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I call all my children into the sitting room for a meeting. Today will be the day they find out who will carry on the Godwinn legacy. It’s a daunting thought as I stand in the middle of the room, watching them get comfortable. Four of them may get very upset. And with prom tonight, I think to myself. Maybe this should wait till later tonight after they’ve come home. I take a deep breath, calming myself. Everything will be okay, I’ve gotten them this far.

“You’re all probably wondering why I have gathered you here today.” trying to sound calm, I speak loudly but my voice wavers. “The truth is… One of you… W..Will carry on our namesake. One of you will become my heir, taking up the responsibilities of a founder.”

“Can’t this wait til later tonight…? Or tomorrow?” Phineas says in a bored monotone. Obviously he did not care. I collect my thoughts for a moment.

“Well… It’s probably for the best. Tonight then.” I reply. But the older girls interrupt in a mood. “Can’t we just have a few more hours of peace and quiet. Before any decisions have to be made?” I sigh silently relieved. After a few grumbles and angry words, they leave to prepare for the dance.


 However neither Constance or Phineas were in a rush. Phineas sits down at the piano and starts playing, while Connie gazes out into the horizon.

Constance waves the telescope around trying to find something interesting to watch. The stars weren’t out yet, but some days she saw the wild horses roaming or deer. Or even sometimes someone from the town would captivate her interest. However today, she spied something rather unusual. One moment she was peacefully watching, but as the seconds passed, her eyes widen and heart beat raced. Until, she could not watch anymore. She pushed the telescope away in a panic and called for Phineas.


“Phineas, brother” she calls as she approaches him. Her voice shrilled and obviously shaken. He looks up at her and stopped playing the piano.

“Whatever is the matter? You look like you’ve seen a ghost..” He asks worried. She was trembling. She tried to talk but couldn’t. No sound would come out.

“I…. He…. Her… B.B.Blood.” She mumbles, stuttering as she does so. She raises her hand over her face, muffling a sob.

“Connie…?” He frowns deeply as he giving her a once over. She wasn’t hurt. “What’s happened?”

“He… He took her. And she…” He takes her hand and squeezes it as she tries to explain what she had just seen. She takes a deep breath and closes her eyes, trying to compose herself. “Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Something on TV.” She mumbles lying. Phineas obviously isn’t convinced, however, she seems better now. He didn’t want to upset her by prying further. It could wait for another night.


After the three older girls were dressed and all made up Ethel took her sisters outside to talk privately.

“Shouldn’t we call down Constance and Phineas?” Sybil asks sweetly.

“No… We, and by that I mean us, need to talk. They have no chance of becoming an heir to our name. But we do. So there’s a few little things I want to get straight. Firstly, no one touches my men” Ethel states glaring at Katherine. “And by that I mean both of them, don’t even look at them. Secondly, Whatever happens we are to remain civil to one another. Who ever wins.” She says turning her attention back to both of them.

Sybil seems confused but happy enough, however Katherine glares at Ethel. It wasn’t fair that she got both Bryan and Baldric. Especially when she did not care for Bryan at all.


At prom, neither Constance or Phineas seem pleased to be there. But because I had insisted they go, they felt compelled to. They sit in the corner, shooting angry glances at anyone in distance wearing a smile on their face. I had no idea why they didn’t want to be there. I know when I went to my prom, it was a happy night for me. The other girls, despite a few jokes, had been excited for tonight.


Phineas gets up without a word and stalks out of the school. He just could not be around people tonight. No one understood him, in fact he didn’t understand them either. For one night, both his and his sister’s tormentors would leave them alone, but tomorrow, it would be a free for all. He felt bad for leaving her, but he left anyway. 


The time soon came when the frogs were meant to be released.

“Come on, Bryan will go crazy if I don’t live up to my side of the deal and release the frogs.” Ethel says heading towards the exit. But Baldric stops her.

“Just have one more dance with me. He can wait.” Baldric says as he places his hand on her cheek.

“I really can’t, he’ll never forgive me if I screw tonight up.” Ethel says hesitantly. This is the opportunity she had been waiting for since she had freed Baldric. But her and Bryan had planned this night in the playground at primary school.

“Please…” He whispered, giving her the puppy dog eyes.


“Just one dance.” Ethel whispers, feeling weak in the knees as he takes her in his arms. If she would be feeling guilty, she might as well enjoy it while it lasts, she thought closing her eyes. Ethel’s heart starts to race and her palms soon became sweaty. She starts to feel a bit flustered as they moved to the beat. This was to much. She had to try to resist the overwhelming urge to kiss him that she felt.

“I like this…” Baldric whispered into her ear, skimming past her cheeks. She could feel his breath on her neck. “Being here with you. Dancing with you…”


In the back of Ethel’s mind she knew she should be with Bryan right now. But she couldn’t tear herself away from Baldric for a second to think clearly. He kissed her neck before slowly inching his way to her mouth. He lowered his hands down her back and slowly back to her face. The song ended but their embrace did not.


If my Ethel could have torn herself away for one moment, she would have seen Bryan leave. She would have seen him leaving with Katherine following him. But she didn’t, and in that moment she chose Baldric.


“Why are you following me..?” Bryan says as he enters the English room.

“Because I saw what happened. And I wanted to know if you were okay.” Katherine says. But she became bright red when she realizes they are alone. On prom night. And Ethel wasn’t around to forbid her actions in anyway.

“Can I tell you a secret?” Bryan said, perhaps realizing the exact same thing that Katherine had. She nods. “I did like your sister, but I got over her a long time ago. I just liked the attention you gave me when she blew me off.”


“I’m sorry.” He smiles as she takes his hand in hers. “But not really.” He smirks. Ethel had made her choice, surely she wouldn’t be mad. Her heart was in her throat, beating so rapidly, she thought she might be sick. She had a million butterflies in her stomach.

“So what now…?” Katherine says shyly, somewhat out of character for her.


Bryan leans forward and surprise kisses Katherine. He was nervous, and not sure if she felt the same. But she, to his surprise, kissed him back.


Once they started they couldn’t stop. And despite all of Katherine’s good sense, she didn’t want to.


At that stage, sick and tired of being alone, Constance leaves the prom. She didn’t want to go in the first place, and she didn’t even care if it meant a long walk home. She passed all the happy faces, and cute couples. It made her sick. It wasn’t that she didn’t believe in love or happiness, but she didn’t think she would find either. Especially not in there.

