushing me out the door, and locking it behind me. I barely have enough time to remove my lab coat.

The walk back to my room isn’t long. But my legs slowly, and forcefully make the journey. My heart races, loudly against the walls of my chest. The dull ache constant. The muscles in my face twitch, and curve my lips into a smile. Perfume. Lilacs, violets, and sweet peas. A beautiful bouquet of the sweetest smelling flowers waiting for me on the other side of the door.

As I open the door, Ravee is waiting no the bed anxiously. Before I can say anything she throws her arms around me. Instead of talking, we let our body’s be our translator. I bury my face into her neck, deeply appreciating her smooth, soft skin beneath mine. Her grip tightens around me, pulling me tighter, closer. Adrenaline is fed directly into my blood stream, fighting against all my other already rampant impulses. “Aleksi…” she mumbles pulling away, but my hands caress her face, not willing to let her slip away.

“Lets not fight.” I whisper huskily. “Or talk.” She smiles again, closing her eyes and melts back into my arms. “But… I can’t help but feel this is where you ought to be.” I mumble, feeling her tense in my embrace.

“Maybe you’re right…” She whispers barely audible, resting her head on my shoulder. As our eyes close in position I can’t help but to imagine a future with her. One without the council nipping at our heels. The sun’s radiance shimmering down on us. Our kiss, hearts melting into one. Childish squeals as our children come running down the garden path. We could be a family.

“I know I said no talking. But god you’re beautiful.” I whisper into her ear. A slight chuckle escapes past her lips as she looks up at me. Melting a little inside, I smile down at her. Her hands straighten the collar of my shirt and rest over my heart. “I know I shouldn’t say it but wow.”

“And I… I probably shouldn’t say this b.. But, rakastan sinua. I… I love you.” She says quickly without looking away. The second the last syllable leaves her lips, she presses hers to mine softly. Our soft blushes meet, as her hands run through my hair. Our kiss growing more urgent.  I pull away breathlessly as we stumble to the wall.

“I love you, Ravee.” I pull my mouth back to hers hungrily as we lose ourselves in love and lust.


“I know exactly what you are.” Arkin growls across the room, disrupting the painfully awkward silence. “I wasn’t sure at first. But now I definitely know for sure.”

“So you know exactly what I can do.” Eowyn smiles unaffected by the old vampire as he shortens the distance between their both tense and ready bodies.

“Unfortunately it isn’t going to save you darling.” He says apathetically, his voice cold and flat. “But I will admit, you are a fantastic liar. You almost had me convinced.”

“Almost.” She chimes in. “But just remember, my death will not go unpunished. And, darling.” She adds spitefully. “You’re going to be in for a world of hurt when they come for you.”

“Cute, you think that they actually give a crap as to whether you live or die. Adorable really.” Arkin spits ruthlessly as Eowyn’s face darkens. “But it definitely wasn’t her that sent you. Not her style. Who then? The twins perhaps?”

“Talk all you like Arkin.” She snaps. “But even though she has let you away with a lot. The murder of your own daughter for instance. She will not let you make a debauchery of the vampiric name anymore. It’s over!”

“Do not for one second think that you can threaten me you insolent child.” He growls aggressively over her. “I will eat your face!” Arkin towers over Eowyn. Watching her swift heart beat steadily through the veins in her neck. But before the elder pure blood can strike his death blow to the traitor standing before him, his brain starts to burn with increasing intensity as she laughs.

Without much warning, the girl strikes out with incredible force. Piercing a sharp metal object through his chest. Arkin winces in agony as the rod scrapes against his still beating heart. The pressure in his brain ceases as she looks down on him feeling vastly superior. Growls loudly pass by his lips, as he tries to push her off. Except he can’t, he’s too weak. His free arm reaches up to the metal lodged firmly in his body, and he rips out out angrily. “I will eat your heart, you bitch!” Arkin growls under his breath.

“Unfortunately for you, the queen wants you alive.” She gloats standing up above him. “You’re going to wish you were dead soon enough.”