Once outside the school, Constance ran, hoping to catch up with Phineas who would still most likely be walking. She was ready to tell him what she had seen that afternoon.


Phineas loved this time of night and weather. It was midnight, but the full moon lit up the sky. He wanted to go home and sleep. It wasn’t that he was lazy, he just didn’t care. Not tonight anyway. Even though he wanted to be home, he walked slowly. Breathing in the cold mountain air. It made him feel sane again. Living in a house with five women was hard, and even though he loved them all to death, most of them anyway, he loved the time where he could just breath. Everyone would either still be at the prom or in their beds asleep.


Everyone should anyway, he thought as he came in distance of an unknown man. He didn’t know what it was, but something about the stranger made his inside screams. He wanted to run away as fast as he possibly could. Phineas was positive he had never seen the man before, and tried to tell himself that he had no reason to be afraid.



Time had passed me by I thought dreamily of. My oldest daughter, Ethel, was a senior in high school, soon to be graduating. And my youngest, the twins Constance and Phineas were soon to be juniors in high school. However I don’t have any regrets in my life. Sure I’ve made plenty of mistakes, but I’m happy. And my family, I hope will continue striving for the best and living happily long after I’ve gone.

Today on the way home from school, Ethel decides to visit her father one last time. No screaming she promises herself. Just talking. Closure. She looks at the man beside her and takes a deep breath. If he could come back to life after being freed from a mysterious curse, surely she could talk to her father.


She climbs off the bus and slowly makes her way to the front door and knocks. Kendrik looks surprised but lets her in nervously. He didn’t think she would ever want to see him again.

“Ethel…. Darling.” He mumbles surprised. “I’m so glad you’re here.”

“I’m not here… So we can be… family, again.” Ethel slowly and calmly states as they walk towards the living room.

“Then, why?” Kendrik looks away and frowns.

“Closure.” She feels the tears build up inside her. But she bites her lips and hopes he doesn’t see. “Why did you do it, daaa… Kendrik.”

“I… I was gone so long. Even when I was still at home, I was a terrible father. And then when I came back, I was so scared of screwing up again…”


“I know you think it would be easy to blame Chastity, I know I did. But it was all me. You had built up this amazing idea of your father in your mind, someone who wasn’t me… I didn’t want to let you down. So I stalled and blew you off.” Kendrik tried to explain but he just couldn’t. It sounded stupid. Like he just couldn’t be bothered being a father. “It was easier than realizing that you didn’t need me anymore.”

“Daa… Kendrik, I had no great expectations of you. You left when I was young, and when you called, if you called at all, you never had much to say. The only thing I ever wanted, ever asked of you was to give me a chance.” Ethel sighs, as she blinks away the tears. “But you didn’t…”

“Please, we can make this better.” He beggs her.

“The older I get, the more I realize, I already have a family. I don’t need to find them in strangers. Wil is my father. He’s done more for me, he loved me from the start and never stopped. Even though I wasn’t his child.” She turns towards the door and stopps to say one more thing. “I shouldn’t have to ask you to love me. You shouldn’t have to try.”


Sybil, when she could tear herself away from her lab or extra curricular activities, made visits to a young man, she felt lucky enough to call her own. She had met him in chemistry, when he had lent her his textbook. The rest as they say is history. Buddy wasn’t a wealthy man, he lived in a small two bedroom house, with his mother. But Sybil looks past that. She sees who he is. Smart, political, kind and handsome. And he looks past the fact that she spends a great majority of her time reading medical journals, studying and experimenting in her lab. He knows she would do anything to fulfill her dreams, that’s what draws him to her. Like a moth to a flame.


The time they spent together was special. She was even forward enough to ask him to prom. She knew her sisters would laugh at the idea of her dressing up and going to prom. Especially with a boy. She hadn’t told them yet. She had told me. I was thrilled for her. Sybil was my only daughter who had been honest with her love life with me. Ethel and Katherine either didn’t have one or didn’t want me to know about it. However, they did both seem excited about prom, but for all the wrong reasons. I didn’t want to ponder the things they had planned. I just hoped they wouldn’t get caught doing whatever evil thing they planned to do.


Back at home, an intense match of chess starts. Phineas closes his eyes as he plans his move. Minutes pass by before he moves his first piece on the board. Constance counters but they both seem distracted.


“What do you think about this whole, heir/heiress deal, Connie?” Phineas asks his twin, his eyes searching hers.

“I’m not sure.” She pauses and thinks. “Whatever happens, it’s out of our control. We just have to live with it and move on.”

“I can’t stop worrying about it.” He replies solemny

“Why?” Constance asks puzzled.

“Because it means everything has to change. That life is moving forward, mum and dad won’t always be here. And the others.hell, they ignore us 99% of the time, but they’ll be moving on too. From us, from each other.” Phineas frowns, making his move.


“Those things will all happen anyway. Things change, things stay the same. It’s life.” She replies, countering his move again, taking out his knight. “It’ll be okay. No matter what happens. Or who is or isn’t chosen.”

“I suppose.” Constance was always smarter than her years, it was only natural she had the answers.


“But promise me this, dearest sister. No matter what happens, we stick together.” Phineas frowns again looking at her face. She looks at the board as he makes his move. “Check-mate.”


When Ethel arrived home, Bryan was there waiting. He went to hug her hello but she walked right passed again. In fact she’d barely noticed he was there. Just another obstacle in the way of what she really wanted. He was stunned when she completely ignored him.


Ethel immediately smiled when she saw Baldric, even more so when he smiled back. She would feel bad about Bryan later.

“I was wondering if you could help me buy a suit for prom?” Baldric asked, but all Ethel heard was prom. With him…  “Ethel..?” She snapped out of her day dreaming mode and agreed to help.


“Cheer up…” Katherine said as Bryan turned around. “Turn that frown upside down” She joked hoping to see a glimpse of happiness in his eyes.

“I can see WHY she would like him. I mean he’s handsome and…” Bryan rambled.

“You’re handsome” She blurted out. Upon realizing what she had said, Katherine’s cheeks turned a bright shade of red. She was absolutely mortified. How could she be as foolish as to say out loud. Those thoughts were for another time.


“I heard some girls mention it at school anyway” she lied embarrassed, hoping he couldn’t tell.

“Who? Who said that? Maybe i should take them to prom instead.” He asked, sending her heart into overdrive.

“No one…. No one…” She mumbled, her heart pounding in her throat.


“Well I have to go, no point in being here anymore. Seeing as I’ve been ditched. Again.” He smiles and hugs her farewell. “You should come to prom. it’s pretty lame, but maybe this year might be different.”


That night, was special. William lead me into the cemetery plot he had built. Tonight we would transition together.

“This will go into the records of best birthday ever for sure. Taking me to a cemetery the night I age into an elder. Charming.” I half joke as we enter the building.

“Well we’re not dead yet.” He smirks as he holds my hand.


“Here’s to eternity together.” Wil says as he pulls me close. “Now if you couldn’t handle a few grey hairs, tonight is going to suck for you.” He whispers into my ear, making me laugh. No, i had come to peace with the idea of growing up. Of being old and grey. As long as I had him, I could do anything. We kiss.


I feel the magic take hold of him. I open my eyes and there he is. Even with his wrinkles, and dull red hair, William is still the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen, let alone touched. I believe it was fate that brought us together, that brought us to Ravenwood. And it would be fate that would create my legacy.


Next is my turn. This time, my birthday doesn’t result in a hysteric panic. I’m completely serene. The only thing weighing down on my mind is choosing the heir to my legacy. Wil rests his soft, wrinkled hand on my cheek.

“What’s wrong darling?” He whispers still.

“The heir… I know who the heir will be…”


The next birthdays were Phineas and Constance. Soon I thought. Soon, the time for declaration will come…


The next day I set to work repairing the damage that had been done to the backyard after Ethel’s break down. Poor girl I thought. In a way it reminded me of my own childhood. My father was never there either. But I didn’t have Wil like she does. He looks out for her in a way I couldn’t possibly imagine. Wil loves her like his own. And I try my hardest to be a better mother than mine was. If they have a problem, I want them to be able to come to me with it. To trust that it will be okay in the end, because I say it will.


Phineas and Constance were growing up so fast. They loved to play with the blocks together and talk in toddler talk for hours. Gurgling, giggling and squealing. Out of all my children they were the closest. They brought out the best in each other, and Phineas was a great brother. Connie liked to be alone, but by her brothers side she was fearless. I hoped as they grew up and had lives of their own, they would still be this close. Family is more important than anything.


Ethel was still mourning the reality of her father. She often went to the park and just sat there alone. Talking to herself as she did.

“Baldric… I really wish you were here… Like really here… Some days I could really use a hug from someone who really understands…” She sighed as she felt his presence appear. It comforted her deeply. “I’ll end the curse for you. I promise…”


True to his promise, Wil did return for Kendrik. I was worried for him though. I didn’t want him to get in trouble for defending our honor. For defending our daughter.

“I see you came back, as you said you would. Now what?” Kendrik said in an anxious tone as William entered the house.

“Now I make sure you understand exactly what I meant. Through whatever force I find necessary.” He took a step towards Kendrik, who retreated to another room.

“I know I messed up, you don’t think I know that? Please, just leave me. I learned my lesson. It’ll never happen again.” Kendrik’s stammered out, pleading with the angry man before him. Wil cocked his head to the side and smiled with an evil glint in his eyes. He wanted to do bad things to this man.

“I’m awful sorry, I don’t give out second chances to little girls who have proved themselves unworthy.” Wil advanced on him.


Wil raised his hand and with a powerful amount of force, connected with Kendrik’s cheek. Kendrik took a step backwards, holding his already red cheek. Cowering… Waiting for the next blow. Waiting to be punished. It never came, William waited for him to recover.

“Now, Kendrik,do you think me an unreasonable man?” He said in a patronizing tone as he inspected his nails, looking bored.

“If you c..c…come back, I’ll c… the p..p..police on you.” Kendrik threatened, whimpering as he did so.

“Are you threatening me now Kenny? How very unbecoming of you.” William’s focus was once again brought back to the coward before him. “But… If I have to come back. I’ll not be so satisfied as I am now. I’ll be back for blood. Yours in fact.” He simply stated as he walked himself to the door. “I hope I don’t have to come back. For your sake.”


That night something very special happened. Ethel was finally able to make her promise to Baldric true, as she gave him an elixir to free him from his curse. I of course saw nothing of it. Only that in one moment my daughter was talking to herself, and then the next a beautiful man stood in front of my Ethel. I can only assume, it was a friend from school. Hopefully, she would be okay. Stop crying over her father, and talking to imaginary fiends. Move on with her life. I wanted to stop being so worried for her.


“Baldric…. You’re here… You’re really here.” Ethel sobbed with tears in her eyes, as she saw her friend before her. He was finally human.

“Ethel, you did it. You actually did it.” The young man hugged her tightly grateful for what she had done for him. “Thank you. Thank you so much. I’ll be eternally grateful to you.”


The next day was Sybil and Katherine’s birthday. I baked two large cakes, and we all celebrated. First was Sybil, who for the party had dressed as a princess. My husband and I cheered on our daughters together. Happy that they were growing up. Sybil was beautiful. She retained her long curly hair from her childhood, and her sweet nature. She wants to be a doctor. I’m so proud and I know she can make that dream come true.


Next was Katherine, who had only just rolled out of bed. She closed her eyes, made a wish, and blew out her candles. Triggering the transition to begin. We watched in wonder as she transformed into another beautiful teenager. Only time would tell what she had in store for her future. But I knew, whatever it was, she would be great.


That afternoon, Wil and I took some time out to ourselves. Five children was a lot of work. We took a walk to the bistro and browsed through the book store, before finally arriving at the park. We both had a lot to say.

“The time will soon be here that you need to decide the future of this family.” Wil stated, reminding me of the future. “Phineas and Constance will be children soon, and we’re not going to be around forever. It might be to soon now, but we should at least start thinking about it, darling.” He was right. The birthdays today had reminding me that the clock was ticking. There were many things I still wanted to do. Family dinners, paint, grandchildren. But first I had to declare an heir.


“We should buy a burial plot, so we can all be together in the afterlife.” I mused out loud. Wil nodded. “I love all of my children and I want the best for each and everyone of them. Choosing an heir to my legacy will not be easy as you may think.” This was going to be an incredibly hard decision. But I still had time to figure it all out before I needed to declare anything.

“Well then, just remember you don’t have to do it alone.” He kissed me and took me hand as we left the park.

“I’m not going to be visited by any policemen with a warrant for your arrest am I?” I joked and we left hand in hand.