Chapter 3.13

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“Aleksi?” Raveen says taking a step closer to me. She smells divine. “What do you want?” She says hiding under her long, silky locks. I shakily lift her chin and delicately brush the hair from her face.

“You… I want you…” I whisper breathlessly to her. She remains silent, pursing her lips deep in thought. Hesitantly I pull my body close to hers, gently caressing her face in my hands. My lips lightly touch hers, sending a jolt of electricity throughout my core. While at first she remains completely motionless, for only a second she gives herself over to the kiss. For only a second I feel our lips mold to the contours of each other. And then it’s gone.

“Aleksi…” She mumbles pulling away, slightly pink. “I… I can’t.”

I don’t even get to say goodbye. All I know is that she leaves me then. I fight, tightly gripping her hand, trying to bring her back to me. But it’s not me that she wants. Her long, silky hair trails behind her in a blur as she runs. As she runs away from me.

“I… I love you…” I whimper, feeling the rejection down in my very core. Would it have made a difference? Was there anyway I could have made her mine?

I’m not aware of the time that has passes me by as I sit there. Reliving everything. Her lips, her kiss, her everything. The site of her leaving me. Although I had expected this outcome, that tiny glimmer of hope that I had installed in myself was my down fall. Did she really kiss me back, or was that just the imagination of a love sick fool?

I sigh bitterly feeling the moon begin it’s nightly descent to dawn. And I know, now I have to go back inside and pretend like everything is okay. Raveena still hadn’t returned. What if she didn’t?

I reluctantly enter back inside the building. The only thing I can do is to channel all my frustrations into my work. Although, it doesn’t matter what I do. My mind is preoccupied by Raveen. If we can’t be together, I still cherish our friendship. Even if it’s hurts like hell, I’d do anything just to be her friend. If I ruined it… No don’t think like that.

Despite all these thoughts, I’m able to get through a lot of work. The latest concoction for the plants involves a large mixture of plasma fruit DNA, tiberium, hawthorne and vampire blood. Despite the volatile nature of the substance, when injected into a life fruit it morphs into a strange rusted crimson colour. In a few weeks it will be possible to test the fruit for genetic mutations and compatibility. No vampire would willingly eat hawthorne, but in previous tests, it was neutralised, as was the blood. It’s a fine line to find the correct balance without an explosion, or complete disintegration of the plant.I hear footsteps creep up behind me.

“Have you seen Ravee?” Arkin asks blissfully unaware from behind me. Her name alone sends shivers down my spine. “I’ve been looking everywhere. Well not everywhere, the world is pretty huge…. But it’s daylight so I can’t exactly… Well I could.. I suppose, I wouldn’t get far though. I guess I should say I’ve searched the building. Just this one.” He rambles on and on into my ear.

“No…” I mumble hoping he can’t her the emotion in my voice.

“What did you do?” He sighs loudly. “She’s gone, and you’re acting weird. What happened?”

“I.. I kissed her…”

“You..? You kissed Ravee?” He coughs out awkwardly as my cheeks burn red. Why did he have to say it like that? I already know she deserves much better… But to hear his possible judgement. “Ravee… And Aleksi…” He mutters to himself still trying to process the news. “Aleksi and Ravee…” He brows furrow together deep in thought. “Kiss…?” This time he looks up to me for acknowledgement. When I seethingly glare at him, he starts to chuckle

“Why are you laughing?” I snap at him, feeling my blood boiling beneath the surface.

“Ravee and Aleksi.” He says innocently at me. Or at lest pretending to be, as his laughter subsides. “Don’t be so touchy.”

“Just go.” I moan feeling his patronizing gaze piercing into me. “I like you, so don’t make me punch you.” Even though he leaves, I can hear him muttering down the hall as he leaves.

The sun had set and she still hadn’t come back home, I think bitterly doing data entry. Copying various amounts of results, and numbers onto the computer. Or at least trying to. Don’t think about her. Don’t think about her. I repeat over and over again unsuccessfully in my head. But my mother and fathers words echo through my mind. It’s up to me to continue the family name. Which means if she won’t have me… I sigh half defeated as I exit the computer program. They want me to find someone to call my own. But I had found someone. She just didn’t… Don’t think about her!

“She doesn’t deserve you.” A soft, female voice whispers. I look up as my hands are cupped by hers. Eowyn. My body tenses as she leans in closer to me, and pulls me from my seat.

“Don’t…” I mumble jerking my hands away suddenly. My eyes lock in on hers. Her emotions are strange and frantic. Almost impossible to read at all. There’s so much, and then there’s nothing. All at the same time. I narrow my eyes in on her. Was she blocking me out? Or am I just off my game? My mind doesn’t even consider the oddity that she is. The last time we had spoken she hated me down to the very core.

“Shhhh.” Her finger raises up to my lips as if to seal them shut. She flips her hair, allowing her sweet, fragrant scent to envelop me, to taunt me. My eyes fall hesitantly down her body and back up to her face.

I raise my hand and move her finger. “What are you doing?” my voice is thick and husky. Emotion ridden. Her emotions flicker rapidly beneath the surface of her skin. In her blood. Behind her eyes. Her lips curve into a shy smile as her head leans forward. Raveen doesn’t want me. She doesn’t love me. She’s gone. She just left me.

“I see how much you’re hurting. I can make you forget.” Soft lips touch mine. My body tenses reluctantly as I pull away. But her kiss grows more desperate and urgent. Following me as I try to escape her embrace.

“Stop…” I mumble between breaths as her body molds against mine. I can feel her racing pulse underneath her lips. The lips that hungrily meet mine in mutual hunger. Except mine isn’t for her. My throat aches in protest as the kiss deepens. Raveena… Why couldn’t this be us. My smile is hers, my heart, my everything… It should be us. Not some human who means nothing to me. It doesn’t matter how much I play pretend, it isn’t her. There’s no electricity, no sparks, nothing. Just me wanting to forget someone who could never leave my mind no matter how much I try.

“Stop!” I growl angrily pushing her away suddenly. A seductive and triumphant smile replaces her once shy exterior. “You will never be her!” She glares at me for a moment, struggling to hide her emotions, if it’s even possible.

“You’re the only one who never yelled at me, or made me feel… Useless…” She frowns at me trying to make me feel bad. “This was a mistake.”

“You’re right. You are a mistake.” I spit angrily turning all my anger on her. “Don’t touch me, don’t even talk to me.” Her face grimaces angrily. Was it in anger? It’s strange without feeling her. Her hand slowly, and painfully traces the contours of a metal rod sitting on the desk as she glares at me. “Just go.”


“Aleksi?” There’s a knock on the door. The voice is unmistakable. Raveena. “Aleksi? Please?” I crawl to the door, even though I have no intention of opening it. I can’t. I’m to embarrassed, to ashamed to even look her in the eye.

“Aleksi, please.” She begs from the other side of the door. “If you won’t talk, then just listen.” I can hear her lean against the door, and the thick emotion in her sweet voice. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry that I ran away… I’m sorry that I didn’t say anything. I’m sorry that I just left you without saying good bye… I…” She pauses for a moment before whispering. “It shouldn’t be this hard…” She sighs loudly. “I haven’t been kissed in well over five hundred years, and before that it was my husband. I haven’t been expected to know how I’m supposed to feel in a very long time.” She sighs again, lowering her voice to mutter to herself. “Sen ei tulisi olla niin vaikeaksi. Tunnen jotain … ei, ei. Ei voi. Miksi jätit minut? Please come out so that we can talk?”

“So you can leave again?” I growl childishly through the door.

“I… don’t plan too…” She says hesitantly. “Let’s just… Talk?”

My heart thumps painfully as I open the door and see her standing there. She frowns at me the second she sees me. “Get it over with, okay. Make it quick.”

“Aleksi, I…”

“Just say it please.” I cut in. “Maybe we can still be friends… But right now I… Just say it. How you really feel.”

“En voi. En voi. Rakastin mieheni … Minun kuolleen miehensä. Hitto. Hän on poissa … Mutta … En voi. Vitut. Eikö se koskaan ole helppoa?” She mutters again avoiding my eye contact. Why can’t she just say it out loud. I’m a big boy. “Etkö näe? Se olisi väärin minun myöntää sitä.”