Despite his evil nature, Baldric has a strange innocence about him, that Ethel had never encountered before. Life was a gift to him. The colors more vibrant. The songs the birds sang, more beautiful than words could say. The taste of a spring peach more succulent, more sweet. The smell of the flowers, the touch of a pretty girls hand. Each day was a gift. He didn’t waste his life, on sadness or  worrying about people who didn’t care. He was special. And Ethel couldn’t help but smile or become weak around him.


After a makeover, to get him out of his strange doll clothes, Ethel felt more giddy around him. He would be joining her class at school, and live with her as an “exchange” student. But little did they know about his unique origins. He was her little secret.


Baldric grabbed her hand and pulled her behind him. Ethel’s heart skipped a beat. She tried to hide the way she felt, but it was chemistry. It was tangible. He was her best friend, she wanted to show him the world. To be as special to him as he was to her.

My daughter was completely smitten by this odd boy. He made her happy, he made her smile. Because of him, she forgot about the drama with her father almost completely.


They arrived at the park and like children, played on the playground. Giggling, laughing. They couldn’t wipe the smiles off their faces. It was obvious to everyone but to each other how they felt.


At home, I played with Constance. Tickling her and brushing her pretty blonde hair. As a toddler, she lived in the present. It was refreshing.

“You don’t care about tomorrow do you?” I smiled, beaming down at her.

“No, mamma.” She squealed “Today hasn’t ended yet”

She was so smart for her age. Even though she probably didn’t understand what she was saying, she knew exactly what to say. I wondered what her life had to offer. What she would later grow up to become. I didn’t care, as long as she was happy.


Sybil was working hard to make her dreams come true. She spent a great deal of time in the basement inside her lab. Experimenting, and crafting strange potions. Hoping and praying the she might create a potion to win her a great prize and grant her admittance into medical school. It was her dream.


My daughters other friend invited himself over that night. However, judging by the sad look on his face, Ethel didn’t want to see him. She was too captivated by Baldric to care.

“Now’s not really a good time Bryan. I’m busy.” Ethel complained distracted.

“But we both helped to free him. And i wanted to see you…” Bryan replied hurt.

“We’ll be at school tomorrow” She sighed, completely oblivious to his feelings. “But right now, there’s just so much I want to show him.” Barely finishing her sentence, she runs back upstairs excitedly.


“Don’t pine after my sister.” Katherine said as she approached the heartbroken boy. “She’s a fickle girl, and she has a new plaything. Don’t waste your time.”

“What are you talking about?” Bryan replied blushing.

“It’s completely obvious… To everyone… But her.” Katherine replied with a smile. He sighed. “Don’t be sad. You could do MUCH better than my sister.” She said comforting him.


“You’re her sister?” He said shocked.

“I think we meet once, a few years ago. I’m Katherine.” She flashed him another smile.


And soon it was my charming toddlers turn to transition into children. The time for declaring an heir would soon be upon me.

Chapter 1.9

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For a special gift for the girls, we got a dominoes table. Secretly hoping all the girls might become closer. But Ethel seemed interested in other things rather than her sisters. Her imaginary friend for example was a popular activity and conversation for her. The twins were close though.


When William wasn’t at home playing the part of the doting husband and father, he was working hard to progress in his career. Back in Starlight shores, he was an MVP. But by joining me in Ravenwood he had been set back quite dramatically. Starting out as a toddler sports coach, he was slowly but surely moving up the job ladder. He wanted to be the best.

I had taken up painting again, which I hadn’t done since long before Kendrik had left. It had taken a while to get back into the groove of things but in my spare time (Which seemed to be very lacking), I was able to earn some extra income. Businesses had even started hiring me to decorate their offices, in return for a hefty sum of money.


Sybil was a good child, she always finished her homework on time, did what the teachers asked and cleaned up at home. Katherine was the complete opposite. However Sybil helped out her twin whenever she could by letting her copy her homework and answers. This was explained to me by Katherine, as “teamwork” despite this I was happy they were getting along. Unlike Ethel.


Her constant talking to herself was worrying. She still hasn’t grown out of it I thought. She’ll be starting high school very soon. And she can’t bring this strange hobby with her. I stand outside the kitchen watching her.

“Baldric, I said we were looking into it…. Yes! I know we don’t have much time left…. But Bryan said… Okay… I’ll try but I can’t promise anything…’ I shook my head as the doorbell rang. Kendrik must be here. I let him inside and fetch Ethel.

“Are you sure you want to see him?” Last time was a disaster. It was only fair I be worried.


But to my surprise, after the initial awkwardness passes, they get along fine. Ethel doesn’t scream or raise her voice once. I’m incredibly proud. Things may be okay between them after all.

“Are you going to come to my birthday party, dad?” She asks excitedly.


“Of course, Ethel. It’ll also be a perfect chance for you to meet Chastity. You’ll love her, just like I do.” I really wish he would leave her at home, but I have to stay out of it. I don’t like her though. An even after meeting her I won’t. I’m sure of it. I’m imagining some pretty, young blonde, with too much makeup, a dress that barely covers anything and a half complete high school diploma. I know it’s not fair, or probably not very accurate, but I can’t help it. It’s her fault he waited this long to see his daughter.


The day of her party, she thinks hard of some kind of plan. For what, I’m not sure. Except it involves that damned imaginary friend of hers.

“The circles mark all the spots we’ve looked…. Yeah I know, but it has to be here somewhere…. Now what do you propose we do about HER…. Fire? Bryan said the same thing… No wonder you like him…” I shake my head and walk away. I look at my watch he should already be here.


After she’s finished, she dresses in her formal dress and waits outside. He’s two hours late. I want to pull her back inside and hold her tight. To tell her not to worry about him anymore. That he’s not coming. But I can’t. I can’t protect her. Not from him.

“Did you see him anywhere….. He’s late, again…. He’s not coming is he Baldric?” This is breaking my heart I think to myself.


He never showed up. Instead he left his heartbroken daughter to transition all by herself. She looked completely miserable fighting back the tears and trying to pretend she didn’t care. I know she does. Kendrik always does this, gets her hopes up to let her down again. He always promises it will be different.


“Well… I’ll be in my room, if anyone wants me.” She sobs running to her room.Seeing her like this makes the mamma bear inside me angry. William walks inside at that moment to see her cry.

“Where does he live? No one hurts my kid and get away with it.” He asked before following Ethel to her room.


“Go away.” I hear her sob hysterically. But Wil doesn’t budge. “I hate him. I hate him so much.”

“I promise you darling, that’s the last time he hurts you. Or he’ll have to deal with me.” Wil growls angrily but controlled. “I’m sorry about tonight, kid.” he says more softly. They talk more but I can’t make out the words.