“Raveena…” My hand touches the back of her neck as I search for an answer within her violet eyes. “I… I know that you’ve been alone for a long time.” I am barely able to keep my voice audible and steady. “And that your… Husband… Passed away… And I’m young, I don’t deny that…” I bite my lip, frowning at the floor. Why is it so hard to spit out what I want to say? To verbalize my thoughts? “But… I.. I’m not going to give up, because I know you don’t want to be alone. And despite your brave act, I know are just as afraid of being alone as me. And I love the fact that you’re so brave, and stubborn, but sometimes it’s okay to let someone in.” Tears prick at my eyes, as she listens intently to what I have to say. “E… Even if it’s j.. Just friends…”

“Aleksi, I…” She whispers falling into my arms. I say nothing, instead I just hold her silently, stroking her hair. I ignore the quickening of my heart, and her feel of her soft skin grazing against mine. “Rakastan sinua” She mumbles into my ear mournfully. I don’t know what it means, but I enjoy every second of the embrace, even though I know that it will soon come to an end. I can’t help but think that she belongs in these arms.

As she pulls away, her hand slowly glides down my cheek. Goose bumps appearing where her hand has touched. “Friends?” She coughs out huskily.

Chapter 3.12

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I watch my father’s face carefully as we take a seat. Vampires were immortal, but to see the actual age defying proof was something so surreal. He hadn’t aged a single day my entire life. Eighteen years later, and his skin is just as smooth, and his hair just as black. Not a single wrinkle, or grey hair in sight.

His lips curve up into a small smile. “Aleksi…I’m so happy to see you.” He pulls me into another tight, bear hug. “I just wish that we could all be together again. Home isn’t the same without you.”

“I wish I could be back, I do. But this is still so important.” I smile in return. Words can’t describe the happiness of seeing him after all this time. We stare at each other for another long moment, before speaking again. “Don’t even think about lecturing me on the danger either, or about bringing a girl home, or brushing my teeth.”

“You’re an adult now, and I would never tell you what to do, or who you should be.” He clear his throat quietly. “Although… It would be nice if you brought a girl home… I know you’re busy, and it’s dangerous.” He raises his eyebrow at me, waiting for a response. When he doesn’t get one, he continues. “Which one? The human?” My muscles tense as I go red and shake my head. “Raveena then?”

“Can we please not play this game?” I ask feeling hot. This wasn’t the conversation I wanted.

“It’s natural to develop feelings and have… Err…. Urges.” Father coughs loudly, avoiding my eye contact. I can hear the embarrassment in his voice. This was not happening. I’m an adult. I don’t need to have the sex talk. “It’s… It’s perfectly natural and-“

“DAD!” I squeal flustered, loosening my collar. “Can we please talk about something else?”

He chuckles loudly, dragging his hand through his hair. “Does this make you uncomfortable?” He laughs louder now. I smile shyly up at him. “A vampire’s impulses are ten thousand times more potent than a humans. Lust, love. It can all be very confusing.  When a vampire falls in love, that’s usually the end of it. That one shining brilliancy of light that blinds you to everything and everyone else. But it’s not in a vampire’s basic nature to fall willingly in love. It goes against everything that we are. Impulse driven, predatory loners.”

“When did you know that you loved her?” I ask interested. “That it wasn’t just… Just lust…” The word rolls uncomfortably off my tongue. Not only had I never used the word in this context, but my parents… Lustful… Gross.

“I think that the moment I knew I loved her, truly loved her, was when I stopped imagining draining her dry, but when I saw myself planning her funeral.” He purses his lips thoughtfully for a moment. “A wedding doesn’t necessarily mean that you will always be there… But… Mourning her… That would mean I was there with her… In the very end.”

“Did you ever consider turning her?” I ask puzzled. Why hadn’t he turned her yet? It seems like the natural progression of things. I turn my head to the side and watch him consider the best way to answer me.

“I love her to much to turn her into what I am.” Father states simply, before explaining further. “To be a creature of the night. To feed off human blood. To never grow old. I would never do that to her, and she would never ask it of me… Now is this curiosity… Or do you actually have a reason for these questions?” Silence, awkward silence. “Do you love her?”

I look back up to him, catching his eye. Do I love her? Is it her? 


It had been a few months since my birthday. I had tried to talk to Eowyn about the vampire who had sent her, and about any information that could be deemed useful. But she was still terrified of me, and she still made me feel angry and uncomfortable. I had worked so hard to not feel so self destructive and angry, but she was threatening to bring it all back down on me. So I avoided her. Like the plague. I felt bad, but it was self preservation. And I don’t need anyone trying to make me feel ashamed of what I am and cannot control, especially not someone who knows nothing about me.

And then there was Raveena, who’s lips I dreamt of every night, and who’s smile haunted me every single time I close my eyes. Whether she knows or doesn’t know about the thoughts that cross my mind whenever I see her. Or whether she feels the same but just will not admit it. The questions are mind numbing. There are too many of them, and every single one leaves my mind the second she does smile just for me.

When I look at her, it’s instinctive. The racing of my heart, the nervous sweating of my palms, the butterfly’s threatening to run wild inside my stomach. It’s real, and it’s there, every single time. The same thought crosses my mind every time our eyes meet. Do I love her? It would be so much easier if I didn’t. If it’s just some stupid crush. And I can make believe and I’m alright for a little while. Then she’ll smile, or say something, and I’ll be right back to square one. It would be so much easier if it was just a stupid crush, but it’s deep. And she’ll never feel the same.

Everything else is just autopilot. Testing the fruit for a variety of factors. Composition, density, vitamin and mineral levels, water content, compatibility with vampirism. Recording all the data. Inject it with new DNA and factors. Then repeat it all over again in the following weeks. It’s monotonous, but I know exactly what to expect and where I stand. And for that I’m incredibly glad. Something with an answer, that can be predicted. Even if Arkin blows up the lab, it hurts a great deal less, and it isn’t nearly as confusing. The great thing about science and math is that there is always a logical explanation for everything.

I walk back to my room, and collapse exhausted onto the bed. I quickly, almost as soon as my head hits the pillow, fall into a beautiful dream world. The land is bright, and soft, and warm. I feel my heart beat steadily in my chest, giving me reassurance. I look up and see Raveena playfully running through the trees. I follow her.

As I catch up to her, I see her playing with her reflection in a pool of water. I lean down to her, wrapping my arms around her as she stands up to me. She smiles alluring, her soft lips pressing against mine. The kiss deepens


I wonder around the syndicate after I wake. I’m not quite sure what I’m looking for, or where I’m going, but I continue stumbling blindly. I sniff the air, and follow a sweet scent outside. I wait on the small landing at the front door, and see the figure. My heart immediately catches in my throat and quickens. A cold sweat develops on my pale skin as I begin to close the distance between us.

“Aleksi?” Raveena says turning around half confused. I have to tell her, I think madly. I can’t go on like this, I need to know either way. Maybe, just maybe, she’ll need me half as much as I need her.

“Ravee…” I mumble in awe of her. Her face turns quite puzzled as she sees my half deranged expression.

“Are you okay?” A touch of concern in her voice. Her hand raises to touch my sweaty forehead as though I am sick. Maybe I am, but now in the way she thinks. Love sick, perhaps, and that’s when I have to bite my lip to stop the nervous laugh escaping. “Aleksi?”

“I’m okay.” I squeak, not realizing just how hard this would be. But she has to know, even if she rejects me. It’s too hard wondering and wasting my life on childish what ifs. What if she says no, what if I told her, what if she felt the same. Not now. Not anymore.

“Are you sure, you don’t look so good.” She says in protest. “Your hearts racing, your all hot and clammy, you’re pale and shaky. What’s happening? Maybe you need to lie down.” Her hand softly touches my forearm, as she tries to convince me to follow her back inside.

“No. I want to stay out here with you.” I say slowly, trying to will the words from my mouth. Her expression is one of confusion, and worry. My hand gently takes her hand off my arm and holds it for a second too long. I have to resist my body’s natural compulsion to make me blush. But I can’t fight the rush of nausea and anxiety rushing over me.