The next morning as promised, Wil pays a visit to Kendrik.

“Hey! you, don’t you dare try to leave.” Wil stops him at the front gate. “How dare you not even show up to your own daughter’s birthday party. Which I distinctly remember you agreeing to come to.”

“I meant to call. Chastity wasn’t in a party mood and I..”Kendrik tries to explain but is cut off.

“You mean to say you broke her heart for a dumb bimbo!” William goes to continue but controls himself.


“You’re either here or you’re not. No in between. So you chose Ethel or you have me to deal with.” Wil threatens clenching his fists.

“Your going to run me out of town? This is my home too” Kendrik says defiantly.

“Don’t test me. I play a much better villain than you.” He takes a step closer to Kendrik who backs away. “If I see her cry one more time over you, I’m coming back. And that is something that you definitely do NOT want to happen. Until next time” Wil leaves now, laughing as he does.


I worry as Ethel goes to school that day. Little do I know, she skipped it all together.

“Things go bad with your dad last night?” The boy asks

“You could say that… But on the bright side, he’s dead to me.” Ethel looks at her feet glumly. “Can we not talk about him, Bryan, or I might take your advice and burn his house down.”

“Is Baldric still with us? We can hardly take over the world without him?” Bryan asks.

“Yes, surprisingly. Although, I do not think we have much longer with him, unless we find that gem.”


Both teens get to there feet and begin to say their farewells.

“What should I do about my dad? I know I said I don’t want to talk about him.. But I’m so confused.” Ethel asks her friend.

“Since you seem upset about burning his house down, how about something less dramatic. Talk to him?” The young man replies. “Now prom, we can release the frogs as they announce the king and queen. Or we can skip it all together?”


William was absolutely smitten with his baby boy, who evened out the odds a little bit. It was his miracle child.


My miracle child came in the form on Constance, who was surprisingly born blonde. All the others had black hair like myself. Despite five children, a dog and busy careers, Wil and I still found time to be together, and to spend with each child. It was hard work constantly, but worth it.


That night I received a phone call from Kendrik. Ethel had broken into his house. I could hear her screaming in the background.

“You’re the dumb, bimbo my dad married” I could hear her screeching and laughing “You’re like 90 years old. And rich. Dad, good one. Will you get everything when she dies. Or do you just want her for her body.”

“Please, come and get her.” He pleads with me.

“Afraid to actually spend some time with your daughter.” I snap rudely. My Ethel may be doing something wrong, but it was all caused by him and his new wife. New, old wife?


I hear footsteps, followed by more yelling.

“Don’t worry you’re DEAD to me. HEAR THAT DEAD.” She screams into his face. “If I’m such a bother, you’ll never see me again.” She screams. The door slams.

“You had this coming. You broke her heart for the last time. Don’t expect anymore help from me. You failed her.” I slam the phone down.


When she arrives home, she’s like a demon possessed. She looks a mess. Her makeup is running, covered in dirt and with twigs in her hair. Hopping on her huge metal contraption, drilling into the back yard. I try several times to move her, but she ignore me. Saying she needs to free Baldric. Now. I’m at a loss of what to do. I have no idea. William tries after me. Perhaps more successfully.

“Darling? Ethel…? Why don’t you come inside?” He asks anxiously. It’s hard for him to see the damage Kendrik causes and not to be able to stop it. But she ignores him too.

“Am I really your kid?” She asks pausing.


“Of course you’re my kid…” He smiles at her, trying to calm her.

“You’ve never said it before.” she replies hoping off the machine.

“Even if I haven’t said it. Surely you must know you are.” He hugs her “I love you kid”

“Are you going to hurt my dad?” her voice as quiet as a whisper. “Cause I don’t mind if you do.”

Chapter 1.8

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The next months flew by blissfully. The twins grew bigger everyday, and Ethel too. But I knew I was pregnant. My mind instantly realised when my hands instinctively held my belly which had been growing larger as the weeks had progressed. I was glad too. I wanted a large family, and three wasn’t quite enough.


My thoughts are interrupted by a whimpering outside. I open the door and notice a small, dirty dog. I rub it’s belly and her tail starts to move with the beat. I smile at the poor dog. It mustn’t have a home, and it surely can’t stay outside in the cold all night. And even more selfishly, the girls would love her.


The next day I invite my good friend over, the doctor. I know I’m pregnant but I want to be sure. He arrives shortly after the invite in his day clothes. We chat for a bit then he inspects my growing womb.

“Of course your pregnant” he laughs “Whatever happened to mothers instinct?” I give him a shy look and he reassures me. “This pregnancy will be fine. It usually always is.” He replies sheepishly before leaving after being called for an emergency.


I decide to share the good news at a family day in the park. William responds excitedly in a tired tone. Twins were hard work. Ethel seemed unimpressed and happy at the same time. A new victim for her to play with. Both Sybil and Katherine cooed and gurgled happily, a new baby. It was exciting news.


Later that night I’m awoken by the doorbell, followed by angry yelling. It’s Ethel I thought nervously. Has she gotten in trouble again?


I walk outside and to my surprise, it’s Kendrik… When did he get back to town?

“LA LA LALALA” Ethel screams “I can’t hear you” Kendrik shoots me a glance, begging to be rescued.

“Ethel! Ethel!” I shout over her. “This is no way to treat your father.” However my voice cracks. I’m still in shock. It’s been years since we last saw him.

“I know it’s him! Why do you think I’M SHOUTING!” She bellows louder. He frowns sadly.


“Ethel please. Go inside. Now” I order her, trying to calm the situation.

“And YOU get off MY porch” she gives him and evil glare. He backs up. I wonder whatever happened to the little girl who loved her father. Because this is a completely different child. It’s like she’s possessed.

“Ethel, can’t we just talk?” Kendrik’s voice is soft and sad. Pleading with her. He even picked up a slight accent from Paris.

“I said off my porch!” She says fiercly not giving up. I pull her away and steer her inside. By the time I turn around he’s leaving.


“When did you get back to town?” I ask stopping him in his tracks. He’s slow to respond.

“About a month ago” I feel the anger rising up inside of me, just like Ethel had.

“A month! You’ve been here a whole month and this is the first we’ve seen of you?” I’m gobsmacked. A whole month. He knew how much Ethel missed him and he waited a whole month. No wonder Ethel was downright evil with him.

“I would’ve come by earlier but Chastity wanted to set the house up and start working. It’s been crazy.” Chastity… He did this all for a girl!?! This time I try to leave but he stops me.


“Elizabeth, please help me” he begs. “She’s my daughter…”

“And why would I help you. You’ve spent almost her whole life ignoring her. I don’t want to see her get hurt. Again.” I give him a puzzled look.

“So you give William a second chance but not me?” he retorts spitefully. “I’m sorry, you don’t deserve that. I just.. I just want my daughter back.” We stare at each other for a few minutes in silence. Maybe I should help him. I think, remembering how happy Ethel was when Kendrik was around. When he was around.

“She’s having a birthday in a few months, maybe you and Chastity could come over and spend it with her” I did not like this woman at all. I hadn’t met her and I had no right, but I didn’t like her at all. “But that’s all I’m giving you. You have to do the rest of the work.


“Thank you so much.” He says cheering up remarkably. “And I’m sorry again for what I said before. I know you two are well… I should go.” He smiles once more, awkwardly and leaves. I shake my head and go back inside. Worrying about Ethel.


The next morning is very busy. It’s the twins birthdays and mine as well. I figure I don’t need the cake but they certainly do. I make the two cakes, waiting for Wil to get home from work, so we can celebrate. My thoughts are troubled though. Ethel has been acting strangely. And not just since last night I realise. She’s been talking to herself and eating alone. Except she doesn’t think she’s alone. Maybe I should get her some help.

However I don’t let these thoughts get in the way of the festivities.


Wil arrives home to fuss over the girls, while I ice the cake. He plays barbie with them and I can hear him laughing from in the kitchen as the bite the heads off their dolls. He then carried both of them down to the cakes.


We once again sing the celebration’s theme song to the girls who gurgle along and clap their little hands. With a girl each we lift them over the cake while the blow out the candles. Then we watch them transform from little tiny toddlers to children.


Once they age up I realise that although they are twins they are both very different. While Sybil is a sweet, good and innocent child. Katherine has an evil streak, much like her older sister Ethel. Sybil also loves anything pink, she’s a real girly girl. Katherine wouldn’t be seen in her sisters attire.

They’re so different, yet still the same. And I love them both very much.


Once again Ethel eats alone, talking to herself as she does. I shake my head and look nervously at Wil. He just smiles and says it’s a phase. That he’ll put the girls to bed and everything will be fine. He has a surprise too. He loves the girls to death, all of them.


I wash up the dishes and hear the madness unfold from my spot. They’re all screaming and stomping all about. I wonder what’s going on. But it’s best not to interfere. This is his special nightly ritual.

“I’m gonna get you!” I hear Wil scream in a crazy voice. “RAHHHHHHH” The girls scream with him. I shake my head and laugh. It’s actually quite sweet if you put in ear plugs. “I got you!!! Now I’m going to EAT YOU!!!” They scream one last time before Wil walks out triumphant. “Girls are asleep” He says sweetly as if the last twenty minutes didn’t happen.


I feel a sharp kick and my water breaks. Wil despite his brave image, freaks out. I slap my forehead and groan. This baby is coming now, and we don’t have time to scream about it.

“Best birthday, ever, right?” He winks at me cheekily as he leads me towards the car so we can go to the hospital.

Later that night, I give birth to not one but two babies. A boy and a girl. Who we lovingly name Constance and Phineas.


We arrive home again a few hours after, and while I pay the nanny, Wil takes Phineas to the nursery.

“Thank the moon your a boy. Not that I don’t love your sisters. But we’re hopelessly outnumbered. You’ll figure that out soon enough. But now I have you.” I hear him cooing the newborn. I have to stop the laugh I have from escaping. “But as the man of the house, or boy, you have to protect them all. Your mum, and all of your sisters. I won’t always be here, so it’ll be your job.”


“What are you two talking about” I smile gleefully as I put Constance in her crib.

“I’m talking, he’s gurgling” he replies putting the boy in his own crib. “Although he did say how pretty you look tonight.”


“Now do you ever wear a shirt? Not that I’m complaining” I ask jokingly. He hugs me and holds me tight.

“I have a surprise for you darling.” He whispers lovingly into my ear. Despite five children, we’re still loved up and on a love high. We’re not looking to come down soon either. He takes my hand and leads me back to the kitchen.


“Make a wish” He gleams at me from across the bench. A huge smile on his face.

I close my eyes and think very hard. Make a wish. But I can’t, I already have everything I could ever want. I peak my eyes open and sneak a look at him. How could I want anything more than I already have. Him, my children. Things may not be absolutely perfect, but I already have it all.


“I’m a mother” I blurt out after the transformation is complete.

“Thanks for the update” Wil replies sarcastically, shooting me a puzzled look.

“No. I’m a mother. Look at me. I’m old, going grey, wrinkles. I look like a mother!” He just shakes his head confused, wondering what his hysterical wife is talking about. “I’m probably going to get fat too. And dress all homely and motherly. Oh my god…” He walks around the bench and grabs my hand.


“Darling, take a deep breathe. I’m not going anywhere. Who cares about a few wrinkles, or grey hair.”

“I have grey hair! Oh my god it’s starting.” I interrupt in a panic.”

“Lizzi, life’s going to happen whether you’re ready for it or not. And I’ll still be here even when you go grey, and start to walk with a limp. We can both grow old and grey together. And talk about our arthritis and curse the new technology together deal?” He finishes placing his hand on my cheek.

“I knew I married you for a reason.”

Chapter 1.7

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     The next year had passed by in almost the blink of an eye. William and I were shocked to find out we were having twin girls, Sybil and Katherine, who were now exciteable toddlers. And my darling Ethel’s birthday had arrived today. She would be a child now. A whole new world awaited her and us.

     I did feel slightly guitly as I made her cake. Today had to be special. She was used to being an only child and now she had to compete with two toddlers for attention.

       “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Ethel. Happy birthday to you. Hip Hip horray!” Me and William bellowed together tone deaf. She clapped and giggled in time. Now it was time to blow out the candles. With a little help from me she blew them out. Wil cheered her on proudly.

     And where there was once a toddler appeared my beautiful child. I cooed and fussed over her playing with her hair and kissing her cheeks. William picked her up and tickled her just as he used to do as she was a toddler. Happy birthday he whispered into her ear. After she was embarrassed by a multitude of kisses and hugs we both got dressed and went out for a mother daughter day. Just the two of us.

We arrived at the bistro, and ordered our favourite meals.