“Aleksi?” She says taking a step closer to me. She smells divine. “What do you want?” She says hiding under her long, silky locks. I shakily lift her chin and delicately brush the hair from her face.


Chapter 3.11

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I take a deep, frustrated breath. Clearing my mind, and effortlessly attacking the wooden dummy. Garden, animals, training, lab. Repeat. Day in day out. Nothing. The occasional blood bag, or hunting experience when my body demanded it. I strike the rusted object forcefully, causing it to spin and shudder underneath the blast. I feel like we’re waiting. Waiting. Waiting for what? To die? To be reprimanded? For reality, for my nightmare’s to become a reality.

“I didn’t see you there.” I state out loud, feeling a presence watch in on me. My leg raises, another explosive hit, threatening to crumbling the durable piece of scrap metal. I take a deep breath and move away from the dummy.

“You’re angry. And violent.” The girl mutters not moving an inch. “Didn’t I say that you are all the same?”

“And you’re mean!” I turn to face her, as her cheeks change to a soft pink. “As I said I’m not like the others. None of us inside this building are. We’re working on creating a blood substitute.”

“So what do you use in the mean time?” She questions stepping towards me, rather bravely. But I know it’s all for show. I can hear her racing heart, and smell her fear from where I stand.

“Blood bags, and compelled victims, who forget, they don’t even know that it’s happening.” I answer with a loud sigh.

“Blood bags stolen in raids, I’m quite familiar with that.” She scowls darkly. “Who did you steal it off? The cancer ward? A heart patient perhaps?” I gasp slightly. I hadn’t even thought about that. “And do we not dream of the most fantastical things that do not exist in our reality. Just because it is not there, does not mean that it doesn’t exist.”

“At least I’m trying.” I glare at her angrily.

“I… I’m sorry…” She whimpers taking a quick step back. “P… Please don’t hurt me…”

“I said I wouldn’t, and I mean that.” I glance at her puzzled. “I’m angry. I’m allowed that. You came here with a message of war, and for all I know you’re the one who is going to cast the first stone. I’m in control of myself, can you honestly say the same?” I try to soften my gaze slightly so that I don’t scare her further. I take a shaky breath and try to calm down. “I was the one who brought you out of that catatonic state. If I wanted to drink your blood, what makes you think I wouldn’t just take what I wanted. I’m a vampire, I do not need your permission, nor do I want it. Do not think for one second that if I actually wanted it, that you would still be breathing.”

She looks at me shocked, as though she did not expect such an answer. An answer at all. Her mouth sort of just hangs open with a mild gasp. Her eyes water mournfully as her cheeks stay pink in colour. “I’m sorry, I don’t want to be like this… Afraid.. Scared of my own shadow… But if you had any idea what they’ve done to me, what they’ll do to me if I return. Don’t make me go back. I’m sorry. Please, don’t make me. I’d rather you kill me now.”

“I’m not sending you back, okay. And I’m not going to hurt you.” My voice is completely soft and serene now. Projecting this image of bravery, that is not so readily installed within me. “What is your name?” I hold out my hand in introduction, but she flinches violently at the movement towards her.

“E… Eowyn.” She mumbles with a sniffle. Instead of accepting my hand, she bows before me. Something I assume has been ingrained within her since the vampire council, whenever it is they got their filthy hands on her. Birth, or early childhood I assume.

“It’s a pretty name.” I try to smile sympathetically, but I’m sure my efforts are wasted on her.

“Don’t bother.” Her face darkens dramatically. “I’ve heard it all.” I’m genuinely sincere in no other way but a friendly offer of compassion, but she is just so broken down after so many years of abuse it’s useless.


“Try this!” Arkin demands childishly, throwing a jar of crushed up green powder in front of my face. “Tiberium!” He sings delighted as I pour the tiniest amount into a beaker

“Can you just go back to work, and let me get on with mine.” I moan as he dances around me completely and blissfully unaware of my mood. Damn girls! I think more than slightly annoyed. They’re all so confusing, and mind numbingly painful. Why can’t they just act like normal people instead of angry, confused she-devils. Or completely untouchable.

“Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed.” Arkin laughs still unaffected by my mood, doing the twist behind me. Laughing hysterically as he does it.

“I’m sorry, I guess we all just need some space away from each other.” My hand releases the large, heavy pot ladle back into the steaming hot beaker. And look up at him with a sigh.

“You’re breaking up with me!” He gasps incredulously, both of his hands raising to his mouth in surprise. I shake my head at him, rolling my eyes. He could be such a child.

“Go blow yourself up or something, yeah?” I groan, slapping my forehead. One of the things he was good at. A true master really. And it never even bothers him when it fails, or he blows up the lab, or is infected with silver ashes in his blood stream. Just utterly optimistic twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

“Okay, but I want you to see this chart first.” He smiles dragging me away to glance at some failed test. “Have a look. What do you see?” I grab the chart, and begin reading through the pages of analysis. Seeing nothing out of the ordinary. “Look closer.” Arkin points at a tiny number in a see of results.

“0.0237.” I read the number, and shoot him an expectant look, waiting for an answer. The number was still in the normal range.

“Look at the bigger picture.” He exclaims grabbing other files, and showing me the same set of variables.

“It’s higher… It’s getting higher.” My head snaps up, upon the discovery. The life fruit was beginning to spawn into something different. The composition changing, and protein being produced. Regardless of how small the amount may be. Of course it had to be much higher, but there was protein.

“Now cheer up Mr. Grumpy. I know it seems like a lot of this stuff is just pointless repetition. But look, this ‘pointless repetition’ is actually working.” Arkin lectures me with a wide smile.

“I’m sorry-“

“Don’t be sorry. Put all that frustration into the work. Because I need a dance partner, not a Mr. Grouch who is going to rain on my parade every chance he gets.” I pout, sticking my lower lip out at him. I don’t dance. Especially not with him. “Either that or get yourself a girlfriend.” He says dismissively walking away from me, I feel my entire body freeze and my face turn red. Why would Arkin be sassing me about getting a girlfriend? And why would it be in the same conversation as me overcoming my frustrations…

As he walks away, I read back over the charts, looking at the minor details again. I half smile rereading it again, before I take my lab coat off, and yawn exhausted.

“I’m sorry for interrupting again.” The girl Eowyn bows before me. Adrenaline is still coursing through her body. I place my hand underneath her chin, and gently guide her back up to look her in the eyes. Her heart jolts again.

“You are not a slave.” I say softly to her, brushing the hair from her eyes. “And I am not you’re master. You do not need such obedience, nothing bad will happen if you just be yourself…”


“What are you doing up here?” I ask Raveena as I jump on top of the roof of the building. Relishing in the cold night breeze. So fresh, and pure. She has her back turned, as she rests, gazing up at the sky.

“Shooting stars.” She smiles, turning her head back to me so slightly. “I have a few small wishes that I could use right now.”

“Don’t we all?” I smile in return, sitting down next to her. The wind changes slightly, blowing her sweet scent into my nostrils. My face grimaces ever so slightly, as my heart thumps painfully in my chest. I swiftly turn away from her, peering up into the clouds, looking for a star to wish for her to wish on.

“What would you wish for?” Her soft voice whispers beside me. You… I stifle a laugh, biting my lip desperately trying to stop it from escaping. My faces flushes red hot as my pulse childishly quickens.

“To eat ice cream again… Probably.” I joke. It’s obvious that I’m lying. I add a forced, contrived laugh, hoping to ease the pressure and awkwardness I begin to feel. Ravee giggles in tandem with me. “You?”

“To feel the sun on my face again. Even if just for a moment.” She states simply in awe. The moon illuminates down onto her porcelain face, lighting up the shadows on the corners of her face. “I always wanted to be a scientist when I was human, and explore the stars and heavens above. But it was not a woman’s place at the time.” She explains. “Intelligence… Wonder… Ambition… That was a man’s dream.” Her eyes brows furrow together, before hiding all of her seriousness and pull apart playfully as she smiles. “The world was so different when I was your age. And everything that you think is absolute now, will be redeemed as idiotic once you reach my age.”