“Are you excited to be starting school soon dear?” I ask worried for her. School should be the happiest days of her life. Before she has to worry about adult things such as paying the bills. After lunch we have a meeting with the headmaster.

“Yeah” she smiles at me, “I can learn about the world that way. And Paris.” I frown slightly. Kendrik should have called her for her birthday. She is his daughter after all. She gets her hopes up just to get let down. Next time I hear from him, he’s going to get a mouthful from me, that’s for sure. “Are you going to marry Wil mum?”

“I don’t know, it’s complicated, adult stuff” I say trying to take attention away from the subject.

“But why is it complicated? You love him don’t you?” I smile, strangely proud at my daughters profound logic. I did love him. Maybe it was time we made ourselves legal.


After a short wait in the lobby, we enter the headmasters office. We discuss enrollment, uniform and subjects.

“We have a wonderfull science programme here, our classrooms also cater the history, geography, english and lanuage, maths, art and sport departments. For a child of Ethel’s age she can also sign up for afterschool activities, such as ballet and scouts.” The headmaster explains to us. “And her uniform looks impecible. I see it fits quite well, we were worried that by you buying it in advance it may not fit.”

“I think Ethel will be very happy here” I smile at her proudly.

“We do have a no bullying policy, and she will be expected to come everyday with completed homework. If she wants to succeed at this school that is.” She shakes both our hands one last time and walks us to the door as another family is welcomed inside.



The next day, I wake Ethel up and prepare for her first day of school. I brush her hair, give her a clean uniform, pack her lunch. It’s all so exciting, and at the same time sad. She’ll be all grown up soon. William explains to her how to do a cartwheel and then she’s on the school bus.

With her at school it gives both me and William time to tend to the twins.


William is a very hands on father, he has to be to keep on top of the girls needs. We spend the morning teaching them brand new words. But I’m distracted worrying about Ethel’s first day at school. Has she made any friends? Is she learning new things?



However there’s no need to worry at all. Ethel arrives at school birght and early. She finds her class easily and finds that she is very interested in what the class is learning. Geography… I should call Kendrik. Tell him his daughter misses him.



Our own day is busily spent running after the two girls. Maybe it was a bad idea teaching them to walk so early. They can cause much more havoc on two legs rather than four. But depsite this they’re still cute. And they know it too.

However William pulls me aside as he has something he wants to talk about.



He smirks at me for a moment. Before getting down on one knee. No wonder Ethel brought it up at lunch yesterday. He probably asked her to be his little spy.

“I love you so much it hurts, Lizzi. More than words, more than life. Your the first thing I think I about when I open my eyes in the morning and the last thing I see before I close my eyes at night. I want you forever my darling. So lets start with with today.” He becomes blurry through my tears. My cheeks flare a beautiful shade of crimson.

“Of course I want you, you fool” I cry as we embrace. I wipe my eyes and smile at him. “Lets just get married today.” I think it’s a wonderful idea. I don’t want to wait any longer. I’ve been waiting years for our wedding day and I’m not waiting another.

“Tonight you’re mine.” Wil growls as he kisses me passionately.



After I hop out of the shower, I pick up the phone and dial Kendrik’s number. “Kendrik…” I say.

“Elizabeth?” He responds sounding shocked. “Whats up?”

“This isn’t about us, so don’t worry. It’s about Ethel. She misses you. She misses her father.” I try to explain, but I can’t find the right words.

“I know, I know. But this contract isn’t over yet. Even if I wanted to come home, I can’t”

“That’s not what I mean. Pick up the phone sometime. Give her a call. Did you ever think that that might be the answer?”

“I didn’t think you wanted me to call.” He tries to deflect blame away from himself.

“Your her father, Kendrik. A different area code doesn’t change that.” I respond before angrily hanging up the phone. A take a deep breath. Today is my wedding day. Relax.



We arrive at the venue a few short hours later. Standing before all our friends we make our vows to each other.

“Elizabeth, I’ve been waiting for the day I could call you my wife since I was just a child. I knew I loved you from the first moment I layed my eyes upon yours. You’re the reason I am who I am today. The reason I get out of bed in the morning. You’re the reason I still try. And I will spend the rest of my days loving you and proving I am worthy of calling you my wife. I love you.” He smiles and shakily puts the ring on my finger. I give his hand a squeeze and smile back.



I hold his hand and take a deep breath. Theres a million things I want to say, but trying to explain why I love him is like counting the stars in the night sky, or finding a needle in a large haystack. Impossible. I steady myself and try.

“William… You give me hope, in spite of everything. When the world feels like it’s crashing down around me, you pick me back up. You taught my heart a sense I never knew I had. Love, before you, was just a word, you gave it meaning. You gave it life. You gave me life. And I will spend the rest of my life by your side, loving you, taking care of you, being your wife.”



After our vows, we share a passionate kiss. Our friends all cheer and clap. Wish us the best for our future. And poor, sweet Ezrah who spent the entire ceremony crying, takes a moments break to wish us well.

Next stop is to the reception.



We cut the cake, and dig in hungrily. It looks great and tastes even better.



We all sit down and share stories and toasts. It’s a joyous occassion, but I can think of a better place I’d like to be right now. One that involves less people and even less clothes. But the party isn’t over yet.



William and I spend the rest of the night in each other’s arms on the dance floor. Enjoying each other’s company and laughing. Other people join in the dances, except other are not quite so blessed on the dancefloor as William. Someone breaks out the chicken dance and the robot. While others just cheer the dancers on happily.



“Can I interrupt and steal your man for a dance?” It’s Ethel. We all laugh and Wil takes the lead.

“You hurt my mum and I’ll hurt you” She says to him. Not sure if she’s joking or not he laughs nervously. She laughs too but with a hint of seriousness still there.



We arrive home late that night. Having it been the first time we’ve been alone all day there’s only one thing we want to do. And we take advantage of the situation.


Chapter 1.6

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     Ever since Kendrik left I had felt so alone. I hadn’t allowed myself to contact William again. It was just me and Ethel. However, soon we would have another addition to the family. I couldn’t be single mother of two. I was barely coping with just one child.

     The thought occured to me that I should tell the father. Let them know. But I couldn’t bring myself too. I would be alone, like I deserved. But did these children deserve to be? Despite everything Ethel loved her father, was it wrong of me to to deprive this child of theirs? To deprive their father of knowing the truth about them?