“I’m not so sure that the council will ever allow themselves to be seen as idiotic, no matter how much time that passes. Or how many centuries pass us by.” I try my hardest to ignore her perfume, but it’s overpowering. It’s never going to happen. Give it up. She doesn’t want you. Save yourself the heartache.

“Maybe not. But one can always dream, and wish upon a shooting star.” She chuckles softly into my ear. My teeth clench together tightly trying desperately to take my mind off her.

“Look! There!” I point, almost screaming, welcome for the distraction. The star sparkles and shoots across the night sky. A tiny, little glimmer of hope. Thousands of miles away. “A star for you to wish upon. To lay all your hopes and dreams up onto.” Raveen gasps sweetly, arching her neck to get a better look.

“Oh wow!” She mumbles, clearly in awe of the discovery. I smile and lean back trying to get comfortable on the cold, concrete roof. As I wriggle my arms back, my hand for a moment, a split second, barely at all, grazes over her hand. I jerk away quickly in response, my entire body tenses at the unexpected contact.

“It’s all yours.” My voice is barely audible. As quiet as a mouse, a timid little mouse. “Make a wish.”

“But… It’s your birthday.” She chimes in, intently looking me in the eyes. “It wouldn’t feel right.”

“Well I’m giving it to you.” I protest quietly, watching her expression change again. She closes her eyes, taking a small peak, and makes a silent wish. For what, I’m unsure. Possibly for safety, or success, or happiness.

“You’ve changed so much, from the prissy, overly melodramatic boy that I met that night.” I feign hurt, clutching my chest dramatically. Causing her fake serious tone to collapse in a fit of laughter. “I mean I really kicked your arse. But in all seriousness, you’ve grown up so much. I think that there are some moments, no matter how small, that you’re actually happy. And I’m not going to lie, no more moody teen, win!” She squeals jokingly.

“That’s right, now more moody teen.” I stand up chuckling as I do.

“I’m real sorry for disturbing this ‘adorable’ bonding moment. But I’ve been downstairs, alone for the last forty minutes.” Arkin moans childishly leaning against the iron wall. Ravee jumps up and kisses his cheek trying to placate him.

“I’m sorry that you feel all left out.” Her hand gently squeezes his arm as she smiles at him.

“You should be.” He growls darkly at her for a moment. “Now get downstairs.” And like scolded children, we sulk back inside, laughing as we do so. As we open the door, we’re meet by the most wonderful site.

“Father!” I scream, throwing my arms around his neck tightly. He chuckles slightly, the low sound passing through his lips. “You’re here…”

“I’m hardly going to miss my only son coming of age.” His smile is reassuring, and warm. A lost familiarity to me. And age has not touched his features at all. He is youthful, and young, and almost exactly as I left him. “You’re mother wanted to be here, but we can hardly draw attention-“

“I know, I know.” His hand clasps my shoulders, as he nods.

“You look well. And strong. And so grown up.” He kisses my forehead, obviously enjoying the rare moment between father and son. Between us two. “I’m sorry that I wasn’t here more. It isn’t the kind of father that I wanted to be. I wanted to be here.”

“You’re here now, that’s what matter.” I smile again, still unsure if he was actually here. It had been so long. Too long since I had seen him. I had left home when I was fifteen, and tonight is my eighteenth birthday. The last time I had seen him, was when I had almost killed my mother. And aside from the sparse phone call, we hadn’t talked much either. “If it’s any consolation, this isn’t the type of son I wanted to be either. I miss you, I miss you all so much.”

“Happy birthday!” They all chime in happily, as I let the transition take over me. I am now an adult. And I will not let anyone get in the way of my dreams, and pursuits. Whether it be the council, or just someone fool enough to stand in the way.


Author’s note – The last photo of Aleksi as a young adult is missing, I’m sorry guys. But my laptop decided to be a pain, and freeze every time I went to take it. But I was fortunate enough to have taken a photo of him to use as an updated family tree portrait.