     I get up and walk into Ethel’s small room. Maybe I should use that money that Kendrik gave me to build something. A nicer home. She could have her own room, a large one. And it could be any colour she wanted. She could have a doll house or a toy chest. She could have both. After everything we’ve put her through, she deserves something beautiful, a beautiful life.

     It’ll be her birthday soon, and she can’t sleep in my bed until we can afford her own. Maybe I should give a builder a call. And together we’ll build something for her to grow up in. For this new child to grow up in.

     I should give the father a call…


     “Thank you for coming, Wil” I say as I pour him a coffee and sit down. “I know we, I, left things in a bad way the last time that we spoke, err saw each other.” I push my drink away, I’m too nervous to touch it. What if he’s not happy for us?

     “No, I’m happy you called. Really.” He half smiles and picks his drink up. “Things were a whole lot of weird and crazy. But hey, it happens sometimes. We all get a little crazy.” He takes a large mouthful of coffee and looks me in the eyes. “Where’s the husband today?” he asks hesitantly.

     “Kendrik, he…. He left.” my gaze turns towards Ethel.


     “Well I’m real sorry about that, Lizzi.” Surprisingly he says sympathetically.

“But why…? I though that him leaving was what you wanted.”

“No what I wanted was for you to realise that I’m the one you should be with. That it could only ever be me. Not for your husband to leave. You loved him and he was yours.” He touches my hand. “I’m so sorry he left.” He was right. He had changed.

“Even if that mean’t I didn’t chose you?”

“Then at least the choice was yours, and you’d be happy. That’s all I want for you.” I smile unconvincingly at him. “I actually have an idea, that could take your mind off this entire thing.”


     “First, before you say anymore, I have some news. Some big news. And I’m not exactly sure how you’ll respond to the entire thing.” Before I start to ramble on aimlessly I stop myself. I have to tell him. I take a deep breath and asure myself that no matter what, it WILL be okay. “I’m pregnant. You’re going to be a father.” He takes a step back and smiles.

     “Here that Ethel, darling? Your going to be a big sister.” He touches my growing body and smiles. “We’re having a baby?”

     “I hope your plan accounted for something like this” We both smile unsure of the future, looking at each other.


     “It doesn’t look like much, but this could be just the thing you need, both of you.” He says as he leads us through the woods to a lake. “And with the builders working on the house, it seems like perfect timing.” I look around. It’s beautiful. The lake is surrounded by woods and fog, I never would have expected to find this place. Their are also ruined towers and walls at one end of the lake. Completely breathtaking.

“You really don’t need to take care of us. We’ll be just fine on our own. You don’t have to feel responsible.” I’m embarrassed. I put Ethel down and she eagerly explores the tent. “I want you to be here because you want to be here. Not because you feel that you have too.”

“Well maybe, just maybe I want to be here. With you, and Ethel, and our unborn child. I want to be here, more than anything.” I smile and look away awkwardly, realising that we are alone.

I think back to everything that we’ve been through. Everything he said since he came for me. I want to trust him. I really do.


     “Wil… I’ve never been as lonely as I was when I was with you. You devastated me, beyond belief. And I don’t think I could ever suffer as much as I did by your hand.” He frowns and goes to speak, but I stop him. Putting my hand on his shoulder. “But in the same way, my happiest memories are with me by your side. And you said, you wanted me to realise I wanted you. I don’t think I could love anyone as much as I love you, or want or desire. Wil, it’s always been you… It could only ever be you…”

     “I love you.” He whispers so softly leaning forward.


     His lips slowly and softly touch mine. His breath is warm and sweet. His arms wrap around me as mine do to him. His hands slowly tiptoe up my spine, running along my neck, my cheeks, through my hair. We stay locked in that moment. My heart is racing, beating so hard, threatening to jump right out of my chest. I’m tingling all over, from the tips of my toes, to my fingers, to my nose. My whole body feels releif that he’s here. That we’re here. And for a moment nothing else matters.

      “Marry me…” He whispers as he pulls away for a split second.


     Marry him.. My mind whsipers uneasily. My heart is screaming yes. Every part of me is screaming yes. But my mind is cautiously analysing the situation. I love him. I want him. More than anything. This child is his. Ours. But he hurt me once, and I just came out of a rocky marriage. To a man I didn’t love… But I love Wil. This is different. But how is it different from the last time? Last time we were just kids. We hardly knew what we wanted, and lived in a fairy tale world. It wasn’t real but this is. He loves me. And I so badly want to believe.

Ethel tugs at my legs and we unwillingly pull apart. Wil tickles her chin and she runs to escape. He effortlessly scoops her up and a full blown tickle war starts. He’s so different…

The rest of the day is spent exploring, fishing and other fun activities. By night fall, the campire is lit and Ethel tiredly set to work playing with her favourite toy.


     Despite the beautiful surroundings, I can’t help but worry for the future. Mine, Ethel’s, this child’s. I can’t help it. I want them to have everything they could ever want, but I’m not sure if I alone could provide that for them both. I’m not sure if I can hold William responsible. Even though he is willing. What part of our life will he have.

“Darling..?” I feel a hand on my cheek. I open my eyes. “This time I’m not leaving without you buried at my side. I’m yours completely. I know you worry, but love, I’m not going anywhere.” He smiles softly, holding my gaze.

“What about Ethel?” I ask worried.


     “What about her? She’s having a great time. She’s happy. That doesn’t have to change.” She does look happy.

“She loves you you know. She thinks your just about the coolest guy ever” I say remarking on the days progress. “You were great with her too.”

“Amazing, one less person I have to convince to come to our wedding.”


     With the three of us all squished into a tent, I expected to have a terrible sleep. But it came easily. I felt safe. Serene. I felt like I finally had a real family. The sun began to creep higher in the sky after vanquishing the everlasting moon and darkness. It was a pretty time of day.


      I wake Ethel up and show her the morning sky. Walking her around the lake, leaving William to sleep. It was all so beautiful. I explained to her about the house, we would have to live downstairs while they finished the upstairs. She was thrilled at the prospect of getting all new furniture. She also begged to keep Wil around to play princesses with her. I laughed at the prospect of Princess William. Maybe he could play the prince I suggest. But she explains that he has to be the king. Not so that she could be queen, but so that I could. I smile. It’s a nice thought afterall.  


     We arrive back. Ethel sprints to meet William giggling as she does so. He lifts her high up into the sky and back down to earth again, tickling her and fussing over her like she was his own. They both look so happy.

“We’ll be alright you know.” He sees breaking his gaze from Ethel to mine for the briefest moment and I believe him. Maybe things will be alright.